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Thread: Pokémon Animé Discussion Rules & FAQs - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

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    Default Pokémon Animé Discussion Rules & FAQs - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Pokemon Anime Discussion Rules

    Welcome to the Pokemon Anime Discussion forum! Within the general discussion or its appropriate sub-forums, you can discuss all matters related to the Pokemon anime, including but not limited to past and upcoming episodes, movies, characters, Pokemon teams, gym battles, contests, leagues, animation, music, and anything else that has to do with the Pokemon anime (as long as it’s not listed among the assorted banned topics). In addition to the standard forum rules being applied here, the anime forums do have some specific rules you need to be aware of, so make sure to read them before posting! Many thanks go out to Chelc for creating the previous rules, of which many ideas here have been adopted.


    Important Announcements
    Differentiating Spoilers from Non-Spoilers (bottom post)READ THIS AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE REST OF THE RULES! This is vital to ensure the enjoyment of all members, and must be stressed. If you still are unsure about what constitutes a spoiler, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other forum staff! We will gladly clarify matters!

    Sub-Forums & Their Purpose
    Anime Spoilers → Discuss everything happening in Japan here! Discuss and speculate the newest episodes, upcoming movies, future character events and battles, the latest captures and evolutions, and anything else that has yet to air in the dub!
    Anime Polls → Have something on your mind and want to see what other people think as well? Post your anime (general polls about Pokemon themselves or the franchise as a whole belong in Pokepolls) polls here! Remember to read the rules and FAQ thread stickied at the top of the forum before posting a poll! Also remember to add a spoiler warning in the thread title if it contains spoilers.
    Episode Discussions → Feel like discussing a certain episode, movie, special, or season? This is the forum for you. Each episode/movie/special has its own discussion thread, and all are open for discussion any time. This is one of the only forums where you will not be infracted for bumping threads, but please keep discussion thoughtful and free of any illegal content.

    Pokemon Anime Discussion – Important Sticky Threads
    Pokémon Animé FAQ → Please read this thoroughly before posting. Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the show are posted here.
    List of Banned Topics → Again, please read this thread before posting. It provides a handy list of topics compiled by randomspot555, as well as other members, that are not allowed to be discussed anywhere in this forum for specified reasons.
    Single Anime Questions → If you have a simple question about the anime that is not already answered in the FAQ, this is your best bet. Created by OBSESSED WITH PKNM, this thread provides an efficient method of getting standard questions answered by helpful forum members. It is advised that you ask here instead of creating a new thread, as not only does it prevent forum clutter, but chances are you will receive a much more direct answer!
    Japanese/English Reference Thread → A fantastic guide by Sushi, this thread can be used as a useful translation guide for Japanese characters, Pokemon, towns, attacks, items, and much more. If you see Japanese names posted and you are perplexed as to their translation, check here!
    New Dub Titles → Titles for the latest dub episodes will be posted here. You are also free to discuss your opinions on the titles, as well as their meanings.

    Anime Spoilers – Important Sticky Threads
    Next Pokemon Thread → Speculate on what Pokemon various characters will catch or evolve in the future, in addition to finalized teams at the end of the saga. This thread also includes Team Rocket’s Pokemon. PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING!
    The Big Anime Move Catalog → For a useful encyclopedia of every move that every character’s Pokemon has learned over the years, check here! Many thanks to Dreamcoat for aiding with this catalog.
    What is a spoiler? What is speculation? → Confused about what constitutes a spoiler? Need help deciphering speculation from fan-fiction? Go here for all the answers and clarification. A highly necessary read for all who post in Anime Spoilers.
    Victini and the Dark Hero – Speculation Thread → The current speculation topic for the fourteenth movie. Discuss its plot, events, and characters here.

    Anime Polls – Important Sticky Threads
    Anime Polls – Rules & FAQ → Information about what makes a poll and what doesn’t. In addition, the rules for the Anime Polls sub-forum can be found here.
    The “What Attacks Should They Learn?” Thread → Ever feel that a certain Pokemon in the anime should be capable of knowing a certain attack? Wish and speculate about attacks here! Remember to include reasons as to why you believe the writers should give a certain Pokemon a certain attack, rather than creating shallow wish-lists!
    If You Were in Charge of the Anime → Rather than ranting, this thread is your imaginative toolbox to create your ideal vision of the anime. Describe everything you ever wanted from this anime, as long as it adheres to the rules (restrain the character bashing and such).
    Favorite Character Thread → Have a favorite character or two in the anime? Feel free to express your love here! Again, all standard rules apply, and that includes avoiding character bashing and respecting other users’ choices.


    1. All general Serebii Forums Rules apply in this forum unless stated otherwise. It is recommended that you read them before posting anywhere on the forum. If you have not already done so, please read them after finishing this.

    2. Read the following topics before posting and/or creating a new thread – Anime FAQ, Banned Topics, and Single Anime Questions. If your question or topic is already listed in one of those threads, it may result in a three-point infraction. Note that if you continue to post threads that violate the rules by either being banned topics or questions that have been answered in one of the aforementioned topics, you will be given a six-point infraction for repeatedly disobeying the rules of the forum or specific sub-forum.

    3. This forum is for discussion of the Pokemon anime only. Do not discuss the video games, the manga, other anime, or any general topic having to do with the franchise as a whole. Keep it specific to the anime. This includes shipping, which has its own forum, the Shippers Community.

    4. Post spoilers in the spoiler forum only! This cannot be stressed enough. If you wish to discuss events that have not occurred outside Japan, use spoiler tags for your information or keep it to Anime Spoilers. Read the last post in the announcement for more information. Failure to follow this rule will result in a three-point infraction. If you are still confused about the definition of a spoiler, do not hesitate to ask a staff member!

    5. Respect each other’s opinions! Being a discussion forum, there is a chance that another user may post something that you may not agree with. If so, you may refute them with respectful and thought-out debates. Do not flame or insult each other for conflicting opinions! Infractions for flaming are worth three points, so keep all discussion civil and respectful!

    6. Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) is never tolerated. This is a discussion, not a chat room, meaning that your posts should be thorough and thoughtful. It’s not difficult, as at least two sentences per post will suffice. Avoid merely posting material like simply “I agree” that adds nothing to the discussion; if you agree with something, then explain why. Also make sure your posts are relevant to the discussion at hand and don’t stray off-topic. Infractions for spamming are worth three points.

    7. When posting new information (such as new titles or summaries), remember to cite your sources! If you have no source to back up your information, how are we supposed to confirm it as factual? Simple links to reliable websites or pictures will do. Remember, Wikipedia and fellow Wiki sites are not reliable sources!

    7a. Do not post rumors! If you do not have a valid source for your news information, please avoid posting it! For instance, do not go around posting “Misty will return in Episode __!” or “Ash will catch _____ in this episode!” based upon murky rumors or your own dreams for the series.

    8. Use the Report Button to report problematic posts! See that triangular button with the exclamation mark in the upper-right corner of each post? If you come across a rule-breaking message, click it to send a message to the staff so that we can get to it as soon as we can! It is a much more efficient method than mini-modding, which otherwise litters the forum with spam.

