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    Default Order and Chaos (Rated PG)

    Rated PG for mild violence and themes of death

    That's right, I've got another fic started. Don't worry, I'll make sure that this one doesn't run into the ground like some of my old fics. This idea is one of my favorites so far, and it features my most formidable Fakemon: The Arcanes. The Arcanes are seven ancient Pokemon who ruled long before humans and mortal Pokemon came along. Many new Pokemon types will be included, which I will list here:

        Spoiler:- New Types:

    Now, let me shut my yap and start with the story...


    Planet Earth. For billions of years, it has existed. And for millenia, life has thrived. Humans and Pokemon live together in harmony, and few dare to disturb the balance.

    But before the humans, before most known Pokemon, there were others. In the time before time, millions of years ago, there were others who walked the Earth. Those were the Arcanes.

    Originally, there was only one being, just a single Pokemon. In the turmoil prior to the development of the universe, the Being of Chaos was born. He was alone for the longest time, and he ruled the chaos. But eventually, another emerged from within him. This new creature was the Being of Order. Order and Chaos clashed in a battle that would create the universe. In the end, Chaos was driven back to the far edges of creation, and Order governed the rapidly expanding universe. He created seven more beings of seven different elements to aid him in his governing. For the longest time, they ruled over Earth. Chaos was gone and they had nothing to worry about.

    But something unthinkable happened. One of the seven creations, the Being of Light, created life. And once life had been sparked, it continued to expand and expand. Eventually, the seven and their creator were forced to retreat and disguise themselves. They walked among the created humans and Pokemon, but nobody knew them, and few had heard of them. Now, the original beings were known only in legends. The Being of Order finally gave up and retreated into a realm of his own until the time was right. The era of the humans and Pokemon had come.

    But nothing can last forever. The day will come when Order shall return to reclaim the Earth. And it will be a bloody day indeed.


    In a world of utter blackness, a pair of golden eyes opened for the first time in millenia. Golden wings spread wide as the creature stretched. It flexed its arms and the star on its head glowed. It was time.

    Telepathically, it scanned the earth and located its children. It sent out a signal to them. The time had come to gather allies, to make their move.

    It was time to reclaim the Earth.


    The library was quiet and deserted. Only a single man was present, sitting at the front desk. He had only opened up a half hour previously and he already had his nose stuck in a book. The man's emerald green eyes scanned the pages, drinking in every word.

    The wooden doors suddenly burst open and a great wind rushed in. The librarian's golden coat whipped violently in the gust and the pages in his book flipped wildly. Finally, the doors slammed shut once again, a sound that sent rumbling echoes reverberating throughout the enormous library. Standing in front of the doors was a simple looking young man dressed in a bark-colored vest. He strode forward casually, his boots clomping on the wooden planks.

    The librarian watched his guest carefully as he approached the front desk. "May I help you?" he inquired curiously.

    "Yes, Brother, you may," the newcomer said simply. The librarian recognized the voice immediately.

    "Pine!" he gasped. "Why, it has been over a hundred years since last we met!"

    "If I had a choice, it would be closer to three hundred," the young man scoffed. "As you can probably guess, I am not just here for a friendly visit."

    The man at the desk was silent. He simply stared at the green gem strung around his brother's neck. He thought he saw it glow palely.

    "The time has come," the young man continued. "The message was sent out, though obviously not to you."

    The librarian was still silent, but his face visibly grew whiter.

    The visitor smiled wickedly and his brown eyes grew hard. "Too stunned to speak, I see? Well, you should not be. You have known for 600,000 years that this day would come." He turned and strode back to the door. As he put his hand on the wooden handle, it suddenly warped and twisted. It grew outward and twined around his finger. "Goodbye, brother. Enjoy watching the world you created tumble down around you." The door handle returned to its normal state and the young man tore the door open. Once again, a great gale blew inside, sending papers on the front desk scattering across the floor. Then, with a thud, Pine was gone.

    The librarian could only stare at the door for a few long moments. Then, the news sank in, and Arceus buried his face in his hands and wept.
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