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    Pokezilla, King of the Pokemon


    On a cold, dark night, about 16 miles off the coast of Castelia City, two fishermen casually casted their rods into the deep blue, not knowing what lay beneath the waves…

    “Ey, Sal!” A gruff looking man in his thirties yelled to his friend.

    “Yeah, Carl?” The other man, who appeared much friendlier, but had committed his fair share of crimes yelled back.

    “This is a waste ‘a time! We’ve been out ‘ere two hours and ‘aven’t reeled in nothin’! Let’s go grab a drink or somethin’!”

    “No way! We just haven’t gone far enough out, that’s all!” Sal shouted back to Carl.

    Carl sighed as he reluctantly reeled in his old fishing rod, and walked over to the wheel, steering the boat farther out, into the misty sea.

    As the boat continued on, the fog continued to grow thicker and thicker, until the two could no longer see past the boat.

    Bored, Sal walked to the back of the boat, and rested his arms on the rail.

    “GAH!” Sal shouted as he jumped back in shock. That there, was that a sharpedo fin?

    “What’s wrong with you, Sal? Scared of a little sharpedo?” Carl shouted to his friend mockingly.

    “N-no, I’m not sure that WAS a sharpedo…” Sal said as he nervously inched away from the edge.

    “Nah, those sharpedo can get PRETTY big around here, but I dunno about your home region, Hoenn.Go grab a drink from the chest.” Carl said, starting to get worried about his friend.

    “Sure…I was probably just hallucinating.” Sal said as he walked below deck to get a beer from the ice chest.

    Taking a seat on the deck, Sal kicked back, opened up his drink, and began to relax…

    Something large slammed into the boat, rocking it back and forth.

    “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!!!” Carl screamed in fear.

    Sal, who was knocked to the floor, rushed to his feet and looked over the edge of the boat just in time to see a massive dark silhouette and a grayish spike disappear into the water.

    “Carl…get us out of here…”

    Carl scrambled with the controls, but the boat was badly damaged.

    “I can’t, the boat’s dead! Stupid wailords… This wouldn’ta happened if they hadn’t outlawed wailord hunting…” Sal shouted back.

    Sal, looking for any sign of the silhouette, saw a large jagged dorsal fin rise up, and then disappear.

    “Carl, I don’t think we got hit by a wailord…and I REALLY don’t think we got the full force of that Pokemon…” Sal replied, obviously scared for his life.

    Carl walked away from the controls and over to Sal, with a mix of many feelings; frustration, confusion, and fear, to name a few.

    Suddenly a loud roar pierced the air.


    “I’m getting my gun!” Carl shouted as he ran below deck to get his lucky hunting rifle, which he took everywhere.

    Just as Carl returned, the water began to bubble, and Carl loaded his gun, aiming where the creature would apparently rise up

    A truly massive Pokemon, rose out of the water, and before the two fishermen knew what they were looking at, the beast brought down its huge arm, and destroyed the boat, leaving nothing but wooden planks. The beast roared viciously, and, just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared into the depths.

    8 hours later…

    “Hey, what’s that over there?” a young coast guard said to his partner, pointing at a distant wreckage.

    The older of the two pulled the boat over to wreckage, to see two dead bodies, and planks scattered around…
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    Chapter 1: The Investigation Begins

    “Come on, step it up! My Grandma can do this course faster than you!” Adam Fereal shouted at a group of Police Officers-in-training.

    Adam stood at the start of the course with Ace, his Arcanine, at his side, watching the youths run the course with their partner Pokémon.

    To say the least, he was unimpressed.

    Most of them failed to complete the highest of the hurdles, a disappointing amount of them couldn’t make it over the climbing wall, and they all complained about crawling under barbed wire. Pathetic.

    Adam had brown hair, and a bushy mustache. He also wore a standard police uniform. His friends say he looks like Theodore Roosevelt

    Suddenly, one of his fellow officers rushed out of the Castelia Police Academy behind them.

    “Captain Fereal, you’re needed at the station!” The young officer said.

    “I’m kind of busy right now, training this pathetic lot. Can’t we do this some other time?” Adam turned away from the officer and back to the youths, who were running the course for twenty-fourth time.

    “No sir, they said it was urgent!” The young officer insisted.

    That got Adam’s attention, alright.

    Adam turned around, trying to hide his smile.

    “In that case, I’ll be right there! Tell Lieutenant Fabio to take over the youth’s training.”