    9. Character bashing is forbidden. There is a distinct difference between constructive criticism of a character (which is perfectly acceptable and discussion-worthy) and outright bashing (which is never allowed). For instance, saying “Dawn’s Piplup suffers from overuse and her other Pokemon are neglected as a result” is fine, but posting “OMG I HATE PIPLUP IT MUST DIE” is unacceptable and rude. Not only may it offend fans of a particular character, but it is void of any reasonable discussion. Debates about certain characters are okay as long as discussion is civil (unless it falls under the List of Banned Topics). A three-point infraction will be distributed for vile character bashing.

    10. Speculate future events based on known information. There is a difference between your predictions and your fantasies for the series. This is not a forum for fan-fiction or creating your own stories. Make sure all speculation is on-topic and that it does not belong in an already-existing topic as the Next Pokemon Thread.

    11. Do not bump threads outside the Episode Discussion forum, unless it is a sticky! “Bumping” refers to posting in a thread that has not seen any activity for at least 30 days. Other than in Episode Discussions, if a thread has not been posted in for 30 days, please do not post in it. Doing so will result in an infraction and a lock of the thread in question.

    12. Do not ask for places where you can watch or download full or partial episodes, and do not provide links to such locations! Posting illegal content such as full episodes is against the forum’s rules! This includes torrents, direct downloads, sites that provide streaming content (INCLUDING YOUTUBE), and anywhere else that provides access to such material. Doing so will result in an infraction.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding either the rules or the FAQ, please contact me or any of the other Pokémon Animé moderators and we’ll gladly answer your questions! Know these guidelines well and have fun!
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    Welcome to the several-time-revamped Anime Discussion FAQ! If you have any basic questions about the anime, make sure to look here first before posting to see if your question has not already been answered! It saves us a lot of hassle and should hopefully prove to be a convenient reference guide for you!

    Many thanks go out to numerous individuals for their assistance in putting together this FAQ. The prior FAQ was written by Satoshi, which in turn was edited from material by Chris (Grumpy Older Man). Some of Satoshi’s material has been left as is, and most of his questions have been kept. However, Chelc realized the FAQ was well overdue for an update, so in addition to my own personal contributions and revisions, I would like to thank Sonic Boom, Sushi, and Ludi-Cola immensely for their wonderful contributions!

    I hope to continue adding new common questions as they arise, but if there is a particular question that you feel should be added because of its prevalence, do not hesitate to contact me!

    If you have a simple question that is not answered here, please make sure to check out the thread for Single Anime Questions, and a helpful member can assist you.

    I hope this FAQ helps with the most common questions about the anime!


    Q: Do levels exist in the anime?

    A: No. Numerical levels are not implemented into the anime. In spite of the fact that the anime is based on the games, it is a non-game adaptation, and featuring numerical statistics that equate to battle experience would simply be unrealistic. There is some discrepancy in regards to what a “level” means in the anime, as it is occasionally brought up in dialogue. Generally, this refers to levels of power or experience, not a digital number that somehow exists in the confines of a more realistic setting. But Pokemon do not evolve or learn new moves based on a literal numeric level. Not to mention the series features various inconsistencies in regards to a Pokemon's power.

    The most common rebuttal to the argument of nonexistent levels is EP009, “The School of Hard Knocks”. In the episode, numeric Pokemon levels were repeatedly mentioned similar to the games. Mind you, this episode was very early in the series, and over a decade has passed without a mere mention of such. In comic book terms, the concept was “ret-conned”, in which continuity is retroactively changed. This is not uncommon in a continuing series, especially when you consider how back in the show’s earliest episodes, the writers were still working out the kinks in the story and deciding what worked and what didn’t.

    Q: Who is Ash's Father?

    A: No one truly knows, really.

    He was mentioned, along with Ash's grandfather (Japan only) in the second episode of the original series. That was the first and last time he's mentioned in the show. There's absolutely no solid evidence to back up all the crazy crack theories and until the writers decide to reveal the identity of this mystery man (or mystery men, but no one really cares about Ash's grandfather, right? :P), we'll never know who he REALLY is. We know that he's a Pokemon Trainer, that's for certain. The way his mother talks about his alleged relatives in the Japanese version implies that being a Pokemon Trainer runs in the family. Other than that, we know zilch.

    Novelizations of the anime by Takeshi Shudou (one of the writers for the original series) says that Ash's father is merely a wandering trainer of sorts, or something to that extent (although, whether or not these should be considered "canon" is debated among fans). In a recent interview with Masamitsu Hidaka, a storyboard artist for the anime, the above is confirmed and is very much true - Ash's father and grandfather are trainers.
    Courtesy of Satoshi

    Q: Why does Ash always release his Pokemon?

    A: Saying he “always” releases them is a somewhat inaccurate exaggeration, as with the exception of Gliscor, Ash has left all his Pokemon at Oak’s laboratory at the end of each saga since Johto. These Pokemon may be called upon for assistance at any time. The two exceptions are Squirtle and Charizard, who were both left with special camps for training. Regardless, both Squirtle and Charizard may also be called upon at any time, as evidenced by such events as the Johto League or Battle Frontier. For the record, Larvitar was never truly Ash’s and was always destined to return to its Tyranitar mother since it hatched.

    As for why Ash released a few Pokemon back in Kanto, remember that this was back when the writers had a very loose idea of exactly what they wished to do with Ash’s team, as they were fixing kinks in the process while establishing a solid main team for Ash. Many of these Pokemon – like Butterfree and Primeape – were not used as long-term partners. In the sagas since, the writers have avoided having Ash capture over his 6-Pokemon limit in order to prevent having to release so many Pokemon. Yes, theoretically there could always be a backlog of Pokemon caught and sent to Oak like Krabby, Tauros, and Muk, but those aforementioned Pokemon tend to suffer from a severe lack of exposure.

    Q: Will Ash ever see his released Pokemon like Pidgeot again?

    It has been well over a decade since Pidgeot’s departure. While many will say, “Maybe someday, nobody knows,” or wildly speculate there will be some huge reunion whenever the series ends, the likelihood of any true return outside cameos or flashbacks is slim to none. In the case of Pidgeot, for example, if Ash never retrieved it the past gazillion times he returned to Pallet Town, what makes you think he will retrieve it upon future visits? Note that the one exception has been Lapras, who, while unexplainable as for why it returned and others did not, is still a poor indication of any future returning Pokemon given how long has passed since. As mentioned above, it has been over a decade since the last true Pokemon release, and quite frankly, many of the show’s newer viewers do not recall such Pokemon existing. Remember that the Pokemon anime’s primary demographic is the preteen crowd, and even though its fans grow up, its core viewership tends to remain around the same age.

    These past Pokemon are occasionally referenced, such as through flashbacks we’ve seen of Butterfree or Pidgeot. Perhaps the greatest showcase of past Pokemon came in the form of the Japanese opening “Spurt!”, which was shown in the latter half of Battle Frontier. This is enough proof against the claims that the writers supposedly “forgot” about them (many of the Kanto writers are still writers for the show today), but opening sequences have no historical impact on the series itself in regards to past character appearances.

