Note: I made this game around a year ago before I up and left after we had gained enough to start. I'm severely disappointed in myself for this, and hopefully I can do better here. I solemnly promise that things won't turn out the same as last time.

"Several different pokemon were just walking around town when they noticed a flyer taped to a nearby pole. They all walked up to the paper out of curiosity, reading it's contents.

Hello. We are looking for fifteen pokemon to come to Cinnabar Island and compete in various quirky challenges, all with the purpose of adding money to an overall pot. There will be two-to-four challenges each day, and money will be added to the pot depending on how the whole group performed in that challenge.

There are twists within challenges. If a player breaks one of the rules of the challenge, then the whole group is penalized for this and a deduction is made from the money pot. There are also exemptions that can be given out, where if a player is to give up the challenge or intentionally deduct money from the pot in order to be immune from execution (this will be explained later).

At the beginning of the competition, all will be given a black duffel bag to hold their belongings and a journal in which to write down their thoughts and theories about other contestants. You may form "coalitions" with other contestants, where you share thoughts and strategize about the other players. Be careful with coalitions; if you form one with the Mole it could be your downfall.

Speaking of that, there will be one among you who is appointed to secretly bring the others down through sabotage and fraud. That one will be called the Mole, and it is the goal of all other players to eliminate him/her from the game. At the end of each day, after all challenges have been finished, we will meet in Cinnabar Gym and all contestants will fill out a quiz, containing 10-20 questions pertaining to the Mole's identity. The player will answer these quizzes in private on a secluded computer. The final question will always be "Who is the Mole?" and that is the least important question, overall.

The player who is least accurate in their answers will score the lowest. The lowest-scoring player will be "executed" and will have to leave the island and return home. Players who have exemptions will not be executed no matter what results they get; if they have the lowest score, the player with the second-lowest score will be executed instead. If at least 3 players correctly guess the Mole's identity then the Mole will be executed. After this, a new Mole will be appointed.

After three different moles have been executed, the pot will be divided among the remaining players and the game will end. If the Mole is still standing at game's end, the entire pot will go to the Mole and he/her will win.

The game offers many spoils for the victor(s), though it is not recommended for those who are weak in areas of strategy, deduction, and observation. Can you discover the traitor? Or are you just another poser...?


All of them grinned at the paper, enthusiasm filling them. This game would certainly be a good long as the Mole wasn't too tricky..."

Take note that the game will take place in reffings, with votes being the interactive part. The quiz will be simplified down to "Who is the Mole?" for all of you, and the person who gets the most votes for this will be executed. Clues will be left pertaining to the Mole's identity, so look out for those.

Put in your nominations, using this application;

Species: (Just use a smiley.)
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Difference in Appearance from Regular Species: (This is optional.)

I hope you guys like the game! I'll do the best I possibly can.