    Adam returned Ace to his Poke Ball and made his way to the parking garage, happy to FINALLY, after so many weeks, have a good case!

    Adam got in his police car, and drove throughout Castelia City. Ah, what a town! Though the constant traffic, rude people, and large crowds were annoying, Castelia made up for it with its shops, which were filled to the brim with everything you could possibly want! But, amidst the many good things about the city, crime was ever present. Adam had fought crime for the past fourteen years of his life, and he was now thirty-six years old.

    After making his way past the traffic he arrived at the Castelia Police Department, directly across from the Pokemon Gym. The building had once been used by Team Plasma as a temporary base, but it was shut down by the rookie Pokemon Trainer, Hilbert. Because the building was empty and gathering dust, the building was turned into the new Police Department.

    Entering the Department, heads turned toward Adam, then turned away and whispered to one another. Adam couldn’t tell what they were whispering about, and continued towards the meeting room. However, he did make out one word: Jira. Adam stopped in his tracks, wide-eyed. He turned to the person who he thought said it.

    “Don’t you EVER talk about Jira! EVER!”

    The young officer shriveled in fear, Adam was a highly trained officer, and you didn’t want to be on his bad side.

    “Ah, Adam, glad to see you again! And you aren’t looking quite so depressed anymore, either! It must’ve been hard, after what happened with Jira…” Commissioner Hoffner said, walking out of the elevator.

    Tiberius Hoffner was about nine years older than Adam, and he had more experience than Adam too. He had helped with hunting down Team Plasma members after their leader’s defeat at the hands of Hilbert. Adam was still a newbie when Team Plasma reappeared.

    Despite Hoffner’s large size, he was actually a very successful officer.

    Early on, Adam had been mocked by his fellow officers because of his frightened attitude. However, Hoffner, who was only a Captain then, took him under his wing, improving Adam and making him a well known officer.

    “I…don’t like to talk about Jira, Commissioner…” Adam replied.

    “Don’t worry about it Adam, just focus on this exciting new case!” Hoffner replied happily.

    Adam smiled; Hoffner could always put a smile on his face.

    “Thanks, Commissioner, it’s good to be back.”

    The two walked into the elevator and went up to the third floor, but not before Adam glared at the officer who had talked about Jira, resulting in the officer shuddering and turning back to his fellow officers.

    Arriving in the Meeting Room, Adam sighed in relief, though it had only been weeks since his last case, it had been months since he last set foot in this room.

    At a glance, the Meeting Room was very simple, and was much like most other buildings in Castelia City: silver walls, one or two wooden tables, several rows of foldable chairs, and at the far side of the room there was a canvas, for images to be projected upon.

    As Hoffner walked over to the canvas to prepare officers for the case, Adam glanced around the room. There were about six or seven other officers sitting in chairs, and at the back of the room, opposite to the canvas, a man was fiddling with the projector.

    Grabbing a note pad and pen from a table, Adam took a seat.

    “Alright, gentlemen, yesterday morning two dead bodies and what appears to be the wreckage of a ship were found about twenty-four miles off the coast of the city.” Hoffner announced, as a horrific image of two dead bodies and some wreckage appeared on the canvas. Adam had seen worse.

    “Though we believe that this was caused by pirates, the men seem to have killed by sheer force, not any kind of bullet, or any sort of weapon. You need to find a lead, and locate their killer. Captain Fereal will be in charge of this case. Good luck, gentlemen.” Hoffner said, seemingly making his way to the cafeteria. Adam chuckled at this.

    Adam marched up to the canvas proudly to give the group their orders.

    “Alright, men, you two will be checking out Gym Street, you two will be checking out Narrow Street, and the rest of you’re coming with me. Meeting adjourned!” Adam announced, pointing to pairs of officers.

    Walking to the parking garage with his two partners, Adam couldn’t help but feel disappointed. All the officers working on the case were newbies. Adam hated working with newbies.
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    Chapter 2: Battle in Narrow Street

    Adam and his two partners walked out of an apartment building on Mode Street, where Carl Sarchas, one of the victims, had lived. Adam looked over the notes he had taken during his conversation with Mrs. Sarchas.

    “Okay, their relationship was starting to heat up…Carl has committed murder, arrested for driving under the influence, and he has attacked an officer…nothing new for this city.” Adam mumbled in a slight daze. His conversation with Mrs. Sarchas had been…colorful.

