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Thread: Question about Shuppet...

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    Unhappy Question about Shuppet...

    So I caught a Shuppet and named him D'Jaiah. Then I was like sweet a ghost pokemon to take to Mt. Pyre and own other Shuppets with!

    I was under the impression that ghost was super effective against ghost types. I looked at all the charts online and it shows super effective ghost attacks onto ghost pokemon.


    I took my shuppet to said mountain and when the first shuppet came out to attack... my nightshade did *100 (normal) amount of damage. Why is it not super effective? Nightshade is ghost type... shuppet is ghost type...

    Is ghost really not super effective against ghost in Emerald? O_O

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    Night Shade does a set amount of damage equal to the level of the Pokémon using it. Ghost is SE against Ghost.
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    Oh, I see. Didn't realize that meant no STAB or anything. =( Sad day. Thanks!

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    That's your answer going to close! Try the Help thread in rse's FAQ subsection next time you have a question, that'd be a better place for questions.

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