[01] Play to win according to your win condition. Violators of this rule will be mod-killed.

[02] Role Claim is permitted, but you may not, at any time, quote or screen-shot any PMs sent to you by myself or anyone else.

[03] You may not discuss the game outside this thread unless your role explicitly permits you to. If someone approaches you to discuss the game and I have not told you that they may do so, please report it to me.

[05] Once you are dead you may not post, barring one post containing no game-related content [e.g. "Bah!"].

[06] Don't edit/delete previously submitted posts, or other player's posts. This rule, of course, does not apply to me.

[07] No hidden/small text, or usage of languages other than English are permitted.

Voting, Lynching, and Deadlines:

[01] Votes and retracts must be bolded and in red in order to be counted. [e.g. Sprite.

[02] If you want to remove your vote without placing a new one, you may Retract or Unvote.

[03] Abbreviations and nicknames for players are fine, but if I don't understand who you're voting for, I won't count the vote.

[04] Each Day Phase will be given a default deadline of 2 weeks at the start of day. I may extend or reduce these deadlines depending on activity. If you wish to make a suggestion regarding the deadlines, please PM me.

[05] When a majority of votes [more than 50% of total votes] for a player is reached, the game moves into the Evening Phase, and the player is considered dead and no further votes and retracts will count.

[06] The Evening Phase is the time between a player is lynched and the time I post the narrative and move the game into Night Phase. During Evening, all players are free to discuss anything openly, except for the lynched player. No cast votes will be counted, however.

[07] Each Night Phase will have an automatic deadline of 72 hours. No talk is permitted.

[08] If no majority is reached by the Deadline, the person with the most votes is lynched, if there is a tie no one is lynched

Activity and Prodding:

[01] Each player is expected to post at least once every 72 hours.

[02] If you feel that you may not be able to post in-thread for a period of 72 hours or longer, please say so in-thread and send me a PM as warning. If I find it necessary, I will have you replaced, but I would much rather keep all players who sign up for any of my games.

[03] If you want a player prodded, please request so in thread. I will also prod any players if and when I feel it is appropriate.

[04] If you are prodded, you have 48 hours to either post in thread, or reply to my prod. If you fail to pick up your prod, or if your activity overall is unacceptable, or if I have to prod you more than twice, I will replace you [and failing that, modkill you].


[01] You may request prods, replacements, clarifications, and vote counts from me directly in the thread, but please precede such with bold, blue text. [e.g., Could you prod TBG?

[02] Do not question my decisions in-thread: if you have a problem with me, take it to Private Messages. You may, of course, post problems you see with my vote counts, ect.

[03] If you are mod-killed for breaking the rules of the game, your role is changed to Neutral Survivor [i.e.: you lose].

[04] I am not a lawyer, so if you think the rules have holes, please let me know. If you exploit such a hole, expect to be removed.

[05] This game is not for the weak. Poor play makes me sad.

[06] This is a GAME! Enjoy it.

This is a hidden roles WW (but you all know it as Mafia) game, with Greek flavor. Rules are copy/pasted from another site, (where I first ran this game) so if there's something that doesn't work on Serebii or is redundant, tell me.

I will not lie to you reg. this game. Everything I say is true.
There is NO conversion.
Alignment is revealed on death, but not role.
We start in the Day Phase.
Feel free to ask questions on anything you feel in unclear. I, of course may choose to give no comment on them, but I'll answer most.




I assume I post this thread and then wait for approval? If I'm mistaken, please correct me.
Do the mods need a copy of the roleset and/or a link to the original running?