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Umm Oak is basically training Scept, Char is training at Charicific valley, both still belong to Ash except one is doing outside training, so that one point is null.

I never said that Advantage meant anything, if you look in the brackets at the beggining i mentioned how it doesnt matter much in the anime, it was just a small point.

No evidence to proove surperiority and besides Char only finishes the entire match with Seismic Toss, he has beaten other opponents without it, so he could have beaten Darkrai without it anyways, think about Magmar, Articuno and Blastoise was an ending of the match victory from Seismic Toss .

What you are doing is showing bias favouritism, I don't really care who is strongest I'm just pointing out facts, you have no evidence that Char couldnt win, heck in this anime, anyone can win on the writers whims, all I was trying to do was say we can't really know who is the strongest so why argue?
There is no evidence to say Oak is training Ash's pokemon unless you see him giving them commands whilst training them...
So just because he's pokemon are at oaks doesnt automatically mean oak is training them himself personally, he feeds and looks after them thats what hes there for.