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    Forever One

    Welcome to Forever One, my ContestShipping fanfic. It started out as a oneshot, but grew into something more. Forever One highlights May and Drew's growing relationship through the Johto Grand Festival and through their travels in the Isshu region.

    Grand Festival Opens! Are May and Drew in Love!? (Scroll down)
    May vs. Solidad! Grand Festival 3rd Round!

    Rated PG.


    Grand Festival Opens! Are May and Drew in Love!?

    May threw two red and white spheres up into the air. Slowly, the spheres burst open and white light seeped out, taking the form of two creatures. The light died and the creatures were there in all their color. Two Pokemon, Blaziken and Beautifly. May tenses, more nervous then ever. All the eyes in the stadium were on her and her Pokemon. This stadium, the Johto Grand Festival stadium, could seat thousands. Thousands of people were watching her every move. May clenched her fists. Determination was the key. Pokemon feel what you feel, May thought to herself. Don't be nervous. It's just a competition... the biggest competition.... May closed her eyes and shook her head. Now wasn't the time to think, now was the time to act. She pointed at Beautifly and Blaziken. "All right, Beautifly, I want you to use Morning Sun!" Beautifly glowed a pale yellow, and beams of light shot all over the stadium, filling it with a beautiful glow. The audience gasped in appreciation. But all of a sudden, the beautiful light died and Beautifly hovered close to the ground, looking sick. "Are you okay?" May asked worriedly, cradling the Pokemon in her arms. "Beau," it wimpered softly. May looked over at Blaziken. "We can still continue, right? Blaziken, use Sky Uppercut!" Blaziken prepared the attack, its foot glowing white. It rushed towards the slowly fading light, and as it was about to hit, its foot stopped glowing and Blaziken collapsed much in the manner of Beautifly. "Oh, no!" May cried. "This is just terrible! Guys, get up!" Both of her Pokemon moaned weakly. The announcer called out, "May is disqualified! See you next Grand Festival, May! Or not, haha!" All of the audience was laughing at May, sweeping her up in a tidal wave of embarrassment. All these people saw her Pokemon collapse and fail during their performance. The judges were shaking their heads. Everyone was laughing... "No! No! Beautifly and Blaziken can still perform! Don't be lazy, guys. Get up!" But it was no use. Her Pokemon were on the ground, their eyes dancing with swirls.

    May bolted up. Could it be.... All a dream! What a relief! May was hot and sweating from fear in her pajamas. This Grand Festival was IT. She had to at least do well or she would be an embarrasment, a Coordinator with three years of experience under her belt failing in the first round. She got up and shook herself off. A good waffle with maple syrup would fix any problem. In the hallway she saw Drew, and instantly blushed. Drew was her rival, friend, and traveling partner in the Johto region. She'd never admit it, even to herself, that she had a crush on Drew. Drew turned around and smiled. "Hey, May. What's up? It's a bit early. You look a bit scared, too." May shook herself off, determined not to let her feelings show, to Drew of all people. "No, no, no, I'm fine," she said hurriedly, trying desperately not to blush. "I'm just fine. How are you, Drew? Not nervous for the upcoming Grand Festival, are you?" she asked coyly, hoping for Drew to just admit it already. However, Drew replied calm and cool as ever. "Not a bit. Good luck, by the way." He added, turning around and smiling slightly, "You'll sure need it!" May fumed, her face red from anger. "Drew!" she called. He turned around, surprised. "I... had a bad dream. That I lost in the first round." May cringed. Did I just say that out loud? That's just great. He'll have a field day, making fun of me. Drew turned around completely. "I'm sure you'll do great, May. You're a really good Coordinator. All that stuff about you being bad, that's just trash talk. That's just for fun." He walked up to May and put his hand on her shoulder. "Just be confident. Remember that your Pokemon can sense your emotions, so if you're nervous, they will be too. And practice a lot." He turned around and walked off into the distance, leaving May deep in thought. I never knew Drew could be so encouraging. That's definitely a side of him I've never seen before. She stared after him for a few minutes, then went on her own to get breakfast.