    Q: Did Ash’s Butterfree die in the Japanese version?

    A: No. There are a lot of false rumors regarding dub changes, but this may be the most persistent. There was no such line in Japanese about Butterfree dying after mating. Some consider it a mistranslation, which according to Dogasu, could occur if you confuse the word shison ("offspring") for the word shisou ("injuries and death"). Regardless, it is a false rumor.

    Q: Does Ash ever kiss Misty/May/Dawn?

    A: No. Never has. Never will. Pokemon is not a series about romance, nor has any canon romance been involved between Ash and any of his female companions. Ash is ten years old. He has shown minimal interest for girls (aside from Giselle in Episode 9, which again, was very early in the series) and thinks of his female traveling partners as merely friends. If you come across a picture or avatar of Ash about to kiss one of the lead females, it is edited with Photoshop. You may also see a rumor about a kiss occurring in the “last episode”. There is no last episode, as the series is still running in Japan with no signs of stopping.

    Q: Why is the anime so repetitive? Every plot is the same!

    A: A bit of an exaggeration, but not completely false. Being an “episodic” anime, Pokemon has generally followed a fixed formula throughout every saga, partially in thanks to the games themselves repeating the same formula. On one hand, you cannot fault it for sticking to its initial game inspiration. On the other hand, individual episode formulas repeating is sometimes apparent (such as a “character of the day” having a problem with a Pokemon, leading Ash and friends to assist), but you also have to remember that this is a kids’ series first and foremost. They wish to see their favorite monsters brawling and showing off their abilities over intriguing plot, which nobody will deny could be deeper in this series. But given its primary viewership, a lack of plot variety is no surprise, especially after over 600 episodes, in which any series is bound to repeat ideas.

    Courtesy of Sonic Boom:
    “Also know that the anime is, first and foremost, an advertisement for the current generation of Pokemon games. The writers do not need to make a unique, extravagant plot for every single new Pokemon that appears, as long as that new Pokemon has enough screen-time within the episode to be easily noticeable and remembered.”

    Q: Why won’t Ash evolve Pikachu? What kind of idiot would keep it un-evolved?

    A: Before I explain the marketing purposes, there have been two very distinct explanations of this in anime canon. The first of which was in the popular EP014, “Electric Shock Showdown”. In the episode, Pikachu was offered a Thunder Stone after losing to a Raichu, but refused since it wanted to prove itself and its own strength without needing to evolve. It was Pikachu’s choice, not Ash’s, and it likewise stayed as is. A decade later in DP074, “Pika and Goliath”, a very similar situation panned out in which Pikachu was offered to evolve. Once again, Pikachu refused for the same reasons, and was likely done to refresh viewers’ minds and also teach newer viewers.

    Now for the real reason – MONEY. Pikachu is Pokemon’s mascot, and likely will continue to be. It is the most widely recognized Pokemon of them all, sells more merchandise than any other, and if they were to write Pikachu off the show, it would be a ratings suicide. Without Pikachu, the franchise familiarity is gone, and likewise, viewership plummets. Raichu would not magically become the new mascot.

    Note that Dawn’s Piplup is in a similar situation. Like Pikachu, it was also given an episode in which it fought against its own evolution. But also like Pikachu, it has essentially become a second-fiddle mascot who is found on much of the newer merchandise, and it obviously a big draw to the series for certain viewers.


    A: Whoa whoa. Calm down. It’s not the apocalypse where some powerful being unleashes a fury hell no hath now. Truth is, the writers decided to make sure that a primary mascot of the 4th generation got enough representation to merit a look at Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Basically, Pikachu is the primary mascot of the series, but it is not the only one. It may sound like an odd decision, given that the Advanced Generation did not have a Pokemon that stayed out all of the time (gotta wonder though, would you guys be complaining about that Pokemon if that had happened?), but the writers have the authority to do what they want. It is there, but only in minor moments, and for comic relief. He never gets in the way of the plot.
    Courtesy of Sonic Boom

    Q: Why doesn’t Ash capture every Pokemon he sees? He’ll never ‘catch ‘em all’!

    A: First of all, the catch phrase “Gotta catch ‘em all!” was pretty much dropped after Pokemon’s fad stage in the 90’s. Second, the slogan was only used in Western advertising and was never a part of any of the franchise’s initial Japanese marketing. As for why Ash does not capture every Pokemon anyways, there are a number of reasons. First, the Pokemon anime is repetitive as it is, and having every episode feature one or more captures would be extremely tiring. Second and probably more important is the issue of team balance. We would seriously never see the hundreds of Pokemon stored away at Oak’s laboratory if he just caught a bazillion and stuffed them away forever. Having just a handful of captures per region helps the overall team and character development.

    Q: Will Ash ever be a Pokemon Master?

    This is actually a vague question to answer, considering how if you think about it, the anime never actually defined the term “Pokemon Master”. No other form of Pokemon media has defined the term, either, nor is there anything that implies it means capturing every Pokemon. Whether it means becoming the strongest trainer in a series of tournaments or conquering various regions is all fan speculation.

    Q: What happened to the GS Ball?

    A: The GS Ball was merely a plot device used to give Ash and friends an excuse to travel to both the Orange Islands and the Johto region. It truly had little intention or purpose outside of that. The abbreviation GS clearly stands for “Gold/Silver”, indicating advertisement purposes. Once reaching Johto, the GS Ball had little purpose left in the show, and was thus dropped off with Kurt in Azalea Town as a handy way of writing it off the show. It will likely never be seen from again.

    Q: Why did Professor Ivy get mad at Brock?

    This is a seemingly trivial question that seems to be asked often. The only explanation we got about the matter was a quote from Misty in which she remarked, “She dumped him.” This implies some sort of break-up between Brock and Ivy but does not go into any deep details about what had occurred. All-in-all, it was the anime’s simple way of writing Brock back into the show without making a huge deal out of things. The simple answer is “nobody knows”, and it’s a fairly minor detail when you consider how such an event is never brought up.

    Q: Why did Ash leave his old team at Oak’s before heading to both Hoenn and Sinnoh?

    Again, there is an in-anime reason and an outside reason. The anime’s explanation was that in Hoenn, Ash wanted a “fresh start” to his journey with only Pikachu by his side at the beginning. Likewise, the older Pokemon were left behind to make room for the newer generation. Before heading to Sinnoh, this was not actually explained, although the same thing was essentially implied (except for Aipom tagging along). The outside reason is obvious advertisement. The writers have to show off the newest and greatest Pokemon, correct? Regardless of what past and present Pokemon may constitute the “strongest” team for Ash, it’s the latest generation that needs to be advertised to rake in the dough. In Aipom’s case, it tagged along to Sinnoh because it had a new evolution that could be promoted. These Pokemon at oak’s can still be called upon at any time, but these instances are scattered. Likewise, you can expect this same thing to happen for future generations.

    Q: Will Misty ever come back?

