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    Post Dreams (PG-13)

    Ok, this is the prologue to my story I have been working on these last couple of months. Kind of rough but that's why I'm posting it.
    I'm still trying to decide if the actual story should be a one shot sort of conclusion or if I should continue it in chapter form. Maybe the reviews will help me out a bit.
    The verb tenses jump around a little bit but I'm trying to fit it into the next post/chapter. Something I'm working with. Maybe it will work, maybe not.
    Go ahead and review in whatever manner. Bashing is fine by me if you make good points. As long as you leave your thoughts on my work, its all good by me.

    My life is rough.

    Not the kind of rough you would hear from famous people or rich, spoiled girls. But the kind of rough in which you can’t find…you.

    Lets go over a quick explanation of what I mean.

    Around here, Pokemon trainers are regarded as childish, worthless, pathetic. They are looked down upon by the entire town as useless, and, as a result of such treatment, the number of Pokemon trainers has declined drastically this last decade. Burgundy City, where I live, is the only city in the entire region without a gym, let alone a Pokemon Center. This outlook on Pokemon has been spreading around the region, however. The number of trainers have been decreasing rapidly the past couple years, as parents keep their kids in school instead of letting them go off to chase their dreams. Eventually, they accept it and move on to “bigger, better things”. With the decline in trainers, the Isshu League has been having troubles hosting tournaments and finding up-coming participants. This last year, the Isshu League took a bold step and shut down the gym in Regalia City due to the loss of combatants. At this rate, the League will be shut down in the next couple years.

    And this whole situation is why my life is rough. My biggest dream is also my biggest problem.

    I want to become a Pokemon Trainer, win the Isshu League Tournament, and, eventually, start my own gym.

    I know, many of you are saying “Follow your heart! Do what you want and live life to the fullest!”. The only problem with that is what I would be leaving behind. With Pokemon, everything is uncertain. I could fail horrendously or I could rise through the ranks and be the best in the region. It is the biggest risk of my life.

    And I’m afraid of losing it all…

    I’m not alone on this, however. Here in Burgundy City, I have a couple friends with the same dreams. Same desires.

    Same fears.

    Instead of going out on Saturday nights, we stay locked up in the basement secretly researching our favorite Pokemon, viewing the stats of our favorite trainers, and developing flawless battle styles. Already, we have our lives mapped out in our world of Pokemon adventures. We will finish up our senior year, set off into the wilderness, and begin our careers. Battling the gym leaders, collecting badges, and making it to the Isshu Tournament. Our heads are in the clouds.

    But the uncertainty still clouds our actual decision…


    “A week ago today…” I said aloud to myself. “I can’t believe we are already done with our senior year.”

    This Saturday wasn’t any different from all the others.

    Still, we met in my basement. Still, we mapped out our lives. Still, we dreamed big.

    “Took long enough, if you ask me, Tonn,” my best friend Aaron replied as he opened up a window. The cool breeze rolled in, ventilating the cramped, old basement.

    “I don’t know…” Kristine, Aaron’s cousin and fellow Pokemon lover, reluctantly said, almost whispering. “I think I’m going to miss it all…”

    “Miss it?!” Aaron yelled out, baffled at his cousin’s twisted response. “That place was a living Hell! I’m glad I will never have to set foot back in there.”

    “Sorry, Kristine, but I’m going to have to go with Aaron on this one,” I said, siding with Aaron, settling the argument with a high five.

    “Ugh…” Kristine rolled her eyes, almost disgusted with our childish behavior. She always had to put up with our immature attitudes and ridiculous jokes. However, to her dismay, this Saturday was no exception. “I don’t understand how you can keep acting like ten year olds for so long. It’s getting kind of old.”

    “That’s not what Johnny said,” Aaron shot back, using something more personable this time. As the name Johnny escaped Aaron’s lips, Kristine tensed up. She had every right to. “Johnny thought we were funny and…”

    Aaron was interrupted abruptly by his cousins fist. Not paying attention, he caught a left hook to the side of his cheek, knocking him off balance.

    “Whoa!” I screamed, lurching over the couch, jumping in between them. “Pump the brakes! Pump the brakes!”

    “I’m sick of you always bringing him up! You were the reason why we had to brake up in the first place! If it weren’t for you and that god damn party, he never would have…”

    “Now, chill out, Kris,” I said, interrupting her rant, trying desperately to calm her down. As daunting of a task as it was, I figured I would try. For the sake of Aaron’s life, at least. “You know he was just poking fun. Just being immature.”

    “Alright. Whatever,” Kristine replied, eyes glued to her cousin. Finally, she looked away and sat back down on the couch. “I’m sorry for hitting you,” she said, taking a deep breath after apologizing. Hearing Kris apologize was a pretty rare thing, as she held many grudges.

    “It’s all good,” he replied, investigating the inside of his mouth with his finger. “You do realize you hit like a girl?”

    With his little smart *** remark, he eased the tension in the room, getting Kris to crack a smile. That’s exactly how they worked. They would push each others buttons until one of them cracked. Shortly after, they would apologize for over reacting and go on to be best friends once again. Pretty messed up if you ask me.

