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    Rating: Teen (implied sexual scenes and language)

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    Chapter 1

    Just when the day can’t get any worse, I have to get up at 6am just to go to the god damn school. I was hoping over the summer that the place would burn down to the ground along with every other school in this entire area...but that wish never comes true year after year. These thoughts came from the mind of a seventeen year old girl, about to start out in her final year in the sixth form college she attended. She hated the place, she truly did, but she stayed there simply for her grand desire to go to university. Reluctantly, she finally dragged herself out of bed and walked over to view her tangled mess of lengthy brown hair in the mirror, as well as the red lines running in different directions around her slim naked body where the sheets on her bed had been folded over under her weight and pressed against her body. Grabbing a brush she dragged the teeth through her hair to get it untangled, followed by flipping the switch on her pair of straighteners, going into her en-suite bathroom whilst the utensils heated up.

    She quickly brushed her teeth with one hand whilst washing her face with the other. The cold water splashing on her face made her feel refreshed from the rather stuffy warm atmosphere of her bedroom, shivering a little as droplets rolled down from her face and down her neck and chest. She finished both jobs simultaneously and grabbed the towel to dry off her wet face and where the droplets had ran down. Going back to her room she grabbed a light blue long sleeved top and after finally putting a bra on, pulled the top over her head, then having to pull the hair trapped beneath the shirt out. She sat down on a nearby chair and grabbed the now heated up straighteners to get her hair neat and tidy.

    Thirty minutes later she had finished fixing up her hair as it was now completely straightened to perfection. Happy with the result, she went to her wardrobe to complete her outfit; a pair of underwear that matched the bra underneath her shirt and a black knee length skirt. Putting both on, she felt she was dressed appropriately and went off downstairs. Both her mother and father had already left for work and had left her the lunch they would make for her every day. However just like usual, she ignored the lunch prepared and ate it there and then as breakfast. With a sandwich being held in her mouth she went to the secret compartment in the cupboard in the kitchen where there was a large jar of money that her parents would put a few paper notes in a day, she took only one note that would easily buy her plenty for her lunch. She didn’t worry as she’d been doing it for years and was never caught, despite how much over time she would have taken.

    She grabbed the empty light yellow bag, slipped on the red and white Converse shoes, and made her way out the front door, locking it behind her. She always laughed a little every morning at one of her key chains, a little pink puff ball creature with huge round green eyes that always seemed to be looking at her. Fully ready, she walked down her garden path and began making her way along the fifteen minute walk to her college.

    “Blue!” A rather high, but obviously male, voice called only a few minutes down the girls walk. “Hey Blue, wait up!” The boy called again. Blue turned around and saw a tall black haired boy running up to her. She waited patiently at the corner of the street for him. His dark red and black zip up hooded jacket fluttered behind him as he ran. Underneath was a black T-shirt that clung rather tightly to his well toned chest. Naturally any girl would swoon over him in seconds, but Blue had known him for years so she could look at him without the emotion that most girls went through on sight. Soon her caught up and bent over a little, hands resting on his knees as he caught his breath, trying hardest not to let his hands rip the small tears at his knees anymore. Soon he stood up fully and Blue started walking again.

    “Good to see you can actually make the first day this time Red,” Blue commented with a smirk, remarking about the boys absence during the first ever day in the sixth form last year. He gave a nervous laugh and scratched the back of his head wear his hair was a complete mess, like he didn’t even bother to care for his hair, anyone could argue he wanted it that way.

    “Yeah well...its Yellow’s first day in college, I have to support her after all.” Blue instantly lit up and leaned in close with a smirk.

    “Oh? And will this be the same support you gave Yellow before her final exams last year?”

    “H-hey! I-I told you th-that in confidence!” Red defended, his face was the exact same colour as his name. Blue just started to laugh at her friend’s dismay. “ wanted it,” Blue stopped laughing as she looked up at him.

    “No way, Yellow is far too innocent to be the one who asked.”

    “Yeah well...she did, now can we change subject before she meets up with us,” Blue saw Red’s embarrassment and decided she should stop, changing the subject to their subjects in college and the last year’s results. It mostly contained Red’s astonishment that Blue actually came out with 2 A’s, a B and an E, though she would admit the E was for the subject she planned to drop the entire year.

    “H-hey, w-wait for me!” A petite, quiet voice came from behind. It was hardly just loud enough for the pair to hear. Running from down another street was a short girl with beautifully long blonde hair. A very long sleeved yellow top hung loosely from her body, the sleeves long enough that they hid her hands from view at that moment. Blue looked on amazed that she also saw the girl dressed in a colourful red, orange and green skirt that stretched past her knees, underneath wearing black knee high socks.

    “Red...Yellow’s wearing a skirt,” Blue whispered still in shock.

