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    The Guide Section doesn't have divisions between generations like other sections within the competitive section, making it a little harder to find the right guide for whatever you need. As such, this index is avalible, breaking the guides into sections based on generation and linking them in their respected section making it easier on you the members to find whatever you need.

    6th Gen
    XY OU Threat Guide
    Speed Tiers - OU
    Mega Evolution - Normal vs Mega Form
    XY Little Cup

    5th Generation
    How to be Good At Competitive - BW 2 edition
    The difference between Counters, Checks, Lures, and Revenge Killers
    OU Threat Guide
    Speed Tiers - OU
    Team Building
    Sun Guide
    Sand Guide
    Rain Guide
    Hail Guide
    Hyper Offensive
    Guide to BW Ubers
    Guide to BW RU
    Guide to BW LC
    Introduction to VGC
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