    A: Depends what you mean by “come back”. If you mean to ask if she will make brief appearances from time to time, then most likely. After all, she already had multiple-episode appearances in mid-Hoenn and after the Hoenn League, and numerous non-speaking cameos in other episodes, so she is certainly not forgotten.

    If you mean if she will re-join the main group, the answer is probably no. Her on-screen adventures are likely concluded. Future generations had new characters to promote and new features for those characters to demonstrate. Besides, as shown in the Chronicles spin-off series, Misty has a heap of responsibility on her hands now that she has taken the reigns of Cerulean Gym from her sisters, but she seems quite content with it as she now defines the Gym as "her place". Some will argue that Misty wished to pursue the career of “Water Master”, but like Pokemon Master, it was never defined.

    Q: Will May ever come back?

    A: Similar to the Misty question, she will likely continue to make brief guest appearances (such as she did in the Wallace Cup), but she will never return to the main group. When the Sinnoh region began, the writers felt it was necessary to promote the latest protagonist, and thus, May was no longer relevant (and, by association, Max also). So like with Misty, you can look forward to the occasional cameo, but don’t expect a main cast encore.

    Q: Why did *ATTACK NAME* affect *POKEMON NAME* when it’s not supposed to?

    A: There are admittedly some inconsistencies in the anime regarding certain attack types affecting certain Pokemon in comparison to the games, even though it uses its same type chart. Some of these instances have no explanation behind them, such as Ambipom’s Double Hit knocking out a Haunter, even though Normal and Fighting-type attacks have proven ineffective against Ghost types in the past (see Charizard’s Seismic Toss missing Brandon’s Dusclops). However, sometimes the anime has its own creative explanations and loopholes. Perhaps the two most notable examples are Onix being harmed by the sprinklers in Pewter Gym and then the quote fans love to exaggerate, “Aim for the horn!” By exposing elemental weaknesses and physical properties, the writers find unique ways to make certain attacks work.

    Again, there are inconsistencies, as an Onix obviously is not going to die if it takes a drink from a lake.


    A: A number of reasons, one of which being that watching Ash cruise through a region with an overpowered legend on his side would be cheaply boring. A mirror image of many game players, yes, but boring as a television series. But like many other elements of Ash’s team, the anime has its own explanations for matters:

    Most legendary Pokemon are not meant to be captured. Many legends are directly tied to the balance of nature, and removing them could disrupt the eco-system. For example, the Kanto bird trio of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are territorial, and if one vanishes, the other’s would fight over their former territory. Entei, Raikou and Suicune were created by Ho-Oh to protect the other Pokemon of the Johto region while it flies over the other regions in the Pokemon world. They are guardians of nature. Celebi is the guardian of both time and the forest, and as seen in Movie 4, its power can be abused in destructive ways. Groudon and Kyogre are never meant to be awakened in the first place. As evidenced by Team Magma’s and Team Aqua’s intentions, their power can reshape the world and put countless human and Pokemon lives at stake. Groudon can cause major earthquakes and volcanoes to rise while creating eternal drought, while Kyogre can flood the entire planet from storms and tsunamis. As for Dialga and Palkia, their dominance over time and space indicates that they are never meant to be separated from their own dimension, while Giratina is also meant to be confined to its own realm. The instances of Team Galactic in the anime and Zero in Movie 11 prove that their power is too great for humans to be trusted with.

    Now, the Regi trio is the sole exception we have seen to this rule. We have seen Brandon in command of all three, having captured and tamed them. There seems to have been no disrupting to the balance of nature from their capture, yet their sheer power means that they can only be controlled by an elite trainer such as Brandon. Note that while Noland was in command of Articuno in AG136, “The Symbol Life”, he never actually captured it. Rather, Articuno befriended Noland after being rescued and willingly fights for him upon request.

    Q: Are there more than one of each legendary Pokemon?

    A: Depends on the legend, and keep in mind that the following can be subject to change. Certain legends have proven to either come in multiple numbers and breed, in spite of the breeding rules in the games being different. There are multiples of each of the birds, as evidenced by the trio in Movie 2 (The Power of One) being a special set from the birds in the anime. Additionally, Articuno was said to breed in the Johto episode “Freeze Frame”. There are more than one Lugia, as both a parent and child Lugia were seen in a three-part Johto arc. There are also seemingly more than one of each Regi, including Regigigas. All of them had roles in movies where they were portrayed as special guardians. Meanwhile, Brandon has the Hoenn Regi trio under his belt while the trio in Movie 8 (Lucario and the Mystery of Mew) protected the Tree of Origin. Regigigas was activated in the anime from a sphere at Snowpoint Temple while it awakened from a statue in a glacier in Movie 11, Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Also in Movie 11, multiple Shaymin were seen in the ending. And while you can debate Phione’s status as a legend until the cows come home, numerous Phione were seen in DP113, “Hold the Phione”.

    There is only one Mewtwo, as it was a single genetic experiment from Mew’s genes. Likewise, Mew is also exclusive. Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are a grayer area, but thus far, nothing has proven they come in multiples. The Entei in Movie 3 (Spell of the Unown) was an illusion, while even though Suicune has had a movie appearance and three anime appearances (one of which in Sinnoh), there is no evidence that they are the same or different. There is only one Ho-oh, Celebi, Latios, Latias, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Jirachi. From what we have seen of the Sinnoh legends, they seem to be exclusive other than Regigigas, Shaymin, and Phione, but this can be subject to change in the future.

    Q: How come certain Pokémon evolve differently than in the games?

    A: Evolution is a weird thing.

    There's Slowpoke, who in the anime, evolves according to its in-game Pokédex entries rather than getting stronger or through "trade" (the latter which would make no sense in the anime). Then we have Magnemite and Diglett. Rather than evolving according to their dex entries (3 Magnemite = 1 Magneton, and so on), they evolve through a similar process as they actually do in the games. Go figure.

    The anime tries to be more realistic than the games. Sometimes it is indeed will power that causes Pokémon to evolve on their own. A certain episode from the Johto region taught us that the winds can carry tiny shards of stones used to evolve certain Pokémon. It's a possibility that such a thing could happen if a wind picks up, like in the Exeggcute/Exeggutor episode in Kanto. (Added note: It was not properly explained in the dub about how the forest in “March of the Exeggutor Squad” had Leaf Stone radiation.)
    Courtesy of Satoshi
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    Q: Why is Ash’s team so weak? Why does he never evolve his Pokemon?

    A: Because that Johto disc is still jammed in your DVD player. Yes, there was a point where very few of Ash’s Pokemon would evolve (and even then, it’s not up to Ash himself whether they evolve). There were just a handful of evolutions in Kanto, though Johto featured a measly one evolution in the form of Chikorita. After Johto, this was a legitimate complaint, as Ash’s team had failed to develop both strength and character-wise. Advance Generation began to turn the tables, however, as Taillow, Treecko, Grovyle, Snorunt, and Phanpy all evolved, and this is not even including all of May and Brock’s Pokemon that had also evolved. Diamond & Pearl is already en route to exceed this number, with Ash having five evolutions in Sinnoh thus far and more likely down the road. As mentioned prior, we have established that Pikachu will never evolve under any circumstances.