    “Alright, let’s go meet up with the others at the fountain, we’re done here.” Adam said, walking to the three police cars parked across from the apartment building. The three got into their cars, and drove off toward the fountain area just north of Mode Street.

    Arriving at the fountain area, Adam got out of his car, and struggled to force his way past the crowds. Finally reaching the other officers near a vending machine, Adam became confused.

    “Where in Arceus’ name are Aaron and Bryan?” Adam furiously demanded.

    “We don’t know, sir. We last saw them headed for Narrow Street…” One of the other officers replied with a hint of fear in his voice.

    Adam gestured towards Narrow Street. “Come on, let’s go find them…” Adam sighed.

    With Adam leading the way, the five officers made their way down Narrow Street, as you could probably guess, the street was narrow and poorly lit. Going down the street they passed two bikers who were whispering suspiciously. Arriving in front of Café Sonata, which had a dying light bulb just above the door, they saw a pale man wearing sun glasses hiding behind a dumpster. Who wears sunglasses in dark alley, anyway?

    “They must’ve gone in here for a drink. The slackers…” Adam said angrily.

    The five walked inside the Café, and saw Officers Aaron and Bryan talking with a bald man who wore a biker jacket. It seemed to be a heated conversation.

    “Look, I’ll get you the money, don’t worry!” Aaron said hastily.

    “No, you get me the money NOW, ya cheap, dirty lawman!” The biker yelled furiously.

    Gesturing for the other four to stay by the door, Adam approached the three, his fingers resting on his gun.

    “Hey, break it up, you three!” Adam said. Aaron and Bryan looked at him, their faces full of shame and fear.

    “NO! This guy owes me money, and no filthy LAWMAN is going to stop me from taking it!!!” The biker yelled, standing up.

    The biker furiously punched Adam in the chest, and then turned back to Aaron.

    “No, I believe I’m going to have to arrest you for assaulting an officer, sir. Please come with us.” Adam said calmly, trying to maintain his temper.

    “Over my dead body!!!” The biker yelled, sending out a Krookodile

    “This just got interesting…” Adam mumbled to himself as he sent out Ace.

    “Hey, take it outside! You scratch my building, and I’ll sue ya!” The bartender yelled.

    “Of course, sir.” Adam said.

    Taking his chance, the biker dashed outside, pushing past the other four officers.

    “Come on, after him!” Adam yelled running out the door, with Ace at his side and the other officers following closely behind.

    The biker stood at the end of Narrow Street, with his Krookodile blocking the officers’ path.

    “Ace, Flame Charge!”

    Leaping over Adam, Ace dashed towards the Krookodile, suddenly, sparks appeared at his feet. Slowly these sparks grew in size, until Ace became completely engulfed in fire!

    “Krookodile, Earthquake, now!” the biker shouted.

    Krookodile roared viciously, before stomping his foot on the ground, shaking the earth and creating a small hill that swiftly headed towards Ace.

    At the last moment, Ace leaped over the hill, and slammed into the Krookodile, sending it flying into the fountain.

    Skidding to a stop, Ace barked happily.

    “Alright, show’s over, kid! You’re coming with us!” Adam shouted, pointing his pistol at the biker.

    Officer Bryan carefully approached the biker, and handcuffed him.
    “Alright, Aaron, get that Krookodile to the Pokémon Center, and Bryan, you take this thug back to the station.” Adam commanded.

    Just as the two began to walk off, Adam yelled back at them.

    “And by the way, you’re off the case!”

    The two turned around in shock, to see Adam smirking and Ace barking happily.
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    Author's Note: After a short hiatus, here it is! Chapter...uh...Three!

    Chapter 3: Smelly Investigations


    Shocked heads turned towards Adam as he angrily screamed and kicked a nearby tree.

    “Mind your own business! Err… I mean, move along, nothing to see here folks!” Adam said, swiftly changing his furious expression to a calm one, though one could still see fire in his eyes.

    Reluctantly, people turned away, though some double-backed, and continued on their merry way.

    As his expression changed back to fury, Adam threw his notepad at the same tree he had kicked. His partners backed away slowly, holding their hands as if they were pushing themselves away from Adam.

    “I can’t believe we’ve checked EVERY street in Castelia City, interviewed EVERY person the victims knew, apprehended every DARN thug we came across, and we STILL haven’t found a LEAD!!!!” Adam shouted, jumping on top of the notebook, attempting to drive it into the dirt.

    Carefully, one of his partners stepped forward, playing with his fingers, and holding his head low.

