You are walking home from school, you open the front door, and your mom asks you that infamous question: "What did you learn at school today?" you start to think about it and you think to yourself, "wow, I learned a lot of things today!" you start to list everything you learned in your head and then reply to your mom by saying.....

1. you list what you "learned" at school, it can be nearly anything, then the next person kinds of screws it up, then says another thing they "learned", ex:
poster 1: I learned how to make pancakes
poster 2: But I got this ugly burn on my arm, see?
I learned how to use a time machine
poster 3: But i accidentialy distorted the space/time rift and met Dialga and palkia in my travel
I learned how to sing
poster 4: but i sung so bad it made everyone puke
yada yada yada......
2. please be appropriate (that means you, D-World)
3.have fun telling your metaphorical mom stuff!