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Thread: Digimon: Devil's Ascent (RPG Thread)

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    Michael regarded Bedivere's announcement and shook his head in frustration. He couldn't believe that they would disobey so quickly, even after the consequences of further belligerent action were so explicitly explained to them. Barachiel he understood, to an extent. Hadrael was as a father to him. But even so he should have known better; he should have known Michael would not allow Hadrael to suffer at Mephistopheles's hands for long. Going out half-cocked without a plan would only make things worse.

    Caradoc was another story; the fool was so engrossed in his notions of blind idiotic heroism that he was ready to leap into foolhardy missions at the drop of a hat. There was absolutely no way for this to end well; the chances of them somehow stumbling upon Mephistopheles's hidden location when all the angels in Heaven were blind to it were infinitesimally low. And then what? Fight their way past the Cambion, Mephistopheles's empowered soldiers, and the Horsemen to reach Hadrael? He honestly believed Guinier and Azur were more sensible than that. Apparently he was wrong.

    "There's nothing we can do now," Michael muttered, though his voice shook with agitation. He looked to the rising sun. "Dawn is here. We should convene with the remaining Peacemakers and the archangels and see what they've discovered." The sun's light warmed his face, and for a moment he felt strength in the returning day. But the massing storm clouds on the horizon quickly extinguished that sense of hope and replaced it with a dark foreboding.

    Something in the distance broke through the calm of the pre-storm morning; a vicious clamor of noise: breaking glass and splintered wood. And that could only mean one thing.

    "Samael," Michael growled with a roll of his eyes.


    Samael laughed, still amused to no end by Khep's skepticism. "Yeah, ask the fallen angel if he's seen God. Believe what you want, Kheppy. I guess we'll both see what's up once this whole thing's over." He kept his smirk up as Khep voiced his disagreements with the pantheons as well. "Yeah, they're insanely long-lived and control the foundational elements of reality. How else would you describe a god?"

    He didn't get to hear Khep's answer; the bug Digimon strode up to the nearest Greymon--one of Tyr's friends--and slugged him across the jaw. Samael whooped from his seat until the WarGreymon overshot Khep and slammed into him instead.

    "Get off me, ya overgrown scale-monger," Samael snapped. Grabbing Sigurd by his face and pushing it into the ground. He saw Ulik nearby. "You want some too? Fine!" He leaped at Ulik, grabbed the dragon-man by his horns, and hurled him through the tavern window. Sigurd charged him, but Samael lashed out with a high kick and caught the WarGreymon under the chin. Sigurd staggered back and Samael drilled him in the stomach. The air fled Sigurd's lungs, and Samael picked him up, held him high over his head, and heaved him through the broken window and onto Ulik in the middle of the street.

    "Not again," the Guardromon bartender groaned. "It's just like in Avalon! Those Greymon break everything! They're gonna destroy the one bar in the whole city!"

    "WHAT?!" Samael shouted. "The only bar? Idiot Greymon!"

    Sigurd and Ulik leaped back in through the broken window, taking half of the adjoining wall down in the process. They readied their fists (their Dramon Destroyer claws had been removed and lying somewhere on the floor) and stared towards Samael, intent on paying him back.

    "Stop right there," Samael snarled. "If you bust up this bar I will straight-up kill you. I swear to God I ain't playin' around. Take another step, I dare you. I will kill you where you stand."

    "There will be no killing," a mighty voice declared sternly. Samael turned as Michael and Bedivere strode forward. "This is what you do with your time?"

    "I'm a creature of habit," Samael shrugged. "Booze and bar brawls. B'sides, it wasn't my fault this time. Kheppy and I were having a nice conversation about the nature of God and whatnot when these jerk-holes started throwing 'bows left and right."

    "I'm sure," Michael said, rolling his eyes. "We're gathering the Peacemakers; meeting with the archangels to see what our next actions should be. I suggest you attend." As he spoke, the droplets of rain began to fall. Lightly at first, little more than a mist, but then harder and faster; pouring rain.

    "Freakin' wonderful," Samael growled. He turned to Ulik and Sigurd. "And you a**-hats broke the freakin' wall! Now we're all gonna get wet."

    "Hey look! The sun's out," Sigurd said.

    "Then why's it still raining, stupid?" Samael snapped, shaking the water off his clothes.

    "It's bright and sunny," Sigurd snapped back. He pointed to his shadow and the surrounding area.

    "That's not the sun," Ulik whispered. His eyes shot skyward and widened in fear. "That's--MOVE!!!"

    Something hurtled from the sky like a meteor, burning with fire and fury, blistering the skin of the gathered Digimon far below. The second sun slammed into the ground and exploded, swathing the area in molten fire and liquid flame. In the midst of the inferno, the Marsmon roared.

    "Who the hell is that!?" Samael snarled, hauling himself to his feet and throwing off pieces of splintered wood. "Wait. Don't tell me. War? Great." He shot forward. "Svarog, ol' buddy. I've always wanted to kick your as-"

    War blurred forward and drilled his fist into Samael's stomach. The blow was accented with an explosion of fire and Samael as hurled through the air.

    "Damn," Samael wheezed. "He's way faster that Svarog. Don't matter. I'll-" He was cut off mid-sentence once more as War slammed into him and smashed him to the ground.

    "If anyone's kickin' Samael's a** it's us!" Sigurd shouted, leading Ulik in a charge towards the Horseman. "And I'll be damned if we let you-"

    But something dark and vicious shot forward, smashing between them and knocking them from the air. A hulking BlackWarGreymon, standing head-and-shoulders taller than either Ulik or Sigurd emerged from his Black Tornado. Gaul didn't speak, he simply turned towards Michael and Bedivere and let out a crushing roar before charging them.

    Michael moved to intercept him; he knew the damage Gaul's weaponry could do to a dramon Digimon like Bedivere. But he was blindsided by a flash of fire and explosion of power as War drove his fist into his chest. Through the blistering pain and agony of the blow, Michael felt a grim satisfaction; Loki was right about not reacting.

    Gaul continued on his flight and slashed his claws across Bedivere's chest. The razor-edged weapons cut deep, shredding through armor and cutting through flesh. The blow knocked the dragon-knight back and brought him to his knees. The huge BlackWarGreymon stood over him and readied his claws once more.

    "Lord Mephistopheles sends his regards."

    Samael leaped forward and drilled his fist into War's face. He knocked the Horseman from Michael, though the massive Digimon didn't seem too concerned. Samael scowed and turned to the archangel.

    "Find the others," he urged. "We'll hold 'em here for now." Michael looked like he was about to object, but Samael shot him a burning, three-eyed glare. "Go!"

    Michael turned and shot through the sky. He battled through the vicious rain and wind of the storm and raced to Anatolia proper, hoping to find the rest of the Peacemakers gathered together in one space. He didn't get far. Something powerful blocked his path.

    "Hello, Archangel Michael," Conquest acknowledged with a nod. "I was hoping we would meet." Lightning split the sky, and split Michael as well. He let out a shrieking cry of agony as darkness crept at the edges of his vision and he plummeted to the ground.


    Samael looked from War to Gaul. He glanced around the ruins of the tavern, realizing sickly that the only bar was once again destroyed. He found Khep rising from the rubble. He sighed; at least he wasn't alone.

    "You take Big Red, I'll go save Beddy-boy," Samael said. He turned and dashed towards Gaul. He grabbed the dragon's two side-horns from behind. He wrenched back, pulling the huge dragon off his feet and slamming him into the ground. "One day someone is gonna have to explain to me what those little horns are good for."

    "Black Tornado!" Gaul snarled from his spot on the ground. He whirled to life, and Samael was hurled through the air by the forceful burst of motion.

    "I hate that move," he growled, pushing back to his feet. "And I'm gonna kill you for that."

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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    "Right," Bedivere nodded, following Michael, though he couldn't help but cast a wary glance to the storm clouds. Following the description of how Conquest had possessed Thor... he couldn't help but wonder...

    Still, he strode away and paid the clouds no mind...


    "Typical," the Slayerdramon muttered as he beheld the result of the bar fight. It was a wonder bartenders the world ever didn't tremble in fear at the arrival of the Peacemakers, given how apt Samael and Kheprius were at demolishing the places, they did it faster than the Royal Knights or the Mikaboshi ever could. Granted, the Royal Knights and the Mikaboshi had larger concerns than eradicating the world's taverns. Unfortunately.

    Then it started raining.

    "Hey look! The sun's out,"
    "In this weather?" Bedivere retorted incredulously. Something came to his ears and his heart, a soft howling sound and the feeling of intense heat. He knew instantly, and was hurling himself an instant before Ulik yelled a warning.

    The explosive result of War's arrival tossed him to the ground, but Bedivere was on his feet with blades drawn in an instant, giving over control to instincts, quickly running a eye over the Marsmon even as War proceeded to lay into Samael.

    His swords burned with force as he began to rush into the melee, only to be stopped as Gaul crashed down, hurling Sigurd and Ulik aside, then bursting towards the Slayerdramon and Michael. Michael tried to intervene, but War hurled him aside, leaving Gaul free to strike.

    A howl of fierce agony tore from Bedivere's throat as the Dramon Destroyers ripped into him, but he brought up the Fragarach and unleashed fire, swathing the monstrous BlackWarGreymon in flame and fury. Samael brought the towering Digimon to the ground ina single move, and Bedivere was moving in an instant, the dual Fragarach raised to strike the BlackWarGreymon and decapitate him...

    Gaul exploded to his feet and struck in a whirling maelstrom, but Bedivere managed to intersect the Fragarach, straining to hold off the monstrous Greymon's gauntlet-claws. He moved in a blur, twisting and using the Fragarach like pivots to swing upwards and deliver a savage blow to Gaul's jaw with a taloned, armored foot, knocking the BlackWarGreymon off-balance and allowing Bedivere to land and pull back, stabbing the Fragarach into the ground.

    "Shoryu Slash!" Fire screamed from the earth and formed into draconic bursts, embracing Gaul in fire and hurling him back, but the BlackWarGreymon tore free and rocketed at Bedivere in a screaming tempest of darkness, his Black Tornado propelling him into the Slayerdramon as a whirling, howling storm of claws and armor which ripped through the knight like knives through paper, splattering lines of blood across the earth before tossing Bedivere aside like a limp rag-doll.

    He crashed down with a snarl of pain, forcing himself to his feet as the Fragarach he had dropped shattered into embers, the Slayerdramon forming an emerald sphere in one palm. "Digitalize of Soul!" An emerald salvo howled from his fingertips and struck Gaul's face, not even staggering the BlackWarGreymon...


    Thunder boomed and lightning flashed.

    Eyes snapped open, feeling the sun's warmth washing over her armored skin, as Vritra stirred from where she had been motionless in the air, flames hissing around her. Below was the storm, raging and writhing. She felt it. She felt the fury of the divinely-empowered storm god.

    She raged against it.

    Tearing downwards, trailing flame in her wake, she burned a path through the clouds in a burning, howling tempest of flames which erupted from the light of her evolution. "X-Evolution! WarGreymon X!" Shedding fire, she tore out of the clouds and beheld the lightning as it struck Michael, her eyes narrowing as she focused on the form of Conquest.

    A form swathed in screaming flame plowed into the fallen thunder-god, striking with white-hot talons at his face, his chest, his arms. Each blow that landed hit in a wash of flame which soaked the target area in searing anger. And Conquest met the eyes of the fierce, raging Vritra Ahi.

    She unleashed a maelstrom of flame from her hands, consuming his armored face in a screaming rush, even as her claws ripped across his chest and met his sword.

    "Conquest," she hissed...

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    Barachiel landed on the once-sacred ground after a few moments of hovering. At first, he was reluctant to touch down. Though the tree that Michael created inspired some peace of mind, the wounds were all-too fresh for him.

    Upon the tips of his foot slowly descending onto the new blades of grass, Barachiel suddenly felt a sense of belonging coming back to him. The memories of his time in the mission returned to him. At the moment, Barachiel deeply wished that they hadn't, as they served only to dampen his mood.

    He knew he had to focus on Hadrael. The TigerVespamon forced himself to turn away from the tree and focus on Azur.

    “Assuming they walked to the direction they wanted to go…they went that way,” the canine told them, pointing in a direction. He then lowered his arm. "Like I said, assuming."

    He then turned back to Caradoc and Barachiel, waiting. " we go there?"
    Barachiel nodded resolutely. "Right now, 'assuming' is the best we can do." He looked at Caradoc and Guinier. "Let's follow his lead."

    He started beating his wings rapidly and rose to the air. With unrivaled determination, he flew in the direction that Azur pointed. He matched speeds with the others, not wanting to fly too far ahead. Barachiel wanted to make it clear that he didn't feel that he was alone on this.

    The TigerVespamon flew beside Caradoc and looked over at him. "Caradoc, there's one thing that I just can't understand... Why did Mephistopheles capture Hadrael in the first place? I know that it's partly to play games with my head, but that can't be the main reason why he did this. I'm worried that it has to do with a seal..." he asked in his usual celestial tone.

    He sighed. "Anyways... Let's keep a look out. Azur, please fly low to the ground in the hopes that you might be able to pick up a trail again. We can't go back empty handed. We just have to help him," Barachiel said, flying up over the tree tops in the direction that Azur specified.

    If Barachiel could just rescue Hadrael, it would be well worth the harsh scoldings that he was expecting from Michael and the others as soon as they got back.

    He refused to lose his family again.


    "Guys!" Tyr shouted, his head sticking out of a pile of rubble as Sigurd and Ulik were thrown to the ground.

    "Cripes," Gunnar said, looking at Gaul as most of the bar patrons and staff fled the premises. "He's as big as Captain Mars..."

    "And just as mean," Dhaz added. He instinctively reached over his shoulder to grab the Dragon Soul Sword, but caught only air. "No..." he growled. "I left it at the barracks."

    "I don't have my Dramon Breaker either," Tyr said worriedly. "It's back in my room."

    "Then let me fight instead, Tyr," Tiwaz told him.

    "No," Tyr said. "I'm sorry, but you'll end up destroying the parts of the city."

    "Don't sweat it," Gunnar said, reaching down to the ground and summoning the GeoGrey Sword in an aura of fire. "We'll hold them here. You guys go get your weapons." Dhazbog and Tyr nodded, racing out of the half-destroyed bar to find their weapons.

    Ulik looked to Sigurd, who was shaking some pieces out of glass out of his hair. "And we need to find our Dramon Destroyers. They're somewhere in the rubble," the BlackWarGreymon said to his WarGreymon counterpart.

    Sigurd nodded. "That might be hard to do while dodging attacks at the same time," he responded, taking the metal plates off of his back and attaching them to form the Brave Shield. "I don't need my Dramon Destroyers. We can improvise."

    "We can't use Terra Force or Destroyer," Ulik told him. "They're too destructive."

    "Fine by me," Sigurd said with a competitive grin. "The first one of us to bag one of these guys gets to ask that UlforceVeedramon out on a date!"

    The BlackWarGreymon frowned. "...But I don't want to ask--"

    "Go!" Sigurd shouted, hopping onto the bar counter and running down it. He leapt off the bartable and landed with a foot on Samael's head. The WarGreymon propelled himself off of the Beelzemon and shot towards Gaul.

    "Take this!" he shouted. He swung the Brave Shield around and allowed the shield's edge to slam into the side of Gaul's face. The large BlackWarGreymon staggered back a couple paces, but wasn't long before countering. Sigurd landed with the Brave Shield in front of him, but that didn't stop the force of Gaul's punch throwing him into the wall.

    "Sig!" Ulik shouted. He picked up a large piece of the bar and hurled it at Gaul's head. It smashed upon impact, but the BlackWarGreymon wasn't fazed. Ulik sneered, but found that under the rubble he had just picked up was his left Dramon Destroyer. "It's better than nothing," he thought. "I just hope the others get here soon."

    "I'll take care of this!" Gunnar said, rushing forwards. "Bedivere, look away," he told him, not really caring if Samael did or not. The ShineGreymon stopped in front of Gaul, who turned to him and raised his lethal gauntlet high, poised to strike.

    "Sparkle Shoot!" he proclaimed.

    Sigurd muttered something about Gunnar's status as a man under his breath, but averted his gaze, knowing what was coming. Thousands of incandescent particles discharged from the lenses on Gunnar's wings and chest. The brilliant particles created a blinding flash of light that burned with an intense brightness, lighting up the entire bar.

    Gaul staggered backwards, forced to close his eyes and negate his prepared attack. Gunnar grinned and swung his GeoGrey Sword around. "Time to end this!" he yelled as the blade descended on Gaul. The BlackWarGreymon quickly raised his Dramon Destroyer in front of him, catching the blade in between his gauntlet's claws. With a mighty wave of his arm, he sent the sword-bearing Gunnar flying off his feet and across the bar counter and into one of the kegs.

    The ShineGreymon bristled as one of his horns got stuck in the wood, causing beer to leak out of the barrel and onto his head.


    Tyr ran through the rainy streets of Anatolia. The water beat down on his form and soaked his hair. He had trouble seeing through the mist to where the council hall was.

    "We have to hurry, Tyr," Tiwaz urged.

    "I know," Tyr whispered as lightning ripped through the clouds not far off. "It's just-"

    The VictoryGreymon literally skidded to a stop (almost falling over due to the wet ground) upon seeing something. His eyes rested on a familiar WarGreymon curled up on a bench. "Aeria?" he asked aloud. Tyr hurried over to her and gently shook her shoulder. "Ae-Aeria? You should get up," he said nervously. "It's not safe here. Some of Mephistopheles' guys attacked the bar. I have to go get my sword."

    He looked down at her. "Try to be safe, okay? I'll be right back."

    With that, Tyr flew up and tried to find the council hall from above.


    "You take Big Red, I'll go save Beddy-boy," Samael said.
    "With pleasure," Khep said, shaking dirt out of his hair.

    The GrandisKuwagamon ran over to the bar counter, where his Gran Killers rested, and promptly slid them onto his arms. Upon doing so, he felt a change in heat nearby. Without needing to look, Khep launched himself upwards and onto the counter as a blast of fire erupted below him. The fire swirled up in front of him and when it disappated, Khep was gone.

    "Behind ya, fire-crotch!" he shouted. He drove his Gran Killers into War's face and sent the Marsmon staggering backwards. Khep grinned in savage amusement as he beheld the first of Four Horsemen. "Long time, so see, Savvy! I see that you're back... again... You just don't know when to stay dead!" he shouted, rushing forwards.

    "Mugen Hadou!" War raged, throwing a multitude of punches forwards.

    With extreme speed, Khep ducked under the first punch, swerved to avoid the second, bent back to circumvent the third, and slammed his Gran Killer into the side of War's fist, parrying the blow.

    "Insect..." War snarled savagely, beginning to grow slightly frustrated.

    Kheprius chuckled. "A lot of things changed since you've died, 'fire god'. I mastered my X-Antibody, for one. So if you think you're fast enough to--" The GrandisKuwagamon was interrupted when War's fist drilled him in his gut, throwing Khep clear out the gaping hole in the bar.

    The bug digimon got to his knee while catching his breath. He slowly stood to his feet and glared at War. "Hey, you finally hit me! Nice job! See if you can do it again," he taunted.

    It was then when Khep noticed the drops of rain falling onto his carapace. He looked up for a second and saw the storm clouds overhead. "If I fight this hothead in the rain, his fire attacks won't be as effective," Kheprius figured. "Hey, War! Come and get it! Svarog or not, I'm taking your head today! ...On second thought, if your face is so ugly that you need a Gabumon mask to make it look good, then maybe not. Point is, you're dead."

    War stormed towards him and decked Khep with a brutal punch. The GrandisKuwagamon hopped to his feet only to be met with an uppercut that sent Khep slamming into the wall of the building opposite the tavern. The GrandisKuwagamon groaned in pain. "Damnit he's strong. I can't beat him head-on. I need to stick to hit-and-run tactics or I'm screwed until the others get here."

    "Corona Sanctions!" War shouted, blitzing Kheprius. The GrandisKuwagamon launched himself off of the building's side just in time to avoid War's blow, which went clear through the wall and caused fire to explode out the windows on the other side of the building.

    As Kheprius avoided his attack, he slashed his Gran Killers across War's bicep and flew far behind him.

    "You know one of the main things that I don't like about you? The fire. You fire gods are the worst types... always destroying whatever rubs you the wrong way," Kheprius said, glaring at him. "Well maybe I'll take a page from your book... because I'm going to destroy you and extinguish those flames of yours for good."
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    "Strange," whispered the thing that wore Thor's form. The wounds on his body smoldered at the edges, but slowly worked themselves back together. The White Sword locked with Vritra's claws and held her back from striking further. "How odd. Your weapons do more damage to this form than they should. I rather like this form." He raised his left hand to his face and admired it, holding Vritra back with just the strength in one arm. "But you damaged it. Now I am...upset." He slashed with the White Sword and sent Vritra tumbling out of the sky.

