Some of you may of heard of this. Either way, never look at Lavender Town in the same way again.

Knock yourself out to the creepiness.

Has anyone heard of this story? It actually scared the crap outta me but there were some "lolwut"s reading it.

Here's a 2 part reply from 99chan from /x/.
    Spoiler:- Part I (Warning Long Read, but worth it):

    Spoiler:- Part II:

The story is obviously fiction, but the 1st Edition of Lavender's Town Tune can make you feel strange, it is said that only young teens and children can hear these certain "tones" and fully developed human ears cannot. Here is the song:

R/G Version Blue Version

Hear the difference? Left one has a noise that has a bunch of "popping" noise, and the right one doesn't have it.