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Thread: AshXMay, from the start. Rated R just in case. (but probably PG 13) advanceshipping

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    Default AshXMay, from the start. Rated PG 13. Advanceshipping

    3rd person POV

    important characters:
    Ash Ketchum 13
    May Maple 12
    Birch ??? 26-9

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of its characters.
    Claimer: I do own the plot and content of this story.


    The sun was high in the sky, as a large boat with a pokeball painted on it's side, sliced gently through the ocean. On the deck, a young trainer with a yellow Pokemon on his shoulder was staring out at the ocean, grinning enthusiastically as the object of his journey, the Hoenn region, got closer and closer. The boy's name is Ash Ketchum and his partner was a Pikachu who was standing on his shoulder.

    "Finally, the Hoenn region. Lots of new Pokemon for me to catch and loads of new rivals for me to battle against!" The young teen exclaimed!

    "PI PIKA CHU!" His partner yelled happily.

    Chapter 1

    On the same day, a young girl wearing a red bandana and shirt to match as well as a pair of navy blue short shorts and a brown waist bag, was biking over to Littleroot town to receive her starter pokemon from professor Birch who also happened to be a friend of the Maple family.

    Hi my name is May Maple, i'm Norman's daughter, and i'm here to pick up my starter Pokemon. She thought to herself.

    No that's not right. Hmmm how about. Hi, i'm the trainer who was supposed to pick up her starter today.

    "Yeah that's it!" She yelled causing a flock of taillow to fly away. "Oops I guess I said that one out loud."

    Suddenly a duskull popped up in front of her causing her to scream and lose control of the bike. As she struggled to regain control, she crashed into a tree that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere! She fell off her bike and groaned "Ugh I should have worn a helmet." After a few minutes sprawled out on the grass she got up and started off again. Finally she broke out of the forest and let out a gasp of wonder seeing the ocean for the first time of her life. After taking in the scene for a few minutes, she turned down to the path leading to Littleroot town. When she arrived at professor Birch's laboratory she found his assistant waiting for her outside.

    "You must be May." he said neutrally.

    "Yeah, umm i'm looking for professor Birch."

    "Unfortunately he had an emergency in the mountains, but he asked that you wait for him here."

    "Oh okay, in that case i'll go find him." She giggled as she biked away.

    "Hey hold on!" The assistant yelled after her.

    "I've never been much good at waiting." She called back. "Bye!"

    "These kids always in a hurry." He muttered under his breath.

    May sped up the trail leading to the mountains. Suddenly she heard barking noises that could only come from a pack of poochyena she turned towards them thinking that poochyena only bark when there's a very good reason italics/such as professor Birch!/italics she thought. She charged up a hill only to find a brown shoulder bag on the ground and Birch hanging from the limb of a tree with three poochyena barking at him. Professor birch was tall and probably in his late twenties, he had short brown hair, a brown goatee and a kindly face, he was wearing the professor's trademark white lab coat with a turquoise shirt underneath and khaki cargo pants.

    "Hey professor Birch." She called out to him with a smile.

    "Ah you must be May." "Great timing." He added. "Do you think you could open my bag please!"

    "Is this the one you mean."

    "Yes, now grab any of the pokeballs inside and hurry!"

    "That's easier said than done." she muttered. "Which one of them do you want?"

    "Anyone will do!" He yelled as the poochyena began jumping to try and grab him.

    "Okay this one!" she said as she picked a pokeball randomly from the bag.

    "Here goes!" she yelled as she threw the pokeball out popped…

    Author's notes I don't really know how I am supposed to put these in but this works. HAHAHAHAHA I am so evil on my first post I give you a cliffhanger. Heh sorry, anyways I have about 10 pages already so for now I will be posting a new chapter once a day (hopefully without too many cliffhangers!) But I will be posting chapter 2 in a minute or two

    please rate and review

    oh all of the rules apply but i don't care if anyone asks me when I will be posting and please don't hesitate to bash my fic it it sucks
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