    "How peculiar you are," Conquest mused, slowly floating down to Vritra. He watched as she rose to her feet and fire flared around her once more. "This form knows you, recognizes you. 'Vritra', you are called. And a word comes to mind. A god? Is that what you are?" Conquest moved ever closer, circling around Vritra as he contemplated her. "No, not a god; a godling, perhaps? No, still not. You are even smaller. A god-mite. Yes, that is what this form whispers to me. How small you are, Vritra God-mite."

    Conquest raised his sword as power ran along its edge. "You should hear this one screaming," he said with the faintest hint of a smirk. "'In the name of Odin, stop this madness now!' he cries. And now it turns to begging, pleading; that I might spare you life. How little he believes in you. And with good reason." Conquest rose into the air, lightning flashing about him, the wind whipping itself into a monstrous frenzy, rain pouring from the sky. "For I am Conquest, the Horseman King. And you will not stand before my righteous task." The White Sword let out a piercing howl.

    "Omni Sword!"


    "Strange little creature," War laughed, his voice booming and hard. "I am not little Svarog. I am War, and War is eternal. So long as you mortals scurry about there will be War. So long as the gods sit lofty upon their thrones there will be War." He laughed to the raging storm above. "Extinguish War, little bug? No. You only make me stronger."

    War exploded forward, trailing fire. He watched as Khep prepared to maneuver around his blows and he smirked. War stopped his flight just in front of Khep and let out a roar, spilling liquid light from the very depths of his furious existence. Pillars of searing power cut their way through the GrandisKuwagamon, burning through his armor like hot iron through butter. The blaze was enough to stun Khep, and opened him up to the massive, metal-plated fist that War sent his way. Fire exploded, and the blow sent Khep tumbling along the street.

    "Rise, Kheprius," War urged. "Rise and hate me. Hate this form. Hate the gods that never saved you and the heroes that never came. Hate your brother for leaving you, the angels for taking him away. All your hate is burning, Kheprius, and it chars your soul black. And makes me strong." He strode over to Khep without concern. "Can you imagine: an entire world filled with those like you. How powerful I will be then." Steam rose around War, though not from his skin; his body was so hot that the air around boiled away all the rain that came near.

    "Look how hot I burn just from the hate of two," War mused. "From just the hate of you and this form I wear. Oh how he hates me; more than you ever could. But it's no wonder then, is it?" He looked down to his hands. "I wish you could hear his screams, Kheprius. All that burning hot anger. It would please you immensely to hear him suffer so. For what greater torture for a god of war than to be a prisoner in his own body, to fight for his enemy in a battle he is certain to win. What better Hell for the god of war than to serve War completely?"

    War looked to his left, where a group of fearful Digimon huddled together fearfully, desperately hoping to outlast the battles raging around them. The Horseman looked then to the right, were more Digimon lay in fear. War laughed low and strode over to the group on the right. They were frozen with fear--all but one Lilamon, who leaped to her feet and tried to bolt away. But War grabbed her by her hair and dragged her back to where he stood before. He threw her to the ground and placed his foot on her head. She struggled against him, pinned between him and the earth, but could not budge his foot. She let out sharp cries of agony as the blazing heat blistered her skin, smoldered her clothes, and set the tips of her hair on fire.

    "Tell me Kheprius," War said. He glanced to the Digimon bystanders and raised his hands. Around each of them a ring of fire erupted from the earth, ensnaring them to War's will. "You hate this form; you hate this god, this Svarog. So now you are he. The same choice is yours. Tell me, Kheprius, who do you save? Which among these weak, miserable things is most worth your attention?" He ground his foot harder onto the Lilamon's head and set the rings of fire burning hotter around the others. They let out cries of pain and fear.

    "How many will you save?" War taunted, his eyes burning with fire. "Or will you ignore them all to save yourself and stop me." Twin beams of burning light flashed from War's eyes and seared into Khep's right shoulder. Another blast ripped into his right thigh and knocked him to one knee, while a third blast sliced through his exposed knee and dropped him to the ground.

    "You had best make your decision soon," War laughed. His eyes flashed again and in the distance someone screamed for a moment before they were obliterated. "They don't have long."


    Samael raked his claws against Gaul's chest, sending sparks flying from the contact of metal-on-metal. Gaul responded angrily, backhanding Samael and knocking him spinning to the ground. But as Samael landed he lashed out; striking a kick against the inside of Gaul's knee that toppled the massive dragon and knocked him off his feet. Samael spun, whipping his feet through the air breakdanceing wind-mill style, and struck Gaul across the face twice. Gaul staggered back, and found himself staring down the barrel of Samael's shotguns. Two simultaneous blasts rang out, deafening him, and the heavy slugs slammed into his face and hurled him to the ground.

    "Freakin' amateur," Samael smirked, holstering the weapons. "Thinks he can take me? Please. Know how many Greymons I've buried? At least one. This'll make it at least tw-"

    "Wolf Claw!" a voice roared. Samael felt a searing pain slice through his back and he let out a roar of pain and anger. A second blow, likely a kick sent Samael spinning and crashing to the ground.

    "Took you long enough, Lucian," Gaul hissed as he rose.

    "Having trouble?" the wolf-man laughed. "No? War seems to be having fun." He glanced over to where the Horseman had more than a dozen Digimon at his mercy. "You're really having trouble with a couple of Greymon, a dragon, and a little demon?"

    "When you say it like that," Gaul growled. "Let's just kill them."


    Within Anatolia two figures walked the streets, not concerned with the sounds of battle ringing out. All of a sudden they struck. The black, star-shaped one drove his fists into buildings and Digimon alike, the fiery one lashed out with burning chains, setting the streets ablaze with pain and fear. In another part of the city, a mechanical man slowly made his way through a crowded market. The news of the fighting had yet to reach them, but it would soon.

    In the city hospital, cries of terror and fear echoed into the sky. Blood splattered across the walls as bodies sagged and dissipated into specks of data. Two burning red whips slashed across flesh, drawing more blood to fill the appetite of he who hungered for it.

    And in the shadows, Mephistopheles watched it all; each of his soldiers, each of the Peacemakers...and he wondered just how he might twist their efforts to his very whims. And he smirked. And the shadows shuddered.

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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    A state of confusion


    A shrill cry was cut off as another Digimon in the hospital was slain. Dracula turned to fix his piercing gaze upon his next victim. Grinning savagely, he tore his crimson whips into the flesh of another, bringing forth a scream of pain from its throat. More tortuous screams erupted from the room, and more blood splattered the walls and floor.

    The body of a bloodied Veedramon slumped to the floor at Dracula's feet. The Myotismon licked his lips hungrily, his menacing gaze resting on the crimson-splattered corpses surrounding him. Data rose up all around him in a cloud.

    And through that cloud, Dracula thought he saw a small shadow. The data soon cleared, revealing the Myotismon's next victim. His eyes narrowed, and a devilish smile formed on his lips. "Ah, you are one of the Peacemakers."

    Nocchi stood in the doorway, his hammer resting against his shoulder. The Puppetmon's eyes were fixed upon Dracula. "Yeah, and you're one o' the Mephistopanties' minions, right?" Nocchi lowered his hammer and grinned. "Well, guess what? You're about to be deader than a Palmon at a vegetarian convention!"

    "Enough chit-chat," Dracula said, smirking. He flung his black cape open and declared, "Grisly Wing!"

    A swath of bats swarmed around Nocchi, trapping him in a cloud of dark magic. But the Puppetmon wasn't so easily contained. He slammed the head of his hammer against the ground and released an explosion that caused the bats to dissipate. "Puppet Pummel!"

    Nocchi grinned wildly. "You'll have to do better than that, Toothy!"

    Two burning whips formed in the Myotismon's hands. "Gladly," he answered, and hurled his weapons at the Puppetmon. "Crimson Lightning!"

    Nocchi dodged the attack, just barely, and somersaulted towards a bed. Taking cover behind it, he shouted, mockingly, "You're in the wrong place, sir! With those teeth, you should've gone to see the dentist!"

    Another swing of his whips cut the bed in two. Nocchi was fortunate enough to have been on the far side of the bed, or he would have been split along with it. The Puppetmon leaped onto the bed's remains and launched a barrage of bullets in the Myotismon's direction.

    But Dracula wasn't there.

    He scarcely had time enough to turn around before Dracula's Crimson Lightning attack struck him from behind. The Puppetmon was sent careening across the hospital room and landed with a loud thud on the opposite side.

    Dracula stalked towards him, grinning. "Ah, that wasn't incredibly smart, was it? After all, you're facing the King of Vampires..."


    Sigma 018 wandered the marketplace of Anatolia. All around him, citizens were bustling by, visiting shops and such. The Andromon continued on his way until he reached the center of the market, where dozens of Digimon were gathered. He stood among them, silent.

    Then, without warning, he launched two Lightning Blade attacks into the surrounding crowd, killing several of them instantly. Screams of surprise and fear rose up all around Sigma 018, who simply continued his onslaught. Robotic hands spinning rapidly, the Andromon tore through the masses of innocents, splattering the ground, the stands, and other civilians in their blood.

    A Flamedramon and a Stingmon charged at him, but were both dispatched in one swift move. Sigma 018 was seemingly unstoppable.


    A Shawjamon emerged from among the fleeing market-goers, wading through them as he approached the Andromon. With a powerful leap, Sha was upon Sigma 018. "Jeez," he murmured, clutching his staff in both hands. "I leave the bar because things were getting out of hand...and now I find the marketplace going crazy!"

    The demon turned to Sigma 018. "You!" he yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the Andromon. "You're such a butt! Seriously, attacking innocent townspeople? That's ridiculous. If you're gonna attack least attack somebody who can fight back!"

    Sha grinned. " me."

    Sigma 018 studied Sha. He saw nothing out of the ordinary in the Shawjamon's appearance. The Andromon's gaze narrowed.

    "Gatling Missile!" he bellowed, releasing a pair of missiles from his chest. Sha hurled himself into the air, spinning around and whirling his weapon as he went. The Kouyoujou sliced through one of the missiles with its bladed side, and then destroyed the other with its blunt, heavy end.

    Sha landed nimbly directly in front of his opponent, and launched himself at the Andromon. Sigma 018 was immediately put on the defensive as Sha's sweeping kicks and whirling strikes struck at him. A forceful kick connected with the Andromon's stomach and sent him stumbling backwards several steps.

    But Sha wasn't finished. With a swing of his arm, he summoned a spray of ocean water that engulfed his robotic enemy. "Kouyoujou: Taki no Jin!"

    The amphibian grinned. "Cha-haw! Looks like you're all washed up!"

    "Lightning Blade!" spoke Sigma 018 from the blast of water.

    "Aw, dang it."


    Marcus was just about to blast his way through a wall when an earth-shaking vibration caught his attention. He glanced over at his SkullMeramon accomplice and asked, "Was that something headed our way, you think? Or was it just your stomach?"

    Damien, standing among searing blue flames and streams of the data of fallen Digimon flowing upward, cast a glare in the DarkSuperStarmon's direction. "Don't make me roast you, starfish."

    Marcus chuckled to himself, but was soon cut off by the same vibration as before. And this time it was if something enormous was stampeding towards them. A herd of Boarmon, perhaps? A Mammothmon or two?

    Nope, it was Gigas.

    The hulking HerculesKabuterimon charged down the street, horn lowered, like a rhinoceros on a rampage. Marcus and Damien weren't about to stand still. The two servants of Mephistopheles broke off in different directions, disappearing quickly into alleyways. Gigas tore his claws into the ground to make a ninety-degree turn into the alleyway in which the Ghostrider had disappeared.

    Meanwhile, Marcus found himself faced with Ivy, who donned the Digivolved form of a Rosemon. Cracking her whip, Ivy said, "You picked the wrong alley..."

    Marcus laughed and clenched his fists. "Oh, no. I think you did."

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    "Three-eyes," Gunnar spat, glancing over at Samael. "You get the wolf, me and my buddies can take the surly black giant here." He gestured to Gaul. Gunnar then turned to Bedivere. "You can help too, Beddy."

    The ShineGreymon looked over to the WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon, Sigurd and Ulik respectively. "How are you guys doin'? If you're too scared, I understand."

    "Bite me!" Sigurd shot back, putting on one of his Dramon Destroyers.

    Ulik brandished his own gauntlets. "He means I've found mine and he found one of his."

    "Great. Now we just need Tyr and Dhaz before the team's back together. Then we can kill these guys and I can wash the beer offa me."


    Tyr raced through the council hall's corridors before turning into the hall itself, which was where he remembered last having the Dramon Breaker. His face lit up upon seeing it resting against the wall, near where Bedivere and Tiwaz had argued. He began to run towards it, but a voice stopped him.

    "Koenig!" a booming voice called over.

    Tyr stumbled to a stop upon hearing his surname called and saw Hu Yuang the OuRyumon council member looking at him from his seat. Apparently they called him by the name "Koenig" because he could have been either Tyr or Tiwaz at that given moment.

    "Y-Yes, sir?" Tyr stammered, bowing his head slightly.

    "What's going on? I thought I heard an explosion," Hu Yuang said.

    The VictoryGreymon grabbed his Dramon Breaker and let it rest on his shoulder. "We're under attack! It's Mephistopheles. His men are attacking Anatolia! We're taking care of it," Tyr hastily told him as Pyra happened to be walking by.

    "What?!" the OwRyumon demanded.

    "I'm sorry; I have to go!" Tyr told him, running into the hallway.

    Pyra saw him run by her and she ran to catch up with him. "We're under attack?!"

    "Y-yeah! I dunno how many. All I saw was War and the BlackWarGreymon," he answered.

    Pyra growled. "Okay," she spoke. "Another city under attack... Is this the Siege all over again?"


    "Rise, Kheprius," War urged. "Rise and hate me. Hate this form. Hate the gods that never saved you and the heroes that never came. Hate your brother for leaving you, the angels for taking him away. All your hate is burning, Kheprius, and it chars your soul black. And makes me strong." He strode over to Khep without concern. "Can you imagine: an entire world filled with those like you. How powerful I will be then." Steam rose around War, though not from his skin; his body was so hot that the air around boiled away all the rain that came near.
    "B*stard... How do you know that stuff?!" Khep growled, glaring daggers at the Horseman. He felt several cracks running through his black armour from the merciless attack. The GrandisKuwagamon rose to his knees, his form wrought with fury. He stood to his feet and his eye burned with a bright crimson gleam, highlighted by War's raging inferno. "Just shut your damn mouth! You don't know anything about me."

    "Look how hot I burn just from the hate of two," War mused. "From just the hate of you and this form I wear. Oh how he hates me; more than you ever could. But it's no wonder then, is it?" He looked down to his hands. "I wish you could hear his screams, Kheprius. All that burning hot anger. It would please you immensely to hear him suffer so. For what greater torture for a god of war than to be a prisoner in his own body, to fight for his enemy in a battle he is certain to win. What better Hell for the god of war than to serve War completely?"

    Kheprius hissed and clenched his mildly singed fists. "You know what would please me more, you son of a b*tch? Killing you," he seethed.

    Just as Kheprius was about to charge him, War pulled a Lilamon to the ground and begun burning her. The GrandisKuwagamon halted in his tracks, eye wide with anger. War then created a ring of fire around the nearby group of terrified bystanders.

    "You hate this form; you hate this god, this Svarog. So now you are he. The same choice is yours. Tell me, Kheprius, who do you save? Which among these weak, miserable things is most worth your attention?" War asked, smirking.

    "You b*stard!" Kheprius shouted, looking between War, the Lilamon and the others. "Let them go, you fricking coward! Why are you doing this?!" he demanded, War's flames reflecting in his eye.

    "How many will you save?" War taunted, his eyes burning with fire. "Or will you ignore them all to save yourself and stop me."

    Flames then ripped into Kheprius' shoulder and then his thigh and then finally his knee, bringing him to the ground.

    "You had best make your decision soon," War laughed. His eyes flashed again and in the distance someone screamed for a moment before they were obliterated. "They don't have long."

    Kheprius looked upwards, staring at the hostages. He heard their screams. He saw their terror. And he felt their pain. All behind a wall of fire...

    He then turned to War and his anger flared up inside of him. War... Svarog... He wanted the Horseman dead. He would give anything to kill him. If he truly was the embodiment of war and carnage... Kheprius remembered the MetalTyrannomon ripping through his village, laughing as everybody he knew was obliterated by the heartless rampage that they had classified as "fun".

    "He's just like them..." Kheprius thought lividly. "If he's War, then he's the cause of it. He put that sadistic malice in their hearts. He drove them to attack it. He's the one that destroyed my village and made me this way!"

    As his heartbeat increased, the flames around War grew. "I need to kill him. He needs to die. Then maybe this world wouldn't be so..." Kheprius turned his gaze towards the Anatolian civilians. He cringed. "But if I leave them...

    The nostalgic feelings of fear and helplessness returned to him. He knew that they were feeling the exact same things that he did, back on that terrible day. Kheprius understood what they were thinking, just by looking at them. They were wondering if they or those they cared about would be killed. They were wishing they had the power to do something to stop this unstoppable force. And lastly, they were hoping that a hero would come and save them.

    And Kheprius was now that hero.

    "I have to," he whispered. "I'm not like Svarog. I'm not like Thor."

    The GrandisKuwagamon stood to his feet, smoke rising from his burning wounds. "I have this power; I'm not going to brush them aside. I have to try," he told himself resolutely. "I won't abandon them like I was abandoned. I can do this. I can save them... They need me to save them."

    He took a step forwards, his mind racing as he analyzed the situation. "First, I need to get War away from the Lilamon. I'll charge him and then fake him out by switching into GranKuwagamon. Then with my size advantage, I can knock him off of her, grab her, and then use Zone Black Hole. Then I can come out of the Zone Black Hole under the group on the left, get all of them in my arms, pincers and forelegs, and then Zone Black Hole them to safety. Then I can teleport back and get the others. Then it'll just be me and War. I will save them..."

    With a shout of effort, Kheprius exploded forward, clad in a shining light. As soon as he did so, War brought his foot down on the Lilamon's head, crushing her skull, not exactly out of malice, but to get better footing to brace himself from Kheprius' attack. The form of a GranKuwagamon emerged from the blight light of evolution. It was then when Kheprius saw the Lilamon's data rising up around War. His heart froze.

    With an enraged bellow, Kheprius slammed into him, locking his jagged pincers around War's chest, trying to cut him in half. War merely smirked as he was pushed back a few inches by the collision. He raised his burning hands and grabbed hold of Kheprius' horns. He stared into Khep's red eyes as he held the GranKuwagamon in place and his smirk grew wider...

    War's body exploded in a crushing eruption of flames and power. The inferno washed over both groups of the trapped bystanders, obliterating them instantly.

    "NO!" Kheprius howled, watching helplessly as those he tried to save were killed. The fire engulfed him, burning his hair and ripping at his exoskeleton. The sheer pressure of the explosion caused his pincers to open and his body to be thrown across the ground.

    He came to a stop and lay there for a moment, his form smouldering. Rain dropped down on his form, extinguishing the charred parts of his orange hair. His foreleg scratched at the ground, digging his claws into the ground to pull himself up.

    "I couldn't save them."

    The GranKuwagamon rolled onto his underbelly and scratched at the ground with his other foot.

    "I tried, but he... I was helpless to stop him...

    Kheprius weakly raised his head and looked at War, an insatiable fury in his red eyes.


    "...You..." he heaved, pulling himself upwards slowly.

    He stood on trembling legs as he glared at War. "You..." he hissed. His words were nearly primal in execution.

    "YOU'RE what's wrong with this world! You're the reason this world is so damn terrible, you prick!" he roared, shooting into the air. "It's your fault! Now DIE! Dimension Scissors! Dimension Scissors! Dimension Scissors Dimension Scissors!"

    Four blades of raging energy shot towards War one after another. War grinned and drew his fist back. "Corona Sanctions!" a blast of burning power ripped from War's fist and split the four arcs of energy down the middle.

    Kheprius was undeterred. "Zone Black Hole!" He disappeared into the fabric of space one second and appeared behind the Horseman the next.

    "Grand Death Screw!"

    He whirled into a merciless tornado and drilled towards War's back.
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    Power and force split the sky. Thunder tore the air. Lightning sundered the earth. The cataclysm fell upon the fire-goddess, it swept her up in a tempesting maelstrom of storm, rubble and pure destruction.

