What the heck is that Ursaring made of, adamantium? I'm calling hax on the bear. Let's recap on the hits it took:

- Spikes damage on switching in
- Mega Kick (which is normal type, but still)
- Close Combat
- Hi Jump Kick
- Blaze Kick, got burned to activate Guts
- Reflected Focus Blast (also a fighting type move, FYI)

and it STILL didn't go down? OMG. I literally started yelling at my screen when Hitmonlee fainted, then the reflected Focus Blast from Empoleon just made me do a facepalm. It seems that that entire beatdown from Hitmonlee was simply to buildup to a Blaze Kick + burn to activate Guts, which everyone should still remember from Paul vs Ash at Lake Acuity. If Barry had stuck with any other attack, Hitmonlee should have been able to faint Murdabear.

I also dislike how the spikes effect from Skarmory basically had no effect at all and that the constant burn damage was basically ignored after initial activation. I'm all for Paul giving Barry the beatdown, but Hitmonlee vs Ursaring was just unfair.