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Thread: League Unleashed! (651)

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    ^ as far as I know, this is actually Darkrai's second appearance in the anime. I think Darkrai's first appearance was in the episode "Sleepless In Pre-battle!" If you've seen that episode before.
    Yeah, this first league episode, at times, felt a bit too rushed.
    The Heracross/Kricketune battle was definitely the better battle!

    I really can't wait to see who exactly this mystery trainer is!

    That one Barry quote was pretty funny!

    "Hey! that's Ash battling out there!"
    Me: a doyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Conway: "Conway's the name!
    Me: "...and stalking is my game!"

    Or, what I came up about stalker Conway with while reading this thread:
    "Stalking is my business... and business is good!"
    (^get it?)

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    Cool episode! Darkrai was cool ^^ the battles where also awesome
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    The battle between Heracross and Kriketune was awesome! Too bad Quilava's battle got interrupted...

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    Meh, it's a league episode, they never really excite me. I did love seeing more of Ash's old pokemon making return appearances, Barry's always a treat, and Paul shows me why I like him much more than Trip. I did like Team Rocket's ongoing storyline for this league, though I didn't like it as much as the one with the pushy manager from the Hoenn League.

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    As fun as the battle was, the outcome was painfully predictable. There's no way Ash would lose his first battle. But still, it was really entertaining and nice to see Heracross. Next battle should be very interesting!
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    This episode was great, I liked the battle between Ash and Nando. Armaldo and Quilava's battle was interesting, It was cool how Quilava used Aerial Ace and Armaldo used X-scissor on each other. The battle between Krietune and Heracross was great too.
    It was a smart move of Ash when he told Heracross to use Sleep Talk after being put to sleep, it's Cool how it used Focus Punch Megahorn and Horn attack to win the battle.
    Conway was creepy as always, it's funny when he came out of nowhere and scared Dawn. XD
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    This is my least favorite episode in the Sinnoh League (My favorites are Conway & Tobias). Cyndaquil evolves...and ties to an Armaldo in a short span of time. Heracross using Sleep Talk was a nice strategy but Roserade vs Staraptor felt very forgettable. I give a 5.5/10.
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