    The Omni Sword unleashed its force and Vritra was hurled aside like a rag doll, battered with a volley of lightning and rubble which then smashed her into the ground amidst the devastation wrought upon their surroundings. Blackness and whiteness filled her vision, alternating instants prior to each howling thunderclap. Each blinded her, and Conquest's triumph was howled into her ears by the thunder.

    Finally the barrage ended, and she lay among the ruins. Data atomized all around, winking away, the remnants of Conquest's innocent victims. But the goddess would not join them yet. With a snarl of anger and the pain stabbing through her like swords, she rose to one knee, armor chipped and battered by what Conquest had crushed her down with. All around, crackling came to her, the voices of fires ignited by the searing white-hot lances of the thunder-god's lightning.

    "Mite, am I?" she pronounced, rising and glaring death upon the Horseman. Her claws were unsheathed, hissing anticipantly as their edges glowed white-hot, her fire had not yet died. Embers began to dance around her as she listened. The crackling grew, it became a howling in her head. "Insignificant, am I?" Her eyes burned with anger and hate. The howling became a bloodthirsty, fierce roaring. All around, the fires seemed to lean towards her, casting light upon her form, flickering as if to lap at the goddess.

    She raised her hands, the white-hot glow of her claws meeting even as the embers began to cluster, coalescing into flame at a single, miniscule point between her hands. A spark glowed. "If I am so small... why can I give you this?" the goddess snarled, and then she howled.

    "Terra Force ZERO!"

    Flames sprang to her, the fires around tearing loose from their earth-bound fuel and gravitating to the goddess. She was embraced, wrapped lovingly in the inferno, before she brought it to her palms and sent the flames roaring at the Horseman. Conquest vanished into the flames, a white-hot maelstrom to rival any lightning storm in ferocity and howling might.

    Before the flames had even struck, Vritra had lit her vernier boosters and tore forwards swathed in the flames. "Dragon Crusher!" She ripped into Conquest, slicing into him with savage tearing blows of her claws. His sword met each, again and again, sparks flying for an instant before the inferno consumed them. His guard never fell, even though they fought in the heart of a swirling vortex of flames, Vritra bringing the fires around them like a writhing tornado.

    Undisturbed, Conquest tore open the draconic maw upon his chestplate and dark power began to coalesce within, before the Horseman spoke. "Giga Crusher!" Even as his sword moved to batter Vritra's claws aside, the sphere of dark matter building within the maw exploded forth and struck the goddess. The following explosion utterly ripped apart Vritra's storm of flames, gutting it and scattering the embers to the four winds. Vritra was hurled bodily away by the cataclysmic force, even as Conquest stood firm, gazing down at her patronizingly, a king scornful of an opponent nowhere near his equal.

    Before Vritra could recover, Conquest had raised his arm and power shimmered within the bracer-mounted positron cannon now aimed. "Positron Laser." A bolt of destructive positrons ripped from the cannon's maw and lashed into her, detonating and tossing her away again. The vengeful goddess rose, and Conquest was upon her, a blade of terrible light forming upon his claw-adorned left bracer to tear across her. "Imperial Claw." The slash laid open her upper arm, sending crimson tears down orange flesh, but a blast of flames ripped over the wound and instantly cauterized it. "Imperial Kick."

    Conquest's clawed foot hammered into her gut and knocked her staggering back, before the Horseman brought up his other arm, the positron cannon charging instantly. "Positron Laser!" The destructive bolt lanced into the goddess and consumed her in an explosive blast of force even as a thunderclap boomed...

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    "So, what exactly was so important that you had to drag me away from a bar trip?" Justin asked after a short while of walking.

    The SuperStarmon had been tagging along with Duo for a little while now, and the two of them were still checking back alleys and side streets.

    Duo checked another alley and sighed. "I'm trying to find an old friend of mine, a Taomon named Saria. She should be running a mystic shop somewhere in the city, I just need to find it."

    "Wouldn't it be easier to just ask someone?" Justin asked.

    The Gaiomon sighed again. "I suppose so, but I don't know the name. I'll recognize the place by the sign, there'll be a special mark on it."

    Justin crossed his arms. "Un huh. But why'd I have to tag along."

    A strange expression came over Duo's face, and Justin practically grinned when he realized it was nervousness. "Oh, that's why. But what about Lucia? I thought you two were getting pretty serious."

    "No, no, its not like that, its just... This is something that I need some back-up for. Saria's been hiding something from me. She had a private word with Trowa just before he left. Its not like him to just dissapear like that, but it is her nature to keep things hidden from everyone. I need to know what is so important to her that she'd send Trowa off without telling anyone, without telling me. She's been keeping secrets for too long."

    Justin nodded slowly as they walked along. "So, I take it you have some kinda history with this chick?"

    Before Duo could answer though, a loud series of crashes erupted through the city. Screams began to echo from several directions as flames and thunder lit up the sky with flashes. The city was falling into chaos, it was like Avalon all over again.

    Duo and Justin looked at each other before sharing a nod and darting off towards the closest source of destruction. "What the heck is going on?" Justin asked as they ran.

    "I think Loki's plan worked." Duo answered between breaths, "I just didn't think they would attack the city flat out like this. Its like a repeat of the siege."

    "Dang, so this is what that was like huh? In that case, we've gotta..." Justin's eyes caught a familiar golden hulk darting down another street and he stopped in his tracks. "Duo! I just caught sight of Gigas. Let's meet up, the more heroes the better beat down we can dish out."

    "For once, you've got a good idea." Duo said as they turned and headed towards the other alleyway.

    The two arrived at the street to find it empty, but it was easy to see that Gigas had disappeared down one of the alleyways. The crack of a whip from the other signaled a possible second fight. Justin however had spotted his prey the second he looked down the second alley.

    "Duo, go help Gigas, I just found my opponent." he said.

    Duo nodded. "You got it."

    Justin turned and charged down the alley, coming up to stand beside Ivy. He glared at Marcus from behind his shades and pointed one gloved fist at his nemesis. "If you think I'm gonna let you pick a fight with a lady, you're dead wrong you dark copy of myself."

    He turned to Ivy, "Not that you need my assistance madam, but a hero must battle injustice after all."

    Marcus just straightened his shades. "Oh, so its the justice freak again. Hehe, this is gonna be fun."

    Meanwhile, Duo had entered the other alleyway, where he was forced to leap up onto the roof tops just to get beside Gigas safely.

    "Gigas!" he called. "I'm here to back you up, lets show this guy what we've got!"


    Lucia was walking alone through the streets when the fighting started. For a moment, she had flashbacks of the siege, then visions of her homeland's destruction began to fill her head. She was not going to let that happen here, not if she could do anything to stop it. But a flash of thunder ended that line of thought with a crack.

    She looked up, to where Vitra was charging the one known as Conquest. The one who had taken Thor's body, and the one who had ended her Kingdom. Hatred and rage began to boil in her veins. Wither or not that monstrosity was still in Thor's body made no difference to her. The fact remained that its actions could never be forgiven. Conquest was her target, and she was not going to let him go this time.

    Lucia gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on her sword, her hands gripped so tightly, her knuckles had gone white. She took off towards the aerial battle as fast as her legs would carry her, rage blinding her thoughts. She would get to that monster, even if she had to toss Vritra off of him herself.


    The Hospital was a practical house of horrors now. Blood stained the walls, claw marks and carnage tore the place to shreds. It was a disaster, a disaster caused by one man, the one called Dracula.

    And that vampire was currently battling a familiar looking Puppetmon, the Peacemaker called Nocchi. And so far, it looked like Dracula had the upper hand.

    Dracula stalked towards him, grinning. "Ah, that wasn't incredibly smart, was it? After all, you're facing the King of Vampires..."
    "Thousand Spells!"

    Out of nowhere, a cloud of red paper spell tags erupted around the Myotismon. The tags detonated with a bang, but Dracula had already darted out of the could and escaped the attack.

    "What's this?" he said.

    "You're the "King of Vampires" right?" asked the Taomon as she stepped out of the hall. "Who better to take out a vampire than a shrine maiden?"

    "You talk big," Dracula grinned. "Lets see if you can back it up. Crimson Lighting!"

    Saria jumped out of the way, flipping over the first whip and making it far enough away from the second to avoid harm. She landed smoothly beside the Puppetmon where she turned to him. "I'm here to help, we can introduce ourselves later."
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    War laughed, even as Khep's pincers tore into him and sent him flying. He spun around in midair and clenched his fists as Khep continued to plow towards him. They lit with fire and he met Khep's attack head-on, striking with the power of his Mugen Hadou. The continuous barrage of punches met Khep's spinning attack with equal force, and sent the two combatants rolling away from one another.

    "I am what's wrong with this world?" War chuckled, readying his fists again. "You really think killing me will bring peace? What a truly childish notion, to end all war, and by killing, no less! Your kind's viciousness made me, not the other way around. I came into being the first time one of your ancient ancestors picked up a rock and bashed another over the head. And I will continue to be so long as that urge still persists within you." He clasped his hand together and fire washed out over Khep, hurling him back.

    "Corona Sanctions!" War hurled himself into the air, splitting the sky in a brilliant arc of fire and tearing back down towards the GranKuwagamon. Khep was fast enough to open up a dimensional rip and avoid the blow, but War's fire ripped outwards and swathed the area in flame. Screams of agony sliced through the air as the innocent bystanders were caught in the inferno.

    A second opening appeared below War and Khep roared forth, he grabbed War around the waist and tore skyward. War grasped the pincers, holding them from cutting too deeply. He watched as the ground below shrank away and he was carried higher and higher. They burst through the storm clouds gathered by Conquest, snarling as lightning coursed through them and they were battered by hail and whipping winds. With a roar, they emerged into the clear blue, and War was hurled across the sky.

    "Clever, Kheprius," War mused, floating closer to the Peacemaker. "You bring me up here to protect the innocent Digimon around us, or perhaps even to limit the power they feed me. Very clever indeed." He laughed. "However, this body belongs to a sun god, and up here we can see the sun." He raised his hands over his head and his body began to glow; then even the sun seemed to become brighter. "And I can do things poor little Svarog could only dream of, and things he would never dare to."

    The sun roared with burning power, and War's body burst with super-hot light as he became a conduit for the pure, unfettered solar energy above them. His smirk, however, outshone anything. He was enjoying this.

    "A new dilemma stands before you, but the choice again is yours," War declared. He glanced down to the storm, peering through the swirling mass of clouds to the city below. "Submit now--lay down your life--and no harm will befall those of us below. Continue to fight me, and hundreds will die by this power I hold. Choose, Kheprius, and choose wisely."


    Conquest watched Vritra fall to the ground, and he slowly descended after her. Overhead the lightning cracked the sky, and Conquest felt the storm pulse through his very bones. Thor's form was more than he could have ever hoped for. What better physical embodiment of conquest than an unfettered storm sweeping over the world?

    He raised the White Sword and turned its edge down towards Vritra's neck. He drew back his arm and thrust the blade forward, but found it stopped just centimeters from stabbing through Vritra. The Horseman King struggled against whatever force held his arm at bay with all of his substantial might, but he could not force the sword to deal the killing cut.

    "Strange," he mused. "It seems this blade is not without a will of its own, and it will not allow me to kill you with its edge. No matter. The power is still mine, and there are other, more satisfying ways to take a life." He lashed out, booting Vritra in the chest and knocking her over the ground. "Much more satisfying."

    He glanced to his right and looked on with mild amusement as Lucia charged towards him. He searched Thor's memories and smirked as her identity became known. The former Chessmon wanted vengeance, that much was certain. But she would find only agony and defeat.

    Conquest turned to face her, sweeping his wing out as he did. The gust of wind that resulted picked Lucia off her feet and hurled her back, smashing her into the side of a building. Conquest laughed despite himself; he hadn't intended to throw her back, merely halt her charge; and he had no idea it would look so funny.

    "You're as small as this one," he said, motioning to Vritra. "Or maybe even smaller." He turned and strode towards Lucia, dragging the tip of the White Sword over the stone ground, throwing up sparks in his wake. "What hope do you have against the Horseman King?" He ripped upwards with the sword, sending a jagged arc of energy ripping through the air and over the ground towards Lucia.

    "Or perhaps you wish for me to reunite you with the rest of your Chessmon," Conquest said, his voice flat and unemotional. "That can be arranged."


    From the shadows, Mephistopheles continued to watch. The plight of the Peacemakers set his teeth on edge and sent chills down his spine; he loved their suffering, he loved watching them squirm. But in the darkness, Mephistopheles sensed he wasn't alone; someone else occupied the shadows of Anatolia, and Mephistopheles was now curious. He flooded his essence through the shadows, searching out the other. And there in the darkness he found him.

    "Greetings, fellow traveler," Mephistopheles said with a mock bow as he "stood" before Cresil. "I wonder just what you have to gain by working with these Peacemakers. Perhaps you and I might come to some agreement that makes your time with them more...interesting."

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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    Something wrapped in fire came screaming across the earth and plowed right into Conquest, howling and burning as its claws ripped across the Horseman's body. Vritra attacked savagely, tearing into the Horseman with all her strength and fury.

    "You think you're so strong?" she snarled, even as she drove her claws into the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's shoulder. "You think you can surpass me?" She brutally ripped her claws free, sending blood splattering aside to burn to vapor in the flames surrounding her body in their white-hot embrace. "Before your very concept was even dreamt about, storm-god, I burned this earth! Whole countries made desert! The air itself seared dry!"

    Fire clustered into her palm and she hammered a burning fist into Conquest's face, unleashing a searing torrent which screamed across his armored flesh. "Vritra is my name, and the whole world trembled at its mention!" Her eyes burned red and hellish hot as she spoke. "So, you, 'Horseman King', Conquest, do not preach yourself to me! I made Digimon tremble long before your notion was ever given form!" Her claws tore free and sparked against Conquest's armor brutally. "Before your storms were there, my drought had the world by the throat!" She ignited her vernier boosters and drove Conquest into a building, hammering him through a wall and into the burning expanse. Breaking free, she hurled the Horseman back and stood amidst the fires, soaking them into her form.

    Thunder boomed, and Conquest raised the Omni Sword. A hail of destructive lightning bolts flashed as one and bored down right on top of Vritra, a hammer of radiance and force which crushed the goddess down and whited out her vision...


    Swathed in fire, Bedivere tore into Gaul. His swords ripped right across the BlackWarGreymon, unleashing screaming bursts of flame that lashed across the armored giant and hurled him back into the rubble of the bar. Still the juggernaut rose, readying his Dramon Destroyers.

    "Damn it... enough," Bedivere snarled, banishing his swords. He thrust one hand up to the sky, and a sphere of coruscating emerald and sapphire formed into his grip, casting rays across his body which burned into ruby red, coating his form in blinding, blood-red radiance...

    "Exalted Evolution! Examon!"

    The colossal form of the dragon emperor emerged, raising his lance towards Gaul. Beating down his wings, Bedivere took flight, the downdraft stirring up clouds of dust which billowed out around the lower legs of the combatants all around.

    "Pendragon's Glory!" he called, unleashing a barrage of shells from the Ambrosius that detonated around Gaul, wrapping the BlackWarGreymon in fire and ice...

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    He turned to Ivy, "Not that you need my assistance madam, but a hero must battle injustice after all."
    Ivy smiled and bowed gracefully to Justin. "I gladly accept your help, friend." Then, turning to their opponent, she said, "Now, let's finish this minion of darkness...Rose Rapier!"

    The Rosemon's whip lashed out at her opponent, who dodged in the nick of time. The weapon speared itself into an alley wall, leaving a deep gouge in the brick. Smirking, Ivy brought her weapon back and rushed at Marcus. She lunged forward, bringing her whip down on the DarkSuperStarmon, and exclaimed, "Thorn Whip!"

    This time, the attack met its mark, and Marcus was struck across the face with Ivy's whip of thorns. The minion of Mephistopheles staggered back, cursing under his breath. But Ivy didn't give him a chance to collect himself. Glowing bright pink, the Rosemon shouted, "Forbidden Temptation!"

    A pink aura filled the air and petals showered all around. While it lacked the appearance of strength, the attack sent Marcus flying backwards and into the opposite wall. As Ivy's attack faded, the DarkSuperStarmon slumped to the ground, his sunglasses cracked.

    Ivy's lips formed into a smile. But the smile quickly became a frown when Marcus rose to his feet chuckling. "My turn," he growled, and shot forward with a vengeance. His fist pummeled Ivy in the stomach, sending her staggering backwards. The DarkSuperStarmon followed up with a punch to her face and then another to her gut. He spun around and thrust his elbow into her throat mercilessly.

    With a gargled cry, Ivy crumpled to the ground in throbbing pain, gasping for air. Marcus stood over her and looked at Justin expectantly.


    "Gigas!" he called. "I'm here to back you up, lets show this guy what we've got!"
    "Much obliged, Duo!" Gigas called to the Gaiomon, just as he sent Damien hurtling into a wall. The two large Digimon had already torn the alley apart in mere moments. His horn crackling with electricity, Gigas thundered, "Mega Electro Shocker!"

    The explosion lit up the dark alleyway and quickly consumed it in a flurry of smoke and debris. Damien Ghostrider rose to his feet, his body cloaked in blue flame, and roared, "Metal Fireball!"

    A stream of blue fire engulfed Gigas and Duo, sending the two Mega levels stumbling backwards. Gigas regained his balance and lowered his horn for a charge. Roaring, the massive insect drove his huge head into the SkullMeramon's middle. Damien skidded backwards several yards, and finally came to a stop, gripping Gigas' horn in his bare hands. With a grunt, he whirled around, swinging Gigas by the horn as he went. The huge HerculesKabuterimon crashed into an already-destroyed wall.

    Brushing his hands together, the Ghostrider turned to Duo.

    But a shadow arose behind him, looming ominously over the SkullMeramon's frame. Turning around, Damien found Gigas, now HerculesKabuterimon X, cracking his knuckles. "Hohoho! You're gonna wish you hadn't done that!"


    Saria jumped out of the way, flipping over the first whip and making it far enough away from the second to avoid harm. She landed smoothly beside the Puppetmon where she turned to him. "I'm here to help, we can introduce ourselves later."
    Nocchi scowled. "If I wanted yer help, I'd ask for it!"

    With that, the Puppetmon charged at Dracula, swinging his hammer wildly at the vampire. Dracula sidestepped Nocchi's first swing and cracked his whip against the puppet before he could try another. Nocchi hit the ground hard and his hammer skidded away from him. "Nyaaaah! Help! HELP!"

    "Crimson Lightning!" Dracula sneered, but his attack was cut off when he suddenly found that his arms were still hanging at his sides. He couldn't budge them.

    Nocchi grinned and sat up. Raising his hands to reveal his strings, the Puppetmon exclaimed, "Just kidding!"

    Swinging his arms downward, Nocchi brought Dracula to his knees and leaped onto the Myotismon's head. Nocchi chuckled maniacally and hopped off the
    Vampire King's cranium to get his hammer, releasing his hold on him. When Dracula felt feeling return to his arms, he rolled over to stand...but Nocchi had already gotten his hammer back.

    "Not so fast! Puppet Pummel!" Nocchi brought his hammer down on the Myotismon's midsection, crushing the Vampire King's stomach. As Nocchi readied another swing (cackling insanely, more than likely), Dracula rose to his feet and snarled.

    But before he could do anything more, Nocchi sweeped him off his feet with a swing of his hammer. The Myotismon fell to the ground in a heap. Nocchi, grinning, exclaimed, "So, Tepes, can I call you 'T.P.'? For 'Tooth Paste'? I mean, come on, your whole life revolves around those teeth o' yours!"

    Dracula's eyes grew bloodshot. He bared his fangs and tried to rise again, but Nocchi slammed him back to the ground. "Nyahahahahaha! I like you better down there! Below me, Vampire King!"

    Dracula lay motionless for a moment. Then he broke into a fit of coughing. Blood poured freely from his mouth, forming a pool of crimson right below his face. "Blood..." Dracula whispered, shaking. "My blood..."

    The Vampire King's whole body began to spasm. It contorted and transformed, growing more hideous and monstrous. It grew larger, much larger. What was once his cape, now his wings, spread menacingly. Dracula had become VenomMyotismon. His feral gaze fixed upon Nocchi and he laughed.

    Nocchi's grin slowly faded, leaving a horrific expression on the Puppetmon's face. "'re not supposed to do that!"


