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Im gonna be entirely honest, while watching the first episodes, I couldnt quite see it, but around BW 4, it finally hit how well they worked of each other, Iris by making sure Ash didnt get himself into too much trouble, and Ash by lighting up the mood. That's something I really like in romance, the ability to not only live with your partner's imperfections, to actually benefit from them as well.
It's interesting that you say that, because one would think they were stark opposites if that was how they worked, but funnily enough, they aren't. They are both similar and different, sharing core interests and beliefs, whilst still retaining their own ideas on how the world worked and how to deal with problems. That sort of comparison just helps us all remember that these two are pretty special.

Now while most people tend to hate Iris' downtalking Ash, to me it never came off as "OMG, what is this idiot doing now", and more "I really wish this guy could stop doing stuff like this", and it never came off as cruel or hateful, more caring and wishful of Ash actually starting to, well grow up.
Seconded. Iris was never trying to be malicious when she called Ash out for his shenanigans, it always seemed more like she was being concerned, and that concern chased her irritation.

This was just my 2 cent's on why I think negai is a greatly underrated ship, that doesnt deserve the ridicule it gets.
Thank you for sharing, and yes, it is sadly underrated, but all we can do is enjoy the insanity of the ship and let it sail.