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Thread: TM/HM List: Emerald

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    Default TM/HM List: Emerald

    TM01 Focus Punch: Route 115
    TM02 Dragon Claw: Meteor Falls
    TM03 Water Pulse: Sootopolis Gym
    TM04 Calm Mind: Mossdeep Gym
    TM05 Roar: Route 114
    TM06 Toxic: Fiery Path
    TM07 Hail: Shoal Cave
    TM08 Bulk Up: Dewford Gym
    TM09 Bullet Seed: Route 104
    TM10 Hidden Power: Slateport Market / Fortree City
    TM11: Sunny Day: Scorched Lab
    TM12 Taunt: Trick House
    TM13 Ice Beam: Mauville City Game Corner / Abandoned Ship
    TM14 Blizzard: Lilycove Department Store
    TM15 Hyper Beam: Lilycove Department Store
    TM16 Light Screen: Lilycove Department Store
    TM17 Protect: Lilycove Department Store
    TM18 Rain Dance: Abandoned Ship
    TM19 Giga Drain: Route 123
    TM20 Safeguard: Lilycove Department Store
    TM21 Frustration: Pacifidlog Town
    TM22 Solarbeam: Safari Zone
    TM23 Iron Tail: Meteor Falls
    TM24 Thunderbolt: Mauville City Game Corner
    TM25 Thunder: Lilycove Department Store
    TM26 Earthquake: Seafloor Cavern
    TM27 Return: Fallarbor Town / Pacifidlog Town
    TM28 Dig: Fallarbor Town
    TM29 Psychic: Mauville City Game Corner / Victory Road
    TM30 Shadow Ball: Mt. Pyre
    TM31 Brick Break: Sootopolis City
    TM32 Double Team: Mauville City Game Corner
    TM33 Reflect: Lilycove Department Store
    TM34 Shock Wave: Mauville Gym
    TM35 Flamethrower: Mauville City Game Corner
    TM36 Sludge Bomb: Dewford Town
    TM37 Sandstorm: Dessert Route 111
    TM38 Fire Blast: Lilycove Department Store
    TM39 Rock Tomb: Rustboro Gym
    TM40 Aerial Ace: Fortree Gym
    TM41 Torment: Slateport Market
    TM42 Facade: Petalburg Gym
    TM43 Secret Power: Route 111/ Slateport Market
    TM44 Rest: Lilycove City
    TM45 Attract: Vendaturf Town
    TM46 Theif: Slateport Market
    TM47 Steel Wing: Granite Cave
    TM48 Skill Swap: Mt. Pyre
    TM49 Snatch: S.S Tidal
    TM50 Overheat: Lavaridge Gym
    HM01 Cut: Rustboro City
    HM02 Fly: Route 119
    HM03 Surf: Petalburg City
    HM04 Strength: Rusturf Tunnel
    HM05 Flash: Granite Cave
    HM06 Rock Smash: Mauville City
    HM07 Waterfall: Cave of Origin
    HM08 Dive: Mossdeep City

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    Thanks I guess?

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