    “Ah, sir…I don’t believe we’ve checked the docks…” The officer said quietly, fearful for his good health.

    Adam’s eyes widened, his brows furrowed, his teeth clenched, and his face turned a dark shade of red.

    “WE HAVEN’T CHECKED THE DOCKS??!?!?!” WHAT, IN THE NAME OF ARCEUS, MADE YOU NOT TELL ME THIS?!?!?!” Adam shouted furiously, shoving himself in the young officer’s face as the young man slowly shrank beneath Adam’s shadow.

    “I-I thought you already knew s-s-sir…” The officer said, staring down at the concrete and holding his hat in his hands.

    As citizens passed by, they stared in awe at the group, before quickly turning away, for fear of drawing Adam’s attention.

    “Well, we’d better get going to the docks. Come along, then!” Adam said, attempting to calm himself down, and nodded toward the docks.

    The four officers stayed about six feet behind Adam as they made their way to the first pier, and whispered among each other.

    “I seriously thought he was going to punch you!” One officer whispered.

    “I think he was about to shoot you, Floyd…” Another whispered.

    “Not helping, Ernie…” Floyd, who had suffered Adam’s fury, whispered back.

    “Just saying…” Ernie whispered.

    “Quiet back there, we’ve almost reached the Fisherman’s Pier!” Adam yelled back at them, fully aware of their conversation.

    “You think he heard our conversation?” One officer whispered, scratching his brown hair.

    “Yes, Joey, I think he did…” The ginger-headed officer said.

    “I swear, Glenn, he has eyes and ears like a hawk…” Joey said quietly.

    “And the mouth of an exploud.” Glenn said, cautious not to let Adam hear.

    The four officers laughed at Glenn’s remark, only to be met with a glare from Adam, and straightened up.

    After a long walk from the northernmost street of Castelia, and across Skyarrow Bridge, the five officers arrived at what had once been Pinwheel Forest.

    After Team Plasma’s second defeat at the hands of Bla-Too, the deed to Pinwheel Forest was purchased and the forest was cut down, in order to expand Castelia City. The razing of the forest had been controversial across the region, due to the deaths of multiple innocent Pokemon, but the expansion meant more people could immigrate to Castelia City from foreign regions.

    The overall appearance of this section of the city, known as ‘Pinwheel City’ by the locals of Nacrene City, was very similar to the rest of Castelia, with most of the buildings being apartments and shops.

    Instead of heading into the city from the Skyarrow Bridge viewing platform, they went down a flight of stairs, which led to another new section of Castelia City: Fisherman’s Pier.

    Fisherman’s Pier had an ever-present layer of fog engulfing it, and multiple crates of magikarp and feebas were scattered around, resulting in an unusually strong smell, which burned everyone’s nostrils. Toward the end of the pier, a man who had seemingly just pulled in from the bay, slowly unloaded barrels of magikarp, and quietly sang a song.

    “Good thing I don’t have a sense of smell…” Ernie said, watching the others hold their nostrils closed to keep out the smell of dead and dying magikarp.

    The group approached the man, who continued to unload his barrels, and the officers went completely unnoticed.

    Slightly annoyed, Adam cleared his throat loudly. The man continued without noticing them.

    “AHEM!” Adam shouted, tapping his foot impatiently.

    The man jumped back in surprise, dropping a barrel, dumping dead magikarp everywhere. The group took several steps back in disgust.

    “Ah, tauros poop! Look what ya made me do!” The man shouted, pulling earphones out of his ears and tossing them to the ground.

    “Sir, we’re from the Castelia Police Department, and we’d like to know something; do you know Carl Sarchas or Sal Pinshil?” Adam announced holding his nostrils shut and carefully stepping past the magikarp.

    “That dirty drunk and that annoying immigrant? Yeah, we’re good friends. What’s it to ya?” The man replied.

    “Well, sir, I’m sorry to say that their dead bodies and some ship wreckage were found yesterday morning. I’m sorry for your loss, sir…” Adam said calmly, attempting to give the man the news without breaking his heart.

    The man’s expression became full of shock, though it slowly changed to one of happiness, as if he had just won the lottery.

    “YAHOO!!! Those idiots finally got what was comin’ to ‘em!” The man leaped into the air, and threw his cap onto the ground, revealing his grimy, graying hair.