    “Y-yeah....I know,” Red answered nervously as the short girl caught up. She smiled a sweet smile up at Red before jumping up to grab his shoulders, jumping again using his shoulders as momentum so she could lightly peck his lips. Blue couldn’t help letting an ‘aww’ escape her lips. Both Yellow and Red stood hand in hand and blushed. “Anyway, come on we don’t want to be late,” Blue scoffed and smirked at Red who just smirked back, the couple began walking first as Blue was only a step behind them.

    The rest of the way they talked about their summer. Blue was telling the couple of Red and Yellow about her encounter with their friend Green over the summer. He was a boy the same age as them but instead of going on to the sixth form college, he dropped out and went straight into work at a cafe with his older sister. Blue was telling them about how Green had asked her out on a date; Blue had hesitated but had agreed. She told them little about the date as it made her a little uncomfortable, but the main part was just that after the date, they had agreed that it just wouldn’t work out as it felt a little awkward. Yellow sympathised for the older girl but by then they had reached the college. Red let go of his girlfriend and gently pushed the blonde in the right direction. “I-I’ll see you both later,” She by then had pulled the sleeves back and tied the ribbons in a bow at both of her wrists so her hands were on show. Red sighed as he watched the girl going off into the building. Blue waited patiently until the two wandered off to sitting on the benches.

    Very shortly later, they were joined by a younger boy in the schools dark blue uniform of a blazer which he had obediently buttoned up as much as he could and black pants. His hair was a deep crimson red and the fringe covered one eye. He yawned as he just lay back on the bench Red and Blue were sat at without a work. “Erm...hi there Silver,”

    The boy yawned again rather loudly, “Mornin’ sis,”

    “Spend the night at your girlfriends?”

    “Course, where else do you think I’ll sleep?” His voice answered very monotonously; there was the hint of annoyance that was very usual in his voice.

    “Well as I keep saying, mum will accept you back if you just apologise to her,” Blue said a little worried sounding. Red chose to just keep quiet of the family matters.

    “Yeah well, I didn’t do anything wrong to Graham or Rose, they kept trying to force me to calling them mum and dad but they should have just understood that...I can’t just do that. I need to be allowed to see my real dad too,”

    “Listen, I know it bothers you that they adopted you and want you to treat them as real parents, but I love you like a real brother, and I worry. And you’ve had that limp since I last saw you...which was a month ago! Get your hip checked out!”

    “It’s fine! Really, my hip is fine, the limp’s getting better, and I have plenty of places to stay,” Silver argued as he sat up with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, he brought a lighter from his pocket and lit the stick. Blue grumbled, she didn’t like her adoptive brother smoking, but it was his choice and she couldn’t change that. Blue then sighed as she grabbed Red by the arm.

    “Come on Red, we better get to the hall and get our time tables,” The two of them stood up as Silver slunk himself back down, taking a big inhalation from his cig and breathing the smoke back out after a second. He raised a hand to wave to his sister at the two walked off into the hall.

    The two older students took their seats in the back of the hall as Blue rested her head in her hands out of sheer boredom. Red on the over hand, just reclined in the seat and looked like he would fall asleep there, but the look on his face told Blue that he was likely a little worried about Yellow. The lights on the stage came on as a bald man with a strangely large moustache, resembling three spikes on either side coming out in a jagged shape from his nose. “Good morning students, to any newcomers to the college, you can call me Blaine and I’m your college head. It’s my job to make sure you are all learning and that the teachers are up to their very best standards.” He cleared his throat as he picked up a piece of paper. “Now, changes since the previous year. The head of the Psychology department sadly passed away over the summer in a freak accident. I’m sure you all heard about the fires in the countryside. Well we are sad to say, that Miss Eliza Pensky was holidaying there at the time, and tragically passed away,” He paused as many of the students gasped and muttered amongst themselves. After a moment he raised his hand and everybody fell silent. “But...we currently have a replacement teacher who is just standing in until a permanent teacher is found. I would like to introduce Sabrina, who will be taking this year’s Psychology class zero-zero-two.

    A slender woman stood off of a seat on the front row and stepped up on stage. She wore a dark pink, almost purple, sleeveless shirt and black pants. Her hair was a pitch black colour that shined slightly in the light of the hall. Blue looked on as she froze up in her seat. Red noticed this as well as the sudden gleam in her eyes as this new teacher walked up to the microphone.

    “Good morning students, as Mr Blaine said, you may call me Sabrina. So as nobody will mention it to me, yes I am young, only 23 in fact so I am fresh from University where I have a degree in Psychology. My door will be open all day for anyone wanting to know about the course,” She bowed her head and stepped off of the stage to sit back down again. Blue hadn’t moved an inch and Red was smirking. He was so going to use this against her later on.
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    Through the Generations
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    The Harsh Critic is here to critique your story. If you can't handle criticism, you might want to not read this.


