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    Hey, the name's Tyler. Most of you probably don't remember me or care to. Whatever. I've been wanting to post a fanfic here ever since I joined back in August '06 and I have posted a few, but they weren't that good. No one read 'em that I know of. Maybe posting this fic now is kind of dumb considering this side of the forums seems unactive and most of my friends who wrote here have moved on. Oh well, I figure I might as well try.

    Lemme give you some basic background info on this story. It takes place a few years after the Sinnoh leauge. Pretty much all of the main characters from the series will be included and they're all older. Ash (19), Dawn(18), Brock(22), Misty(20), May(19) and whomever else I decide is important. You'll see in the preface and the first chapter that there is a dark undertone to the story, but most of the chapters will be light. The chapters usually will be 4-6 pages long, being told through the eyes of 2-3 different characters. I rated the fic PG-13 because I like to describe some pretty romantic and sometimes some pretty tragic stuff.

    As for the ships It's multishipping leaning towards Pearlshipping (AshxDawn), but Ash is fair game to everyone, even Brock or some made-up character if I felt like going down those routes. Of course, AshxSomeone isn't the only love I'll focus on, there will be plenty of couples.

    Finally, I invite you to "board" this "ride" with me. I'm not exactly sure where it will be headed, but I promise you we'll have fun getting there. I'm not going to post more chapters up until I actually see that people are reading this. I don't get on rides by myself, It makes me look like an idiot.


    At that moment, his mouth fell open. The phone slipped to the floor as his grip weakened with an overwhelming pain. His body became numb at the cruel touch of death. Questions shot through his young mind, each one blowing through his skull. He wasn’t sure if what was happening was real. No. He knew it was real, he just wouldn’t accept it. He refused to give in. Death wasn’t allowed to win.

    Suddenly, the boy fell to the floor, causing a loud thump. A few seconds later someone called out something inaudible from where the boy was. Only a moment had passed when the fast footwork of a young girl could be heard running up the stairs. “Ash!” her call echoed down the hallway, whispering quietly into his ear. The girl was terribly distraught as she ran toward the boy’s bedroom. Finally she stood in the wooden doorway, her eyes falling on the boy.

    There Ash was, sitting up against the bed, his knees close to his chest; His head resting solemnly in his shaking hands. The girl could hear the silent whimper of his cry and immediately her heart sank.

    With tears rushing down her supple cheeks, she knelt down next to her friend and held him tightly. Ash allowed himself to slowly fall over so that he could rest his head in her lap. The girl wondered, as she ran her delicate hands through his thick black hair, if she was comforting him or the other way around.

    Both of their worlds had shattered with the unspoken news. The empty stares and the seemingly endless tears of the two young adults asked the question: “How could she be dead?”


    Chapter 1: The Shape of Things to Come

    The sky lit up with a boom. Explosions of an array of different colors flew around the grey sky. Each explosion was different than the last, some big, some small. The colors reflected in everyone’s eyes, captivated by the show. I stood there on the small bridge, looking up in awe at the fireworks.

    “Sure is beautiful,” I said aloud.

    “Yeah, you are.”

    I lowered my gaze, settling my eyes onto him. His warm, white smile sent butterflies flying through my stomach. I smiled back at him as he positioned himself behind me and wrapped his strong arms around my waist. I sighed, contently, letting myself lean into him. He rested his head on my shoulder and we stood there, completely together, enjoying the show. A couple of minutes passed when finally the last of the fireworks exploded in the sky, prompting the surrounding crowd to erupt in applause. A voice came across the loudspeaker as the clapping died out, “Thank you for attending the Festival of Dreams, we hope you enjoyed the fireworks show."

    The speaker started to go on about something irrelevant. I tuned out, listening to Ash's calm breathing instead. The moment was completely perfect, everything a girl could ever want.

    "And now," The speaker caught my attention again. "Please put your hands together for the Gondola City Angels!” The audience cheered again as brightly illuminated ships began to parade through the cities Canals. I looked on with adoring eyes as whimsical music filled the air and girls in long, white dresses, known as the “angels”, danced atop the passing ships. I continued watching for a minute or two before turning around to get a better look at the real show, Ash. The bright lights illuminated his face nicely. His messy, black hair peeked out from underneath his beige knit-hat. His puppy-dog nose sniffled at the cold air. I stared deeply into his auburn eyes, wanting his full lips to spark against mine. “Kiss me,” I whispered.

    With that, Ash lightly clasped my face between his hands and brought my lips up to his. I could feel the blood rush to my face almost instantly as he began to suck on the bottom of my lip. I closed my eyes and let his passion wash over me. I was in heaven. His tongue soon found its way into my mouth; Our tongues met and wrestled passionately around. I never wanted this moment to end! I didn't think he would want it to either but all of the sudden he pushed me off of him.

    I opened my eyes and screamed in horror. The once boyishly-cute face I so adored was now wretched and indescribably gruesome. I stepped back, trying to get away from the monster, but it quickly grabbed me by the neck with its bloody hand.

    “Ughhhh,” I struggled to breathe as it began to choke me. It evilly cocked its head and raised me off of the ground, laughing as I flailed about. No matter how hard I kicked or hit it, it would not budge. The monster tightened its grip around my throat, cutting off my air completely. I looked around, desperate for somebody's help, but no one would be able to help me. The once beautiful surrounding imagery was now an apocalyptic nightmare. I looked on at the burning ships, hearing the deafening screams of the dancers. People everywhere were in chaos, the whole world was ending and no one knew why. Death had me surrounded and it was quickly closing in on me.

    I looked the monster straight in the eyes, searching for any trace of the sweet boy I once knew. There was nothing but a deep, burning hatred. “This is the shape of things to come,” it spat. My vision was rapidly fading as it spoke. Everything started to go black. “Die traitor… die… die… DIE!”

    “NO PLEASE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.


    I heard the click of a light switch and suddenly the whole room lit up. The bright light blinded my eyes for a moment, but soon I begin too see that I was back in the hotel room. I felt a strong arm wrap around my back and a deep voice whisper into my ear, “What’s wrong, baby?”

    I didn't answer; I was too afraid. I just stared blankly at the wall ahead.

    “Dawn?” The voice repeated with concern. I cautiously turned my head toward the voice, praying that the monster was gone. My eyes finally took in his boyish face and almost instantly I broke down into tears.

    “Oh, Ash,” I managed in between sobs. “I had the most horrible nightmare.”

    “Aw baby,” with that he pulled me into his comforting arms and laid my head on his chest. “You’re fine now,” he began to rub his hands up and down my back in a soothing manner. “Everything’s fine now, it was just a bad dream.”

    I don’t know how long I cried that night, but it’s safe to say that neither of us were able to fall back asleep.


    And there it is, 2 and a half pages worth. This first chapter was basically setting up a bunch of things, the next chapter will be much longer, less heavy and will feature more characters.

    Feel free to post your thoughts on it.
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