    Q: How old is everyone?

    A: Ash is still ten. May is still ten. Dawn is still ten. The characters in this series are immune to aging. Some people will try to create their own fictional timeline of the series, often using such throwaway lines as Misty commenting on one year passing since they first arrived in Viridian City, or Ash throwing an anniversary party of first meeting Pikachu. These are throwaway details, not actually meant to have any weight behind them regarding the passage of time in the anime. Misty’s line was to convey nostalgia, for instance. Others try to calculate the number of episodes as equivalent to a day or week passing, which is also false.

    Note that specific ages have never truly been applied to characters as Misty, Brock, Tracey, Gary, etc. Likewise, we have no true answer for their ages, and anything read about their ages should not be believed in anime canon.

    For the record, the Japanese version of the series is not in any way “more mature”, nor do the dub companies cut out inappropriate material, as such material has never been present. The series is as “childish” in its original form as its dubbed form.

    Q: Why did Charizard suddenly become a Charmander in the episodes ‘Holiday Hi-Jynx’ and ‘Snow Way Out’?

    These episodes were aired out-of-order. Being “Christmas-themed” specials, they were held off to air around the holidays in the dub, well after Charmander had evolved in the run of the series. In proper order, these episodes were meant to air after “Electric Soldier Porygon”, but were rescheduled in Japan thanks to the incident involving the aforementioned episode (see “Banned Episodes” question below). The dub followed this rescheduled order.

    Q: Why have certain episodes featuring Jynx been banned/delayed?

    A: Ah, the infamous Ms. Weatherford controversy. Go look it up if you have the time; it’s quite outrageous. The Johto episode featuring the Ice Cave was banned for featuring Jynx. According to some, the episode was banned because Brock was supposedly given a SARS-like disease, but this is simply untrue. Note that Jynx has since had its skin color changed to purple in all forms of Pokemon media, and likewise, future episodes featuring Jynx have been dubbed without problem. Kids WB did delay the airings of the Pacifidlog Contest (which featured Jynx) for a possibly related reason, but they were eventually aired without issue.

    Q: Will there be any uncut DVDs including the banned episodes?

    A: Banned episodes such as the "Electric Soldier Porygon" can't be done due to legal complications.

    4Kids once claimed they'd be putting all of their anime on uncut DVD. This was highly believed to be a lie on their part, seeing as how Al Kahn even stated in the same interview that he does not want the DVDs to be released at the same time of the cut/censored DVDs due to them possibly "competing against each other." However, seeing as they lost the license to Pokemon and died off from the anime industry all together some time ago, dropping most of their dubbing productions aside from the continuous dubbing of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, that promise will never be kept.

    PUSA has released older episodes on boxsets. Because of their minimal visual edits, it was believed they'd cater to what the fans have wanted for a long time: Uncut DVDs. However, these boxsets ARE NOT uncut and DO NOT contain Japanese audio, despite what listings say.

    Besides, if they started putting uncut episodes they have to end up grabbing the original Japanese episodes from episode 1 and up and would have to either dub or sub it. Considering right now with them having released boxsets of older episodes, and are almost done putting all the Kanto Battle Frontier on DVD and have started on Sinnoh, they won't be going back to the first episode to put the whole series uncut and unedited after having finished released all of it mostly in its originally TV aired form. That's just not a good move looking at things from a marketing point-of-view.
    Courtesy of Satoshi

    Q: What is the difference between a season and a series?

    A: Perfectly legitimate question, and a confusing one since both the Japanese series and the dub categorize their episodes differently. Japan has no such thing as “seasons” for Pokemon. Rather, the Pocket Monsters anime is divided into three “series” – 1) Pocket Monsters (Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto), 2) Pocket Monsters: Advance Generation (Hoenn, Battle Frontier), and Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl (Sinnoh). Each series has its own episode numbering system (different to the universal system seen on Serebii.Net) and logo.

    Seasons, on the other hand, are only present in the dub. Each year, 4Kids/PUSA has ordered a batch of approximately 52 episodes in order to be dubbed. Each of these packages constitutes a “season”. Note that this does not include movies or specials like Chronicles or Mystery Dungeon. Also note that Season 9 contained 47 episodes and Season 10 contained 51 episodes instead of the standard 52. Though theories exist as to why this occurred, we have no definitive answer.

    Q: Is Ash the same character as Red (games and manga)?

    A: No. His design is indeed loosely based off Red, but he is not meant to be the same character. The anime takes place in a different universe of canon as the games and manga, and likewise, they do not coexist. Nor does that mean Ash’s Pikachu is Level 81 (see the levels question above for further detail). Red did indeed make a cameo in the Hoenn episode “Lights, Camerupt, Action!” as part of a film, but was not shown in any physical form.

    Q: The anime said that Arbok evolved into Seviper! THE WRITERS ARE SO STUPID! THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT POKEMON!

    A: Ah, the infamous “Trainer’s Choice” segment that aired along with AG077, “A Fan With a Plan”. First of all, this was a mistake by 4Kids, who are the previous dubbers. NOT the writers. Second, it was not their only instance of goofing up the Trainer’s Choice segments (such as claiming false type advantages) or dialogue in the anime in general. To be honest, many of the people who work on the dub probably do not play the games themselves, and thus, may not be as informed about the franchise as the writers.

    Not to mention that dub mistakes are common fare. Both 4Kids and PUSA have their share of goofs. Pokemon names have been confused with one another (Growlithe being referred to as Arcanine, Poliwhirl saying “Poliwrath”, Ekans being commanded as “Arbok”, etc.), attack names being misnamed, and various bits of dialogue that have taken on an entirely different meaning once translated. These mistakes are unfortunate, but they do happen.

    Q: Why are Brock’s eyes always closed? / What ethnicity is Brock?

    A: Brock eyes are not “closed”. They are drawn as slits, along with his father and children. Combined with his darker skin, Brock is meant to represent a deeper Asian than the other characters seen in the Pokemon world. It’s for the sake of diversity between characters. Brock cannot be traced to any specific known ethnicity, however.

    Q: I haven't watched the dub in years! How come Ash and the other characters sound different?

    A: After Season 8 of the dub (Advanced Battle), 4Kids chose not to renew the license to the show, and it was sold to Pokemon USA. Likewise, the main voice cast was replaced. Some of these actors were new to the series, while others (like Jimmy Zoppi) had voiced minor characters in the past. Certain deals have occurred that have enabled older voice actors to voice newer characters (such as Rachel Lillis voicing Maylene or Lisa Ortiz voicing Mars), but they are restricting from reprising their original roles. It’s a complicated fiasco.

    There’s lots of argument and assorted hoopla over the matter (much of which is vile and ridiculous), and futile efforts have been made by some to change matters. A while ago, Bill Rogers (voice of Brock) visited the forum and answered various questions about the performances. Long story short, regardless of your opinion of how the voice replacements have fared, they are here to stay.