    My critiques

    Just when the day can’t get any worse This implies she was up before six, I have to get up at 6am just to go to the god damn school Which therefore defeats the point of this..

    The paragraph before & “Good to see you can actually make the first day this time Red,” Blue commented with a smirk. This transitions too suddenly and quickly from Yellow to Red.

    The only two specific comments I have, I'm so lazy today. The storyline is decent, but it's a bit hard to keep up with.

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    Chapter 2

    It was lunchtime as Blue was sat on a bench in the area outside of the college main doors where she had sat earlier that morning. She had been sat there for a full hour and half waiting for Red as well as staring at the single piece of paper she got that morning that had her time table written out. Already that day she had been to her art class and after that got an hour and a half break before even her lunch period started. She yelped out suddenly as she was approached, “So we have the new psychology teacher after lunch right?” The sudden speech had completely scared Blue as she fell off of the bench, resulting in Red laughing his head off at his friend’s reaction as he helped Blue back up and sat down with her on the bench. Blue was really hoping he wouldn’t keep pressing on the matter. “So her name was Sabrina wasn’t it? Kinda weird having a teacher so young, she could date one of her students and not get in trouble.” He was trying to act innocent, but his speech was obviously getting into Blue’s head as she was blushing a little.

    “Who’s Sabrina?” The sudden question came from behind, Blue crying out in shock once again as she almost fell off of the bench again. She turned around to see a laughing Silver with a freshly lit cigarette in his mouth. “Oh that was so worth it,”

    “What is it, sneak-up-on-Blue day or something?” She pouted obviously upset as she glared at her adoptive brother. “And shouldn’t you be in class?”

    “Nah, it’s just Maths, nobody cares if I skip it anyway.” He said with a smirk, exhaling his cigarette smoke into Blue face. It only made her glare more and cough, swatted the air around her to clear the smoke.

    “Urgh, that’s disgusting,” She shook her head off and leaned back on the bench. “Well go bother somebody else; me and Red are busy talking.” Silver just smirked again and walked off without another word. Blue sighed and looked back at Red. “Sorry about him,” Red just shrugged it off. He decided to just change the subject for now and the two began to just talk about Blue’s only class so far and Red’s two.

    Half an hour later, the two decided to head out for some lunch. Red left his bag behind in his locker inside the college and met up with Blue again at the nearby bus stop. Once met up again, both of them jumped on the first bus that arrived to take them into the main town that was only a five minute ride away. They sat in complete silence along the way, Blue sat by the window and looking out at the buildings that flew passed as well as the people that were walking down the pavements. Sneakily, Red took the small notepad from Blue’s bag that he knew the girl used as a makeshift drawing pad. Blue didn’t even notice as Red opened up the pad and looked through the old pictures Red had seen before, but there was a new addition; a faint crewed drawing of a young woman with long hair, baring a slight resemblance to the new teacher Sabrina. Red glanced up at Blue with a mixture of shock and curiosity. He’d never known Blue to draw another person before other than her friends. He snuck the pad back into Blue’s bag before she even noticed and looked away, trying to ignore what he had seen.

    They got off the bus shortly after as Blue raced off excitedly and held her hands up doing a slightly over dramatic spin. Red got off and shook his head, trying to hide his smile at seeing his friend’s antics. Blue soon stopped to reposition her bag over her shoulder more comfortably, cocking her brow at seeing her bag was unzipped, but she shrugged it off as nothing and simply refastened it. Red gave a sigh of relief at Blue not getting suspicious. The two walked about, looking in store windows and just basically having fun. Blue was probing Red for details on his relationship with Yellow, specifically only the fact that the two had recently become a little sexual with each other, something Blue found a little hard to believe at first. The topic soon changed to Blue’s love life which was a conversation to last less than two minutes. It was luckily after the end of their last subject, that Red’s phone began going off, a call from Yellow. Red then decided to leave Blue, though offering for Blue to come back with him which she happily denied. The boy went off to catch another bus as Blue went the opposite direction and going into a music store, looking over the CDs. She gasped and became excited as she saw that on a stand at the end of the isle was the last of the Muse Singles compilation CDs. She dashed there but as she did, someone else in a long black coat stepped in the way and took the disk when Blue was only a step behind. In her rush, Blue accidentally crashed into the person.

    “Oops, s-sorry,” Blue apologised, freezing again as the person turned round and revealing them self being Sabrina. “Oh, Miss Sabrina,” She bowed her head almost until the older girl put a hand to her shoulder.

