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    It's good to see the writers are continuing to make horrible battles. I have been seriously dissapointed at the battles we had ever since I was enlightened to what they could be and what they really are.

    It seems the only effort that is put into making battles is the important ones such as Ash vs. Paul and Ash vs. Takuto, well, Infernape vs. Electivire and Pikachu vs. Latios.

    Especially in the Sinnoh League I want to see masterful tactics. Spectacular bouts of strength. Masterful displays of passion. Not Pokémon X uses move A. Pokémon Y uses move B. Pokémon A fainted. Severely disspointing battle.

    0/10 in terms of the battle.

    On the other hand the character interaction was great. Conway never fails to entertain me with his creepiness. Barry was also great with his hyper-activity. Paul is as much of a jerk as ever. Glad to see the writer can put some effort into the show.

    I really don't remember Nando talking the way he did but I can't complain, it was a great voice for someone like him.

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