    Q: Will the gang ever travel to Orre, Sevii Islands, Almia, etc.?

    A: If the gang were headed to those areas, they would have done so years ago when those regions’ respective games were new on the market. Regions traveled in the anime tend to coincide with games being currently promoted. Likewise, the characters from those regions are not likely to appear in the future. A few characters from these games do sometimes appear, such as Snap or the Ranger leads, but their appearances also tend to coincide with their respective game releases.

    Q: Is the Pink Butterfree a Shiny?

    A: No.

    It isn't colored the same way a Shiny Butterfree would be colored in the games. Just because it's an abnormal color DOESN'T mean it's a Shiny Pokemon. That would mean that the alternately colored Pokemon in the Orange Islands, being the way they are because of the climate and environment, are shiny Pokemon. Which they're not.
    Courtesy of Satoshi

    Q: “s the Breloom in ‘Weekend Warrior’ a Shiny?

    A: No. It was a mere animation error that resulted in a mis-coloring. Not to mention that as a general rule, Pokemon that are “shiny” are featured in prominent roles. This Breloom merely appeared as a still cameo.

    Q: Is Saturn’s Toxicroak a Shiny?

    A: No. The reason this question is brought up is because the anime’s coloring of Toxicroak is apparently similar to that of the in-game shiny version. However, official anime art depicts the standard Toxicroak as being the same color as Saturn’s. In addition, a different Toxicroak was seen in the episode “Arriving in Style”, which featured the exact same colors.

    The following questions have been submitted by Sushi:

    Q: Are the characters Japanese?

    A: Our best bet would be saying that they do not belong to any nationality that is known to us in the real world.

    We do know that the regions created for the games are based off certain parts of Japan. Opposed to that, we have the fact that the regions and cities have fictional names. Hollywood apparently exists in the anime world (Episode 072, “Go West, Young Meowth”), which makes things even weirder, but one could say it was meant to be more of a joke.

    Our main characters have common Japanese names in the original version, as do many of the side characters. Some, however, have English names or names originating from entirely different countries. That doesn’t have to imply that they’re of a certain nationality, though.

    Q: What’s the best training method in the anime?

    A: Unlike in the games, where picking a Pokémon with a beneficial nature and EV-training it in the stats it exceeds in will always bring the best results, the Anime has not defined an “ideal” way to raise a Pokémon.

    Instead, it takes a more realistic approach by encouraging many different ways of training, depending on the Trainer’s personality as well as that of his Pokémon.

    Many people suggest that Paul’s training is obviously the best as he seems very successful with it so far, but the example of Chimchar stresses how it can’t be applied universally. Chimchar couldn’t handle Paul’s harsh training methods and would have likely taken permanent physical and emotional damage if it had stayed on his team. His other Pokémon, on the other hand, seem to be doing fine as their personalities allow them to adapt to his methods.

    Q: Are there real animals in the anime world?

    A: During the early days of the anime, real animals were shown occasionally, like in Episode 007, “The Water Flowers of Cerulean City” where you can see real fish swimming in the pool inside the Gym, or Episode 020, “The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak”, where a Ghastly transforms into a mongoose.

    However, as it has been a very long time since animals appeared, the writers might have revised their opinion – like in the case of numbered levels - and decided that there should be no living beings beside plants, Pokémon and humans. Currently, the only hints towards the existence of animals are the PokéDex entries, which often compare Pokémon to the animals they are based on (ex. “The Mouse Pokémon”).

    Q: Do humans eat Pokémon?

    A: As the existence of animals is more than questionable at the moment, but people are sometimes seen eating meat and "fish", it can be assumed that they do.

    However, it’s likely that the writers shy away from this subject, as humans and Pokémon are portrayed to be living along side each other as equal friends.

    It should also be noted that more often than not, the main characters are only seen eating bread, vegetables and fruit - especially in recent years.

    Q: Will Contests, like Gyms, stay in the anime forever?

    A: We have no way of predicting what the writers have planned for the next series. Contests were apparently well-received and provide another character besides Ash with a concrete quest and a reasonable purpose for traveling around. In any case, it is highly unlikely that Contests will be dropped without a new quest taking their place.

    The heroine – in this case, Dawn - isn’t shown to be a mere supporting character anymore and is in an almost equal position compared to Ash, so it is unimaginable that the writers will take away the primary source of her screen time: tournaments she needs to train/practice for, as well as interactions with rivals for said tournaments.

    Of course, we don't know if it'll always be a girl who participates in Contests, even if they remain as a quest in the anime.

    Q: Why don’t the writers make the show more interesting by adding mature themes?

    A: One should always remind himself that we, the slightly (or even considerably) older fans, are not the target audience of this show. We are pretty much the last ones who have a say in what should be in the anime and what not.

    It would be better not to be so egoistical and start seeing things from the perspective of a child. Kids would likely be irritated by an overdose of love and/or sexual themes and they certainly don’t need to see blood shedding during Pokémon Battles.

    The writers have decided that this show would not mature along with its original audience from 1997, instead keeping the same age group as its target audience in every series.
    Children are the norm, we are the exceptions. Not the other way around.

    Q: HeartGold and SoulSilver are out! And Platinum has a Battle Frontier! Does this mean there will be a Johto BF after the Sinnoh Saga?

    A: While the same criteria has been met previously via FR/LG and Emerald, and they combined together to form the Kanto Battle Frontier, this does not mean that Ash and co. will not go to Johto immediately after the Sinnoh League, or that they even go there at all. For all we know, Ash could go on and take on the Elite 4; this particular concept of the anime has been put into particular interest on more than one occasion during the DP series.

    The point is, until we have ironclad confirmation from a reliable source, nothing can be said about the premise of a Johto BF yet. Sure, it can be speculated, but that’s it. And nothing good comes from something that is just baseless speculation.
    Thanks to Sonic Boom

    The following questions have been submitted by Ludi-Cola:

    Q: What happens when a Pokemon is released?

    A. When a Pokemon is released the trainer is essentially giving up all claims of ownership and returning it to the wild. The Pokemon can then be recaptured, as shown in EP011 (Charmander- the Stray Pokemon) when Ash captures Charmander that previously belonged to Damian and when. Much later in DP052 (Smells Like Team Spirit) Ash captured Chimchar who had just been released by Paul. Dawn is the only character known to release and then reclaim the same Pokemon, as shown w/ her Pachirisu in DP019 (Twice Smitten, Once Shy!) but this was an exception and not the rule.

    Usually a character announces to his/her Pokemon that it's going to be released, when he/she does not make such intentions known it is referred to as "abandoning" a Pokemon.

    Q: [b]Why does Ash/May/etc check their Pokedex all the time? They must be really stupid if he can't recognize [insert Pokemon name] by now.[b]

    A. Checking a Pokedex reveals more than just its name, it reveals data about the species in general as well as information about the individual being scanned. Paul compares 3 different Starly in DP003 (When Pokemon Worlds Combine) to see which ones know Aerial Ace and Ash learns what attacks a rental Raichu can use in DP088 (Camping It Up) . The Pokedex is an important tool to the professors as well who have been known to use them to check the progress of young trainers. In EP065 (Showdown at the Poke Corral) Prof Oak examines the Pokedexes of both Gary and Ash, noting that Gary had seen 60 different kinds at that point while Ash had seen over 100. This contrast was a reflection of their styles, Gary wanted to capture/raise as many kinds as he could while Ash concentrated more on building a strong relation w/ a handful of his favorites.