    “It’s fine, if you want the CD feel free to take it, I can travel further and have a constant supply of money so I can easily let you take this one.” She smiled, though it seemed still rather cold and vacant as seemed a permanent look to her face. She held out the disk for Blue to take, which she nervously did, trying not to hold eye contact. “So, I’ll see you around the college then...” she trailed off in hopes to catch her name.

    “B-Blue, my name’s Blue,” She answered the teacher shyly.

    “Oh? I have you for my next class right? Well how about I give you a lift back when you’re done here, at least that way I can maybe listen to the CD in my car,” She offered, her expression was becoming a little warmer. Blue nodded slowly and smiled back, despite her nerves showing and she didn’t know why. Sabrina began walking off towards the counter as Blue followed to pay for the CD. The two then walked in a rather uncomfortable silence back out and Sabrina rather forcibly, took Blue to the food court. Blue was reluctant but with Sabrina’s persuasion, she got something to eat. There was still not talking between the two, even as Blue ate, finished eating, and went off to Sabrina’s car. Getting in, Blue was asked to put the CD into the player in the car and they drove off.

    “And our time is running out, yeah our time is running out,” Sabrina began to sing along as she drove the two back.

    “You can’t push it, underground.” Blue was revealed to be singing along too as Sabrina suddenly paused the playing. Blue yelped a little and blushed deeply as she was heard singing.

    “Oh don’t be shy, you’re quite a good singer,” Sabrina complimented as they pulled into the car park and stopped the engine dead. Blue smiled shyly as she rushed out of the car.

    “I-I’ll see you in class then,” She rushed out and almost ran off to where she saw Red and Yellow sat together eating lunch. Blue put herself down onto the bench besides Yellow and let out a loud sigh as she put her head down onto the bench, prompting the obvious question from Red, making Blue begin to explain to the couple what had happened during the lunch. It was then that she realised she’d left her CD in Sabrina’s car. She rushed back to the car park in hope that Sabrina was still there, despite the fact that she really doubt that to be true, and saw the woman wasn’t. As she came back into the main outdoor seating area, both Red and Yellow were gone as a lot of people were heading inside as class started soon.

    Only five minutes later, Blue nervously walked into the psychology class room and took a seat at the back of the room by the window as the rest of the seats quickly filled in. Like the previous year, Blue didn’t exactly know any of the other students in the class as the pupils always got jumbled up to accommodate that people dropped subjects so then the timetables would have to mix up. Soon enough Sabrina walked in; unlike during the lunch break she wasn’t wearing her coat. Right away she dropped herself down onto her seat and wheeled it out into the centre of the class.

    “Ok all saw me this morning so no need for introductions. I’m just going to get straight on with the class,” Sabrina said, a hint of boredom in her voice as she began to look around the class, a small smile appearing as she had scanned over all the students and ended on Blue. “As for names, I learn quickly and don’t forget them as I’m sure Miss Blue knows,” That caught the girls attention as she looked up towards her teacher. From then on, the rest of the class went on as any normal class would. Most of the students were taking notes and some just seemed to still be muttered to each other under their breaths. The looks Sabrina flashed them revealed to those paying attention to the lesson, including Blue, that she wasn’t very amused by the few students’ antics.

    The bell to signal end of the day finally went, Sabrina who was stood up until then slumped back down into her seat and yawned some. Almost all of the students got up almost right away and picked up their bags and left. Blue was the last one into the room as she approached Sabrina at her desk, her eyes closed like she was asleep at her desk.

    “Erm...Sabrina?” The older girl opened an eye and smiled to Blue, she didn’t speak but Blue knew she was listening. “I sorta left my CD in your car before...could you get it for me?” Once again Sabrina didn’t speak, but she nodded a slight bit and stood up walking out of the room. Blue eagerly followed the teacher out and down the hallway to the stairs. It was only as she was looking away from Sabrina that Blue noticed the walls in the stair way had been repainted over the summer to be a dark purple and blue colour, being separated in two as the purple half was the bottom and the top was the dark blue.

    “Blue?” The girl was too spaced out as she was walking down the stairs. She was unaware that Sabrina had stopped dead so Blue bumped into her. Though she had been preparing for that possibility, Sabrina wasn’t able to stop the younger girl and the two fell down the stairs. Sabrina had put her arms around Blue simply so as so that the student would be more protected when they finally hit the ground. The two fell a few steps and Sabrina’s back hit some more, the force made the two bounce and had also made Sabrina let go of Blue as the younger girl was also thrown slightly further. Luckily, they didn’t hit anymore steps however they had then hit the bottom floor. Sabrina lay on her stomach, a leg propped up onto two of the stairs, where as Blue had been thrown clear of the stairs as she landed on her back a few feet away. Neither girl was conscious.
    Through the Generations
    my multiple pairings Shipping-fic.
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