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Thread: The Adventures of Youngster Joey (One-Shot)

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    Default The Adventures of Youngster Joey (One-Shot)

    So, I've been pretty obsessed with Youngster Joey lately, and felt like doing this.

    Please recall this is supposed to be a comedy/adventure fic, so don't take it too seriously if some parts seems bs (especially the end battle). Also, I did this simply as a fun activity.

    Flashbacks are italic.
    Also, some battle parts were pretty rushed since I didn't want to focus as much on the battle, but rather the story

    Includes use of alcohol (at the beginning), if you don't like that stuff.

    The adventures of Youngster Joey

    A cold, harsh gust opened the small, squared window on the wall. It was dark. The lamp on the ceiling was now sharp glass on the floor. The cramped room lacked furniture. There was simply one bed on one side of the room, and one desk on the other side. On the desk was a pokeball, half red and half white, just like every other. On the bed, was a silhouette.

    His palms were sweating. His knees were weak, and his arms were heavy. He was sitting on the side of the bed, facing down. He was shirtless, and his whole upper body was drenched. He had just finished lifting 55 kg’s, and his biceps bulged. There was a glass lying on the floor, and the whole carpet stank of vodka. The clocked ticked 4:34 AM. He had had another horrendous night, and could not sleep. He had been having nightmares for the past few weeks, ever since the events of the other day. He wanted to forget, but just couldn’t. He saw the room spinning, but still couldn’t forget. He slowly got up, walked to the bathroom and was sick on the sink.

    He opened his eyes again. The clock now ticked 9:27 AM. His head throbbed with pain. He walked over to the desk, and grabbed his pokeball. As he stared at it, his head got worse. He couldn’t think straight, he couldn’t see straight. His lack of sleep was killing him. However, he knew there was only one way to overcome the events of that day.

    “‘You don’t stand a chance Mikey!’ he yelled, as he took part in the Pokemon battle of the century.

    ‘Excuse me, may I go through?’ a young boy asked.

    ‘Go away, this is THE Pokemon battle!!’ he replied, as he looked back. However, the moment he looked back, he felt a spark.”

    It was just too difficult for him to remember.

    “’Well, that was a tough battle, but I deserved the win.’ Mikey said to him.

    ‘Whatever, next time I see a weak trainer I’ll beat him’ he answered, and just as he turned around, he noticed the same individual from before.

    He walked over to him, just as he stepped in front of his eyes. As he approached the individual with the gold and black hat, he felt butterflies in his stomach. The spark was stronger.

    ‘You look weak! Let’s battle!’

    And they battled, but he didn’t stand a chance against the dark haired individual.

    ‘That was a good battle. See you.’ the young boy said, as he walked away.

    ‘Yes… no, wait! Let’s exchange phone numbers… you know, to battle in the future.’ he proposed, as his heart felt like it was tightening ‘The name is Joey. But my street name is Youngster Joey.’
    ‘Alright, here’s my phone number. I’m Ethan. Glad to meet you.’

    The boys shook hands, and Ethan walked away.”

    A tear shed from Youngster Joey’s eye and landed on the pokeball he was holding. The pokeball started shaking, and a Rattata, that looked to be in the top percentage of Rattata, popped out of it.

    “Another nightmare?” the top percentage Rattata asked.

    “I can’t stand them.” Youngster Joey answered “It brings back so many memories…”

    “You know what you did wrong Youngster Joey. Quite frankly, there’s only one thing we can do, to make things right.”

    “I thought everything was going well.”

    “It wasn’t. Think about it.” top percentage Rattata said.

    “’Hey Ethan, let’s get together… and battle! I swear things will be differently! You need to see my top percentage Rattata!’

    ‘Yo Ethan! How are you doing? Feel like meeting up for a battle?’

    ‘I took down a wild Caterpie the other day! It was a piece of cake, since we’re so strong. You need to look at our pecs, they’re really coming in.

    Youngster Joey and top percentage Rattata stared at each other. Youngster Joey recalled Rattata, and walked outside. He opened his mailbox, and took the daily newspaper. On the front page, he read “Ethan still disappearing”. In smaller words, he noticed however, that two witnesses saw who they thought looked like Ethan in Goldenrod City. Youngster Joey ran quickly inside, and flipped through the pages until he got to the right page.

    “Top percentage Rattata, come out.” Youngster Joey said, as he opened his pokeball “Listen, there’s a way to redeem ourselves. Someone spotted Ethan in Goldenrod city.”

    “Are you sure about this Youngster Joey? Don’t forget, you’re the one who caused this, you don’t want to make it worse.”