    Adam and the others were confounded. If he was supposedly good friends with the victims, why was he so happy? As the others stared at each other with dumbfounded expressions, Adam spoke up, interrupting the man’s dance, which strangely resembled the chicken dance.

    “Sir, why are you so happy? I was under the impression you were friends with the victims.” Adam asked, pulling out his notebook, which was filled with useless notes, and a worn down pen.

    “Around here, we all hate each other, but we do have our mild friendships.” The man said, ending his dance and tossing an especially rotten magikarp into the bay.

    “Well, mister…”

    “Shunge, Arthur Shunge.” The man completed Adam’s sentence.

    “Mister Shunge, what can you tell us about Sal and Carl, we haven’t been able to get much out of anyone else?” Adam asked preparing his book, and gesturing for the other officers to do the same.

    As the others clumsily rushed to pull out their notebooks and pens, Arthur spoke up.

    “Well, you probably already know that Carl’s a filthy drunk, but Sal ain’t got no family ‘round these parts. Sal’s an immigrant from Hoenn, he said he moved because he killed a guy an’ he was runnin’ from the law.” Arthur started, making Adam cringe at his grammar.

    “So, you knew this man had committed murder, and yet you decided to withhold this information?” Adam asked, hoping he wouldn’t have to apprehend another thug.

    “Look, he told me this just the other night, an’ I was going to turn ‘im in, but now that you fellas ‘ave come and told he’s went and got ‘imself killed, there no point to it.” Arthur said holding up his hands as if surrendering.

    Adam glanced at the others, who were still rushing to write down notes, despite Arthur not giving much information.

    Confused, Adam walked over to Glenn and pulled the notebook out of his hands. Staring down at the notebook, Adam’s face became dumbfounded, unsure of what to think. The notebook contained a crudely drawn image of a giant charizard burning down a city, with fighter jets that looked nothing like fighter jets shooting at it. Adam glanced at Glenn before shoving the note back into his hands.

    “So, do you know if anyone had any reason to kill Carl or Sal?” Adam asked, turning back to Arthur.

    “Well, officer, that’d be just ‘bout everyone ‘round ‘ere, but, all jokes aside, there’ve been rumors going ‘round that Sal’s a part of some sorta crime syndicate, but I don’t believe any ‘o that boloney!” Arthur said, chuckling at his joke.

    Adam raised an eyebrow; he didn’t think anyone in Unova had the guts to start an underground crime syndicate after what happened with Team Plasma.

    “Do you happen to have a, uh, name for this ‘crime syndicate’, Mister Shunge?” Adam asked, curious.

    Arthur stared up at the foggy sky for a moment, thinking back to past conversations.

    “Well, come to think of it, they call it the OMPNE organization, whatever that stands for…” Arthur said, struggling to remember the organization’s name.

    Shocked, Adam’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened, expressing pure terror and bad memories.

    “You okay there, officer?” Arthur asked, confused.

    But Adam wasn’t listening, all his brain could process was one word repeating in his mid over and over again: Jira
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    (Author's Note: This is the first of three flashback sequences, all of which have to do with the currently unexplained Jira. This chapter is a reference to the Godzilla 2014 movie, and you'll see it literally within the first few words.)

    Chapter 4: H.A.L.O. Jump

    Fourteen years earlier…

    Sitting in the plane, a twenty-two year old Adam clutched his growlithe’s poke ball, and slightly shuddered.

    Adam was being sent in for his first mission: infiltrate one of the few remaining Team Plasma bases and free the captured Pokémon. To say the least, it put a lot of pressure on him.

    “Hey kid, what’s wrong?” A slightly portly man asked.

    Adam glanced up at the man and gulped, before replying.

    “All the others say I won’t last a few minutes in there before being shot, sir…” Adam replied, staring at the police helicopter’s floor.

    “Well kid, I can’t guarantee that you will…” The man said, before being cut off by Adam.

    “Thanks…that makes me feel so much better…” Adam said, slightly frustrated, and turned away from the man.

    “Kid, look, you joined the force, and when you do that, you’re putting your life on the line! There’s never been any guarantee that we’ll walk away from any of these missions, but we do them, because if no one else will stand up for Unova, then we will!” The man said in an almost speech-like manner.

    Slightly looking up at the man, Adam half-smiled.

    “Uh, my name’s Fereal, Adam Fereal.” Adam said, standing up and offering his hand.

    “The name’s Captain Tiberius Hoffner, but you’ll call me Captain or sir.” Hoffner said, his tone changing from friendly to somewhat serious, and shook the young Adam’s hand.

