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Thread: The Random Sentance Game.

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    Default The Random Sentance Game.

    Welcome to the Random Sentance Game, let me attempt to explain how this game works.
    The first poster (me) says a random sentance for example.

    Micheal Jackson was known to ride around Wal-Mart atop a Rapidash

    Then, the next poster will rate what the last poster wrote from 1 to 10 and leave a comment if they want to, and then write their own random sentance.

    I'll start

    George Washington distributed cheese to the needy, in return he got laid.

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    7/10: not very random but really good.

    Followers of pizza go to china and there will be a walmart store but in italy if you do not do this you will be rewarded with a kangaroo masquerading as a lioness chopping you to pieces while singing 'House of fun' by Madness.
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