    “You’re right. That phone call was a mistake, but I need to do this.”

    “’Hey Ethan!! Listen, we just benched like, 200 kg’s! My Rattata is so in the top percentage of all Rattata now!’

    ‘Yeah, not a good time Youngster Joey. I’m in the middle of saving the world here and – OH crap, they spotted me! Youngster Joey, tell Professor Elm I lov – ‘

    Youngster Joey simply dropped his phone.

    Youngster Joey looked at top percentage Rattata, and both simply nodded. Youngster Joey gathered all the needed goods for the 5 minutes trip to Goldenrod City, and they took off. On the way, they met many friends, enemies and Pokemon. However, none of them were in the top percentage of friends, enemies and Pokemon, and so, Youngster Joey simply eliminated them from his life. Once in Goldenrod City, he rented an empty house right by where the famous researcher Bill lived.

    Youngster Joey was standing in front of the wooden desk in his apartment. He was scribbling in a piece of paper, trying to think of a plan. However, it was late. He wasn’t used to seeing artificial light, and so he turned it off and simply went to bed.

    The clock ticked 10:03 AM. It was the first time he didn’t wake up with an agonizing hangover in a very long time. Youngster Joey stood up, and found sharp, pieces of glass on the floor. He looked up, and noticed the lamp was broken. He looked around, and saw the desk was broken in half. There were small, red flames on the wall, and a narrow hole on the floor. The apartment was completely destroyed. He found his top percentage Rattata’s pokeball open on the floor, and heard noises coming from the bathroom.

    Once he walked in the bathroom, he found top percentage Rattata shaking his tail to the mirror. Youngster Joey simply stood by the door, in complete silence. After 6 more tail shakes, top percentage Rattata realized Youngster Joey was looking at him.

    “How long have you been there for..?” top percentage Rattata asked him.

    “For long enough. What did you do..?”

    “Well, you see, I realized that whoever kidnapped Ethan must be strong. So I worked on my moves and learned a few.”

    Youngster Joey and his truthful, loyal top percentage Rattata walked out of the apartment, to show the new moves. First, top percentage Rattata quickly dug a small, narrow hole.

    “I call this the Hole attack. It’s great, really!” top percentage Rattata said.

    He then shot an orange glowing beam out of his mouth.

    “I like to call this, the crazy strong beam.”

    Top percentage Rattata then started rolling around in flames.

    “I named it, Fire Armadillo attack.”

    “Ok, ok, wait. I get Dig and Hyper Beam, but I’m sorry, Rattata can’t learn Flame Wheel.” Youngster Joey complained.

    “Have you forgotten? I’m the top percentage Rattata!”

    Top percentage Rattata finally showed his final move. He simply shook his tail against the air.

    “Wait, let me see if I got this. You taught yourself Hyper Beam, Dig and Flame Wheel, three crazy good attacks, and then you felt the need to have Tail Whip?”

    “Hey, I might be top percentage, but I’m still a level 5 Rattata.”

    “You’re like, level 80!” Youngster Joey said angrily “Whatever. Let’s get them.”

    “Wow, are you not going to say ‘Thank you’?” top percentage Rattata whined.

    Youngster Joey and top percentage Rattata walked around Goldenrod City aimlessly. They had no idea where Ethan could be. They took a lot of selfies though, everywhere in the city. Selfies by the magnet train, selfies by the gym, selfies by the flower shop, selfies by the radio station, selfies by the nickname rater. Selfies everywhere. They were sitting down in the Pokemon center looking at the selfies, with still no idea where Ethan could be. They looked out of the window, and saw the people pass. They were tired, and were starting to lose hope. Youngster Joey had a big frown on his face. Him and Ethan were more than best friends, and the thought of not being able to save him was devastating. He went to the bathroom, and was there for quite a while. Cries could be heard coming from the bathroom.

    Meanwhile, top percentage Rattata was going through his selfies, and found something astonishing. Something that could be life changing. He saw there was a competition going on in the radio station, and the winner could receive a Master Ball. Youngster Joey came back from the bathroom, and sat down.

    “Youngster Joey, look at this!” top percentage Rattata said, passing the phone.

    Youngster Joey was speechless. He was staring at his dark iPhone, not saying one word. He started sweating, and he was panting. People were starting to look at him, thinking something was wrong with him. He stood up and started running to the radio station, while top percentage Rattata followed him closely.

    Once he finally got there, Youngster Joey took a break to catch his breath. He was leaning down, gasping for air, and the receptionist approached him to try and help him. Youngster Joey was still speechless. Top percentage Rattata walked in very slowly, and very tired. He laid down and also took a break. After a short break, they caught their breath.

