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    Default Pokemon: Soul Seekers

    Pokemon: Soul Seekers
    Rated PG-13 for possible violence, swearing, and alcoholic references.
    (Oh, c'mon. It is the medieval times after all)

    Mount Moon

    It was a peaceful morning in Kanto. Even now, the sun was rising in the east, greeting it's residents with it's bright light. As the sunbeams settled over the horizon, 3 hooded figures looked down upon the town below them. They stood high above the other people of the land, perched on the very pinnacle of Mt. Moon. The first was a very small figure, whose black robe was trimmed with edges of blue. This person sat upon the shoulder of a much taller, more menacing figure, whose robes sparked with yellow trimming. The last seemed to be the leader, a figure of average size who stood in front of the others. His robes shone with a hint of red.

    "Oooh! Pretty! We should come up here and watch this more often!"

    "We aren't here for sightseeing"

    The Blue-robed figure made a rasberry-like noise. "Aww! You're no fun!"

    "We're not about fun."

    Yellow-robes remained silent.

    "Then why are we up here? All I can tell is that it looks pretty."

    "To bask" Red-robes replied "In the glory of our future kingdom. Our ancestors may have been foolish enough to grant the humans such power, but we know better." He waved his hand. "You see that? Everything the light touches-"

    "What about Pewter?"


    Yellow-robes said nothing.

    "Pewter Valley!" The blue-robed figure insisted. It's in the shadow of this mountain we're standing on, so-"

    "It was metaphorical, you imbecile." Red-robes gave an annoyed sigh. "Come. Let's send a greeting card to our friends in Kanto..."

    With that, the 3 figures vanished, and as she arose, Queen Carmen felt a cold shiver down her spine... Is this the calm before the storm?


    It's a peaceful morning in the Kingdom of Kanto. Everyone is just now waking up and going about thier day. For your beginning post, your character is just waking up, unless they have been up before sunrise. The day seems normal, but there's a small bit of tension in the air everywhere...
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    Between Virdian forest and Pewter.

    Gin woke up from his sleep. Perched upon a tree his Luxio, Rai, just stared up into the orange- blue sky as dawn approached.

    "What wrong, Rai, you feel something?" Gin asked. His long jet black hair blowing the the cool morning air. Rai just stared at him, then back into the sky letting out a low growl.

    "Yeah I feel it too buddy, somethings wrong." Gin looked out towards the mountains, what seemed to be the source of this eerie feeling. " Eh, whatever, come Rai we better start moving. Gin said shrugging the thought.

    Gin was a nomad. Having no place of his own he walked out Kanto, he liked it that way. He knew the landscapes pretty well too. Almost like the back of his hand, except for some places where even the mad dont venture. Jumping down from his tree Rai still was staring at the same place.

    "Would you stop staring over there? Youre creeping me out." In an instant grabbed Rai by the collar and walked the other way.

    "Maybe youre just hungry because I sure am." Gin said as he let go of Rai. Rai just looked at him in a funny way then followed Gin , the opposite way of the mountains. " How about we head to Viridian?" It calm, quiet and theres food there am I right?" Rai just let out a snort. " Well someone got up on the wrong side of the tree." Gin laughed at his own joke and continued walking.
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    Regal Coleburn Esquire
    Celadon City. In front of Knight headquarters

    Like most mornings, Regal was awake to watch the sun rise. After a hard nights work, it was always a nice image to see before heading back home for a well deserved rest. Regal spun his bat around in his fingers, and gripping it tightly, slung it over his shoulder. After taking a few seconds to admire the beautful colors of the rising sun mixxing with the candel light of street lamps, Regal bent down and took a look at the fruits of his labor.

    I minor drug cartel boss lay unconscious at his feet, hogtied. A nasty bump was taking shape on his head, somthinghe could thank Regal for when he woke up. He wore a fine black outfit, and in his breast pocket, Regal spotted a few uncut cigars. Taking a moment (and one of the brown tubes), Regal cut one open and lit it with the closest lanturn. He took one drag on it, looked at it funny and threw the cigar on the ground, stomping it out. Disgusting. How could anyone do that normally.

    His business done, Regal pulled a small envelope out of his pants pocket and threw it on top of the man. Inside were several documents detailing the trade between this man and two other acomplices. Luckily, they didn't trust each other enough to simply take each other's word, and needed it in writing. The Knights would find the names of the other two in the note. Hopefully that will be enough to put all three away for good.