    After breakfast were the appeal round of the Grand Festival. May decided she would use Wartortle and her newly caught Cyndaquil. She pulled out their PokeBalls and stared at them for a minute before tossing them into the air. Like in her dream, they split open and a burst of white light steadily flowed out, but this time two different Pokemon appeared: Wartortle and Cyndaquil. She took a deep breath, trying to stay confident and determined for her Pokemon's sake. This wouldn't be like in her dream. This would be different. This would be better. She could see the audience smiling down on her, anxiously awaiting what May would call. She could spot many rivals in the audience. Of course Drew, looking handsome in contest gear with his green hair slicked back. Harley, in his usual Cacturne costume with his long purple hair spilling down and a rather creepy smile on his face. Solidad, with her orangeish pink hair flowing smoothly down her back and her Slowking to her side. Even Briana, a (rabid) Drew fangirl was there, her short red hair shining. She was smiling. If only Max, Brock and Ash were here, it would all be perfect, May thought. It was time to take action, to get the appeal started. Shaking all her nervousness and doubt off of her, May raised her fist high and called out her first order.

    "Cyndaquil, use Flame Wheel, and Wartortle, use Hydro Pump to turn it into steam!" May yelled. Cyndaquil's internal fire heated up quickly and Cyndaquil surrounded itself in flame, rolling all over the contest floor. Wartortle pulled its head back, and a large blast of suppressed water shot in a straight line, hitting Cyndaquil head on and devouring the flames. "No!" May cried. "That's not how it played out in my head! Get up, Cyndaquil! Wartortle, Ice Beam on the ground and Cyndaquil, use Ember to turn it into watery sparkles!" A white ball pulsed inside of Wartortle's mouth and a white zigzag came out, striking the floor and instantly freezing it so that soon the entire floor was covered with an icy wonder. Wartortle and Cyndaquil then landed on the ice. Cyndaquil's mouth blazed with fire, which Cyndaquil spat on the floor in short bursts, making the ice come up in watery sparkles. "Perfect!" May said. I hope that erases my last mess up.... "Now, Cyndaquil use Hidden Power, and Wartortle burst it with Rapid Spin!" Small white-blue circles pulsed near Cyndaquil, Cyndaquil cried out and the circles spun all around the stadium. Wartortle swiftly tucked itself into its shell and spun around the room, bursting the Hidden Powers and sending down beautiful sparkles. The crowd cheered. "Now, let's have Ember and Ice Beam merge to create frozen drops with water in them!" However, Cyndaquil was bathing in all the cheers and didn't notice May's last order. It was too late for Wartortle to stop its attack. The white circle pulsed inside of Wartortle's mouth once more and it fired a jagged ice beam straight at Cyndaquil, chilling and freezing it down to its core. "Oh, no, Cyndaquil!" May cried. My second mess up! May rushed out and cradled the frozen Cyndaquil. A single tear formed in May's eye and she quickly recalled her Pokemon, running backstage to hide her embarrasment. All those people... Poor Cyndaquil... Hydro Pump and Ice Beam...

    Drew walked up behind her. "You messed up a lot, eh?" May turned around, tears in her eyes. "Mock me all you want, Drew. I don't care anymore!" She burst into sobs. Drew frowned. May wasn't fun to tease when she was this upset. Drew walked up behind her, and put his arm around her, comforting her. May looked at him, surprised. "I thought... you liked to make fun of me..." Drew laughed shallowly. "I really thought that you thought more of me than that, and knew how I felt about you more," he said. May blinked. "How... do you feel about me Drew?" Drew smiled. "I like you, May. I thought you would've known that by now." He leaned down and slowly, gently kissed May on the lips. May was startled, and probably blushing insanely, but she returned the kiss. She and Drew... after all this. Or maybe because of this. Behind the nasty comments, he was soft and sweet, and... wait. Was she falling for Drew? Drew stood up, looking embarrassed. "I... have to go, May. Don't worry. You did just fine." Drew spun on his feet and walked away. So, Drew kisses me and then just leaves? May thought, slightly angered. Well. I have to go look at who's moving on, anyways.

