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Thread: {CourtneyxTabitha} ~ MagmaAdminShipping!

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    Default {CourtneyxTabitha} ~ MagmaAdminShipping!

    Let's share our love of the Team Magma Admins! Share pics, fics and vids, and I'll compile them up here. Also feel free to share your own work, request art/fics, etc. Let's have some fun and spread some love!

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    I'm really not okay with the state of the first post here. There's not much for users to go off of; no topics or anything. I really should close this but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. All I ask is that you edit the first post.

    If you need help deciding what to put in, you can go off this to decide.

    Come participate in the Shippers Secret Santa! It’ll be so much fun, I promise.

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