    Sha and Sigma 018 clashed in the now-empty marketplace. The Andromon, superior in strength, send Sha careening into an abandoned fruit stand. The Shawjamon emerged with a watermelon stuck on his head, though this did not deter him. If it had not been so heavy, he wouldn't have even noticed it...for he always fought with his eyes concealed anyway.

    So now, watermelon-on-head, Sha returned to his duel with Sigma 018. The Andromon launched two missiles at the Shawjamon, who leaped to the right to avoid one, and then agilely front-flipped over the other. With his staff in hand, he lashed out at his opponent, who blocked the attack with his forearm.

    Sha hopped back a step and crouched low to the ground. Grinning beneath the watermelon, he said in a muffled voice, "Cha-haw! You're pretty good! But not good enough, Tinmon!"

    With that, the demon hurled himself at Sigma 018 again, pummeling the android in the chest and stomach with a two-footed-sideways-kick that sent him stumbling backwards. Sha landed on his left hand and used it to propel himself into the air again. This time, Sha back-flipped to avoid Sigma 018's Lightning Blade counterattack. He landed nimbly several feet away and charged at the Andromon again.

    The two Digimon met a moment later, and Sigma 018 managed to grab hold of Sha's staff. Forcing it down, the Andromon thrust his fist in Sha's face, knocking the Shawjamon backwards. The blow destroyed the watermelon that had previously encased Sha's head, and now left him with red juice and seeds dripping down his face.

    Sha spat a seed at Sigma 018's head and licked his lips. "Mmmm. Watermelony."

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    Hira opened his eyes, his body a bit stiff after having the bar fall down on him. The tiger picked himself up, timber falling off his body as he did so. Giving his head a little shake, Hira froze, seeing Gaul and War. Immediately anger surged through his body, those two monsters were aligned with Mephistopheles, and he had mutilated the Sovereigns.

    "They will be avenged," he growled, pouncing out of the Bar's ruins. "Mihiramon DIGIVOLVE INTO SaberLeomon!"

    He let out vicious roar once the digivolution had been completed. He stared at War, intent on attacking him when Khep disappeared with the god.

    "What?" the lion asked himself before he saw something brightly shining in the sky. "What is that?"

    Hira wasn't sure what was up in the sky, but he braced himself and was ready to unleash an Infinity Arrow, the moment that War was back down on the ground.


    Power! There is power!

    Kole felt it the same time that the voice did. He looked around, trying to sense where it was coming from.

    It is this way. I know where the power is.

    Realising that there was something happening, Kole decided to take the voice's lead. He ran out onto the streets, and saw something glowing in the sky.

    There is is! Quick, go!

    The Piedmon didn't feel to comfortable with the idea of going up the glowing thing, but he knew that whatever was up there was going to be strong and he figured that he may have a chance at stopping it. He started to levitate himself up, his body changing as he did so. With no need for his old chant, Kole digivolved, feeling the rush of energy that his Apocalymon form always gave him. Continuing to rise, Kole was shocked to see War, and Khep who didn't appear to be in the best of situations.

    "Hey hotstuff!" he yelled, a smirk appearing on his face. "Why don't you pick on someone who is a little less flammable! Total Annihilation!"

    (I will post what's going on with Tia a little later.)

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    Still a bit drowsy, Galic regarded the exhausted and panicked looking Digimon, both nomads that he had seen from time to time, in front of him with curiosity. He wondered what in the world they would come to him so early in the morning looking so much like they had seen ghosts with chainsaws about to kill them. ‘I hope that thought is far from being correct, although I am beginning to doubt it,’ he mentally thought with a grimace.

    “Who’s making all that racket so early in the morning!?” came Shoon’s voice from another room. The Mamemon X appeared, stretching his arms and yawning audibly. “And why? ‘Cause I’m still sleepy!”

    “Yes, I’d very much like to know as well. Would either of you care to enlighten me?” Galic asked the Grizzmon and Dinohumon in front of him.

    “We’re getting attacked!” the Dinohumon said with wide, terrified eyes.

    “By a couple of crazy strong digimon!” the Grizzmon added, fear tainting his voice.

    “And Thor too!” the Dinohumon told him with a visible shiver.

    Galic’s mental processes quickly sped up, taking the tone of voice that commanded respect and outright answers. “Where? And are there any others?”

    “Th-there are explosions all around the city!” the Grizzmon supplied, looking behind him at Anatolia.

    “And we saw a couple of people already disintegrating into data,” the Dinohumon said bitterly.

    Galic’s eyes narrowed. “We need to-“

    “Find those bad guys and teach them a lesson!” Shoon butted in, standing beside Galic with a confident front. “We can’t let them get away with this!”

    “Quite, but we need to prioritize the safety of the citizens first!” he told his apprentice and turned to the two nomads in front of him. “I need you two to alert the elders and to gather as many able bodied and willing in the settlement to find and bring them to safety!”

    The two nomads looked unsure and doubtful, clearly terrified of the thought of having to go back inside Anatolia again. The MachGaogamon saw that as if they were clothes being worn on their shoulders.

    “The people of Avalon had to suffer a siege within the last year, and they a large number of loved ones. We nomads played a significant role in having that number not any higher than it would’ve been. Now, more digimon need a helping hand again, and if we don’t lend it, then they are going to lose a lot more than their homes. Maybe a lot more than the Avalonians,” Galic said in a level tone. “If you are fine with that, then go hide! I’ll find someone else that’s more than willing to help!”

    “W-we’ll do it,” the Dinohumon said with a bit of hesitancy.

    Galic nodded. “Then we need someone to alert the council if no one has done that yet and quickly escort them out. The city lost their leaders in the last siege. Odin knows what’ll happen if that’ll happen the second time in a year.”

    The two champion-level nomads nodded and quickly ran into the other parts of the settlement, their voices loud as they passed the information they had given Galic, as well as their pleas of help.

    The MachGaogamon then nodded to himself, before quickly grabbing onto Shoon’s sash as he tried to run out of the room. “And where do you think you’re going?” he asked the Mamemon X.

    “I have to go out there and help!” Shoon said, not moving at all despite his feet flurrying.

    “No you are not! You are staying here where it’s safe!” Galic told the young Digimon, his good hand gripping tighter.

    “No, I won’t!” Shoon shouted, surprising Galic. That was the first time that the Mamemon X had ever went against his orders so vehemently. Nonetheless, he opened his mouth again.

    “Yes, you are! It’s too dangerous out th-“

    “I CAN’T!” Shoon exclaimed. “I saw what Thor did to the Chessmon Kingdom! I still remember all that destruction! How helpless I was! And I don’t want that to ever happen again with out at least trying to stop it!”


    “I’m a Peacemaker now! You let me go with them for a reason, and it’s a good one! I can’t let you down! I can’t let them down! I can’t let myself down! If I’m going to be a hero someday, then I need something to do that’s worthy of being called one! And it’s not hiding while everyone else is risking their lives when everything looks dangerous!”

    Shoon had suddenly stopped running in his declarations. He was clenching his fists rightly and shuddering strongly with hard, long breaths. With what emotion, Galic couldn’t tell. He had never seen this side of Shoon before.

    Galic then let go of Shoon’s sash. Shoon muttered a short and quick thank you and then started to run towards the city, his mind already churning with plans and strategies. He then stopped and turned to Galic, a confident smile on his face, and then he turned back, sprinting at full speed.

    The MachGaogamon stared at him, trying not to ignore he vague and blurry image of a black quadruped giving him the same smile and running towards the unknown future.

    He sighed and walked out of his home. He stretched his good arm and cocked his head to the side so that his neck popped. He then opened his eyes. He needed to find bandages.

    He was not going to let the Peacemakers handle this on their own.


    "Ae-Aeria? You should get up," he said nervously.
    Aeria woke up with a small start. Her eyes opened, still fogged with sleep and not entirely understanding what was going on or who was suddenly shaking her shoulder. She was about to ask for a few more minutes of sleep - sleep that she desperately needed.

    "It's not safe here. Some of Mephistopheles' guys attacked the bar. I have to go get my sword."
    And all of the sudden, her drowsiness disappeared. It was the two words that quickly alerted her senses: “Mephistopheles” and “attacked”. She quickly pulled herself up and rubbed the back of her palms at her eyes, rubbing away the last semblance of sleep that had begun to lift.

    “W-what?” she asked, trying to make sure that she had heard right. Her voice, however, was too low for Tyr to notice.

    He looked down at her. "Try to be safe, okay? I'll be right back."
    Aeria had finally opened her eyes, only to see Tyr setting off to the sky, rushing to the castle. That was enough confirmation of her fears, and she quickly stood up. It was then that she noticed that she was getting wet from a rain that was bizarre in the ironically sunny and bright morning. It was definitely not going to be a bright day.

    She quickly jerked her head at the sound of a nearby explosion, which was then followed by the sight of haggard looking Digimon, young and old, running erratically away from one direction.

    The WarGreymon bit her lip and winced tightly. She clenched her fists. She was scared. This reminded her so much of what had happened the last time a place had been attacked out of without warning, and she had regained only a portion of her energy from her left-much-to-be-desired sleep. She was most likely not going to be beating anyone in her condition. And then opened her eyes.

    “Just because I’m scared…doesn’t mean I can’t do anything,” she told herself, trying to muster up courage, as she looked up to the explosion-filled section of the city. She took to the sky, fighting against the instinct that was telling her to go the other way.

    She might have to apologize to Tyr; she definitely wasn’t going to be any form of safe where she was going.

    Aeria’s flight was short, however, when she spotted a monstrous form appear in one of the streets. She halted in midair in shock, and the urge to run grew stronger. She almost gave in were it not for the sight of two Digimon fighting the creature. She recognized one of them, although she didn’t know him personally.

    The WarGreymon quickly flew at the back of the creature where she couldn’t be seen, gathering miniature spheres of fire grew and blazed in her palms. Her miniature Terra Force were only possible due to her unique ability to precisely control her energy with incredible accuracy. It defined her ability to control two Terra Force spheres in each hand, albeit at a significantly lower power. However, this also meant that she could afford to use the attack in places where she couldn’t afford to cause a lot of destruction.

    “Get away from them!” yelled out at the VenomMyotismon.

    Terra Force!” she yelled, firing off the two spheres double the size of her fists towards the back of the monster of a Digimon.

    The VenomMyotismon turned to his back just in time for the two spheres to collide with his body. The attack created a blast of fire that turned into a large of smoke. Then from the smoke came two long, crimson claws, Tepes following with a screech that would have put a Harpymon to shame. “How dare you-“

    Brave Tornado!”

    Tepes quickly jerked his body away, avoiding getting impaled by the rotating drill that Aeria had created from her rapidly spinning body. She continued her attack, but stopped before reaching the ground, somersaulting and landing on her feet. She looked up at Tepes with a bit lip and wide eyes. Sucking up her fear, she turned to the two beside her, a Puppetmon that she vaguely remembered as Pinocchio and an unfamiliar Taomon.

    “P-please! Let me help!” she plead to them despite her fear.

    “More fresh blood to make up for the amount I lost,” Tepes interrupted, his towering body menacing and malicious as he glared at them. “Nightmare Claw!”


    “Hey, you!” a voice called out to Lucian. The black furred wolfman turned his head, and then quickly stepped to the side to avoid getting his face hit by a beer mug. He glared at the thrower.

    Scharlach grinned, his sword in his hand, as he regarded the other wolfman with almost a lighthearted grin. “This place ain’t big enough for two ShadowWereGarurumons,” he said brandishing his weapon in front of him.

    Lucian raised an eyebrow. “Let me guess. You’re gonna be the one to drive me out?” he mocked, readying his claws.

    “Gee, and here I thought you weren’t that smart!” Scar replied as he hopped on top of the wooden table in front of him. “Unless you’re gonna get smart and run like the copycat ya are!”

    “We’ll see who’s gonna run!” Lucian growled as he dashed at the other ShadowWereGarurumon, his claws and teeth bared. Scar grinned in reply.

    En garde!” he said as he readied his weapon just in time to catch Lucian’s claws. He then stomped his leg nearest to the edge of the table, shifting his center of gravity so that all of it was to the side and using the force from the momentum of Lucian’s attack to his advantage. The table tilted over quickly, sending Lucian flying into the air.

    Scar jumped off of the table and kept his eyes trained on his body double as he spun in midair and landed with all fours on the ground. Lucian then turned to him and kicked a nearby chair at Scar.

    “Come on, I’m a swordsman! I could slice that in ha- okay, that’s harder!” Scar said as he jumped and rolled to his side to avoid the flaming chair, which Lucian had spat a Fox Fire at before it could reach Scharlach.

    Scar had to give a curse when the chair slammed into the wooden wall of the bar and lit it ablaze. “Didn’t you hear what the demon guy said,” Scar asked Lucian as he thumbed at Samael. “Bust up the bar; get killed by him.”

    Scar then gave a wide grin. “Course, this wouldn’t be as fun if the risk factor wasn’t amped up!”


    Cresil didn’t bother watching out for himself, still looking at the actions of the Peacemakers through the shadow’s views, hearing the bantering and war cries, listening for the information that he knew he could possible use against them. He knew that Mephistopheles was there, and he knew that the Mephistomon had been coming ever since he found him. Mephistopheles’ power was simply too large, too vast to not notice, let alone ignore.

    He then noticed that the Mephistomon had appeared in front of him, much much faster than he had thought the goat-headed Digimon would have arrived. Of course, Mephistopheles did not really appear before him; the Astamon could only barely make out the body of the one that had caused so much mayhem in the past few days. The figure he saw was vague, visible only due to the darker colorations and slight outline, and most especially due to Cresil’s eyesight that was attuned to darkness.

    "Greetings, fellow traveler," Mephistopheles said with a mock bow as he "stood" before Cresil. "I wonder just what you have to gain by working with these Peacemakers. Perhaps you and I might come to some agreement that makes your time with them more...interesting."
    Cresil grinned his sly grin. “Mephistopheles, I presume?” he asked despite already knowing the answer. He returned the bow with as much mockery, if not more than, that Mephistopheles did in his own. “Cresil Vaynard deis Los-Norgaine, resident of the Inferno until just months ago” he introduced himself.

    “It really is disappointing that we could not meet the time you resurrecting Nekron. But a fantastic sight it was, really. I laud you for such a grandiose show,” Cresil continued, raising his hands to his side as a gesture of praise.

    “As for why I travel with these misfits, it is for the sheer exhilaration I get when I mess with them! I’m sure you can understand. Pushing their buttons, playing them with words, watching them do exactly as you had planned, and then seeing all the…amusing things that they do. Grief and anger really are festive emotions, are they not?” Cresil mused as he watched Kheprius battle with himself through another of the views of the shadow realm.

    He turned back to Mephistopheles’ unclear visage. “I would very much like to hear about your plan, Mephistopheles. Michael is quite…naďve, to think that I would care for his mission any more than I care for the gaggle of sitting hens that I took care of for the last six months. If you can make things more interesting for me, then I dare say that you might have yourself an ally, though I must say that we cannot have any agreements. I know better than to make one with a demon,” he said with a knowing grin. “Show yourself to me, and it shall be done, Mephistopheles.”

    And then the Mephistomon appeared before him, looking very much like Cresil expected. The only thing he didn’t expect was the sudden attack of antagonistic feelings that begun to form in him as he looked upon the other demon.

    “I believe this is going to be a very interesting partnership,” Mephistopheles said as he gave Cresil a scrutinizing look. Only Cresil’s smirk had disappeared from his face.

    “Partnership terminated, goat,” Cresil suddenly said, raising Oro Salmon towards the Mephistomon, whose disposition turned defensive. “Hellfire.”

    The bullets suddenly shot from Cresil’s machine gun at incredible speed, and Mephistopheles, having less than a second to prepare, had to jump backwards into one of the exits of the shadow realm. He landed into the daylight, and he waved a hand to create a barrier that deflected the bullets in various directions.

    Cresil then came out of the shadows, his gun still pointing at the goat demon. He looked at him blandly. “You didn’t do your homework, goat. My bullets never miss,” he told the other demon.

    As he said, the bullets suddenly swerved, changing their trajectory and turned back to Mephistopheles, who closed his eyes. He then opened them, a strange energy radiating from his body that disintegrated the bullets before they could even reach his body. “I assumed that you would have taken the deal. You seemed so eager moments before.”

    The Astamon gave him a sadistic grin. “Number one rule among us demons: Don’t trust other demons. Plus, I just suddenly hate your guts. Hellfire!”

    And then he started shooting a rain of bullets at Mephistopheles, letting his weapon sweep around, knowing that they’d change in direction soon enough.
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    There are stories made from the imagination. There are stories born from experience.
    There are stories told because of a need to be filled. There are stories that simply need to be told.
    This is one of them.

    “Maybe there really is a method to his madness…or maybe he’s just plain insane."
    Chapter 3: Act III is out and posted!

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    No sooner had Ivy hit the ground than Justin took off from his spot like a golden flash. He quickly closed the distance and his fist met Marucs' with a crash. Justin went for a gut-punch, and forced Marcus to back away from Ivy to dodge the attack. Without missing a beat, Justin tore back into the fight, launching attack after attack at the DarkSuperStarmon who replied in kind with his own flurry of punches and kicks.

    Justin was getting bored with the constant stalemate and launched into a spinning roundhouse kick that Marucs caught on his forearm.

    "Is that the best you've got hero?" Marcus taunted.

    Justin steeled himself. "I've not yet begun to fight! Halley's Squall!"

    "Dark Explosion!"

    The bright comet shards from Justin's attack met the dark supernova fragments from Marucs' at point blank range, creating a series of explosions that tossed the both of them back and filled the alley with dust and debris.

    While the dust cleared, Justin righted himself and helped Ivy to her feet, just in time to see Marcus staring at him from the other side of the alley.

    "We appear to be too evenly matched." Justin said. "You really are my evil twin."

    Marcus dismissed him with a wave of his gloved hand. "Please, if anything you're just a cheap knock of of myself."

    Beneath his shades, Justin's eyebrow twitched. Justin straighted up and stood with surprising determination, even for him. "So, you dare mock a true hero like that? We'll see who the carbon copy is right here, right now."

    Justin threw his arms out to his sides, before spinning them around, and propping himself up on one leg in a heroic looking pose. "Prepare yourself villain! Lets see how you handle a true guardian of truth and justice!"

    Justin launched into another series of poses as his body took on a bright shine. "He who answers the call of justice has arrived! Let those who do evil fear his mighty name! Justimon!"

    With a flash of light, the SuperStarmon was replaced by a tall, more heroic figure. His red scarf flew in the wind and he flexed his mighty mechanical arm. Justin, now in his Justimon form, grinned and blasted towards Marcus blazingly fast.

    "Trinity Arm, Accel Mode! Thunder Clap!"

    Justin used his speed to modify the hit, driving his arm into the ground with astounding force, sending the entire floor of the alley tearing upwards in a surge of debris and energy. Marcus put his arms up to defend, but was still knocked aside by the powerful shockwave and storm of bricks and tiles and earth.

    As Marcus pulled himself to his feet at the other end of the now destroyed alley, Justin pumped his mechanical arm. "What say you now, villain?"

    Marcus just smirked. He too had a transformation up his sleeve...


    Lucia felt something snap somewhere as she crashed hard into the wall. Her breath threatened to leave her, but somehow she managed not to land her face as she fell to the ground. Which was something of a lucky break for her as she dove out the way, just barely avoiding the energy wave from Conquest, but still managing to get pummeled by the rain of debris from the wall that she had just hit seconds ago.

    "Or perhaps you wish for me to reunite you with the rest of your Chessmon," Conquest said, his voice flat and unemotional. "That can be arranged."
    Lucia was still driving on pure rage. She had never let herself go like this before. Her sense of reason had been all but abandoned, and she charged at Conquest, a cry of anger forming at her lips. She didn't remember thinking about how to strike, she simply tore at Conquest, attempting to land a hit, any hit with her blade, but the Horseman effortlessly reduced her efforts to nothing and with a simple motion sent her sprawling into another wall.

    For a moment Lucia simply laid there, collapsed against the wall as Conquest mused over her weakness. Was this really all the power she had? Was she right here, facing the one who had destroyed her homeland, her people just to fall without even the dignity of putting up a fight? Was she just too weak, too powerless to even hope for survival?

    No, she knew she had the power she needed. She had felt it before, when she had walked that hall with Svarog. When she had first achieved the form she now wore. She knew that that spark of power existed deep inside of her, just out of her reach. But how was she to awaken it?

    Why had her people perished, and yet she remained? Why was she the first Chessmon to achieve such a different form? Why had the burden of living on, the burden of vengeance, the burden of carrying with her the memory her people fallen on her shoulders if she hadn't the power to see it through, to take up that burden, and make it her strength.