    May walked over to the lobby of the Grand Festival hall. On the board they were naming one by one the contestants moving on to the second round. Picture by picture appeared on the screen. Drew's. Harley's. Solidad's. Briana's. One more... May's. "What? I did it?" May was stunned. After messing up twice, she still made it to the second round of the Grand Festival? The announcer was speaking. "And now, we will randomly pair up our contestants to battle. Harley and Allie. Mark and Kendo. Solidad and Rebecca. May and Drew. Briana and Wally..." "May and Drew" .... But how can I fight him? He just kissed me. May clenched her fist. And then he left me standing there. I'll flay him! She walked up to Drew. "I hear we're competing in the next round of the Grand Festival, Drew. Don't forget, I'll win." Drew smiled. May was back. "Sure, May, whatever you say... Maybe you can make me lose a point or two." May grinned. "What Pokemon are you going to use, Drew? Whatever you use, I'm sure we're two times as good. See you in the next round!" May walked off before Drew had time for another witty comeback. She laid all her PokeBalls in front of her. Which to use, which to use... She fingered Glaceon's PokeBall. Glaceon could hit fast and hard, and that would be useful in a battle against Drew, for sure. The other Pokemon would be Cyndaquil, as the Johto rules state you have to use one of the same Pokemon twice.

    May pulled out two PokeBalls and threw them. "Let's go, Glaceon and Cyndaquil!" The balls popped open and Glaceon and Cyndaquil appeared in white light. Drew pulled out two PokeBalls and threw them as well. "Let's go! Masquerain and Flygon!" The two Pokemon burst out and glared menacingly at hers, but that only made May even more determined to win. "Okay guys, let's take the initiative with a Shadow Ball from Glaceon being pushed along by Cyndaquil's Flame Wheel!" A purple orb began to glow in Glaceon's mouth, pulsing with a ghostly energy. Glaceon shot the ball into the air, and Cyndaquil surrounded itself with fire and rolled up into the air, chasing the Shadow Ball back down to crash into Drew's Pokemon. Drew pointed his finger. "Let's go, Flygon! Use Steel Wing to hit them back!" Flygon's wings glowed silver and it slammed itself into the Shadow Ball, completely shredding it, and slamming hard into Cyndaquil. "Glaceon, catch Cyndaquil!" Glaceon leapt in the air and grabbed Cyndaquil, then fell back to earth and skidded on the ground. May gritted her teeth. Drew was good. As usual. No wonder he made it this far... but he wouldn't make it any farther, May'd make sure of that!

    It was May's turn to attack. "Cyndaquil, use Rollout, and Glaceon, use Iron Tail to speed Cydndaquil up! And then after that use Dig!" Cyndaquil curled its furry body into a ball and began to roll at a high speed. Glaceon jumped into the air elegantly and hardened its tail, making it glow in a steely light. Glaceon then hit Cyndaquil with the steely tail, making it roll even faster. Glaceon then dived underground, digging at superb speeds. Cyndaquil meanwhile rammed into Flygon, and then Masquerain, however they counterattacked. Masquerain shot an Ice Beam in the air and Flygon sliced it with Steel Wing, making ice shards go all over and hit Cyndaquil. Being a fire type, Cyndaquil was not all that much affected and continued to roll in a circle, hitting Flygon and Masquerain. Drew ordered Masquerain to use Hidden Power and Flygon to use SolarBeam. Flygon began charging as small white circles appeared around Masquerain. Masquerain flung the circles as Flygon hit them with SolarBeam, supercharging them. At that moment, May ordered Glaceon to burst out of the ground and use Mirror Coat, and all the Hidden Power/SolarBeams flung back and hit Drew's Pokemon. May grinned. This was going really well. Glaceon shot a beam of ice out of its mouth and Cyndaquil surrounded it with star-shaped rays. Drew countered the Ice Beam with Flamethrower. Flygon's mouth seeped with fire and it shot it out as a massive blast, consuming and melting the ice completely. Masquerain used Hidden Power to knock down each one of the Swifts, then began to glow orange. Suddenly there were ten Masquerains dancing around the field. Double Team! Great!

