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After watching the episode, now I really gotta say some of those KOs from Drapion were really just there only for the sake of making it the beast of Pauls team
Agreed. Plot power strikes again!

I can't even begin to describe how ****** I am about Torterra losing so Infernape can get an extra win AGAIN. I was shouting at the screen for gods sake.

That being said- Gliscor's battling against Drapion, Pikachu's believable win against Froslass and Infernape's KO against Ninjask were cool and saved the whole thing from being a disappointment.

Incidentally, it seems like most of the time Infernape uses Mach Punch to finish a battle (Croconaw, Jolteon, Aggron Ninjask) do you guys think it's coincidence or are the writers trying to establish it as his "finisher move?" If they are, I totally called it a while back XD

Anyway, here's how I think the kills should be/have been distributed throughout the whole battle.

Staraptor- Nothing
Buizel- Gastrodon (DP186)
Infernape- Aggron(DP186) Electivire(DP188)
Pikachu- Froslass(DP187)
Torterra- Drapion (DP188) Withdrawn after using Synthesis.
Gliscor- Ninjask(DP187)

Electivire-Pikachu (DP188) Torterra(DP188)
Drapion- Buizel (DP187) Staraptor(DP187) Gliscor (DP188)

But no. Overusedape MUST have 3 kills. Now people will be saying Torterra is Ash's weakest for years :S