    Lucia rose to her feet, a strange warmth rising in her chest. She stared at Conquest, and the Horseman stared back. And he looked... amused. Like he wasn't even taking this seriously. Was that all she was to him? A source of amusement? An inconvenience? An annoying little bug to be squashed or ignored? That expression on his face, that bemused look of superiority and... humor. She hated it more than she had ever hated anything. And at that instant, something inside of her snapped.

    She could feel it again, that spark. But it was different this time, stronger, burning brighter than before. Lucia threw back her head as she cried out in fury, her form erupting into light. The wind whipped up around her luminous form, and with a burst of light she was changed.

    The Dianamon rose from the ground, hovering upwards as her scythe gleamed in the light, rain beginning to shine and drip on her armor. She looked at Conquest with a deep hatred in her eyes, a fury and a thirst for vengeance that had surpassed anything else.

    "How dare you." she said. "How dare you look at me with that face. You believe that you are so superior, so high that nothing else matters but your own whims."

    Lucia spun her twin bladed scythe around before her, sending the rain drops scattering in its wake.

    "I will not allow an existence such as yourself to be. You call yourself a king? You know nothing of what it means to be a leader, to look after the people below you, to place them above yourself, to commit yourself to the service of your homeland. You are no king. You are a tyrant a murderer and a blight upon this world, and I will not let your actions go unpunished."

    As fluid as the falling rain, Lucia strung her scythe as a bow in an instant, producing arrow after arrow of light from the quills on her back. And she fired these bolts towards Conquest, bolt after bolt, a cascade of brilliant arrows that lit up the scene like the flashes of thunder.


    Duo recovered from the assault of flames fairly quickly, his spot in the rooftop assisting in that.

    He watched the proceeding battle between the two, marveling for a moment that Damien possessed the sheer physical strength to toss Gigas around like that. Gigas however wasn't one to stay down for long, if at all even.

    Duo held out his hand towards Damien.

    He couldn't go into BlackWarGreymon form, not here in the city when Terra Destroyer was his trump card. And he was still a bit worried about losing control of his Reapermon form, no matter what the dark entity told him. He didn't trust it. However, in his Gaiomon form he was more than capable of putting up a fight.

    You shouldn't have turned around. he thought. "Gaia Reactor!"

    The blast of concussive force erupted behind Damien, catching him completely off guard and sending him crashing into Gigas's waiting arms.


    Saria wasn't sure wither to smile or frown at the Puppetmon's attitude. He was definitely the one she remembered from the Peacemakers, though his name escaped her.

    However, there were more pressing matters at hand than her friend's manners, namely the monstrosity of a VenomMyotismon that now stood before them, his massive form tearing out of the roof and wall of the hospital and into the streets.

    It seems they had a little more backup though, as a WarGreymon came crashing down into their group, landing fairly elegantly after a passing attack on Tepes.

    “P-please! Let me help!” she plead to them despite her fear.
    "The more the merrier I guess." Saria said to the newcomer.

    “More fresh blood to make up for the amount I lost,” Tepes interrupted, his towering body menacing and malicious as he glared at them. “Nightmare Claw!”
    Tepes massive claws came crashing down, tearing into what remained of the hospital, tearing it even further into little bits of ruble and half-standing walls of concrete and metal. A busted water pipe somewhere in the shattered wall sprung to life, spraying water all over the area around it.

    Saria had flipped back from the attack, landing on top of one of piles of debris. Tepes was larger and stronger now, be he couldn't match her speed. If anything, he was slower in this form than he had been in his last.

    With a flash of magic, Saria produced her signature massive paintbrush, drawing several identical characters in the air as she did so.

    "Talisman Star" she called as the glowing sigils were sent flying towards Tepes. He swatted several of them away, but a few got through and traced cuts along his huge arms.

    Tepes roared with fury. "Chaos Flame!"

    "Talisman shield!"

    Saria traced another character, generating a yin-yang colored shield in front of her. The flames washed across the shield, and for a moment, Saria thought it would hold. But a loud crack ended that hope. Her shield shattered and Saria felt the last of the unholy flames wash over her. She collapsed to one knee, burnt and gasping for air.

    She wasn't out yet, but she did need a moment to recover from that attack. Hopefully her new friends could cover her for a moment while she caught her breath...
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    Barachiel flew through the air and searched for any sign of a hideout. They had been searching for several others and still nothing. By that time, the sun was high into the sky. The determined bug digimon tightened his grip on his swords in frustration.

    "There's nothing... Nothing anywhere. We don't even have an idea of where to look. That demon not only has the entire world to hide, but its shadows as well!" Barachiel thought.

    The TigerVespamon sighed in defeat and stopped. "Caradoc? Guinier? Azur?" he spoke somberly. "...Let's stop this."

    He turned around and looked down. "You have no idea how much it pains me to say this, but we're getting nowhere. I really want to save Hadrael but we're just wasting time we don't have. It was stupid of me to think I could find him without Michael's help, but the idea of waiting was just..."

    Barachiel sighed. "We need the others' help and if they won't help us... well then I'll look myself. I'm sure we'll see Mephistopheles again and when we do, I'll make him tell me." He looked at each of three digimon who agreed to come with him. "I'm sorry I dragged you all into this. When we get back to Anatolia, I'll take full responsibility and say that you only came with me to try to stop me, along with making sure I didn't get myself killed."

    "Come..." he spoke with a hint of defeat in his otherwise calm tone. "Let's return. We're a few hours away by flight, so if our absence hasn't been brought to light by now, it will be by the time we get back..."

    Barachiel grimaced and flew back in the general direction of Anatolia. "I haven't given up on you, Hadrael. Please, just... survive..."


    An Imperialdramon Fighter Mode raced through the rain towards the white, empowered version of her form. Pyra saw Conquest hurl Lucia to the wall of a nearby building with no more than a buffet of his wing. She glared at him. This was akin to her BlackImperialdramon Fighter Mode form, but much stronger...

    Pyra swooped down behind Conquest and trained her single arm-mounted cannon on him. She wasted no time. "Positron Laser!" she shouted while unleashing a swirling blast of positronic power into his back.

    The blast impacted the white armour on Conquest's back and parted around his white wings. He was pushed forwards a few wing beats, but not particularly injured. Conquest turned, his attention recieved by Pyra.

    "Thor," she said firmly. "I know you're in there; please try to break free, if you can."

    Pyra raised her arm again and trained the cannon's muzzle at Conquest. "I don't want to fight you, but if you can't break free... Killing you is the last thing we want to do, but we can't let more people be killed! Please fight this with everything you have so that won't have to happen!"


    The brief moment of triumph that Khep felt from removing War from the city below was vanquished as he realized the error in his plan. The horseman's body grew ever brighter. The clouds beneath them appeared to warp from the sheer intensity of the heat waves that War emitted. Kheprius was forced to shield his eyes as War made everything seem brighter.

    "He's getting stronger... not from hatred, but from the sun," he thought to himself.

    "A new dilemma stands before you, but the choice again is yours," War declared. He glanced down to the storm, peering through the swirling mass of clouds to the city below. "Submit now--lay down your life--and no harm will befall those of us below. Continue to fight me, and hundreds will die by this power I hold. Choose, Kheprius, and choose wisely."

    Kheprius growled. He hated War. He hated him more than anything at that moment. He knew it would only make the Marsmon stronger, but he couldn't help it. "Why? Why are you doing this?! Why not just kill them and be done with it?!" Khep demanded heatedly. "For fun?! To watch me squirm?! Is that what turns you on?!"

    The GranKuwagamon grimaced and looked down towards the ground. Hundreds of innocent lives for his...

    All this time, ever since he and his surviving friends had started training, they were the only ones that they had left. And once they betrayed him, Kheprius was completely alone. He had to look out for himself and he had to ensure that he survived. That had become his purpose: survival. Even when he was part of his small mercenary team, the Black Pincer Company. They did what they did to survive.

    At the same time, Kheprius understood the suffering of those below. He knew what it was like to feel so afraid and helpless. Now, their lives were in his hands and he had a chance to save them. He had the chance to be the one that never showed up to save his village.

    This was his trial...

    Kheprius wasn't like Tiwaz, who sacrificed himself for many once before. He didn't understand the heroic notions of justice and righteousness that drove the fire god. All Khep understood was himself and what he had to go through.

    "Can I really give up my life like this?" he asked himself. "All that I've been through. I've survived so much... been through so much... How can I just throw it away after all these years of struggle? How can I make it all for nothing?!"

    Kheprius closed his eyes. "But why have I struggled so hard to survive? It was my own selfishness. I killed those who destroyed my town... what purpose did I have after that? I didn't know what to do... all I knew was that I couldn't die. I did despicable things and sank deeper and deeper into my darkness. Through my fight for survival, I became the very thing that I hated... Can I really call that a life? Is that really a life worth living?!"

    He reopened his eyes and turned their crimson gaze down towards the ground. "But ever since Gigas showed me the life that I led, I tried to atone. I tried to do good and fill that emptiness inside me. Gigas told me that with them, I belonged... funny, I don't feel like I do, not even with my own brother, who thinks that I'm just a murderer and a criminal. I guess he's not wrong, but he doesn't understand how I've tried to change. I even nearly shattered my digicore saving Tyr. Even so, I haven't atoned yet..."

    "Can I ever atone? Can I ever seperate myself from the monsters who destroyed my home and killed everyone I cared about?" Kheprius asked himself. "The home that was ignored or overlooked by gods and heroes, they who had all this power... And now, thanks to this psychotic b*stard... I'm the one in their shoes. I have the power to stop War from killing... at the cost of my life. Can I do that, though?"

    Kheprius grimaced and flashed back to the pitiful, scared little Tentomon who hoped... who prayed. He shuddered. "If I looked away... I'd be no better than them. If I ran, just to save myself, there would be those - survivors, brothers, friends - who would hate me like I hate the gods. They'd turn down the same dark path as I did. For the second time... I'd become the ones who I hate," he thought, closing his fists tightly. "Besides, what sort of life do I have right now? Fighting, drinking... My brother, who appears after years of me thinking he was long dead, hates me and my closest friend is a demon who's got more or less the same problems I do."

    The GranKuwagamon turned his head up towards War. "If I can die making sure that the same thing that happened to me doesn't happen to somebody else... no, to a hundred people... would that make this wretched stretch of time that I call a life worth it? Would that make me a good person? Is that even possible at this point? I don't think it is, but... I won't abandon them. I'm not that helpless shell of a Tentomon anymore."

    Kheprius flew slightly closer to War, with his steely determination in his eyes, glaring into. "I won't get to kill you... and that pisses me off... but I've made my choice. If you promise not to kill them," Kheprius looked down, wondering where his brother was. "You can kill me."

    As he prepared for the worst, he heard a voice announce itself from the dark clouds nearby.

    "Hey hotstuff!" an Apocalymon yelled, a smirk appearing on his face. "Why don't you pick on someone who is a little less flammable! Total Annihilation!"

    "What?!" Kheprius shouted, his eyes widening with fear. "No! Kole, you idiot! Don't!"
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    War bristled as Kole attacked him. He was having fun playing with Khep and they were so rudely interrupted. His annoyance turned to intrigue when he registered Kole's form. An Apocalymon would serve as an excellent weapon for the Apocalypse if he could be twisted to their whims. The dark monster had more raw power than Khep, but with that power came less control. War could read Kole like an open book, and his darkness filled War with something akin to...giddiness. He laughed.

    "What hate glows within you. What envy and greed festers in your heart!" War was nearly ecstatic, raving with the sheer force of Kole's unchecked emotion. "Let's see if we can make that work for us." War extended his hand and a brilliant sunbeam tore from it. The beam slammed into Kole's polyhedron body, wreathing it in flame and sending him plummeting from the sky. Luckily for the citizens of Anatolia, he crashed on the outskirts of the city.

    War turned back to Khep, pleased with his declaration. This was exactly what he wanted. He would deal Khep a fatal blow, but he would not die before he witnessed the succulent agony of those he was willing to sacrifice himself for. Not before he witnessed their darkness emerge in this time of fear. Not before he witnessed them turn on one another to save themselves. Then he would reveal one final truth as the light faded from Khep's eyes: that a god had indeed come to save him that day. That he had tried to stop the evil thing whose darkness trickled down from heaven and perpetuated the slaughter of his village. And only then, when the questions rose in Khep's mind, when he cried out for answers, would War deal the fatal blow and leave him wanting.

    The Horseman let out a bellowing laugh as sunlight speared from his body towards the compliant Khep, ready to savage his body and overwhelm his mind with the sheer force of it all.

    But the beam flew wide, barely clipping Khep's side to send him spinning in place and ripping him out of his GranKuwagamon form (and back into GrandisKuwagamon). War's disbelief was silenced by a sickening feeling, of something welling up from within and overwhelming his senses with a sound louder than anything he'd ever felt before. His mind shuddered with the force of this strange thing and War found himself gripped with something akin to fear.

    War hurled himself into Khep, grabbed the fighter by his shoulder and drove them both smashing into the ground below. He kept his hold on Khep even as he slammed him into the wall of the nearest building. The Marsmon's eyes burned into Khep's pure fury and rage; burning, godly intent.

    "You spineless coward!" the Marsmon snarled, though the voice did not belong to War. "You never give up!" Svarog seethed, shook with rage unleashed and all the effort it took to hold back the force of War's intent. "Do you hear me? Never! This thing is like every other thing that crawls in darkness and breeds suffering. It will never stop. No matter how many lives it takes. It will never cease." He roared and cried out in agony, but his hold remained firm. "That is why you must fight! You must put your life before the lives of those you are trying to protect. Because you are strong, the only one strong enough! Because if you die it will run unchecked! So you never stop fighting! Do you hear me? Never! You never lay down! Never submit! Never compromise! Even in the face of Armageddon! Do you hear me, Kheprius?" Svarog roared, trembling, his body burned white-hot as War struggled to reassert himself and regain control. "Then. KILL ME!"

    An explosion rocked the Marsmon from within and he was sent shooting backwards down the street and crashing through several buildings before coming to a stop. A few moments later he emerged from the rubble.

    "That was...unpleasant," War growled. "No more games. Now you all die!"


    "What a strange sense of things you have, god-mite," Conquest said, standing over Vritra's form. He glanced down at his wounds and frowned; he wasn't pleased with the way his body was reacting to Vritra's weapons. "They must go," he reasoned, yanking the Dramon Destroyers from her arms and hurling them away. He grabbed Vritra by her throat and hoisted her into the air.

    "How wrong you are," he laughed. "For what is drought if not a lack of rain, of storm? Drought can last a millennium, and yet with the coming of a single storm it is all but ended." He hurled Vritra back into the street and sent her skidding to a stop in the center of a city square. "It matters not what you call it, it still belongs to me. I have come in many forms. Be it drought, or storm and flood, or pestilence, or war, or famine, or death; all these things are conquests. Ceaseless and unrelenting conquest. That is what I am, Vritra, not a god or the pale shadow of one. I am Conquest; the form I take matters little."

    He strode over to Vritra and hoisted her up by her throat. "You are drought, you say? My storm quenches your thirst and drowns you." He slammed his fist into Vritra and sent her flying through the air. Conquest extended his hand and telekinetically lifted Vritra, hurling her high into the air towards the heart of his storm. "You are flame, you say? You are but a paltry flicker, a candle in my hurricane." Hail and rain whipped at Vritra, and then lightning flashed, ripping through her. Conquest released his hold and she dropped to the ground at his feet.

    "I am Conquest," he declared, looking upon her scornfully. "And you are the conquered." He left Vritra there, laying beside the cracked stones and streets, and turned once more to Lucia. She brimmed with hatred so intense it was palpable, and Conquest wondered if it would do any good to tell her that she was only feeding the Horsemen with her rage. These Peacemakers were so easily manipulated, so quick to leap into a fit of rage. All it took was the deaths of a few hundred and they were beside themselves with fury.

    He watched as Lucia evolved, took the form of a goddess and declared angrily, "I will not allow an existence such as yourself to be. You call yourself a king? You know nothing of what it means to be a leader, to look after the people below you, to place them above yourself, to commit yourself to the service of your homeland. You are no king. You are a tyrant a murderer and a blight upon this world, and I will not let your actions go unpunished."

    "Oh do go on," Conquest said with a smirk. "Self-righteousness is quite delicious."

    As fluid as the falling rain, Lucia strung her scythe as a bow in an instant, producing arrow after arrow of light from the quills on her back. And she fired these bolts towards Conquest, bolt after bolt, a cascade of brilliant arrows that lit up the scene like the flashes of thunder.

    Conquest frowned as Lucia did; he spread his wings and took to the air, flying high to dodge the arrows. But Lucia followed him with a seemingly endless barrage. He swerved and dropped from the sky, his sword burning a white-hot path towards the newly-Digivolved Lucia. He knew her unfamiliarity with her new form would hinder fine motor functions and precise movements.

    But Lucia was not alone. Pyra had appeared, and her Positron Laser slammed into the Horseman King as he attacked. He stumbled back but remained standing. She came down beside Lucia and tried to reach Thor. Conquest could hear the thunder god screaming back in his head, begging to be killed, for them to kill him. There was no greater agony for a god-king than to watch as your own power was turned against those you cared for. It was better to die. Conquest, though, knew this presented a uniquely fun opportunity.

    "Pyra?" Thor's voice whispered, soft and in pain. "Please, save me. Don't let me die like this! Please! I beg of you to..." Conquest trailed off and his voice and eyes hardened. "Oh, I'm sorry. That was cruel of me. But here, then. Something for your troubles. Hyper Prominence!"

    Power exploded, streaking out through the city. Slamming Pyra and Lucia through the air and cutting through stone and steel. In the center of the luminous maelstrom Conquest stood laughing, until a searing pain erupted through his chest and tore him from his merriment.

    He looked down at the glowing beam blade protruding from his chest, and then over his shoulder to Michael, who stood--though with blood tearing from his eyes and mouth and his breath labored--with his sword skewering the Horseman King.

    "You," Conquest choked out. Lightning split the sky once more and hurled Michael away. Conquest breathed deep as his power began to work the wound together. "This time you die." He charged Michael, completely ignoring the other two opponents he'd left behind.

    "Hand of Fa-" Michael tried to attack, but Conquest grabbed his fist and squeezed, crushing the bones and ripping a cry of pain from Michael's throat. He raised his sword for a killing stroke, but remembered how it would not let him slay Vritra. The moment's hesitation was all it took for Pyra and Lucia to be on top of him once more.

    Michael fell back to regain his bearings; his hand throbbed, likely broken, and his whole body shook with agony. How could they have made such a mistake in allowing Mephistopheles to make the first move on them? How were they so completely unprepared? Did the absence of Barachiel, Caradoc, Azur, and Guinier really make all the difference? Or did the addition of Thor and Svarog to Mephistopheles's forces make him so much stronger?

    It mattered not, he realized. He remembered Loki's words: these other battles were misdirection; their outcomes meant nothing to Mephistopheles. In his agony, Michael wondered where the demon was. He closed his eyes and focused past the pain, searching out through the battle and the chaos, pushing through the muddled screams.

    There, high in the sky, was Mephistopheles. And was that...Duo? A glow descended from the heavens, twisting and billowing. Michael understood in a flash.

    "No," he whispered. It couldn't happen; he wouldn't allow it. "Pyra, Lucia, hold Conquest here. I must stop this!" And with a flap of his eight magnificent wings, he hurled himself skyward.


    Mephistopheles laughed despite being riddled with bullets. He concentrated inward and one by one the bullets emerged, falling out of his body. He moved like liquid shadow, shifting between solid and vapor as the bullets moved through and around him. And Cresil continued to fire, filling the air with zipping lead. Finally he had enough. The demon raised a single finger and the bullets stopped in midair, inches from converging on him and riddling him with holes.

    "Magic bullets, eh?" he chuckled. "Let us see if we can find some new targets for them, shall we?" Mephistopheles worked his magic into the rounds, twisting their purpose. Then he raised a second finger and they raced off into the city. They sought out the Peacemakers and ripped into them, drawing out cries of pain. Mephistopheles's soldiers capitalized on the distractions and struck in the moments of weakness.

    "Powerful little things," Mephistopheles said, watching intently with his psychic third eye. "But I wonder if... Cresil Vaynard deis Los-Norgaine, you said? Hmm...what a strange name, almost familiar." Mephistopheles regarded Cresil with a curious stare. "You're certainly no fallen angel, and yet you were in the Inferno. I wonder."

    Mephistopheles raised his hand, and bright-red, fiery letters materialized over Cresil's form, burning him as they seared back into existence. Mephistopheles scanned over the demonic writing, searching for something. When he found it, a wicked grin spread across his face.