    May looked over at the points board. A few minutes to go, and Drew was beating her by a few points. Time to take it up a notch. Cyndaquil surrounded itself in flames and rolled around. Glaceon dug underground for surprise and protection. Cyndaquil bowled into Flygon, who was barely hurt and counterattacked with a powerful DragonBreath attrack. Flygon's mouth glowed orange and an orange jet sprang out, engulfing Cyndaquil and making the flames die away. Cyndaquil jumped out of the DragonBreath and counterattacked with a Swift, spinning and shooting beautiful golden stars all over the field, pummeling Masquerain and Flygon. Masquerain used Silver Wind. It glowed silver and then flapped its wings, shooting silver rays at Cyndaquil. Glaceon jumped up and intercepted with a Shadow Ball, shredding the Silver Wind and hitting Masquerain. May sneaked another peak at the scoreboard. May was narrowly beating Drew and they had thirty seconds left. Masquerain used Hidden Power, making the circles appear and fly all over. Flygon used Steel Wing to pop them. Huh? Didn't Drew, you know, not want his attacks destroyed? Flygon then rammed into Cyndaquil and Glaceon, with the power of the Hidden Power still on his wings. Oh. Drew was winning now, and ten seconds were on the clock. Cyndaquil used Swift on Glaceon who ran at them surrounded by the stars... and glowing. What? Glaceon glowed a bright orange and picked up speed. Glaceon learned Giga Impact! Glaceon's combination smashed into them, knocking both opponents to the floor. Flygon charged SolarBeam, drawing in white rays of light, and Masquerain readied Hidden Power, but the timer buzzed. The match was over!

    After the battle, Drew went up to May. "I'm so sorry I left after I kissed you, May. I love you. You should know that." May sat there. "Why should I forgive you, Drew? Give me one reason why." Drew thought for a moment, then pulled a rose out of his pocket. He tossed it smoothly, and it fell through the air and landed in May's hand. May steadily looked up, into Drew's gorgeous green eyes. "I... Drew... I love you too..." May smiled weakly, and Drew did too. "I forgive you, Drew." Drew sat down next to May. "You did really well in battle," he said. "I mean, you beat me, right?" May smiled. "Right. And don't you forget it, Mr. Cocky," May said, and the two laughed. May rested her head on Drew's shoulder. Drew smiled. "I missed you, May." May looked up, confused. "I mean when you were depressed. It wasn't even you. You didn't even bother rebutting my hilarious comments," Drew added, and the two laughed again. "Oh, look at the little happy couple," said Harley, waddling up to them. "My, do you two look cute together! I knew you two would work out!" May blushed. Har-ley! Stop embarrassing me!" Harley laughed. "Oh, it's just a joke! It's not as if you two would ever work out! Oh please, don't make me burst out laughing!" Harley laughed anways and walked away. "Harley's crazy," May grinned.

    May pulled the rose out of her pocket Drew had given her and looked at it, remembering all the other times Drew had given her roses, tossing them as smoothly and effortlessly as he had and claiming they were for someone else. Drew put his arm around her and together they looked at the token of their past. Finally, May got the nerve to ask a question. "So, Drew. Let me guess. This one's for Beautifly?" Drew smiled and looked at her. "No, May. This rose is all yours."


    So, that's it. I have decided that this will be a story, not a one-shot, and they will soon head to Isshu! The chapters before Isshu will be:

    May vs. Solidad! Grand Festival 3rd Round!
    May vs. Kendo! Where is Drew?
    May and Drew First Date??
    Off to Isshu, May and Drew!
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    This was cute. Honestly. I like your ideas and the flow of the story and it's whole point is well-rooted in Contestshipping. I liked May's dream in the beginning, and how it really felt dream-like towards the end. Classic nightmare, definitely. I also enjoyed the contest appeal, and how you had May actually mess up. That was really nice - it was like she was a real person. They were such minute mistakes gone terribly wrong. It was good stuff.

    However, there are a few things I must point out before you write another CS fanfic, or any fanfic for that matter.

    First, don't lose steam! D: The detail and creativity in the appeal round was amazing, but then it completely died when it came to the end of the story. It would have been a whole lot better if you included the actual battle, as there is a noticeable jump in time between the beginning and end of it. In fact, I really did feel like I missed something. ;__;

    Second: paragraphs, quotes and you. Be sure to begin a new paragraph every time a new quote shows up, usually if it's from one person to another. It makes things organized and keeps the reader focused. So, if May says something, and Drew replies, those quotes should be separated in separate paragraphs.

