"Cleansed?" Justin said. "I don't see any buckets and mops around here so-" Justin's argument was silenced by the entire mission erupting into flame before him.

"Oh, that's what you meant. Saves on time I suppose..."
“Geeze, well, that’s not very tactful,” Scar suddenly said, looking the SuperStarmon over. He gave a loud ‘hmm’ sound before nodding to himself.

“Okay, Jus, my friend, first lesson in picking up girls is sensitivity and sentimentality,” he told the star shaped Digimon. “How would you feel if the place burning up were your pad? Your place? Your home? I dunno ‘bout you, but I’d either be POed or broken, or maybe both.”

He took a thoughtful look on his face. “I’m willing to bet that Barachiel might be crying his heart out. And if he were a lady, then that would be an ideal time to get brownie points. To just go over and be the nice guy that tries to understand. You get what I’m sayin’ here, bud? But you gotta watch what ya say or you’ll end up with a red hand print on your face instead of red lipstick,” he explained, putting a paw on Justin’s shoulder.

“’Course, that doesn’t mean you only bring out the sentimental side when ya see a damsel in distress. It helps when you’re just trying to be a friend, and when you’re trying to show that you’re more than muscle…even though the chicks dig ‘em,” he had to add, raising an arm to flex a muscular bicep.

“Speaking of chicks, do you know any of the available ones in this little group here?” he asked, looking around. “I mean, I see a lot of them, and other than Pyra, I have no idea who’s taken and who’s not. It’d be a shame if none of ‘em are available; they’re all pretty hot.”


Sitting on a broken piece of a pillar, Aeria pressed her fingers against her head, massing her temple because of a headache that had begun to settle ever since she exited the room. Her body was feeling warm and slightly feverish, and she hoped that she wouldn’t black out. It didn’t take her long to figure out that, along with the previous experience, her body was beginning to feel the fatigue from all the constant travelling and fighting.

She bit her lower lip, though. She couldn’t just up and ask if they could stay longer so that she could recover. She looked around, hoping to find the one person she thought might have the key to help curb her weariness. Finding the one she was looking for, the WarGreymon stood up shakily and started to walk towards her.

“Miss Ivy?” she called out to the Lilymon X. She stopped right in front of the newly married Digimon, looking hesitant before opening her mouth once more.

“Um, d-do you have any herbs that can help relieve stress and f-fatigue? And maybe one that helps with pain?” she asked shyly. “I don’t need much. J-just for a small headache and, um, to help me recover a bit fast,” she added, her voice lowering as her timidity started to kick in. She bowed her head.

Aeria raised her head, glancing around her and at the Peacemakers that minded their own businesses around them.

“They’re all so strong,” she said to herself. She squeaked when she realized that she just said her thoughts out loud. “I-I mean…well,” she started, looking around nervously before resignation on her face registered. “I…I don’t know how they managed this those months ago. It’s…it’s so…exhausting,” she said, rubbing her arms.

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I…I’ll just get the herbs and not bother you anymore,” she said, blushing and looking away from Ivy.


Barachiel flew away from him and swooped down in front of the others. He bowed his head in shame. "I'm... very sorry for the way that I acted. Everything that has happened must have got to me and caused me to lose control of my anger. I hope you can all forgive me... the demon included."
“Tut tut tut,” Cresil’s voice echoed from one part of large stone debris. The shadow it created rippled to great effect before an Astamon’s head popped out, following the rest of body. With his arms folded and shook his head. “What kind of holy acolyte apologizes to a demon?” he asked to no one in particular, letting his arms spread outwards in mock exasperation.

He turned back to Barachiel, a grin back on his face. “Let this be a lesson to you, Barkie,” he said as he started to walk towards the TigerVespamon. He then stopped and let his eyes sweep amongst the Peacemakers. “In fact, let this be a lesson to all of you.”

“Everything you’ve heard and believed about demons? They’re true to most of us, ain’t that right, Cain?” he said, glancing at the Beelzemon. “We’re not afraid to push your buttons and may even enjoy it. We love watching you squirm and act exactly the way we want you to, even when we let you think otherwise.”

His eyes widened and his grin grew, exposing his sharp canines. “Perhaps some of you may already know this. But for those who don’t, let me enlighten you.

“The most dangerous thing about us isn’t our potential powers. It isn’t in our magic. It isn’t in our ruthlessness. It’s our mind! It is when you do everything we expect you to! It is when you make yourself so easily manipulated! It is when we play you like marionettes with invisible strings that can reach you farther than you know! It is when you walk right into our carefully laid out traps! And we revel in playing mortals like fools,” he exclaimed, his voice growing louder and more maniacal. “By now, all of you should have learned that, and if not, then get through your skulls and let it stick there. Mephistopheles is not your average demon, that is for certain…but then again, none of you are average Digimon,” he said, lowering his arms and giving each of them a look.

“I suggest all of you to do your best in being unpredictable,” he said, letting his chin rest on his fist. “And to not let your emotions get the best of you. Especially since that’s the easiest to manipulate.”

The Astamon turned to Michael. “We can assume that Mephistopheles’ reach is quite, quite far indeed, and the interventions we have done seem more like distractions.” He then smiled. “Loki, however, is quite an interesting fellow. I cannot wait to see what he suggests we do,” he told the MagnaAngemon.

“And maybe you can all hope that you’re still not doing exactly what the demon goat wants you to,” he added with a grin.

He then turned back to Barachiel. “And you…next time, don’t be so easy,” he told the TigerVespamon, and then his body dropped back into his shadow as if he were on top of water.


From a distance, Azur sighed and shook himself to clear his head. He felt great relief having escaped the smell of death, or at least the brunt of it. He wasn’t quite sure if the scent of the fire of Michael’s holy fire was any better. The smell of fire barely did anything for him unless it was made with real wood that gave it the accents of scent marks of a forest.

Trying to remember it, the WereGarurumon closed his eyes, letting himself relax. He also began to practice enhancing his senses, letting his sense of hearing and smell expand around him. And then he froze, feeling a strong chill run down his space.

He jerked his head around, immediately on guard. He looked around him, scrutinizing every shadow and hole, yet he couldn’t find whatever had given him the ominous sensation. And then he glanced to his side, and Azur furrowed his eyebrows.

That’s not right,’ he thought, clenching his fists. ‘That’s what my senses are telling me…and Galic always told me to trust my senses…but is this really…?’ he kept on wondering, his eyes zoning in on the source of the dreadful feeling that had begun to creep up his spine.

“Kole…” he muttered, watching the Piedmon from a distance as the clown Digimon spoke with Tia.