    Q. What is the gender of [insert character's Pokemon here]?

    A. In most cases we don't know. Gender plays a minor role in the anime, usually revealed only in episodes w/ romance plots. A handful of Pokemon were established as having a constant gender in-universe, ex. include Misty's Staryu being neutral, Ash's Tauros being male, and Brock's Happiny being female. Still others are consistently referred to with gender pronouns (Team Rocket's Meowth is a male, May's Venusaur is a female). While the costumes a Pokemon has worn and the visual gender differences shown in Sinnoh are sometimes used as "evidence" of a Pokémon’s gender, it is not the same thing as being confirmed on the show.

    UPDATE: In the DP episode “Where No Togepi Has Gone Before”, certain Pokemon genders were finally confirmed as Togepi’s Attract was used. Pikachu, Piplup, and Croagunk were revealed to be male, while Jessie’s Yanmega was revealed to be female, hence Attract not affecting it.

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    Q. Why does everyone fall for Team Rocket's disguises? They're so obvious.

    A. The disguises serve to let Jessie & James participate in activities outside of TR such as menial jobs or Jessie's contests as of AG013 (All Things Bright And Beautifly), provide comedy like when they used their expertise to help Ash cross-dress when he was banned from Erika's Gym in EP026 (Pokemon Scent-sation!), or most often to set up a "plan to capture Pikachu". The fact that they are seldom recognized until they begin their motto is an example of a Running Gag. Much like the omnipresent Nurse Joys/Officer Jennys, Boss Fantasies, catchphrases like TR's "We're Blasting off again!" and Dawn's "No need to worry", ruined bicycles, Ash's victory poses/spinning his hat backward, and Brock flirting w/ every female COTD (to the point where it inspired two additional gags- Brock getting dragged off by another cast member, and the art style changing to an elaborate shojo background of hearts and petals etc. while Brock delivers his romantic come-ons) they are staples of the show. They don't always make sense but after being used for several seasons most of these aren't going away any time soon.

    Q. Why didn't Ash's Charizard obey him once he earned his 8th badge?

    A: Anime =/= Games. In the games, Pokemon may disobey the player if he/she lacks a specific badge. This mechanic was put in place to prevent people from transferring Level 100 Pokemon from a completed game to a second cartridge and plowing through every battle/encounter. Most video games are designed to have a learning curve and gradually introduce players to various aspects at a balanced pace. They don't want newbies to be overwhelmed but they want everyone including repeat customers from older gens to feel a sense of accomplishment and discovery when they reach each milestone. In the anime, badges are mostly used as proof of victory and collecting 8 kinds will allow trainers to enter each region's Pokemon League. While Ash always gets the same 8 badges found in games as a nod to the other main Pokemon franchise, there are MORE than 8 Gyms in each region and most of his League Rivals collect at least 1 anime-exclusive badge.

    As stated in EP044 (The Problem With Paras) Charmander stopped listening to Ash when he evolved because he thought he thought his trainer was weak/not worthy of being obeyed. This was in contrast to its earlier behavior but as Ash was cautioned back in EP014 (Electric Shock Showdown) some Pokemon change more than appearance upon evolution, their attitude changes as well. Charmeleon was proud of his battling prowess and lashed out if he disliked a given order, as a Charizard he became even cockier and would only fight the opponents he deemed strong, such as Blaine's Magmar in EP059 (Volcanic Panic). The fickle nature of Ash's Charizard led to a major upset at Kanto's regional Pokemon League- sometimes referred to as the Indigo League- when he refused to battle Ritchie's Pikachu in EP079 (Friend and Foe Alike). W/out any other Pokemon on hand Ash was forced to concede defeat. Having Charizard fall asleep in the middle of battle was a likely reference to the games, where Outsider Pokemon may opt to "loaf around" or "take a nap" when ordered to attack. Eventually Charizard learned to be obedient and loyal not because Ash obtained a shiny trinket but in response to the kindness and passion Ash showed in EP105 (Charizard Chills) when he spent all night helping Charizard thaw out from an Ice Beam attack, all while promising to work even harder to be a respectable trainer who makes fewer mistakes.

    Q. Do TM's/HM's exist in the anime?

    A. No. One of the purposes of badges in the games is that they enable the use of Hidden Moves such as Surf outside of battle and open up new areas in each region. Travel is not an issue for anime characters, Flying types like Ash's Charizard or Winona's Skarmory can carry human passengers, and w/ the exception of Misty's Psyduck and James' Magikarp all water Pokemon are naturally able to ferry people across water and do not need to be taught a move. For a small Pokemon like Misty's Staryu, the characters sometimes anchored themselves w/ a rope and trailed along behind. While there have been cases where trainers taught their Pokemon a new move, but they didn't use a TM. Since early Hoenn episodes and small arcs have been devoted to special training sessions concentrating on teaching a Pokemon a single move. Examples include Ash teaching Pikachu Iron Tail from Episodes AG013-AG016 (All Things Bright And Beautifly through The Winner By a Nosepass), Ash's Turtwig learning Energy Ball from DP060-DP064 (Journey To The Unown! through Riding The Winds Of Change) and James trying to teach Cacnea Drain Punch in DP054 (Once There Were Greenfields) although the move is only perfected under Gardenia's tutelage, and James does not learn of this until DP103 (Jumping Rocket Ship!)

    Q. Why hasn't [insert character's Pokemon here] evolved yet?

    A. Give them time, most Pokemon need experience to evolve. In addition, sometimes special requirements such as an item most be obtained first: Misty's Poliwhirl needed to hold a King's Rock before evolving into Politoed in EP247 (Outrageous Fortunes), Brock's Lombre had to touch a Water Stone before becoming Ludicolo in AG105 (Once In A Mawile). In the dub, only a single main Pokemon have ever started an evolutionary process and resisted: Ash's Bulbasaur in EP051 (Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden). Another Pokemon makes a similar choice in DP122 (dub title unavailable as it has not yet aired outside of Japan). Ash's Pikachu has twice been offered the Thunderstone it needs to evolve in EP014 (Electric Shock Showdown) and again in DP074 (Pika and Goliath!) but refused the item both times. After the second refusal Team Rocket successfully stole the Thunderstone, making a potential Raichu evolution a non-issue. While on the topic of Team Rocket, their Meowth has never started to evolve but given his distaste of Persians in general, and Giovanni's in particular, it is HIGHLY unlikely he would ever do so. James' Mime Jr. knows Mimic, a move required to evolve into Mr. Mime, but as it seldom participates in or wins battles it is unclear whether it lacks the experience OR the desire to evolve. For now Mime Jr.'s role as the "baby" of Team Rocket seems secure.