    Third, May can be OOC, Drew cannot. There are some characters that can show a whole range of character, and there are some that just can't for sake of canon. Drew is one of those characters. Do research on his attitudes in certain situations (which should be fun, because that's 20 episodes of CS bliss~~). When it comes to admitting things for him, it takes a lot of build up, and he's really kind of a scaredy cat, to be honest. He's very feeling, and very internal, along side his knack for being annoying and witty. He's not one to say things as much as he is to do them. His giving roses is a prime example. In this sense, the battle might have been a good place to put in all this build up, if only May guesses at it, if she is the focus here.

    And fourth, try not to switch perspectives. In some places, you change from past to present tense, which is confusing. I would say it's not the biggest deal if it weren't so obvious. ^^;

    I really hope this helps you become better at writing in general. You have a lot of potential for some cute, nostalgic Contestshipping I seriously needed. If you need any other help, you know where to find me.

    Keep going!
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    Thanks! Yeah, I just wanted this to be a one shot at first, but now I might actually turn this into a story story, so... yeah... I spent a half hour writing up May and Drew's battle. It was so much fun to write. ^^ I'm going to start chapter two with what you said in mind, and yeah, I kept rewriting in the May-Drew battle cause I didn't put enough description in their attacks. Prolly doesn't help being midnight here.
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    May vs. Solidad! Grand Festival 3rd Round!

    "I'm facing Solidad. She's your friend, isn't she?" May hovered over Drew, who was in the corner looking reserved. May remembered all the things Soldidad and Drew had said about each other in the last Grand Festival.

    "I guess," muttered Drew.

    "Why... are you like this?" May asked concerned. She bent down near Drew. "You feeling all right?"

    Drew turned away from May. "I'm fine. Something... doesn't feel right."

    "I know Solidad," a voice said. It was a boy with scruffy black hair and green eyes. A Chikorita perched on his shoulder. "Solidad used to be my friend when she vacationed in the Johto region. Chikorita and I used to play with her and Slowpoke all the time." He stuck out his hand. "I'm Kendo. Nice to meet you."

    May took it and cautiously shaked it. "Hi, Kendo. Nice to meet you."

    Drew looked up. "Harley got booted out of the festival, May," he said casually, shooting a look at Kendo.

    Why is he changing the subject like this? Does he not like Kendo or something? May wondered. "Well. I suppose that's good. Harley is always trying to play some sort of trick on me to get me out of the Grand Festival, so now he's taken care of."

    "Harley? Oh, he's a creep," Kendo said. "I..." he stopped. Drew was shooting him a look. "Gotta go."

    "Drew! How could you be so rude?" May asked.

    "I don't trust Kendo," he remarked.

    "Well, I do. He's a nice boy, for goodness' sake."

    Drew shook his head. "I don't know, May. There's something about him I don't like."

    May shook her head. "I don't get you, Drew.


    "Take the stage, Cyndaquil and Glaceon!"

    "Come on out, Slowking and Butterfree!"

    Both Coordinators threw their PokeBalls and they split open, revealing the Pokemon that had been called upon. Solidad took first strike this time, calling upon Butterfree for a Psybeam. Butterfree's eyes glowed a deep pink and a beam shot out of its eyes, zigzagging its way towards my Pokemon. May ordered Glaceon to use Mirror Coat. Glaceon's body glowed with a mirror-like substance and it leapt into the Psybeam, sending it straight back into Butterfree... or so May thought. Slowking used Psychic to chance the direction of the psybeam, and it hit Glaceon full force. Cyndaquil used Swift. Yellow glowing stars formed around Cyndaquil and were flung everywhere, mainly towards Butterfree and Slowking. Slowking used Psychic to send the Swifts back. Slowking's eyes glowed blue and the same hue surrounded the swift. Slowking gave the stars a slow mental push and they swerved back to slam into Cyndaquil and Glaceon - before it did however, May ordered Cyndaquil to use SmokeScreen to surround it. The force of the smoky air drove the Swifts back to Butterfree and Slowking, the smoke making it hard to see and therefore dodge.