    Just as Adam opened his mouth to speak, someone started speaking over the intercom, and heads turned towards the intercom.

    “This is your pilot speaking; we are approaching the Plasma Bunker on Twist Mountain, so prepare your guns, Pokemon, and get ready to bag these fools!”

    As the intercom cut off, other officers prepared their parachutes and attached their Poke Balls to their belts. However, as Adam sat still, staring at the others with slight envy, Hoffner took notice of this, and walked over to Adam.

    “What’s wrong with you, kid? We’re storming a base, you need to look alive!” Hoffner said happily, forcing Adam out of his seat and patting him on the back.

    “It’s just, all the others have a full team of Pokémon, and all I’ve got is Ace…” Adam sighed, returning to his slightly depressed self.

    “Kid, one Pokémon is better than NO Pokémon. In the old Unova-Kanto War of 1921, most soldiers went into battle without any Pokémon at all, only the most important troops were granted Pokémon! Besides, when I first started out, I only had my Riolu, and look where we are now, I’m the Captain of the CPD, if you and Ace train hard enough, I’m sure you two can come just as far, if not farther!” Hoffner said, again in a speech-like manner.

    “Yes, Captain Hoffner…” Adam replied, grabbing a shotgun and parachute, and joining the other officers at the drop-off door.

    Standing alongside all the other officers in a dark room, with Captain Hoffner at the front, holding a shotgun, Adam prepared to skydive onto land just outside the Plasma Base in Twist Mountain.

    The base had only recently been completed, and for years it had been under construction, fooling people into believing it was a mere mining facility. Everyone, even Clay, who had once been in charge of the construction, was fooled by Team Plasma’s plan.

    Facing the group, Hoffner put on an oxygen mask and spoke up.

    “Men, our mission is to H.A.L.O. jump into the Twist Mountain area, and infiltrate it. From there, we must engage their soldiers, either arrest or kill them, and free the captured Pokémon. All clear?”

    After he said his last words, the men stomped in unison and saluted.

    “Sir, yes sir!” The entire group shouted in a serious manner.

    “Then let’s go kick some Plasma…” Before Hoffner could finish his sentence, the plane door opened, creating a loud vacuum of air.

    Trailing behind all the others, Adam jumped out of the plane and into the clouds.

    Though skydiving may be fun to many, to Adam it was terrifying. He panicked slightly when he made the jump, before quickly calming himself. Through the whole jump, Adam desperately tried not to hit his squad mates, which would likely result in his, and whoever he hit’s, death.

    Finally bursting through the cloud barrier, Adam saw what might have been the most extravagant thing in his life. Miles below him was the current Team Plasma HQ, placed in the middle of Twist Mountain, and filling up most of it. Wooden bridges led from caves to the massive facility. On the roof of the facility, there was a giant Team Plasma symbol, which made Adam wondered how the base hadn’t yet been located. The entire base was a huge dome shape, and looked as if it contained the entire Team Plasma army…

    The other soldiers, led by Captain Hoffner, changed their course, and aimed toward a large clearing of land right outside the base’s doors, seeing this, Adam too changed his course.

    After another few minutes of diving, the group pulled the parachute cords, and their blue parachutes burst out.

    As the group grew closer and closer to the land, Adam heard loud alarms go off in the base, not unlike the one used in drills back at the Police Academy. Suddenly, a hatch on the base’s roof burst open, with six or seven Plasma soldiers climbing out of the hatch carrying sniper rifles.

    Seeing this, Adam shuddered before turning away, praying their aim wasn’t true.

    Fearful, Adam closed his eyes, only to hear the air, and the facility’s alarm.

    Confused, Adam opened his eyes and looked over at the snipers, only to see them taking aim, but not firing.

    Adam sighed, only to then realize that they would probably open fire upon landing, and the ground was mere meters below him.
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    After an extended period of absence, I felt it was best to inform my readers that this story isn't cancelled. I finally got out of school for summer vacation on June 3rd, and whenever summer rolls around I become lazy(lazier than I already am, anyway).

    Unfortunately, this absence will likely continue, as I'm going to a friend's party tomorrow, and a friend will likely be spending who knows how many days at my house, resulting in a lack of concentration, and not having the time to write.

    In the meantime, it would be appreciated if my shortcomings in this story could be pointed out, so as to improve my writing skill(whatever bit of skill I have, anyway).
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