    We all sat there in the basement, dark and quiet. From the window: a car bolting down the street, a rustle of leaves, a group of kids out past their curfew. The sounds of the small city. It soothed us, put us at ease, cleared out minds. Tilting my head back, I looked up at the ceiling, eyes following the grooves and shapes along the wood and metal.

    “So…” Aaron said, still poking at the inside of his mouth. “What’s on the agenda for tonight?”

    “Well, the Isshu League posted an article this morning, but I never got a chance to read it. Maybe we can check that out.” Pulling my laptop out from backpack laying on the floor, Kristine opened up the Isshu League home page and brought up the article. I sat forward, pulling myself away from the arrangements on the ceiling. Aaron scampered over to the couch, leaning over the back rest, looking over Kristine’s shoulder.

    “Bull ****!” She screamed, setting the computer on the coffee table. Apparently, she was the first to finish the article.

    The article went as follows:
    With the fall of trainers recently, the Isshu League has been searching for a way to keep the tournaments and gyms open. In cities all over the region, Pokemon Centers have been closed, making it difficult for trainers to travel through with their Pokemon, causing the city to lose money in the progress. With hopes of keeping the League alive, the Isshu council began searching for a solution.
    Today, the Isshu League began its conferences with the Kanto League, eager to combine the two. Council men all agreed to…

    That’s all the further I read.

    “I can’t believe they are doing that…” I said, bewildered. “Why wouldn’t they want to keep the League?”

    “Because they are losing money and that’s all that matters to them,” Kristine shot back with a smart *** tone. “All I ever wanted was to run a gym in the Isshu League. And now they are destroying my dream all because they are losing a buck…” She wandered over to the open window, looking outside, letting the cool night breeze brush over her. It was true, all she ever wanted was a chance to run her own gym. Sure, it was a long shot, but now she is without an opportunity. “I’m going to go home, guys…”

    “Yeah, I think I’m going to join Kris on this one. See you later, Tonn,” Aaron said, gathering up his stuff and hurrying off to join Kristine.

    “Yeah… See you later, man…” I whispered back as they ran up the stairs and out the front door. I laid back onto the couch, looking up at the pipes and wooden beams riddled about the ceiling of the unfinished basement. I often times found myself laying here, just looking and thinking. As my eyes studied the familiar patterns of the ceiling, I drifted off, losing myself in my thought.

    What I awoke to the next morning would change my life forever…


    “Tonn! What the hell is this?!?”

    Catching me off guard, I sprang forward, unaware of who was yelling. Looking through at the hazy figure before me I muttered out the first thing that came to mind.

    “Hmmmamammhmmm… What?”

    “What the hell is this on your computer?!?” The haze began to fade away as I rubbed my eyes of sleep.

    My father. Sitting on the couch. Looking at my laptop. Still displaying the Isshu League Homepage.

    “Don’t tell me you are looking into this Pokemon thing?!”

    “Dad, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about all…” I tried to explain myself, only to be cut off by my overreacting father.

    “Talk to me about being a Pokemon trainer?! A worthless, insignificant Pokemon trainer?!” He screamed with an absolute look of disgust on his face. “I didn’t raise my son to be a Pokemon trainer! I raised him to become a college student. To get a good job. To make a decent living for himself. But not for that!” He shot a finger at the computer screen. Pacing around the room, my father was about to lose himself. His gaze went back forth between me and the computer.

    “Listen, dad. I thought I wanted to go to college, too. But lately…”
    “But lately, you have been looking at that ****!” My father said, having to throw his two cents in again

    “Can I finish one damn sentence without you interrupting me?!” I lashed back. Something clicked in my head. Enough. Enough of all his judging. Enough of all his rules. Enough of all his bull ****. “This is my life and you can’t tell me how to live it!”

    He stepped back, shocked at my new found courage. I was just as shocked as him, however. Never before have I back talked my father. Never before have I stood up for my own wants. Never before have I expressed my dreams.

    “I’m eighteen years old, dad. I’m an adult now and I can figure out what I want all on my own. Stop holding my hand with this stuff because I don’t need you anymore,” I continued with backlash. “I will become a Pokemon trainer. I will start my own gym. I will be the best trainer in the Isshu League.”

    “You’re right. You are eighteen. You are an adult. You don’t need me anymore,” my dad said, easing my concerns. Maybe he began to understand what I wanted and who I was.

    “Now get out of my house.”

    How wrong I was…
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    Ouch, talk about a cold place to be! This is really giving me that dark near-future kind of feel, where things in general are spiraling down the drain. It must've taken something immense, or a long, long time, for something as deep and central to their culture and society as pokemon to fade out though. I guess that'll be revealed at some time ahead though, right? It would seem a bit disjointed if it was near ahead without a reason, but that's just my two cents.

    That aside, the only thing that sticks out to me is the sentence, 'You were the reason why we had to brake up in the first place!'

    Did you mean 'break up'?

    I think this is a good start all in all, let's see where it goes. I see potential here, thanks for posting it up.

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    AlanL- Thanks for catching that. I meant "Break up" but I guess I didn't notice it.
    I never really thought about getting in-depth into the reason for the disappearance of trainers but I might have to incorporate that into the storyline. Thanks!
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