    Cyndaquil used Rollout, curling itself tightly in a ball and rolling hard and fast, aiming for Butterfree, and Glaceon dived underground in a Dig attack, digging with claws of steel at speeds hundreds of miles per hour. Slowking used Hydro Pump on Cyndaquil - a blue circle grew in Slowking's mouth and it forcefully ejected a giant stream of cool blue water. The Hydro Pump hit Cyndaquil hard, almost knocking it out. Cyndaquil got up shakily, panting. Glaceon erupted from underneath Slowking, and created a small purple orb in its mouth. The orb grew bigger and bigger, dark purple with a white core, pulsing with ghostly energy. Glaceon fired the orb at Slowking, where it exploded in a super effective hit. Glaceon fell back to the ground, and so did Slowking rather heavily. May could tell her Cyndaquil was low on health, as well as Solidad's Slowking. They were almost equals in points, too. May ordered Glaceon to use Giga Impact on Slowking, and Cyndaquil Swift on Glaceon.

    They repeated what they had done in the last battle. Cyndaquil spat stars glowing and sparkling yellow onto Glaceon, and Glaceon glowed yellow-orange and rushed, becoming all but a blur. Butterfree decided to come to Slowking's rescue. Its eyes glowed pink and once again a pink zigzag appeared and this time struck Glaceon, slowing down its Giga Impact. Finally Glaceon was able to break through the Psybeam, but the power of the attack was significantly weakened, and Slowking survived the hit. Slowking repeated the same action as before, a blue orb glowing in its mouth and then a wave of water crashing out in large stream. May ordered Glaceon to intercept the attack all the while using Mirror Coat. Glaceon glowed with a mirror like substance again and leapt in the air, taking in the Hydro Pump and spitting it back out towards Butterfree and Slowking. Butterfree's eyes glowed pink and once again a Psybeam snaked through the air and dissolved the Hydro Pump. Slowking then used Ice Beam on the floor, a white orb glowing in its mouth. A jet of ice came out and immediately split into six jets of ice, striking the floor and freezing it, creating a giant icy mountain. Butterfree then used gust to break it up, and pieces of the icy mountain came crashing down on May's Pokemon. Glaceon's tail glowed steely silver and it whacked the falling ice, sending it sailing over the mountain to hit Butterfree and Slowking.

    Cyndaquil bowled into the ice with a Flame Wheel, fire covering Cyndaquil's entire body. Cyndaquil then aimed a Flame Wheel at Butterfree, but at the last second Butterfree used Gust to blow all the fire away to take away a lot of the move's power. Time is almost up! Better do something, May, quick! Cyndaquil used Swift, stars forming and then being shot off in rapid succession. Then Cyndaquil span and shot tiny fire balls at them, turning them into fire swifts. The fire swifts hit Butterfree straight on, knocking it to the ground hard. Glaceon used Giga Impact on Slowking, glowing orange yellow and rushing at such amazing speeds streaks surrounded her. She slammed into Slowking, flying through the air. But that wasn't enough. A ghostly purple orb grew slightly bigger in Glaceon's mouth. It then fired the orb at Slowking at close range, causing a huge explosion. Glaceon landed on its feet, and Cyndaquil landed on Glaceon's head. There were thirty seconds left. Time for a final smash. Cyndaquil heated itself up and surrounded itself with fire as if it were about to use Flame Wheel, and Glaceon rushed with another Giga Impact. The result was a red, yellow and orange, energy and fire combination. It looked like a shooting star. It hit both Pokemon straight on, resulting in the two Pokemon being KOed right as the timer went off.

    May shook Solidad's hand, and returned her two Pokemon to their respective balls. "Cyndaquil and Glaceon, take a good long rest." She raised her head high. She did it! Johto Grand Festival, watch out!" May looked to see a figure watching from the sidelines. Kendo. Had he been watching May all along? May walked over to Kendo. "So you saw my performance, eh?"

    "Yeah, and it was great. I can't wait to battle you in the next round," Kendo replied. He turned around and walked away, his Chikorita following.

    May exited the stadium and looked for Drew. "Drew! I won!"

    "Drew is gone, dollface," said Harley. "I guess losing was too much for him."

    May plopped down sadly. "Drew wouldn't just leave. I'll be... outside."


    So that was it for chapter two. In my opinion I did better with Drew vs. May but oh well.

    I have the first two chapters for the Isshu region planned

    Arrival in Isshu! Drew Seems Different?
    Group Gets Sidetracked? Drew's Choice!

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