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Thread: Of Electrodes and Magnetons (one-shot, G)

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    Default Of Electrodes and Magnetons (one-shot, G)

    This is a play-on-words story that I had in mind one day, and decided to write a story about.


    The bell rang at Olympia High School. "I'm late!" said Charon, who quickly picked up her Nintendo DS, closed it, put it in her backpack, and ran to class.

    She ran through the hall and up the stairs. "I'd better hurry, I only have one minute before class starts."

    She counted the rooms. 208, 210, 212... aha, here was room 217. She quickly flung open the door and walked very loudly to her seat, taking overly firm steps and panting.

    "Welcome to my class on time, Ms. Dervian," said her physics teacher. "This is unusual for you," he added. "You're normally at least one or two seconds late." The bell rang again, sinking his point in.

    She went to her seat, and sat down with the other students.

    "Okay, class, today our topic is electromagnetism," said the teacher. "Would you please get out some drawing paper, we're going to be making a few diagrams today."

    Charon, although chronically late by a few seconds, was always prepared with drawing paper – mainly to make doodles in class.

    The teacher drew a circuit diagram on the board, which everybody else copied, although Charon decided to make a few of her own changes. Where the teacher left one end of the wire hanging on a circle, she decided to draw an Electrode in place of the circle. They were talking about electricity, after all.

    When the teacher was done drawing the diagram, it was simply two wires coming out of a battery, with an electrical contact point on each end. Charon admired her work. "Hmm, looks like a very electrifying diagram to me," she mused to herself, with a satisfied smile. The teacher started speaking. "Class, what will happen if I connect these two electrodes to a lightbulb?"

    Huh? Did Charon just hear right? He just said 'electrode'. Please, God, do not tell me he just said 'electrode'. Charon raised her hand slowly and timidly. "Charon?" said the teacher, calling on Charon.

    "The bulb will light up, won't it?" she said. "Because they are Electrodes, after all. They'll send a shock running through the bulb, which will light it up."

    "Right and wrong," said the teacher, turning back to the board and writing more words down. "The electrodes won't send a shock through the light bulb. The correct term for the electricity that runs through the bulb is a current." Everybody got out their pens and wrote this down, including Charon, who made a note on her sketch. ("The correct term is current, not shock.")

    The teacher asked another question. "What about if I touch these two electrodes together?" he said, pointing to two of the circles he had drawn that were connected to the battery.

    Charon thought about it for a second. If two Electrodes touched each other, they would interact and explode. She raised her hand again. "Yes, Charon? My, you're active today."

    "Won't they blow up? I mean, I've seen two Electrodes interact before, and—"

    "Nuh-uh-uh," said the teacher, holding out his finger. "Electrodes don't interact, they just connect. You're right that something will blow up – but it's not the electrodes, it'll probably be the battery."

    The teacher drew a few more circles and diagrams on the board. "Okay, enough about currents, let's talk about magnets."

    "What I'm going to be teaching you today doesn't have that much to do with what we're going to learn through the rest of this unit, but I thought it might be a good introduction."

    He drew a few particles on the board, making the shape of an atom. "You know, class, that an atom contains three types of particles – protons, neutrons, and electrons. But," he continued, drawing some other symbols on the board. "But there are other particles in the mix as well. For example, light can also be represented as a particle."

    The teacher drew a small circle on the board. "Light can travel in waves or particles," he said, to a class that was half asleep by now. "These particles are called photons, and they represent the intensity of light. The more photons you have travelling at you at one time, the brighter the light is."

    "There are also particles called gravitons that represent units of gravity," he continued, drawing more nonsensical symbols on the board which Charon copied down. "These particles represent the force that pulls particles together, and they represent the force that keeps you and me on the ground. Now, when a current flows through an electrical wire, it creates a magnetic field that flows in this direction," he said, drawing arrows around the wire. "This field, surprisingly enough, can also be measured in terms of particles." He stopped, drawing a bunch of particles while Charon was making her own diagram. "So, who has any idea what this one might be called?"

    Charon paled. Oh no, don't tell me it's—

    A student raised his hand. "Yes, Mr. Karli," said the teacher. The student, whose name was Anata, said, "Sir, would it be called the magneton?"

    "Bingo," said the teacher. "The magneton is the quantum unit of the strength of magnetic fields."

    Charon was looking, wide-eyed, at her piece of paper. When the physics teacher had been explaining the magnetic fields, she had been busy drawing a Magneton, floating around the wire in the directions. It was about magnetism, after all.

    Charon raised her hand suddenly, pausing the teacher who was explaining what a tesla was. "Yes, Ms. Dervian," said the teacher.

    "Do you mean to say that there are actually Magnetons floating around a wire when a sh—I mean current runs through it?"

    "Well," said the teacher, looking back at his diagram. "I wouldn't say that there are physically any magnetons floating around the wire, but the strength of the magnetic field depends on how many of them there are."

    The bell rang at that point. "Wow. Short period," said the teacher, who looked at the clock – 1:30. "Okay, class, remember to read your homework tonight," said the teacher, as they all walked out the door.

    Charon sighed. This was going to be a long unit.


    And there's my second story posted on here. I said I wasn't going to keep posting them here, but this one's a short one, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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    I know I'm supposed to give a big long review, but I really only have one thing to say about this.

    L O L

    It was great, completely creative, didn't see anything wrong here that would make anybody not want to read it. This is definitely the ideal plot for a one shot.

    Keep up the good writing.

    Edit: Ok, I did see one problem. When someone new starts talking, always begin a new paragraph.
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    That was very enjoyable and informative. Just remember to start a new paragraph when someone new starts talking.
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    Heh, I've learned something new x3. Never heard about gravitons, and I never knew that there IS such thing as a magneton, lol. That's a cute idea, I loved it. (Happened to you in class, didn't it ?)

    I didn't notice this until the others pointed out (the information was interesting), but the only mistake IS making sure to start a new paragraph when someone new is speaking. Otherwise, this was a good one-shot. Very creative.

    Now someone has to do a one-shot about the Pikachurin lig*BRICKED*
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    I can't say much about this story except that I giggled madly. However, I am wondering whether it occurred in the Pokémon world or the real world? By the teacher's responses I would say it's the real world, but you never can tell with teachers.
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    Wow. That was amazingly funny. XD

    I honestly didn't know that gravitational particles where measured in Magnetons. I absolutely loved Charon's thoughts. The irony is just... way to awesome. ^_^
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    Thanks for the comments, people, glad you liked it ^_^

    About the spacing per character thing, it's only in dialogue that you do this, not all speech. Whenever there is dialogue, I do space my paragraphs.
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