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    Default Dexter Fanclub

    The club is dedicated to Miami's best blood spatter analyst and serial killer.

    Topic: What is your favorite season of Dexter and why?

    1. Any one is allowed to accept members.
    2. Please try your best to make your posts legible and have proper grammar.
    3. Three strikes and you are banned for a week. Three more and you are banned for a month. Get another three, and you are banned indefinitely.
    4. No flaming.
    5. No SPAM.
    6. Stay on-topic.
    7. If you have a problem with the co-owners or owner then send us a PM.
    8. Do not double/triple post.
    9. All SPP Forum rules apply here as well.
    10: Try to avoid spoilers, if you want to say something about the Ice Truck Killer or Trinity then please put a spoiler tag.

    LeLouch Lawiet

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    Dexter's List (Banned)
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