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Thread: Mangle the Famous Phrase Above You (Approved By Dramatic Melody)

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    Default Mangle the Famous Phrase Above You (Approved By Dramatic Melody)

    Well, it's time for a new game! In this game you will look at the famous phrase that the last person posted and twist it to say something hilarious, wacky or totally unprofound. For example, if the person above me posted "Nothing is more troublesome to wisdom than too much cunning" I would mangle it to say, "Nothing is more troublesome to wisdom than too much root beer." Also, try to include the who said the quote. (Mine was by a guy named Seneca) I won't shoot you if you don't, though.
    [At least not too much.]


    Keep it Clean
    Basically, keep the quotes and how you mess up the previous one clean. That means no cussing whatsoever, extremly violent or lewd content. No mentioning human reproductive organs. No using language that the language filter blocks. No evading the language filter, either. Also, please refrain from including any starred out words. (And no that doesn't mean print them without the stars, either.)

    Be Polite
    Don't go ridiculing other people's quotes or responses because you think "thtz soo stoopidz, lol." If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

    Punishment of Evildoers
    1st Strike: A warning from your's truly that will be posted here in this thread and sent to you via PM.
    2nd strike: Three (3) day ban
    3rd strike: One week ban
    If anyone continues to break the rules after their third strike, they will be reported to....*DUH DUH DUH* THE MODS!

    About Infractions
    If you have been given an infraction, your name will be posted in the section marked "Infraction List." Your infraction will expire two (2) weeks after it is issued. If you recieve a subsquent infraction while the previous ones are still on the list, the time left on the previous ones will be removed and the expiration date for all the infractions will be changed to two (2) weeks from the date of issue of the new infraction. If you feel that you have been unfairly infracted, please contact me via PM and we will discuss it. DO NOT post in the thread to say that you don't think that you should have been infracted. PM me! If you post in the thread, you will automatically be infracted for posting your complaint

    Infraction List
    One Infraction: N/A
    Two Infractions: N/A
    Three Infractions: N/A

    Ban List

    And if anyone needs some help finding a quote, you can use WikiQuote

    Alright! Let's get this started!

    My quote: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" (Charles E. Weller)
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