    "Oh, how droll," he laughed. "There it is, right there." He pointed to Cresil's arm. "My signature. Well that explains everything then, especially your hostility. But you don't remember, do you? The deal we made so long ago?" Mephistopheles threw his head back, laughing heartily. "I suppose it doesn't matter in the end. And as our deal has run its course, I cannot hold sway over your actions like I can the others." He motioned to the city where his soldiers fought. "I do, however, have something that once belonged to you." He reached his hand into the folds of digital non-space and pulled out a small, glowing coin-shaped object. He absently flipped it over and between his fingers; taunting Cresil with it.

    "I've often wondered whether someone would want their soul back at all," he said, shifting through shadows to whisper by Cresil's ear. "Or if it would even go back to them after all the horrors they've committed, after being so carelessly thrown away." He snatched Cresil's soul back in his hand and materialized where he had stood before. "Curious, but not enough. I am, after all, a collector. And I would loathe breaking up my collection."

    He clenched his hand around the soul. "Still, it does allow me to do things like this." He pointed a hand at Cresil, and the demonic writing sprang back with searing heat. The pain lanced deep into Cresil's self and dropped it to his knees. "My, my! So that's what would happen when a soul returns, is it?" He saw Cresil struggling to contain himself, to keep Mephistopheles from hearing him scream. "Oh but it's just barely touching you with its influence," the demon scolded. "Here, have a little more."

    But suddenly something else caught Mephistopheles's attention. He reached out with his mind and found the source of the disturbance. He thought for a moment; he'd accounted for the anomaly, but had thought to deal with it at a later date. However, with the Peacemakers looking for ways to thwart his plans he'd need something visceral to draw them back in. It was time to move things forward.

    "I'm sure we'll be seeing more of one another, my boy," Mephistopheles said to Cresil. "But I have pressing engagements elsewhere. My offer still stands. Just think, where do you more belong, in a world ruled by Lord Lucifer? Or in a world where you are consigned to shadows, never to step into the light?"

    Mephistopheles vanished, stepping into the non-space between realities. He stepped from that place and onto the streets of Anatolia, where he bore witness to Gigas beating the unholy hell out of Damien. It was an annoyance, to be sure, but it was not what brought him to that place. Still, they were in the middle of the street, and Gigas was blocking his way.

    "Move. You're in my way," he deadpanned. He flicked his hands to the side and both Gigas and Damien were thrown from the middle of the street and pinned to opposite buildings. "Thank you." Mephistopheles strode by. He glared at Damien. "I gave you more than enough power to squash a bug. Stop embarrassing yourself."

    Mephistopheles stepped up to Duo. He raised his hand and Duo shot up to his feet, despite the fact that neither of them was touching the ground. He watched Duo squirm with amusement as the samurai tried to break his hold.

    "Stop that, it's unbecoming," Mephistopheles scolded. "I've had my eye on you for quite some time. You were very impressive during the battle with Nekron. A deal with a reaper? To willingly give yourself over? To be touched by Death? To open that door? Very bold indeed, Greyclaw. And exactly what I was looking for." He and Duo floated skyward, Duo continued to thrash in his grip, and Mephistopheles continued to chuckle.

    "So I must move my plans forward, I suppose," Mephistopheles mused. "After all, you Peacemakers have forced my hand. You have no idea what kind of work I put into this, or how much more work it will take to get things back on track. But that's where you come in. Touched by Death...yours will be an ideal vessel for him."

    Mephistopheles position Duo on his back and then floated higher into the air. A sick green glow spread over the sky and the demon held his hands up in reverence.

    "I looked, and there before me was a pale horse!" Mephistopheles called out to the ashen sky. He angled his palms towards Duo once more. A swirling mass of green clouds snaked their way down from the heavens. "Its rider was named Death." The clouds swirled around Mephistopheles.

    "Regna terrae, cantate Deo," Michael howled, the exorcism spilled forth as he hurled himself through the sky towards Mephistopheles and Duo. "Psallite Domino qui fertis super caelum caeli ad Orientem Ec-"

    "None of that," Mephistopheles said, swooping his arm to the side towards Michael. Magic spilled from his fingers and wrapped around Michael's throat, paralyzing his lungs and vocal chords. Mephistopheles watched Michael flail about and turned back to Duo.
    "And Hell was following close be-RRAAGGH!" He hissed as arrows of light embedded themselves in his back. He turned and caught sight of Lucia shooting towards him. She slashed with her blade, forcing him away from Duo, though the cloud of green smoke continued to circle around and through him, waiting for Mephistopheles to finish the incantation.

    "No little girl gets to hurt me," Mephistopheles snarled. He reached out with his power, snaring Lucia in midflight and hurled both her and Duo to the ground below. He gathered his magic, crackling in between his hands. "Light of the Seven Suns of Balthakk!" Power exploded from his fingers streaking towards the two lovers with murderous intent. The blast detonated, sending a shower of prismatic light dancing high into the sky. Mephistopheles looked on in amusement, expecting to see nothing but broken and charred bodies.

    Instead, he saw Lucia huddled over Duo, protecting his unconscious form with her body. But in front of Lucia stood another, his arm outstretched, his thumb, forefinger, and pinky extended, a magical shield flashed before him.

    "Now, now, Mephistopheles," Loki sneered. "What kind of councilman would I be if I let you go on unleashing such deadly sorcery without a challenge?" He turned to Lucia and glanced over where Conquest and Pyra battled. The Horseman King drove Pyra to the floor and ground his foot into her back. "Perhaps you should help your friend," Loki offered. "There's little more for you to do here."

    "You think you can match me, trickster?" Mephistopheles roared in challenge.

    "I would certainly hope not," Loki said, feigning indignation. "I should be able to defeat you quite handily of the Light of Balthakk was your most deadly spell. No, this should be rather simple."

    "Demons of Denak!" Mephistopheles called out. From a sphere of darkness between his hands emerged thousands upon thousands of claws, all racing to rip Loki to pieces.

    "Flames of the Faltine!" Loki shot back with a smirk. From his outstretched fingers erupted a torrent of green flames that met Mephistopheles's attack and detonated high in the air, filling the sky with a wash of magic.

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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    "That was...unpleasant," War growled. "No more games. Now you all die!"
    War stepped away from the pile of debris that he had fallen into, fully intending to go through with what he had said he was going to do. He gathered malicious energy in his arms, an aura beginning to blaze around. He then dashed towards Kheprius haggard form.

    And that’s when a blue blur crashed right into him, bringing the Horseman and itself back into the ground that War had met so recently, and the blue blur quickly brought itself away, stopping itself right in front of Kheprius.

    In his MirageGaogamon form, Galic looked over his shoulder, giving the GrandisKuwagamon a good look over. “I assume you are still well enough for battle, sir Kheprius. Your injuries are far less lethal than the time that you saved Tyr,” he told the insect digimon.

    He then turned back to War, who had quickly recovered from his surprise assault. “I had hoped that an ambush would have done more damage than that,” he spoke, more to himself than to Kheprius.

    “Perhaps you should redefine your meaning of ‘all’. You may or may not have noticed, but as you can see, the only visible beings here are you, Kheprius and I, and I assume that the rest of your companions and ours are also within the city limits,” he said, not letting his eyes off of his opponent. “We nomads are quick when it comes to getting away, even if we have to escort others along as well.”

    Or so the MirageGaogamon hoped. He had sortied out the nomads as soon as he could to maximize the number of people they could evacuate. So far, he had seen almost no more of the citizens since then, and he hoped that meant that they had already escaped. Now all he needed to do was to give them as much as time as possible to get as far away as possible.

    Galic stepped forward, intending to match himself against the Marsmon. “I hope you do not mind my assistance, despite my obvious disabilities,” he said to the digimon behind him, gesturing to his body, or rather, his unarmored arm, which was folded against his back and held around his waist with the use of wide bandages.

    “As well, I hope am I a worthy enough opponent for the one called War,” he called to the Marsmon, although he guessed that War thought otherwise. “I always did want to see if I could match up to you, Svarog,” he added with a smile, calling to the god he knew was still inside.

    The crippled MirageGaogamon readied himself, a ready gauntlet – his only gauntlet – in front of him. “Perhaps it is peculiar for a strategist such as myself to do so, but I shall follow whatever decision you decide, Sir Kheprius. It is Svarog’s wish to be stopped at any cost, even at his life. Logic dictates that we follow, but I’m afraid my feelings are getting in the way of idea. The fact that he was even able to gain some semblance of control means that he’s still fighting as well, and that makes me hope. However, it’s still unknown if that even matters at this point.”

    He narrowed his eyes. “If you decide on an unchangeable path, then fret not about having only your hands sullied. Svarog’s blood will be on both of our hands.”


    "I do, however, have something that once belonged to you." He reached his hand into the folds of digital non-space and pulled out a small, glowing coin-shaped object. He absently flipped it over and between his fingers; taunting Cresil with it.
    On his knees and recovering from the burning sensation that had covered his body, Cresil glared daggers at Mephistopheles and the peculiar thing in his hands. For some inexplicable reason, he wanted it. It was calling to him, making him need it as if his life depended on it. It was a feeling like no other, and he hated it to the core. He hated anything that made him want.

    "I've often wondered whether someone would want their soul back at all," he said, shifting through shadows to whisper by Cresil's ear. "Or if it would even go back to them after all the horrors they've committed, after being so carelessly thrown away." He snatched Cresil's soul back in his hand and materialized where he had stood before. "Curious, but not enough. I am, after all, a collector. And I would loathe breaking up my collection."
    He clenched his hand around the soul. "Still, it does allow me to do things like this." He pointed a hand at Cresil, and the demonic writing sprang back with searing heat. The pain lanced deep into Cresil's self and dropped it to his knees. "My, my! So that's what would happen when a soul returns, is it?" He saw Cresil struggling to contain himself, to keep Mephistopheles from hearing him scream. "Oh but it's just barely touching you with its influence," the demon scolded. "Here, have a little more." [/quote]

    Cresil tensed himself for another dose of excruciating pain, gritting his teeth. It momentarily confused him when nothing happened. He sucked in the pain and let out a strained chuckle.

    “Is this the only thing you can do with that tiny thing?” he provoked as he pulled himself onto his feet. He glared at the goat demon, who seemed to have decided he had become of lesser priority, if he had been one at all. Despite his big talk, there had been more damage done than physically visible. It felt like he was being crushed, burned and stabbed with a hundred swords all at the same time.

    "I'm sure we'll be seeing more of one another, my boy," Mephistopheles said to Cresil.
    Of that, Cresil was sure. He would track the other demon down. He would make him pay, and he would take the object that he so sadistically used to inflict pain on him. He would repay him a hundred fold with interest.

    "But I have pressing engagements elsewhere. My offer still stands. Just think, where do you more belong, in a world ruled by Lord Lucifer? Or in a world where you are consigned to shadows, never to step into the light?"
    The Astamon stood in silence, too wracked with pain – searing and agonizing pain that would have felled and made a lesser Digimon and some great ones cry – to try and follow as Mephisto disappeared from his sight.

    He had to smirk however. If Mephistopheles thought that those words would have affected him, then it was definitely true that he hadn’t done his homework. He cared little for Lucifer, or even the politics of the realms of heaven and hell. His only allegiance was to himself and his own needs.

    ‘[i]And really? Belong? Me?’ he thought incredulously. ‘[i]Is that the best you could think of saying to a demon that hasn’t belonged – or even cared of belonging – in tens, possible hundreds of years?’

    He then fell to his knees once more, using one of his hands to keep himself from landing on the ground, face first. “And a world of shadows is best for someone that works in them, don’t you think, Mephistopheles?” he asked, although he knew the Mephistomon was long gone.

    As he resigned himself to return back to the shadows to recover, he at least knew one new thing. Mephistopheles knew him before he had become the demon. And damn himself, he didn’t know how to feel about that.


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    There are stories made from the imagination. There are stories born from experience.
    There are stories told because of a need to be filled. There are stories that simply need to be told.
    This is one of them.

    “Maybe there really is a method to his madness…or maybe he’s just plain insane."
    Chapter 3: Act III is out and posted!

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    A maelstrom of shadow and death tore through the air, it ripped Sigurd and Ulik aside in a swift motion and screamed towards the red-armored form of Bedivere, who leveled the Ambrosius and spoke.

    "Pendragon's Glory!" A flurry of shells rushed from the weapon and struck Gaul, detonating in a blast of flames which hurled the BlackWarGreymon back. He struck the ground and screamed to a halt in a spray of sparks, bursting forwards with Dramon Destroyers ready to tear through Bedivere...

    "Avalon's Gate!" The lance struck Gaul and slammed him back, before a shell fired and exploded on the BlackWarGreymon's breastplate, hurling him out of the destroyed bar and across the street. His form crashed through the opposite building and came to rest amidst the shattered remnants of furniture, fortunately the occupants had evacuated. With eerie silence, he stood and tore through the wall again, rocketing at Bedivere.

    "Why don't you stop?!" the Examon snarled as fiery power lit around his form. "Dragonic Impact!" He exploded forwards and plowed into Gaul, slamming the BlackWarGreymon down into the street and crushing him down into the stone as a crater formed around them from the impact.

    Shadow and power clustered in Gaul's hand and exploded up, striking the Examon and hurling him away in a conflageration of negative energy, augmented by the fear and panic of the citizens fleeing the battle. With implacable determination, Gaul rose, and moved, barreling into the stricken Examon before striking in a flurry of Dramon Destroyer slashes. Though the force of the attacks were weakened by Bedivere's Red Digizoid armor, the Anti-Dramon properties of the weapons still caused them to penetrate and rip into his flesh, drawing blood.

    Roaring, Bedivere struck Gaul with a ferocious blow, before his tail lashed round and whipped into the BlackWarGreymon's chest, crushing him back down into the street. The Ambrosius raised and angled, before he spoke. "Pendragon's Glory!" Laser bolts tore from the weapon's muzzle and stabbed into Gaul's armored form, searing across his armor in bursts of fiery light...


    Vritra lay, beaten and bruised. She lay, defeated.

    She seethed and raged, she howled internally, but she could not muster the strength to stand, to take up her Dramon Destroyers and face Conquest once more. She burned with fury and indignation that she was overcome, and she could only glare up at the Horseman King as he fought Pyra, Lucia having pulled away to face some other threat. His words came back to her, forcing more anger to course through her.

    "I am Conquest," he declared, looking upon her scornfully. "And you are the conquered."
    Deep within her, there was a spark, and it began to grow, burning more fiercely.

    "For what is drought if not a lack of rain, of storm? Drought can last a millennium, and yet with the coming of a single storm it is all but ended."
    Heat radiated out, causing steam to form from the ceaseless rains. The air became dry and misty with the steam boiling out of the water, as Vritra's rage burned more brightly and fiercely. She moved, an arm propping her form up and pushing down on the earth.

    "You are drought, you say? My storm quenches your thirst and drowns you."
    The steam grew more as she moved her second arm, placing it onto the earth and forcing it to push her upwards, as the WarGreymon X moved her legs to a kneeling position, then to one knee.

    "You are flame, you say? You are but a paltry flicker, a candle in my hurricane."
    The spark in her soul burned, a fierce, howling inferno. She forced herself up and to her feet, head moving to glare fire and death upon Conquest. All around, flames began to burn across the ruins made by the battle, hissing and spitting as they met the ceaseless rains. Vritra brought up her hands, and the flames grew, fed by her hate and anger. They screamed hatred at the heavens, they poured anger at the ashen storm above as lightning tore the fabric of the sky and clouds asunder with celestial bolts.

    The goddess burned with rage, and brought down her hands. The flames flowed to her, anointing her form in a mantle of blood-red fire, volcanic and fierce. She moved, taking up her Dramon Destroyers from among the ashes and the ruins. Sliding them back onto her arms, the goddess spread the Brave Shield as wings anointed in flame, and tore into the sky as a howling, fiery meteor.

    She plowed into Conquest, who balefully glared at her, but the goddess was in no mood for his patronization or self-assured superiority. Drawing fire from that fire in her soul, she howled it into his face, unleashing flames. The maelstrom of flame screamed through the rain-filled heavens, ripping through the storm clouds and consuming Conquest in anger, hate and raging defiance.

    Vritra struck the Horseman around the face with burning claws, ripping white-hot talons through his armor and flesh. Again and again the blows rained on Conquest, opening wounds across his body, sending blood into the air where it was seared away by Vritra's burning aura. Heat poured from the fire goddess's form, washing over Conquest in waves.

    A blow hammered into her jaw, accentuated by the blade of fiery power extending from Conquest's bracer, the Imperial Claw scraping away from Vritra's helmet. The Horseman backhanded her face, knocking her back, before his foot hammered into her stomach.

    "Hyper Prominence!" Power and ruin ripped from Conquest's form, catching Vritra in a barrage of lasers and force which knocked the goddess back, threatening to break her evolution. She held her form only through sheer willpower and the anger still coursing through her as she glared fiercely up at the Horseman...


    "Yes... we'll have to beat an answer from Mephistopheles," Caradoc muttered darkly. "But you don't have to take the blame for me, Barachiel. I'm proud to have come with you and tried to help. Let's go back." With that, he turned and led them through the sky towards Anatolia...

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    Kheprius watched as a pillar of heat energy ripped from the sky and engulfed Kole, if the Apocalymon could even still go by the name 'Kole'. The massive digimon disappeared beneath the storm clouds and Khep could hear the thunderous impact of his body hitting the ground. As the battlefield returned to only himself and War, Kheprius knew that it was his time.

    He glared at War with vindictive eyes, but resigned himself to his decision. War unleashed a javelin of solar power towards the GranKuwagamon. He already felt the heat burning against his body. Kheprius watched as it came towards him. Kheprius narrowed his eyes as the bolt closed in. He would finally feel the sensation that he had avoided two time already. Death.

    But the beam burned into his side instead. Kheprius felt blinding pain pierce through him, but he knew that he was still alive. Did War miss? Or was he trying to make his death as slow and gruelling as possible?

    The force of the blast sent Kheprius nearly into a tailspin. Through his oscillating, he felt his form shift into the smaller GrandisKuwagamon form and he noticed War surging towards him with a roar.

    "What is he doing? Just get it over with, damn it," Kheprius thought, not raising his arms to resist the charge.

    He winced as the Marsmon smacked into him and sent them both plummeting through the clouds. Kheprius let out a gasp as his back collided with the stone wall of a building, War pressing him up against it.

    "You spineless coward!" the Marsmon snarled, though the voice did not belong to War. "You never give up!"

    Kheprius' eye widened. That wasn't the condescending, sadistic tone of War. Khep recognized the brusque, dislikeable voice anywhere; it was Svarog's voice.

    "S-Svarog?!" Kheprius asked.

    "Do you hear me? Never! This thing is like every other thing that crawls in darkness and breeds suffering. It will never stop. No matter how many lives it takes. It will never cease." He roared and cried out in agony, but his hold remained firm. "That is why you must fight! You must put your life before the lives of those you are trying to protect. Because you are strong, the only one strong enough! Because if you die it will run unchecked! So you never stop fighting! Do you hear me? Never! You never lay down! Never submit! Never compromise! Even in the face of Armageddon! Do you hear me, Kheprius?" Svarog roared, trembling, his body burned white-hot as War struggled to reassert himself and regain control. "Then. KILL ME!"

    Kheprius' stared at him in stunned disbelief while Svarog's passionate orders began to sink in. The fire god managed to break through War's hold just to tell him that.

    "I have to... fight. Even when he threatens others?" Kheprius asked. "...Even if I saved these digimon today, he'd kill more tomorrow because I gave up my life to save them instead of killing him... If a god gave his life saving my village from the MetalTyrannomon, they would have gone on to another village the next day... or hunted the survivors down. ...I understand."

    "He's right... Svarog's right," Kheprius thought, his eye narrowing as it focused on the anguished god. "I have to kill him because nobody else will. If he is War, he will keep destroying. I've been fighting my whole life, I'm not about to stop now, especially not for a despicable creature like War."

    "It's a deal, Svarog," the GrandisKuwagamon murmured, unsure if Svarog heard over his own roars. "I'll never stop."

    It was then that an explosion threw him backwards and crushed Kheprius against eh building behind him. The dusk-coloured insect, with will renewed, fell to the ground and landed on one knee. He looked up as War retook control of Svarog's body.

    "That was...unpleasant," War growled. "No more games. Now you all die!"

    Kheprius was about to charge him when a blue flash appeared in front of him, which, upon stopping, revealed itself to be Galic. "Galic?" he asked, surprised to see him challenging War to battle.