    "HEY! TINCANS! I GOT ANOTHA ONE FOR YA!" Regal shouted, hoping to wake up whoever was supposed to be on duty at this time. It was early, and Regal wanted to get paid, and get home before Myra woke up... she hated it when he worked late like this, and he wanted to spend a bit of time simply sleeping next to her before she woke up for the day.
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    Cusa Rale
    Outside Port Vermillion

    Cusa Rale was waking up from his rest in a tree nearby the entrance to Port Vermillion as he currently had no silver to stay at an inn. He looked down and smiled softly as Casol was sprawled out on his lap. He looked into the town and saw that some of the ports were empty. Every single one of them had gone off although he was sure last night that at least half of them were in the port for major repairs from the same storm that ravaged in the sea. His eyes narrowed in suspicion that a few of the ships were pirate ships and that they simply were scouting for possible ships to steal. It was rather common that a ship was stolen, but this was a first. He was half tempted to walk to the port and ask the man who kept records of ships coming and leaving, but as of right now he felt a bit tired.

    He wasn’t sure as to why he was tired, but perhaps the fact that the day seemed a bit cloudy may have been a reason. He gently shook Casol awake and handed her half of a sandwich from his backpack as she always woke up after eating something. He ate the other half as he saw a guard coming to him from his guard post. He recognized the guard as Glade, one of his few friends he had made during his travels and asked him quietly, “Good morning Glade. Do you happen to know what happened to the ships in port?” Glade chuckled a bit and replied, “Morning to you Cusa. As for what happened to the ships, it’s a bit classified, but I’ll leak a bit of information for my old buddy. They say that someone, probably an ambitious inventor, accidently teleported the ships somewhere with this weird gadget before it blew up. Personally, I think that there is another storm coming and all the ships are leaving for safety elsewhere.” He looked around and said quietly, “I need to be back at my post, have a safe journey Cusa.” He left and walked back to his post, leaving Cusa to his own thoughts.

    Cusa looked towards the sea and didn’t see anything, but something did seem a little odd that the sea was very calm with little or no waves at all. He looked down and saw Casol slightly tensed up and looking towards the sea. He could only think that something was coming, but as to when and where, he wouldn’t know. He gently turned Casol’s face so she was facing him and said quietly, “I’m not the only who thinks something is going on right?” When he didn’t get a response from Casol, he continued on saying, “I think it’s best if we head towards Saffron Junction. It’s safer than since we won’t be as close to the sea.” He picked up his travel bag and looked at the sea one more time before heading north to Saffron Junction.

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    Cormag Dent
    A between Saffron and Celadon

    If anyone was actually around here at the time, one would probably either target or fear the giant Golbat that flew wildly around the sleeping Cormag. He only blinked open a single eye before batting Innes away, he carefully balanced himself on the tree branch as he got up-his arms grabbing another branch above him as he steadied himself. In hindsight, maybe the forest floor did look safer than this giant tree. The large insane bat that flapped at him didn't help.

    He rubbed at his eyes with one hand, "Calm down Innes." Cormag said with a yawn. He immediately balanced himself and carefully looked around the area-no particular motivation to this. He let out a breath he didn't realzie he held before grabbing onto the upper branch once more and staring at Innes. "Why're you freaking out." he said, a strange sensation had come over him since he had awoken but he figured it was something unimportant.

    Innes perched himself on the large branch, getting comfortable on the makeshift bedding. He stared at Cormag with serious eyes and begna to shape his overly large mouth as if to make speech. Although, what actually came out was, "Eeeeeeh! Arrrghhhhhh Oooaarrrro! Aaaaaaaaaeeeooo! Uuuurghaaa!"

    Cormag simply stared at the large bat before going, "...Maybe I shouldn't talk to pokemon that aren't psychic.." he murmured to himself before patting the bat on thier head. "Whatever it is that's bothering you, I'm sure it'll go away or reveal itself soon enough. We're almost out of provisions anyways so we need to h ead out today anyways. Saffron or Celadon. Nod once for Saffron and twice for Celadon"

    Innes nodded at Cormag a single time, beginning to stand up and prepare to take flight again, facing into the direction of Saffron Junction.

    "Before we get off this tree, use Super Sonic." Cormag said, leaning agaisnt the tree trunk with his fingers in his ears. The loud powerful screech echoed aroudn the silent "sleeping" forest and several pokemon poked thier heads otu of thier hiding places or ran away in surprise. "Perfect" cormag said to no one in particularly before stepping into manmade grooves in the tree trunk down to the ground. "We better step on it, I dont' feel like carrying you all that way"

    Innes yawned audibly, annoying Cormag because he knew the bat pokemon did it on purpose. Innes flew down and began to slowly fly along the nearly invisible path Cormag and he had created. Cormag slowly followed Innes, his hand gripping a throwing knife. On a not-so-much more peaceful note: the rhythmless humming of a flying bat with a large mouth began to fill the forest.

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    Fao Dei Zeonard
    Saffron Dojo

    Fao continued to stretch his body and test his limits of flexibility even as the light of the sun came to greet him a good morning. Already, there were beads of sweat on his forehead and all around his body. He savored the silence that the time gave him, since there were very few people who were up and in the building in the wee hours of the morning. And just as he always did, he finished his final set with a straight back and a fist pressed against a palm, a prayer-like stance that thanked and graced the birth of a new day.

