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Thread: I'll be your Knight until the end (Kekkaishi, Yoshimori x Tokine)

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    Default I'll be your Knight until the end (Kekkaishi, Yoshimori x Tokine)

    Title:I'll be your Knight until the end
    Pairing:Yoshimori x Tokine
    Info:Just a Random Fanfiction that I want to write.
    During nights at Karasumori, A young boy who was fulled with regrets. For his friends getting hurt on that land,some died on it like his closest friend Gen whom he just now started to bond with. Losing him was painful for him. But the biggest pain to him was that he got the love of his life hurt when they were young. Yoshimori Sumimura at the age of 14 still regret that Tokine,his best friend,his childhood friend gotten injured all because of him. Some nights he wishes to get rid of the pain that he felt and looking at the long lifetime scar on Tokine's arm didn't help.
    Some times it is a bother to him wishing that he could always protect her. To be there for her whenever she was sad or scared. His love for Tokine was one of the biggest things in his life. Most of his friends know his long time crush on Tokine,even his own family know of his crush. Wishing that he had the guts to confess. Wanting to know why his brother Masamori is looked up by Tokine. He never liked in the first place. Maybe a jealous thing or hatred. Before Gen died,He questioned Yoshimori of his love interest in Tokine which always made him blush. Now looking back on those things in his past Yoshimori ponder on something.
    "I know that I love Tokine,but I afraid that she will reject me. Wishing that I could always be there for her no matter what. Protect her for any type of
    danger came. I want to to confess. Tokine Yurimura, I love you from the deep parts of my heart and I hope that you feel the same. Just wish I could tell her that." Yoshimori said without noticing that Tokine was behind him and she heard every word. Ever since he went to Kokuboro to fight Kaguro, she started to worry for him more. Wonder if she will ever see him again. She walked up to Yoshimori and she spoke.
    "Yoshimori." Tokine said and Yoshimori stood in shock.
    "Tokine how much did you hear?" Worried that she will reject him.
    "I heard all of it Yoshimori."
    "Well if you don't feel that way I underst..." He couldn't finish as Tokine crashed her lips against him leaving him shocked.
    "I love you too." As she hugged him dearly and Yoshimori hugged back.
    "I'll be your Knight until the end Tokine."

    Thanks to AmericanPi for the awesome banner.

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    I'm sorry, but even with rather generous sizing and spacing added to this, this still does not meet the page long bare minimum standard for stories posted here. You are, however, more than welcome to post this in the Drabble Thread.

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