    “Perhaps it is peculiar for a strategist such as myself to do so, but I shall follow whatever decision you decide, Sir Kheprius. It is Svarog’s wish to be stopped at any cost, even at his life. Logic dictates that we follow, but I’m afraid my feelings are getting in the way of idea. The fact that he was even able to gain some semblance of control means that he’s still fighting as well, and that makes me hope. However, it’s still unknown if that even matters at this point.”

    He narrowed his eyes. “If you decide on an unchangeable path, then fret not about having only your hands sullied. Svarog’s blood will be on both of our hands.”
    "No," Kheprius spoke coldly and firmly. "This is my battle. My task. You can help me fight, Galic, but I'm the one who's going to kill him; he told me to. I won't compromise..."

    He stepped forwards and glanced out of the corner of his eye at the MirageGaogamon. "If you can't hurt him, that's fine; there's other people who need your help. Just don't try to stop me, got it?"

    With that, Kheprius charged War at an overwhelming, X-antibody-fueled speed. He drove his Gran Killers into the side of War's face and saw a trickle of blood smear across his gauntlet.


    Pyra let out a cry of pain as Conquest drove his boot into her back. She blindly raised her arm back behind her. "Positron Laser!" she shouted, firing in a desperate attempt to hit Conquest.

    The laser burned by his face, grazing his cheek and obliterating a few strands of the white hair on his head. He smirked and crushed his heel into Pyra's back further before extending the massive cannon on his chest. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode then felt a massive weight being removed from her as Vritra crashed into Conquest and sent him flying through the air along with her.

    Pyra flapped her wings and followed them. She aimed her cannon at Conquest but was unable to fire due to Vritra's insistance of fighting him in a melee. This was bad for a medium-range fighter like Pyra. She had to wait until Vritra was pushed back by Conquest's Hyper Prominance. Upon seeing that, the draconic metal head on Pyra's plate armour opened up and a large cannon extended from within. The Fighter Mode placed her handle on the triggers and aimed at Conquest.

    "Giga Crusher!" she shouted while firing a river of dark matter towards Conquest. The Paladin Mode looked over and saw the savage torrent ripping towards him. With a grunt he flapped his wings and flew above it. Pyra sneered and angled the cannon so that the beam followed Conquest, biting at his heels.

    When the stream burned out, Pyra saw that Conquest was racing towards her, so she promptly countered by raising her arm cannon. This time he was right in her sights and moving right towards her. "Positron Laser!"

    A smaller beam than the Giga Crusher burst from the black cannon and slammed into Conquest, stopping his charge. Pyra looked over to the WarGreymon X. "Vritra!" she called over. "Favour ranged attacks! Then we can keep him at a distance and both attack him at the same time!"


    Sigurd and Ulik growled and sneered, respectively, as they stood up to face Gaul once again.

    "You guys okay?" Gunnar asked while slicing the GeoGrey Sword at Gaul only for it to be blocked with the side of his gauntlet.

    Ulik nodded, but the WarGreymon was less calm. "This stupid hulk is fighting dirty, using attacks that we can't use. We should be able to Terra Force the hell out of him!" Sigurd seethed.

    Gunnar grimaced as he was thrown into a wall by a mighty punch. He slid to the ground but lurched forward and propped himself up on his sword. "I know... but the collateral damage..."

    "Buildings can be rebuilt!" Sigurd retorted, running forwards and breaking three glass mugs across Gaul's face. Ulik then lunged over Sigurd and delivered a flying kick to the opposing BlackWarGreymon's snout.

    "Lives can't though," Gunnar answered while lunging over the bar counter and cleaving the blade into Gaul's armoured back.

    "I saw the civilians evacuating," Ulik reasoned, ducking under a savage blow from Gaul that punched a hole into the wall.

    Gaul let out a low growl and swung his arm around throwing all three of his attackers flying back before turning back to Bedivere. "Black Tornado!" Gaul roared.

    Ulik lunged forward. "Black Tornado!" he yelled in turn. Both BlackWarGreymon spun in a clockwise motion until they were no more than a spinning blur flying towards each other.

    The two ebony tornadoes spiralled and slammed into each other. A fountain of sparks erupted from the clashing but Ulik and Gaul's limbs soon became entangled in one anothers and they fell to the ground. They quickly seperated and backed away, ready to fight again.

    "I-I don't know who's who! Which one's the real Ulik?!" Gunnar joked. Ulik shot him a glare and the ShineGreymon grinned in response.

    "Dragon Fire Crossbow!" a voice shouted from outside. A blast of fire then shot from the tip of a large sword and slammed into Gaul, driving him back.

    The trio of Greymon turned and saw Dhazbog standing outside, his Dragon Soul Sword aimed. Beside him stood Tyr, his Dramon Breaker poised. "Charge him, guys!" the EmperorGreymon ordered. "Hold him there!"

    The three nodded and charged Gaul while he was stunned. Ulik grabbed hold of Gaul's right arm and held it back firmly. Sigurd did the same with his left arm. Gunnar jumped on Gaul's back, headlocked him and started pulling his head back.

    Dhazbog looked to Tyr and Bedivere. "Everyone! Now! Attack him! Pyro Dragons!" he dug his sword into the earth and nine burning dragons raged towards Gaul.

    Tyr steadily aimed his Dramon Breaker, careful not to hit his friends. "Trident Gaia!" A devastating beam ripped from the tips of the Dramon Breaker and shot in Mephistopheles' minion's direction. The nine dragon heads started circling the massive beam. At the last second, Sigurd, Ulik and Gunnar let go and dove out of the way in time to watch Gaul become enveloped.
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    "Nyaaaaaaah!" screamed Nocchi, tearing through the street as fast as he could go with those short legs of his. Just moments before he had done a very foolish, but noble, thing. He'd purposefully drawn the attention of Dracula away from Aeria and Saria and onto himself for their safety.

    He felt both proud of himself and disgusted with himself at the same time. Nocchi made a mental note to never do something like that again. It was potentially detrimental to his health.

    And now, sprinting with all his might, the Vampire King at his heels, Nocchi wished that he was just a tad more cowardly. He wished he had been like he was when he first joined the Peacemakers: a liar, a snitch, a weakling, a prankster, a coward. But as he rounded a bend, the thundering footsteps of Dracula close behind, the Puppetmon realized something. Perhaps he didn't wish to be like that after all.

    Nocchi skidded to a stop and placed a hand on the wall to his left for support. With his other hand he raised his hammer and prepared to stand against the Vampire King. Nocchi grinned. He had changed. He wasn't the coward that he had been before. He wasn't weak.

    Dracula's huge claw appeared around the corner, desecrating the building that stood as an obstacle in his path. Nocchi's eyes narrowed.

    He was a strategist; possibly the Peacemakers' finest. He was cunning. He was unpredictable. He was terrifying to the opponents that he faced. He was strong. He wasn't a coward, he was a hero. The Puppetmon took a step forward to meet Dracula as he tore through his obstacle.

    He was Pinocchio Marion. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

    In mere moments, Nocchi's plan was complete.

    Dracula howled, piercing the air with his feral cry. His claw came crashing down on Nocchi, only to find it halted by some unseen force. A web of strings awaited the VenomMyotismon, and he was entangled completely within seconds. His terrible gaze fixed upon Nocchi and he bared his fangs. His arms and legs tensed up as he struggled to free himself.

    Nocchi knew the strings wouldn't hold him for long, so he began part two of his master plan. Dashing forward, the Puppetmon caught Dracula's waist with five more strings and swung himself completely around the beast, hammer in hand. Swinging himself upward, Nocchi released his strings and hurtled at the Vampire King's face.

    "PUPPET PUMMEL!" he roared, bashing the beast in the head with his hammer. The gunpowder within exploded in Dracula's face, earning an enraged snarl and roar from the VenomMyotismon. Nocchi leaped back down to earth and landed with a loud clunk on a nearby rooftop. Whirling around, he unleashed part three of his plan. He cast ten strings from his perch to a rooftop directly across from him, stretching firmly behind the Vampire King's legs.

    Dracula staggered backwards, his face burning from Nocchi's previous attack, and tumbled over the strings and onto the ground with a loud thud. Nocchi shouldered his hammer. "Nyeheh. Now I just hope those two girls show up. A Terra Force'd be really useful right about now."


    Sha and Sigma 018 grappled for several minutes, each trying in vain to gain control over the other. They exchanged blows furiously with one another. Sha hurled his foot upward at the Andromon's head, only to have his attack blocked by Sigma 018's forearm. The Andromon followed up his defensive maneuver with an offensive one, throwing a punch at Sha's stomach. The Shawjamon, however, wasn't about to let Sigma 018's punch connect.

    Sha caught the android's fist in both hands and swung himself over the Andromon's head. He landed nimbly behind Sigma 018, still gripping the android's arm in both his. For a brief moment, Sigma 018 was locked in place, unable to free his arm from Sha's grasp. The Andromon spoke, "Lightning Blade."

    Sigma 018's robotic hand took the form of an electrical blade and struck Sha, sending the demon staggering backwards. Now free from his grasp, the Andromon whirled around and flung a kick in Sha's direction. As Sigma 018's mechanical leg approached, Sha agilely dropped onto his back to avoid the hit. He used his arms and legs to spring back to his feet just as the Andromon attempted another punch.

    Chuckling to himself, the Shawjamon said, "You ain't got nothin' on the Sha-ster!"

    That said, Sha weaved around his slower opponent and leaped upon the android's front. Gripping Sigma 018's head in his hands, Sha flung back his head and hurled it forward, striking it against the Andromon's metal forehead. Sha's head bounced back, and the Shawjamon dropped to the ground in a daze. Rising clumsily to his feet and clutching his now-throbbing head, Sha muttered, "Okay...not one of my better ideas..."

    Sigma 018 regarded the Shawjamon peculiarly and grabbed hold of the amphibious demon with both hands. At point-blank, the Andromon declared, "Gatling Missile!"

    From his chest, Sigma 018 launched two missiles that exploded on Sha's torso, blowing the Shawjamon backwards several yards. He skidded to a stop and lay on the ground, his thin frame smoking. Sigma 018 approached him and laid hands on him again, this time hurling him into a nearby market-stand. Sha crashed into it and rolled over onto his stomach, struggling to rise. But the Andromon wasn't about to give him that chance.

    Sigma 018 gripped Sha in both hands yet again, this time dragging him across the ground and flinging him high into the air. As the demon rose, a grin formed on Sha's face. When he reached the peak of his "flight," the Shawjamon rasped, "Demonic Shift...Leviamon..."

    Suddenly, Sigma 018 found himself in the least favorable position imaginable: directly underneath a falling leviathan. A huge grin was plastered on Sha's face as he crashed to the ground, flattening both his mechanical opponent and the abandoned market.

    A dark cloud engulfed Sha, and he reverted back into his Shawjamon form. As the cloud dissipated, it revealed Sha sitting cross-legged, with arms folded over his chest, on top of an unconscious and severely damaged Andromon. "Cha-haw! Now that was one of my better ideas."

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    Mephistopheles felt the sweat drip down his brow; Loki's power was greater than he had ever anticipated, his magic far more potent. For every spell Mephistopheles threw towards the trickster god, there was an answer, as if Loki had not only mastered the spell eons ago, but had perceived the true intent of Mephistopheles's actions in using it.

    He glanced about; the two Horsemen were handling their opponents quite well, but his soldiers were another story. They had allowed the Peacemakers to come to them, to fight on their terms. Was this what they had planned? Had they really done nothing just to draw him in? Why would they have risked it? How could they--

    Loki! It came to Mephistopheles in a flash of realization. The trickster god was the one behind this new development.

    "Damnit!" He snarled mentally. "Fight smarter, you fools. Stop playing their game!" He quickly devised a new plan and sent the instructions to his soldiers. "Now go!"

    The soldiers of Mephistopheles moved, springing into action from where they fell. The first to move was Marcus, who engulfed himself in burning light and evolved into Darkdramon. He swung his massive lance and sent Justin crashing into the nearest building. Damien reeled back under Gigas's assault, but grabbed on of his burning chains and sent a whirlwind of fire at the insect. It did little more than slow him down, but that was enough. He turned and sprinted down the street towards the fallen Dracula. Gigas moved to go after him, but was struck on the side by Marcus's Gigastic Lance and was forced to backpedal to avoid a vicious Dark Roar.

    Damien raced towards Dracula and hurled his chains forward. They struck Aeria in the chest as she moved to attack the fallen vampire and sent her flying. He then spun around and whipped the chains against Nocchi, sending him flying as well. He breathed his fire onto Dracula and Nocchi's strings burnt to ash. Dracula rose, towering over the city, and set his eyes on Sha. With a roar the two behemoths charged each other. Sigma, freed from beneath Sha lit with a light of his own, and burst forth as HiAndromon. He raced towards Gigas, leaped into the air, and drove his fist into the bug's face, leaving Marcus free to once again turn his attention towards Justin.

    Loki's magic flashed closer, and Mephistopheles turned his full attention back to the battle at hand. The demon roared, his eyes flashing white as he spoke dark words of power; words thought long forgotten by those who walked in the light; words that set his breath on fire and turned the air to poison; words that seeped into the heart and soul of every living thing and made them cry out in terror and agony. He searched deep within for the ancient scrolls and texts he'd long since memorized; powers and magics that could shatter the will of even the gods.

    But Loki answered with his own words, words older still, from a time when proemial gods battled eldritch horrors spawned from the very nightmares of the first demons. Loki's words were greater, shaking the air with power and force, and Mephistopheles could not contend with their magnitude. He summoned his magics once more, hurling two-thousand burning iron spells at the trickster, but Loki held firm, countering with two-thousand spells of piercing shadow. Their spells clashed in the sky, showering Anatolia with fragments of magical energy and shards of power.

    Then, as Mephistopheles fought his spells against Loki's, he became aware of a distinct presence behind him. Still he fought back; Loki was the only threat to him.

    "I didn't think you'd have such trouble," Loki whispered in the demon's ear. "Shameful indeed that the Peacemakers need my help to stop you."

    Mephistopheles didn't understand, Loki stood in front of him, powering the spells that clashed with his, and yet the trickster was also standing behind him whispering in his ear. It was impossible, for sure.

    "A trick!" Mephistopheles laughed as he held back the front-Loki's spells. "To make me drop my guard and turn? You're losing your touch, trickster."

    "Hmm. I disagree," behind-Loki mused. He placed two fingers to the back of Mephistopheles head and something sparked from them. Mephistopheles cried out and grabbed his skull in agony as he dropped from the sky, and front-Loki shimmered away right before his eyes.

    Mephistopheles clawed at the ground, desperately trying to call his powers and fight back again, but he found that his magics would not answer his summons.

    "This cannot be!" he gasped. He roared at Loki. "What did you do?"

    "A simple silencing spell," Loki said, inspecting the dirt beneath his fingernails. Mephistopheles cried out in anger and prepared to strike the only way he could, drawing back his fist, but found himself unable to move. He looked down, and only then noticed the Devil's Trap Loki had painted in burning lines of magic.


    "Yes," Loki counted.

    "It doesn't matter," Mephistopheles growled. "My soldiers and the Horsemen will still wipe this city out and then I will be freed. Your paltry Peacemakers will not hold them forever."

    "Perhaps, if we allowed them to fight on your terms," Loki acquiesced. "But you should know better than to underestimate the will of the gods." He pointed to the distance, where five forms rose from the center of Anatolia to join the battle. The remaining council members flew as one. "I don't quite see how you could have made such a grave oversight, Mephisto. But I am far too comfortable with the world the way it is to allow you and your lords to ruin it."

    Loki looked down on Mephistopheles with a sense of complete superiority. "Now, you'll have to excuse me; it's been so long since I've done one of these and I don't quite remember the words. How did it go? Ah yes." He cleared his throat. "Regna terrae, cantate Deo psallite Domino qui fertis super caelum caeli ad Orientem Ecce dabit voci Suae vocem virtutis, tribuite virtutem Deo."

    Mephistopheles cried out as the exorcism took hold of his demonic spirit and twisted it painfully. His screams echoed across Anatolia and he writhed, thrashing against his invisible bonds.

    "Defend me!" he cried out, summoning his warriors to his side. They abandoned their battles, in the midst of attacking and defending, and flew to aid their master. Even the two Horsemen let out a brilliant salvo of energies to clear the airspace around them and howled to Mephistopheles's aid.

    Loki rolled his eyes as Conquest bore down on him. He raised one hand. "As if I didn't have a contingency for dealing with my brother," he said mockingly. Magic flew from his fingertips and slammed into Conquest, ripping him from his flight and stopping him in his tracks. He roared in pain and thrashed wildly, unable to fight off whatever power was invading his body and mind.

    Dracula came next, barreling past Sha and thundering towards the trickster god. He reached out with clawed hands large enough to splatter Loki in seconds.

    "A vampire? Please. Seven Suns of Balthakk," Loki's hands emitted a brilliant blast of sunlight, and Dracula reeled back. His VenomMyotismon form exploded into thousands upon thousands of bats, and the Myotismon was forced to flee. Then came War, racing down from the sky, brimming with power and fire. "Hah! Cyttorak's Crimson Bands." Beams of energy suddenly wrapped around the Horseman and snared him. His power cut away and he dropped to the ground, struggling futilely against bonds that only became stronger the more he fought.

    Next came Damien and Marcus, but Loki merely waved his magics around them, and took control of the SkullMeramon's chains. He whipped them through the air, wrapping them around the two soldiers and then staking the chains to the nearest buildings. He spotted Gaul and Lucian (Digivolved to BlackMetalGarurumon) preparing their attacks behind him. Bursts of fire and ice crashed towards Loki, but he worked his magic again and they swerved through the air. Lucian's attack crashed into Gaul and Gaul's slammed into Lucian.

    The last of Mephistopheles's soldiers, the HiAndromon named Sigma, sprinted towards Loki, an energy blade drawn and ready to strike. But Loki's magic snared his feet as he ran and the android dropped to his knees.

    "You, a machine that cannot feel, cannot sympathize, or understand the pain he causes," Loki mused. He placed a hand over Sigma's face. "Behold the Images of Ikonn." Loki forced emotion to develop within the android, and then filled his mind with the ghosts of all he had slain. Sigma let out a cry of anguish and dropped to the ground.

    Loki turned back to Mephistopheles. "Is that it? Can I proceed?" he asked. "Where was I? Ah yes. Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,omnis congregatio et secta diabolica."

    Mephistopheles screamed and thrashed, unable to move beyond the trap's confines. He screamed out to the very heavens and depths of Hell itself. He shook, howled, and cursed Loki with every breath in him. But his struggling only made the trickster god's smirk grow wider.

    Suddenly the earth cracked and heaved, splitting the Devil's trap down the middle. Before Loki could repair it or finish the exorcism, Mephistopheles's eyes flashed, and he and his soldiers had vanished.

    Loki raised an eyebrow. "Look at that," he said. "I guess miracles happen even for demons, eh?" He looked around and the ruined landscape of the city and shrugged. "Ahura Mazda can fix this." He walked over to Michael and released the spell on his throat and lungs, allowing him to draw breath again. Loki then turned to Duo and cast away the pale cloud that itched to seal itself into him.

    One by one the Peacemakers and members of the Council gathered around where Mephistopheles had been, just moments from defeat. Loki surveyed his audience, and with a sweeping bow, said smugly, "You're welcome."

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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    Gunnar stared in disbelief as Loki single-handedly dispatched Mephistopheles and his squad before managing to escape.

    "...Why hasn't he been helping us from the start?" he droned, his mouth slightly agape.

    "Dunno..." Tyr answered, equally as impressed.

    "Never underestimate a trickster god," Tiwaz mused, sounding a cross between disdain and being impressed.

    "Tyr! Gunnar!" Dhazbog called over to them from beside Sigurd and Ulik. "We need to meet up with the other soldiers. We'll talk later," he called over before running off.

    Tyr waved and Gunnar showed them off with a thumbs up. The two dragon men proceeded to look at each other, nod and fly through the air to meet with the other Peacemakers.

    They dove down and landed on the ground near Loki, not far off from where where the marketplace used to be. "That was impressive, council member," Pyra admitted after reverting back into her Paildramon form.

    The battered form of a GrandisKuwagamon landed nearby. "It took ya damn long enough to do it," Kheprius growled, partly in anger, partly through pain.

    Pyra looked over to him and instantly saw the damage that he took. "Kheprius," she said, concerned. "You're wounded."

