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    Default ~**Pokemon Royal Rumble VII**~

    (This is a remake of an old game)

    Owner: Bugwarrior
    Owner/Head of Themes: .Wind.
    Co-Owner: ????????
    Co-Owner: ????????

    The Pokemon Royal Rumble starts with a collection of eight - twelve Pokemon each taking orders from a separate trainer. The trainers order attacks and one of the refs ref the round with HP calculations and Stamina calculations. At the end of the rumble, after all the other Pokemon faint, only one Pokemon will be left and they will go on the list of Pokemon and trainers that have won the rumble. Here is the current list:

        Spoiler:- ~Past Winners~:

    1. Obey main forum and game section rules.
    2. Don't complain if a reffing doesn't go your way. Politely PM one of the refs and ask them why (insert complaint) happened.
    3. No double posting
    4. No badgering refs for an update.
    5. If you receive three warnings you are banned from the thread.
    6. Breaking one of the rules MAY earn you 1 warning.

    Warnings List:

    Banned From the Game:

    How the Battles Work:
    1. Every time 1-3 pokemon faint the field changes. I will give a description...
    2. You may only attack THREE times per reffing. If you go over that amount you will get an HP penalty.
    3. Every time you attack you use up stamina. Think about how much stamina something would need to cause an Earthquake (for example). That would obviously take a lot of stamina. If a pokemon runs out of Stamina they faint.
    4. This is anime style so attacks don't work exactly the same as in the games. You may specify what you want the attack to do but it won’t always happen if the ref thinks it’s impossible.
    5. You may use combos.

    ~Rumblers Rules~
    1. Never change an attack once you have posted it. Also if I see that you have edited a post you will lose 10 HP.
    2. Bold all your attacks
    3. Do not try to join in the middle of a round.
    4. Do not request to be PMd when a new round starts, because you won't.
    5. When commanding your Pokemon, you must include your Pokemon's name in your command.
    6. When Resting and wanting to wake up, you MUST include in your post to command your Pokemon to wake up!

    ~Reffing Rules~
    1. Must look similar to this:
        Spoiler:- Example Ref:

    2. Only count bolded attacks.
    3. If a player is banned, remove them from the round.

    PM me with any questions...

    Reference Sources:
    Abilitydex: The Abilities
    Abilitydex: The Pokemon
    Weather Effects
    Hall of Fame
    Stage Index
    Status Dex
    Theme Index

    ~Current Round~

    Round 33
    Round Theme - Generation V Pokemon

    IT'S TIME TO START ROUND 33!! This rounds theme is....

    Servents of Isshu

    And now because every round has a twist.... this one will be pretty simple:
    1) You must choose a Pokemon from generation V (You have 156 to choose from so this should be pretty easy)
    2) I will allow 15 people to join this come because 15 is a multiple of 5, just to stick with this Generation V themed round
    3) Reffing for this round will be really really complicated so I feel like I should be the only ref (And .Wind. but I think he wants to join) reffing this round. Don't worry I won't vanish this time due to the fact that I have absolutly nothing going on in my life. So... LET THE SIGNUPS BEGIN!

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