    Then he shook his head and let out a breath, shaking his head. For some peculiar reason, despite his warm-ups, he still didn't feel quite just as all right and well-exercised than he usually did. There was a tenseness on his muscles that didn't quite go away. He couldn't help but rub the spot on his neck that seemed intent on telling him that this was just going to be one of those days.

    It was proven further by sounds of uneven growling coming from the entrance. "Duran," he greeted as the Growlithe entered, looking grumpy. He was about to ask where Sada was, but the fire type was followed by the small Vulpix, who seemed all too uneasy. "Both of you too, huh?" he asked as he approached them, lightly petting their heads as he kneeled down to their height.

    He stood back up, looking out at the entrance. He exitted the building and began to look around, seeing a few students of the dojo beginning to appear from the corner of the street. The classes were beginning to start, and that would mean he would have to go and start preparing for the basics classes that he taught. But before that...

    "Come," he told the two fire types that trailed behind him. "We have to feed you before you start gnawing on the feet of the others again," he told Duran, who seemed to smile smugly as Fao said it. "They're afraid of you enough as it is; we don't need you to chase away any prospective students and potentials."

    With that, he started to walk towards the kitchen area of the building, thinking of making something for himself. Maybe that would make the uneasiness in his stomach go away.
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    Simon Sharpe
    Saffron Junction; Scriptorium, Discovery and Exploration Division

    The air in the Saffron Junction tingled with a spark of tension. Workers felt it as they lifted boards of wood or filed bits of paper. The jobless felt it nestle on their unmoved bodies and in the alleyways. The innocent shivered at its malevolent aura, and the criminals shrugged it off with a simple chuckle and a glance at their work. Everyone felt the tension, the suspense of the day, the calm before the storm.

    Everyone, that is, but Simon.

    Simon stifled a yawn as he read over the field notes of an exploration team hiking around the viridian forest. It was easy to tell that the writer of this particular journal was very keen on jotting down the specifics… so much, in fact, that he had proceeded to examine a blade of grass in detail for a full page and a half. It was not something he wished to read, especially not so early in the morning, when he could barely keep his eyes from fluttering back into sleep.

    Save for a few eager scholars and a group of explorers running in their latest find, the Discovery and Exploration Division of the Scriptorium was relatively barren; then again, it usually was. Seeing as most of the latest finds were held in another part of the Scriptorium – security reasons; for obvious reasons, Lady Mana had decided that keeping an exploration team’s discovery in plain view of their competitors was not a good idea – the only people who usually came into this section were explorers or those who wished to become them. And even then, the number of passerby in this area of the Scriptorium had dwindled dramatically, thanks to a horrible rumor about the place being haunted.

    Technically speaking, it was not haunted… just Haunter-ed.

    He groaned and rubbed his eyes, setting the journal on his desk. There must be something else to work on, something else to distract him from this incredibly boring assignment. He checked a to-do list on his desk. Everything was marked off… except for a field run to the Lavender Swamps, due tomorrow. Personally, he’d much rather read about plants than be attacked by one of the horrible monstrosities that lived in the darkness behind those trees…

    Sighing, he grabbed at the journal, catching air instead. Without looking back, he held his hand behind him.

    “Geist… ,” he began. The book fell into his hands, and he opened it up and began reading.

    “It’s bad enough that you’ve chased everyone away,” he continued. Geist materialized next to him, chuckling at the thought of his latest haunting. “If you would, scare a sinful spirit, not an innocent one… Especially not mine. You know I… you know that I’m not the bravest soul in the world…”

    A large thunk sounded from his desk as a heavy box landed on the wooden table. Looking up, Simon spotted one of the Scriptorium’s many workers walking away with a few boxes in his hand. Setting down his book again, he glanced at the label.

    “Excuse me, sir!” he called after the worker, “This package… I’m afraid I don’t cover the team it was sent from.”

    “Sorry, boy-o!” the worker shouted, walking away, “Ol’ Mr. Harrison called in sick today, and what’s in these here boxes has gotta be named, labeled, and shipped off to Celadon by ta-marrow. If ya don’t like it,” he added with a demonic smirk, “ya can always complain to Mrs. Dawes about it… if yur brave enough.”

    Simon swallowed hard, his eyes widening noticeably at the sound of Mrs. Dawes name. Mrs. Dawes was one of the main managers of the Scriptorium. Her voice was so blunt, her gaze so piercing, that it made even the rowdiest of visitors turn into the most obedient – and quiet – of gentlemen. Rumor was, she used to train the Knights, and Simon believed it. Her word was law, and those who went against it… never a pretty. Oh, it was never a pretty sight…

    Shivering, Simon returned to his seat, examined the crate, and sighed.

    “Well, it’s better than an article on foliage…” he muttered, tearing open the seal and setting the lid beside his desk, “Now, let’s see what we’ve got here…”

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