    "Am I?" he asked, heaving in pain. "I guess that's what happens when you go toe-to-toe with War... And in case you all were wondering, I found out something from my fight with him. War feeds on negative emotions like rage. He told me himself and I could feel his power growing the angrier I got. My anger combined with Svarog's was just..." he trailed off. "Anyway, I dunno if it's true for Conquest too."

    The Paildramon walked over to him, noticing the particularly nasty burn on his left thigh. She turned and looked around for a particular Lilymon X. Upon resting her eyes on her, Pyra beckoned her over. "Ivy, can you please help Kheprius? And Duo too?"

    "I'm fine," he insisted, staggering away from her.

    "You don't look like it," she responded, placing a hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked into her eyes. Pyra returned the stare and was unable to help but feel surprised. She saw a strange look in his eye; it was one that she saw before when he told her about his past. He almost looked sad. "Kheprius...?"

    He winced and averted his gaze. "Just leave me alone, okay?" He then walked over to the other side of the group.

    Pyra considered trying to convince him to reconsider, but she thought better of it. She knew that something got under his exoskeleton and it must have been something big, since Kheprius was usually pretty unflappable about these sorts of things.

    The Paildramon sighed and looked around. "Is everybody here accounted for?" she questioned.

    "No..." Tyr said with concern. "I don't see Azur, Caradoc, Guinier or Barachiel..."

    A wave of fear entered Pyra's system. "They're missing? Azur's missing? They're probably just late getting here..." she tried to reason. "They're not gone... I'm not about to make the same mistake I did with Maximus. Azur's fine..." Pyra closed her eyes and let out a calming sigh.

    "I'm sure they're comin'," Gunnar insisted, wearing an optimistic smile. "Ol' Barry and the others wouldn't be beaten by those losers."

    "I don't sense Fenrir's presence anywhere, Tyr..." Tiwaz told him, his voice betraying slight concern.

    "They're fine... they have to be," Tyr answered.

    Kheprius stood at the edge of the gathered bunch, facing away from them. His fist clenched. "Terrak..."


    Barachiel flew alongside Caradoc, Guinier and Azur as they raced back towards Anatolia. Hours had past and he had remained quiet for most of the journey. He had a lot on his mind... How they were going to find and save Hadrael was the main line of thought. Barachiel also wondered how brutally he was going to be chastised upon returning and he tried to figure out how to explain that it wasn't Caradoc, Guinier or Azur's fault that they also went with him. He felt there was no reason why they should suffer for him.

    He turned his eyes upwards to check for landmarks. Sure enough, the TigerVespamon saw Anatolia in the distance... however, there was something strange about it. Barachiel noticed a mass of black and grey vapours clouded over top of the city.

    "Is it a storm?" he asked himself.

    He continued flying, continuing to stare at the strange looking clouds. He pondered their existance. They didn't look like storm clouds.

    Barachiel froze.

    "It's smoke..." he spoke in a hushed voice. "Smoke!" He turned to his three comrades.

    "Anatolia's burning!" he shouted, taking off, ripping through the sky back towards the broken city. "No, no, no, no, NO!"
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    Anatolia wept. The citizens wandered aimlessly, searching for those lost in the chaos. Tears flowed as they discovered those they loved most were gone, lost to death and the destruction wrought by the Horsemen and the other servants of Mephistopheles.

    Bedivere stood guardian over the destruction and the death, gazing across the throng of crowds, as smoke filled the skies above. Even as Ahura Mazda summoned forth the Umon of Creation and released blue lightning across the city, restoring the destroyed buildings and healing Anatolia's wounds, the scars opened and burnt by the battle repairing.

    Silently, the Slayerdramon watched. Familiar faces milled, people he had met in Avalon, people he had seen in the streets of Anatolia. All were stained, with grief, with pain, with disbelief, with anger. There was grief, numbing the senses and dulling the sun even as the storm began to disperse, but there was anger, a rising, burning cry for revenge which yearned to scream out, demanding retribution and punishment on Mephistopheles. It resonated throughout the destruction, and even the creation among the pain could not drown out the cry of hate and pain.

    He clenched a fist. "There will be a reckoning... I promise...


    The sun rained down its dull rays, and Vritra hung in its glare, gazing down from amidst the last fragments of Conquest's storm, crimson eyes glaring at the devastation below. She turned her glare to the sun, feeling its warmth dancing across her skin, but uncaring.

    She remembered Conquest, the Horseman's sheer power, power enough to crush her so. His lightning, splitting the heavens, a celestial hammer of force and wrath. His thunder, a divine roar of triumph. His blade, a destructive force which had brought ruin to everyone opposing him. The fire goddess closed her eyes, and flames snapped out around her, her wings exploding into the pale, watery sky, searing with anger. How could she have been so helpless before him?! How had she been left a mere insect, struggling to face him?!

    She would be stronger. She would call up the flames, the burning might which was her birthright, and with it, next time, Conquest would burn...



    The word passed Caradoc and Guinier's lips as one, even as the smoking- ravage form of Anatolia came into view. Both knew horror in an instant, and both tore forwards with Barachiel, racing to their home.

    Shouts of alarm, screams of horror heralded their arrival, and the guards were readied, blades out, guns aimed and all manner of weapons readied to meet them, before realization sunk in, these were Peacemakers. But there was suddenly bitterness, stares full of scorn at the four who had abandoned Anatolia in its tinme of need.

    Bedivere heard the screams, heard the guards, and a fiery glare fell upon the four as he found them across the skyline. Clenching angry fists, eyes ablaze, the Slayerdramon tore into the sky and ripped across the city towards them...


    "What happened here?" Caradoc called.

    "We were attacked," a guard replied darkly, casting a grim look at the four as he strode away. "That demon and his troops attacked the city, while you were gone." His eyes rested on Caradoc, speaking a thousand words. Failure. Sinner. Betrayer. They stung like needles.

    Then the guard was gone, replaced by the accusing stares of the citizens of Anatolia, and Caradoc could only be reminded of his childhood once again, the stares, the bitterness, the shame...

    The citizens melted away, dispersing, but they were replaced by worse. Bedivere emerged from the sky, crashing down, eyes burning with anger as he regarded the four. When he spoke, it was with barely-controlled fury.

    "Where were the four of you?" Guinier opened her mouth to reply, but her brother's glare struck her dumb.

    "Looking for Hadrael," Caradoc answered, stepping forward, challenging the knight with his motion. Bedivere's eyes narrowed, emphasising his reptilian pupils.

    "We were attacked while you gallivanted off to be the shining knights in armor," he spat. "Look around you." Caradoc remained resolute. "Look!" The Valkyrimon cast his near-violet eyes around in a brief look-over of the area around, before fixating back on Bedivere, who seethed. "How dare you. How dare you."

    "Yes, how dare us," Caradoc retorted. "And what do you suggest, oh brave and wise lord?" Each word dripped with sarcasm, but also with resent, the Valkyrimon was clearly infuriated. "Leave Hadrael in the torment he is doubtless held in? Maybe you would, but I say no, Bedivere. I was not about to allow a friend..."

    "Oh, a friend," Bedivere snapped. "What we used to be! Or have you forgotten that Guinier and I were the only friends you even had?" Caradoc visibly tensed. "You, the shamed, the atoner! You could have damned us all! Your recklessness took four of this city's strongest protectors off on a wild goose chase! We were lucky we could hold back the tide! If it wasn't for Loki, we would have lost!" Each word hit like a bullet.

    "I didn't know our plan would work so well," Caradoc answered. Bedivere snarled.

    "Don't try and make excuses!"

    "No!" Caradoc roared. "I'm done taking this! What the hell have you become? Look at yourself instead of me! You're walking a dangerous path, and everyone else sees it but you!"

    "So speaks the man whose father abandoned the hope of the world," Bedivere replied darkly. "The pattern is so terribly clear, Caradoc. Are you going to abandon us? Another sin for us all to scorn and look down on your family for?"

    "Enough!" Guinier cried. "Stop, Bedivere!"

    "No," Caradoc hissed. "It's said, Bedivere, that all heroes will fall. Be it to death, or darkness. You've fallen already. So I won't fall... I'll rise above you. This world needs a new hero. I am not my father."

    "You just proved that in spirit you are," the Slayerdramon shot back. "You abandoned us as he abandoned Odin... and you dragged these three down with you... including Guinier." His eyes rested on his sister's form, and she averted her gaze. "I should even ask if you're not aiming to get something out of this. How did you intend to find Hadrael, anyway, if you didn't have information?"

    Caradoc gave a burning roar and tore forwards, eyes ablaze with rage. Bedivere had finally gone too far, said the wrong words, the straw to break the camel's back. After the insults, after the guard, after the citizens, after his father, Caradoc snapped. Fire burned around him and consumed him, his Dynasmon X form exploding from the flames.

    "Enough!" he bellowed, grabbing Bedivere and slamming him into a wall by the throat. "That is enough, Bedivere!"

    "Is it?" Bedivere snarled back. "Or are you overreacting to perfectly valid questions? You abandoned us right before we were attacked!"

    "I would never betray any of you! Not even you! You're the one being irrational!" Bedivere snarled, and power collected in his grip. A fist hammered into Caradoc's face, accentuated by an emerald burst of force from the knight's Digitalize of Soul, forcing the Dynasmon X back.

    The Fragarach burned into life as Bedivere charged, roaring in anger at his former friend. The blades flashed in flame as they swung, but Caradoc simply moved, backhanding them away with a forceful, yet light motion, before nailing Bedivere with a fiery blow of his fist which hurled the Slayerdramon back into the wall. He stood again, snarling in rage as he glared Caradoc in the eyes and charged again...

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    Barachiel landed with Caradoc, Guinier and Azur on the opposite side of the city wall. The stench of smoke and death filled his nostrils and did nothing to ease the pounding of his aching heart. He looked around at the soldiers and citizens. Many sported wounds from collapsing debris and stray attacks, but that was nothing compared to the pain that he saw in their eyes.

    Upon landing, Barachiel stood completely still, gazing across the city will dull eyes. He was so stunned by the carnage that he didn't even realize when Bedivere showed up and started rebuking them, though most of the scolding fell on Caradoc.

    "We should have been here..." Barachiel thought to himself. "I joined the military to prevent exactly this from happening. I should have... This is all my fault."

    Barachiel grimaced as the pain of guilt inside of him became unbearable. "I disobeyed orders and allowed three of our strongest Peacemakers to come with me. It was to rescue Hadrael, but... we couldn't even do that. We didn't even have a plan! I weakened Anatolia's fighting strength for nothing! I was too impatient... too angry... Hadrael... God... please forgive me."

    "This is the third time I couldn't protect them..." Barachiel let out a shaking sigh and turned towards Bedivere, who caught his attention when he and Caradoc began yelling at each other.

    The TigerVespamon's eyes widened when he suddenly saw Caradoc slam Bedivere into a wall. The Slayerdramon responded with a mighty punch to Caradoc's face. Bedivere charged and the Dynasmon X fought back with a powerful blow.

    Bedivere growled and ran towards Caradoc again. It was then when Barachiel willed himself to act. He skidded to a halt in front of the charging Bedivere. The insect dashed forwards and grabbed the digimon's arm in both of his hands before spinning around and yanking the limb downwards. In a fluent motion, Barachiel flipped Bedivere over his shoulder, causing the Slayerdramon to land on his back. The TigerVespamon placed his foot on a pressure point between Bedivere's neck and shoulder and pulled his arm towards himself.

    "Stop this!" Barachiel ordered sternly. "Both of you..."

    He looked down upon Bedivere, who still seethed with anger. "Bedivere... If you're going to blame anyone... beat anyone... it is me who should recieve the punishment. It was all my fault... Caradoc had nothing to do with it. The only reason he, Guinier and Azur came along was to make sure that I didn't get myself killed. I wanted to save Hadrael and I... just couldn't wait," he said repentantly. Barachiel released Bedivere's wrist and removed his foot from his collar. "I'm the reason we weren't here... and you're mistaken if you believe Caradoc was behind our... my rescue attempt."
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    Tired, weak and weary, Aeria was somehow able to find an unbroken bench to seat herself in. She winced and pressed her hand against her side. Tepes’ last blow had hit her hard enough to cause her a lot of damage. She kept herself from thinking too much about the pain. As she opened her eyes and looked up, she found much more importance in the sadness of the people that had their homes broken by the battle…that had their loved ones snatched away.

    “I’m sorry,” she whispered to no one in particularly as she stared at the ground at her feet. She just desperately needed to say it. To apologize. To show them how much she felt about not being able to do what she had sought to do by joining the Peacemakers.

    She stood back up, ignoring her pain, knowing that she had felt much worse ones before. She looked over at where she might be of help. At a turn of her head, she found some place where she might be able to do just that.

    The WarGreymon approached Ivy as she tended to Duo’s wounds. She then knelt beside the floral Digimon timidly.

    “I-Ivy?” she called out to her. “You look like you got hurt a lot too, so, um, maybe I can help? I know a bit about herbs and medicine,” Aeria said, trying to keep her timidity from making her voice low.



    Shoon, forlorn and depressed, kicked at the pebble in front of his foot. “Dammit!” he cursed again as his face crumpled. His large, round eyes started to show parts of tears.

    Why!?’ he thought to himself. ‘Why couldn’t I do anything!?

    He still remembered seeing it. Seeing him. Mephistopheles was right there, torturing and bending Duo to his will and attacking Lucia and even when Michael was there to try and stop him.

    But he had been too afraid to help.

    Shoon had been stuck in the spot that he was when he spotted them. He had been too far for Mephistopheles to have noticed…or maybe the demon had and just regarded the Mamemon X as someone that couldn’t have done anything. Someone helpless.

    In the end, he might have proved that theory right. He hadn’t done anything. He had just stood frozen in his spot, terrified to be in the presence of someone that had flicked his allies away with a wave of a hand. He couldn’t move no matter how much he had wanted his body to move, to act, to try to go against the thought in his that told him: “It’s impossible for me.

    And he hated himself for it.

    Shoon fell to the ground on his knees, his fists slamming on the floor. “I’m useless!” he cursed himself as the tears from his eyes fell. “I-I-I could’ve stopped him! O-o-or at l-least tried!” he shouted at himself. “I-I could have done s-something! Anything! A-anything other than doing absolutely nothing! A-and just watching everyone else get hurt because I couldn’t do a damn single thing!

    More tears fell as he yelled at himself as his shouts turned into self- collecting into a puddle below him. “H-h-how can I b-be a hero i-if I’m gonna b-be too s-scared to fight?” he asked himself though his sobs.

    In his mind’s eyes, he saw someone standing over him. Someone familiar. Someone who’s eyes looked at him so much with disdain. Regarding him as inferior. Worthless.

    “H-how c-c-can I p-p-prove him w-wrong i-if I can’t e-even do a-anything u-u-use-f-ful?” he asked himself, his voice significantly lower as he lowered his head onto the ground, his face crumpled.


    Reverting back to his MachGaogamon form, Galic, barely injured and only a little tired, had to give Kheprius a slight pitying glance. It must’ve been a very hard thing he had been forced to decide. And in the end, he had no part in trying to go through the decision.

    “Ga~alic,” a familiar, squealing voice called from above, and the called Digimon looked up and smiled.

    “Ah, Valentine! It’s good to see you well!” he called back as the Piximon dropped from the sky and hovered in front of the MachGaogamon.

    “Of course I’m looking well! I have this wonderful shampoo and this magnificent lotion that keeps me looking absolute stunning! Me and my wife use it every day! You have got to try them!” he said with his normal flamboyant flair, something Galic had already gotten accustomed to.

    “Maybe some other time, Valentine,” he told the Piximon, chuckling. “How did the evacuation go?”

    “Oh, we tried our best,” Valentine replied, folding his arms and looking disappointed. “While we saved a lot, we still lost a number of people. It took too long to gather everyone and then send everyone out.”

    Galic’s smile fell with the pink fairy Digimon’s report. “That is unfortunate,” he said, his deep voice lowering.

    “It’s so tragic!” Valentine started, closing his eyes and clasping his hands in front of him. “All those loved ones: dead! And the survivors are left, feeling so sad and so crying! It’s heartbreaking!

    “It is, indeed, Valentine,” Galic told him. “But we did the best that we could, did we not? Imagine how much more would have been lost had we not done anything at all.”

    “But still! Maybe, maybe! One of the lost ones might have been a wife or husband to be? Or worse? Parents of an infant? Or or or,” Valentine continued, his eyes suddenly starting to water at the depressing and dramatic scenarios running through his head.

    But as much as Galic wanted to dismiss it only as fantasies in the Piximon’s mind, he couldn’t. Those scenarios could have very well been put to act right then and there, and they couldn’t do anything to stop it. Lives were lost, and they couldn’t be taken back.

    He knew that well enough.

    “Valentine,” he said, trying to stop the Piximon before he’d start to sob and cry. “Valentine!”

    “Oh- oh! Yes, yes, sorry. Got carried away,” Valentine said, dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief that he procured from somewhere on his person.

    “There might be some survivors under the debris or trapped behind broken walls. Get the nomads to search for any. Also, offer any of them that don’t have anywhere to go haven at the settlement, at least until they find other arrangements to settle themselves in.”

    “Yes, yes, I shall.” And then Valentine got a glint in his eye. “Oh! Maybe I can find someone to stay in my house and, kyaaaaaa! Maybe he’ll fall in love with my darling daughter!”

    Galic sighed as the Piximon went back to lala land. “Now, Valentine.”

    “Right, right,” Valentine said as he started to hover back up the sky. “Oh, before I do, you’re former apprentice Azur seems to look like he just arrived along with a few friends of his!” he shouted since he already flew up in the sky. His shrill voice was loud enough that a lot of the other Peacemakers undoubtedly heard him as well.

    Galic had to raise an eyebrow. ‘Just arrived? he wondered. He was about to go and check, but he spotted Michael and Loki in his peripheral vision.

    The MachGaogamon turned to Loki and Michael and then started to approach them.

    He offered the god an uncertain smile. He still wasn’t quite sure how to look and think of the god, but he gave the Merukimon a reverent bow. “Let me be the first to thank you for your assistance, sir Loki. I doubt any other outcome would have been as, ah, efficient the way things were progressing.”

    He then turned to Michael. “Are you fit, lord Michael?” he asked, noticing that the angel looked a little beaten up.

    After getting his answer, he then turned back to Loki. “We need to discuss your plan, sir Loki. It seems that Mephistopheles isn’t one to simply stand by as the Peacemakers wait for him to do his work they can fix it. While, with your help, we may have been able to drive him away, I highly doubt that he’s going to take this lightly. We need another plan of action.”

    He then took in the destruction around them. “Perhaps we can gather everyone back into the council room?”


    Azur swore at himself under his breath.

    All of Anatolia was assaulting his senses with destruction. His eyes could see just how much devastation the city had endured…and how much it hadn’t. He could see fires burning and large holes in buildings. He could smell fire burning, and worse, he could smell blood. He could practically taste it in the air. His ears could still hear buildings breaking, some loose debris falling or some building unable to hold its weight any longer. What was worse was that he could also hear the crying, the wailing and the sobbing. He could feel the sorrow and the pain resonating in bounds.

    All of their voices and feelings struck at his core. They tore at his heart and soul with their sorrow. And they made him feel so guilty. He should’ve been there. He shouldn’t have let his impulsiveness take so much control. He shouldn’t have left. It was a sobering sensation, and not at all relieving.

    The WereGarurumon found the self-consciousness to look a little bit ashamed when Bedivere fell upon them with a look of disbelief. Despite that, part of him bristled when the Slayerdramon cast his accusations.

    And then before Azur knew it, a fight broke out.

    Just as quick as Barachiel jumped to stop Bedivere from charging once more, Azur stepped between them and Caradoc, giving the Dynasmon X a look that told him that now wasn’t the time. He knew that he could have shoved him out of the way easily with his strength. But Caradoc must have known better than that.

    “We…don’t want to damage the city any further,” he told him. He then started to look around, noticing that a portion of the citizens were looking at them, some angry, some sad…and others afraid. They just witness two of their greatest heroes at such explosive ends, and that must’ve done very little to their morale. If anything, it was a severe blow.

    “Or are we going to show these people just how incompetent we are?” he asked in a level tone.

    As he swept his eyes into the crowd, his heart suddenly stopped. He swore at himself once more and looked away, too ashamed to look into the eyes of the person he least wanted to see at that moment.

    Pyra,’ he thought as he tried to think of something to tell her, and ultimately failing.
    There are stories made from the imagination. There are stories born from experience.
    There are stories told because of a need to be filled. There are stories that simply need to be told.
    This is one of them.

    “Maybe there really is a method to his madness…or maybe he’s just plain insane."
    Chapter 3: Act III is out and posted!

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