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Thread: My edited flood rush deck

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    Cool My edited flood rush deck

    (this deck focuses only on water pokemon)
    flood rush:

    18 pokemon:
    2 kingdra
    1 seadra
    2 horsea
    1 manaphy
    2 poliwrath
    1 politoed
    3 poliwhirl
    3 poliwag
    1 floatzel
    2 buizel

    16 water energy

    16 trainer/ supporters:
    4 rare candy
    3 life herb
    3 pluspower
    2 good rod
    2 energy returner
    1 engineers adjustments
    1 dual ball.
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    -1 Manaphy
    -2 Poliwrath
    -1 Politoed
    -3 Poliwhirl
    -3 Poliwag
    -2 Buizel
    -1 Floatzel
    -3 Life Herb
    -2 Energy Returner
    -6 Water


    +2 Kingdra Prime (I'm not sure which Kingdra you are using, so if it's Kingdra Prime, now you have 4 in the deck. Kingdra LA works too, but only use one or two. Don't use the GS one.)
    +1 Seadra LA
    +2 Horsea LA
    +2 Crobat G
    +4 Poketurn
    +2 Collector
    +3 Bebe's
    +2 Communication
    +1 Pluspower
    +2 Uxie LA
    +1 Uxie LV. X (If not, one more Uxie LA
    +1 Luxury Ball
    +1 Azelf LA
    +2 Cyrus's Conspiracy
    Quit. For real this time lol. Moved to Pokebeach as Tyaniking a long time ago. The only thing keeping me here was the games corner and the really fun RPGs, but those are out, so I started going to the TCG section, but that's pretty much dead. I'm trying to get into the video games, but most of my time is devoted to the TCG, so IDK how it's gonna go. If I get back into the games, I'll probably come back. Besides, most of the other TCG crew moved to Pokebeach as well. Any of my groups or games may be closed or they may be remade by anyone who wants to. I give full permission. I'm sorry I have to leave, but that's just life.

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