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    Default 4ever's Sprite Shop

    4Ever's Sprite Shop

    Ok this is my sprite shop so welcome! I will contact you when your sprite is ready.
        Spoiler:- Rules-Please Read:

    Manager-Pokegirlforever's Work and Forms(open)-

    Notice:5th gen overworlds are only available from here (discluding nintendo made overworlds and the ones from Mew_ who is ...well I wont go on a tangent) so do not steal the sprites for them as I have spent my own time creating the scratches along with a group on DA. Using them without my permission will result in me contacting a mod/admin.To see the available list look under this spoiler:    Spoiler:- WARNING! LONG LIST!:

        Spoiler:- Click to see Pokegirl's forms:

    Pokegirlforever's Waiting list

    Worker-ioliolk's Work and Forms(Standby)-
        Spoiler:- Click to see ioliolk's forms:

    ioliolk's waiting list

    *sighs* Banned list(only in extreme cases will you end up here)
        Spoiler:- there is no reason to click this as it WILL stay empty:

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    ^overworlds made by me^

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