    Q. What happened to Jigglypuff? Why did it suddenly stop following Ash & friends?

    A. Jigglypuff first debuted in EP045 (The Song Of Jigglypuff) and made numerous guest appearances in Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto. While Jigglypuff and it's special microphone-marker often caused trouble when it crossed paths with Ash, it's goal was never to specifically shadow him. As translated by Meowth in EP149 (Tunnel Vision) Jigglypuff dreamed of performing it's song and having the audience stay awake for the entire concert. Jigglypuff's final anime appearance occured early in the Hoenn region, in AG039 (A Pokeblock Party) where it met a lost Whismur who listened to the entire song thanks to its Soundproof ability, which renders the Sleep-effect of Sing useless. Having finally found the perfect audience, it is speculated (but not confirmed) that Jigglypuff chose to remain near Whismur even after Whismur was reunited with its trainer, Alana. While Jigglypuff has had two anime references since then, one being a Jigglypuff-shaped karaoke mike seen in AG142 (Caterpie's Big Dilemma) and the other occurring in a 2007 Pikachu short that has no English dub (PK 19, literal translation of title being Pikachu's Exploration Club) the fact that Jipplypuff has not had a true appearance in over 200+ episodes makes the odds of it returning slim-to-none.

    Q. Why did May/Dawn star in the anime instead of Brendan/Lucas?

    A. Marketing. The Pokemon anime is designed to appeal to young kids, most (but not all of those fans) being male. Ash & Brock are still very popular and will likely remain in the cast until the series' end. In the interest of gender balance however, the third companion is a female. Misty was used in the beginning because a female trainer sprite did not exist until partway through the 2nd generation (when the Crystal version was released). At that point the Johto saga was already underway so she was kept until the end of that region. When Ruby/Sapphire and the Hoenn region debuted, May was introduced. In a similar manner, May was phased out at the end of the Battle Frontier arc (despite taking place in Kanto, the Frontier Brain premise originated in the 3rd generation based on concepts from the Emerald version). Dawn took over the role in the Sinnoh region to advertise the 4th generation and showcase designs from Diamond/Pearl. Storyboard artist/director Masamitsu Hidaka stated in an interview that the female characters are replaced so boys have something new to look at, while some thought the comment insensitive it is important to remember that the interview took place through a translator and was later transcribed to the PokeBeach fansite, making it difficult to determine whether the answer was meant seriously or in more of a playful "tongue-in-cheek" manner.

    Q. What is the difference between Contest and Gym Battles?

    A. Contests focus more on how attractive the Pokemon looks while performing attacks, Gym Battles emphasize power. Furthermore, Contests are divided into rounds, Appeals (where Coordinators are rated based on the Pokemon's elegance and style, with only the top scores passing) Preliminary Battles to par down the number of contestants, and Final Battles where the two best Coordinator face off. Only one Pokemon performs per round (or two if it's a Double Battles). There is no Appeal Round in a Gym, and w/ few exceptions most Gym Leaders hold battles that are 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3. The Gym Leader is not permitted to swap out Pokemon unless they faint, but the opposing Trainer can make substitutions at any time. There are no time limits, Gym Battles conclude when one trainer is out of useable Pokemon, in the event of a tie the badge goes to the challenger. All Contest Battles are timed however, when a Pokemon faints it's Coordinator loses all points and is eliminated from the competition; if neither Pokemon faints during the time limit then the Coordinator w/ the most points (had the Pokemon that best showcased it's attacks) is declared the winner and moves on to the next Round or in the case of Final Battles, receives a Ribbon. It takes 8 badges for a Trainer to gain entrance to the regional Pokemon League, Coordinators participate in a similar best-of-the-best competition known as the Grand Festival but only 5 Ribbons are required. Additionally, Sinnoh introduced a new Contest rule, the Coordinators must dress up during performances, and Seals can be placed on Pokeballs to make a flashier display at the start of Appeals. Neither of these rules apply to Trainers or Gyms.

    Q. Who owns Team Rocket's Meowth?

    A. We don't know for sure but it has been speculated that Giovanni is his owner, based primarily on his claims of being the Boss' "Top Cat". In EP015 (Battle Aboard the St. Anne) Giovanni's Persian is introduced as Meowth's replacement, this is ret-conned in Chronicles episode H012 (Training Daze) where Meowth asks Giovanni if he can be a member of Team Rocket and Persian is show already sitting w/ the Boss. Whether these Hoso Specials/Chronicles are considered canon w/ the main anime is debated among the fanbase, but it should be noted that the training outfits Jessie and James wore are shown in AG176 (The Ole' Berate And Switch) and that former Rocket recruit Christopher makes a reference to the Training Academy in DP117 (Noodles! Roamin' Off).

    What we DO know is that neither Jessie nor James owns Meowth, first stated in EP044 (The Problem With Paras). During EP009 (The School Of Hard Knocks) Jessie, James, and Meowth are chased off-campus by the students who throw Pokeballs at them; despite being hit by several Meowth is not captured as might happen w/ a wild Pokemon. In EP231 (Dues And Don'ts) it is revealed that Meowth has his own entry in the Team Rocket Registry as a low-ranking Agent. The means of registry is unclear, it is not explained whether a Pokeball was needed to register and if such a Pokeball exists whether it belonged to Giovanni or someone else, given Meowth's eagerness to join Team Rocket it's possible he registered himself in the same manner that a human member would. Regardless, Meowth's loyalty to Giovanni-- which borders on obsession-- keeps him (mostly) focused on his 'job' of stealing Pokemon. For the sake of classification, it is simpler to set the name of Trainer/Owner aside and consider Meowth one of many Team Rocket Pokemon.

    Q. What was the point of Max? He never had any Pokemon, he's useless.

    A. It depends on your definition of useless. While some characters own Pokemon at a young age such as Vivi Winstrate in AG046 (Candid Camerupt) and Mira in DP047 (Sandshrew's Locker!), Max has chosen to wait until his 10th birthday to begin training because that is the minimum age to receive a Pokedex, an item he deeply covets. While Max is mostly remembered for being the Navigator of the Hoenn region, having snatched the PokeNav in AG003 (There's No Place Like Hoenn) and using it regularly he did have a handful of starring roles, most of which featured "cross-over" elements/locations that are present in anime and games like Roxanne's Training School in AG015 (Gonna Rule The School!) and the Mossdeep Space Center in AG099 (It's Still Rocket Roll To Me). Including Max in the group allowed for new character dynamics to be shown, by having Brock and to a lesser extent Ash serve as a "mentor" in addition to the daily sibling rivalries/interactions he had w/ May, notable examples being the quarrel they have in AG081 (Take This House And Shuppet) and a happier occasion where she lets Max borrow her Munchlax so he can enter an Orienteering challenge in AG159 (Off The Unbeaten Path). While Ash's friends Misty and Brock both have siblings, their relatives were never a part of the main cast and so the personalities of those characters are less-developed.

    I hope this FAQ answers any basic questions about the anime. Once again, many thanks go out to all who contributed to this FAQ!

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