1) All SPPF rules apply.
2) Don't say a scene no one would know. Like "Iris this is Misty and Brock" Ash said to Iris. Because thats not real. This will result in 1 week ban.
3) No Spamming Flaming ect.. This will result in a kick.
4) "I don't know." is not tollerated and will result in a kick. If you don't know wait until you do know.
5) Saying harsh words about characters is not tolerated and will result in a kick.
6) You must say the series it's in.

When you are kicked, you will not be able to talk for 1 day. If you talk during his period it will result in a ban. Also when kicked you can not follow rules 3, 4 and 5 and you don't obey all 3 of them this will also result in a 1 week ban.

If you get more then 10 bans this will result in a permaban.

If you are permabanned you can not talk until notified. It takes a really rude idiot to get me to permabans.

    Spoiler:- Bans:

    Spoiler:- Kicks:


Black and White
Ash finds a purple looking "pokemon" and looks it up only to find an unrelated pokemon.
Ash: That doesn't look like this. I'll catch it anyway!
Go! Pokeball!
Iris: Ouch!
Ash: Ouch? ( his face looks funny in this part)
Iris: Okay what was that for?
Ash: You see, I was only trying to catch a pokemon.
Iris: Oh, so what you're really telling me that I look like a pokemon. The pokedex. Isn't this cute face in there? TELL ME, IS IT?
Ash: No! Uhh... sorry?