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Thread: ~*The VOCALOID/UTAULOID Club*~

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    Talking ~*The VOCALOID/UTAULOID Club*~

    Welcome, one and all, to the Vocaloid (Vocalist Android) and Utauloid (Fanmade Vocaloids) Club! I've decided to make this club for the people of Serebii to talk about these popular Virtual Singers, like Miku Hatsune, and Teto Kasane. I'll be also TRYING to get updates on new songs, videos, and such!



    2. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" Even if it means you're voicing your opinion on a Vocaloid/Utauloid all together.

    3. No Spamming

    4. RESPECT EVERYONE (As to their opinions and such)

    5. Please do respect the Vocaloids/Utauloids as much as you can :3!

    6. As a rule, and as you must have read the rules, you must answer this question! And agree!:
    Which Vocaloid AND Utauloid is your favorite? (I.e. Teto and Miku)

    My Banner:

    First off:
    The new songs have come for Teto! Yess, Teto is almost there on being a real Vocaloid instead of just an Utauloid! Ahah! Yayy! I can't believe it already, she's come this far with her cuteness. Can you believe it? Not me! Ahhh.... :3 She's so adorable, and being she's part Chimera, she's still a little organic at least. Root root for Tet-teto!

    I'm not too sure on the others, but oh well. I can keep up with Teto at least, I'll need some co-workers to take care of a vocaloid or two. It's not easy keeping up with so many Vocaloids and Utauloids and their updates on songs and such! So message me and I'll have to see what knowledge you have on the Vocaloids/Utauloids ^^ Arigatou! Ja ja ne!

    OFFICERS/Main Vocaloid(s)/Utauloid(s):

    Coming soon!
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    Hi, my name is Teto Kasane ^^
    And this is me!
    <3 Me, my French Bread, and my older brothers and sisters! (The Vocaloids!)

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