    “Youngster Joey, why did we run here?” top percentage Rattata asked.

    “Look in this selfie, doesn’t this guy remind you of anyone?” Youngster Joey asked, pointing at his phone.


    “Exactly! He must be locked up here as a slave or something!”

    The two companions walked up the stairs, and then saw a fat, tall security officer blocking the next set of stairs. He seemed unusually fat, as if he was wearing several layers of clothes. Youngster Joey looked around for Ethan, but there were only people working for the radio station who knew of nothing.

    “Excuse me sir, have you seen this boy?” Youngster Joey asked him, while showing him the selfie.

    “No. Please, don’t disturb me.” The security officer answered. He seemed nervous though. His left eye was twitching and his upper body seemed to be shaking.

    Youngster Joey and top percentage Rattata sat down on the purple seats by the wall. They looked disappointed and unmotivated. Youngster Joey looked down, cracked his knuckles, and smirked.

    “Okay, one, please don’t crack your knuckles, it’s nasty. Second, what're you smiling about?” top percentage Rattata said suspiciously.

    “I’ve got one last plan. I’ll call Ethan. It always works.” Youngster Joey said with a big grin on his face.

    “Alright, well, crossing my tail here.”

    Youngster Joey got his iPhone out and called his friend. As the phone rang, Youngster Joey once again remembered the last time he talked with Ethan. He tightened his body, bit his lip, and just hoped for the best. However, there was no answer. Youngster Joey looked down, as if he was about to give up. However, top percentage Rattata stopped him.

    “Wait, don’t turn it off.” the Pokemon said.


    “I’m a Pokemon, and sometimes we have enhanced senses. I’ve got enhanced hearing, and mine is like, really enhanced for the fact that I’m in the top percentage of my kind.”


    “I can hear a phone ring. Call it again!” top percentage Rattata demanded.


    He did so, and, once again, top percentage Rattata heard him. He nodded to Youngster Joey, and they whispered to come up with a plan. Top percentage Rattata quickly ran to the officer, and sneaked right past him. He then walked up, and found a floor filled with Team Rocket grunts. He looked around, and found a grey bag. It was Ethan’s bag, and his phone must have been in there. Top percentage Rattata found the bathroom, and dug a hole in one of the stalls to the floor below, where Youngster Joey was awaiting. Youngster Joey climbed up, and they hid in one of the stalls to devise a plan. They waited for a team rocket grunt to walk in, and they took him down and stole his uniform. Youngster Joey, with a black uniform and a big R in the middle, walked out and found their way up to the director’s room.

    They got to a big, metal door. Youngster Joey had to use his massive biceps to open the door, and once in, they found Ethan tied to a wooden chair, being beaten up by a team rocket grunt. He went in and top percentage Rattata quickly attacked the grunt with Flame Wheel, while Youngster Joey untied Ethan from his chair.

    “I missed you so much, my friend.” Youngster Joey whispered in Ethan’s ear, as tears came running down his face.

    “Heyy… it’s you… Youngster Joey…” Ethan said awkwardly.

    “Don’t worry, we’re getting you out of here.” top percentage Rattata said.

    There was a lot of noise in the room, and so, all the leftover team rocket grunts came up to the director’s office.

    “Sorry, I can’t help. My pokeballs are downstairs in my bag.” Ethan said.

    “It’s ok, top percentage Rattata has this in the bag.” Youngster Joey replied, as he slowly got closer to Ethan.

    After a few Tail Whips, all the Team Rocket grunts were down on the floor begging for their lives. Sirens could be heard outside, and the police gathered and arrested every grunt.


    “So Ethan, what now?” Youngster Joey asked.

    “Well, I’m not sure. There are several possibilities. I may travel to several regions.”

    “Well, I’m sure it won’t be the same as Johto. I think… it was destiny for us to meet.” Youngster Joey replied, as he reached for Ethan’s hand.

    Ethan quickly took his hand away, and he stood up. Youngster Joey did too.

    “Thanks for saving me, Youngster Joey.” Ethan said, smiling “But it’s time for me to go.”

    “I understand. Good luck Ethan.”

    They shook hands, and Ethan walked away.

    “What a lad.” Youngster Joey muttered to himself.


    “Wow, finally in Unova. This is going to be a new, great adventure.” Ethan thought to himself, as he walked through the Dreamyard.

    Ethan kept walking, until he saw him. The one and only, Youngster Joey.

    The end
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