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    "And that, Sparkles, is how you make an entrance. Feel free to take notes."

    As Max pulled himself free from the rubble and turned to face Justin with a death stare, his smile faded a bit. "You are also free to lend a hand, if you want. Every hero needs a sidekick after all."
    Gunnar sneered competitively as Justin appeared and made his mark on the Eaglemon. "The student's giving advice to the master?" the ShineGreymon questioned, tensing his wings and poising his sword. "You've got some nerve, Shades, but all the spandex in the world won't help you outmatch me. Sure, that scarf is pretty cool, but I'm just awesome."

    The dragon of light watched as Victor ordered the others to fall back. Gunnar smirked and turned to Justin. "Why don't you and I make a competition out of it to see who's the awesomest warrior here? If you take down one of the Cambion before I do - which, of course, is impossible - I have to be your sidekick. And when I take down one of the Cambion before you do, you get to be my sidekick. How's that for a challenge?" he asked the Justimon, looking over at him and raising his thumb upwards.

    He looked ahead of him and saw Max retreating. "And it starts now!" he yelled, racing forward in pursuit.


    The Peacemakers were slammed into the ground by the overwhelming conflux of fire and lightning. Gunnar and Khep were crushed down by the blaze and Tyr and Pyra were struck by the electricity.

    Pyra winced and raised her eyes upwards to see War and Conquest come to the rescue of the Cambion. "Not them," she thought as a growl escaped her. "At least there's no civilians around this time."

    Tyr scrambled to his feet and looked up to see Hector and Percival blocking an attack meant for the Peacemakers. With a groan of pain he jumped up and flew into the smoke-filled sky. "Sir Hector! Sir Percival!" he shouted as the two flew to meet with Conquest.

    The Tirfing blade whistled as Tyr raised it high into the air during his speedy approach. Conquest glanced over as the VictoryGreymon approached his flank with determination. "So Tiwaz Salamander's offspring has come to join fun too, has he?" he asked mockingly. Conquest then gestured to the two charging Royal Knights. "You do know you can't compete with these two, don't you? You're nothing but an insect in comparison and that's saying something."

    Tiwaz growled from inside Tyr. "That just does it. We're taking him down, Tyr!"

    "I know," Tyr whispered in response. His eyes narrowed and he flew forwards to strike. "But I can still help defeat you!"

    The Tirfing descended and clashed with the side of the Omni Sword. Conquest smirked as the portion of the Dramon Breaker did nothing to break his solid block. He spun around and delivered a kick to Tyr's armoured midsection, sending the VictoryGreymon flying backwards through the air. Conquest then turned is attention to Hector and Percival.

    Tyr caught himself and sneered, watching sparks explode from the melee in front of him. He raised his arms in front of him, pointing the tips of the Gleipnir and Tirfing at Conquest. Energy began pooling in between the two blades. If it were anybody else, Tyr would have questioned himself before considering firing the Trident Gaia but he had complete faith in the Royal Knights.

    "Trident Gaia!" he shouted.

    A glint suddenly sparkled in the corner of Conquest's blood red eye. As he fought, cutting the Omni Sword against the Aegis, the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode turned to find a massive torrent of power surging towards him. He faced the blast and opened the draconic mouth on his armour.

    "Giga Crusher," Conquest spoke, sending a giant beam of his own streaming through the air from the cannon in his chest.

    As soon as the Giga Crusher impacted the Trident Gaia, the Trident Gaia began to part in several directions. Conquest's blast ripped down the middle of Tyr's, straight towards the VictoryGreymon.

    "Tyr!" Tiwaz yelled.

    "I know! V-Victory Charge!" he shouted. Tyr crossed his arms in front of him and a hexagonal barrier seemed to form in front of the Tirfing and Gleipnir, both of which were shining brightly. The Giga Crusher slammed into the two weapons, threatening to engulf Tyr.

    The VictoryGreymon let out a cry as he fought against it. The pressure Conquest's attack gave off caused Tyr's muscles to burn just to keep it from hitting him. Relenting slightly, the dragon man angled himself so that the beam ricocheted off the barrier. The steam of dark matter soared at a right angle away from Tyr and into one of the nearby peaks. The mountain exploded from the inside and shards of rock were sent raining over the battlefield.

    "He's... so strong..." Tyr wheezed as the attack finally died down. His weakened arms hung at his sides and he looked up to see Conquest still fighting against the two Royal Knights. "Dangit..."

    Racing through the hail of stone, Tyr closed in on Conquest. The Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was about to thrust his Omni Sword towards Percival, but Tyr acted first. The dragon man caused the Gleipnir to spring open and he thrust it forwards. The vice-like dagger closed around Conquest's wrist, holding it in place. Tyr then raised the Tirfing and slashed it downwards, cleaving Conquest's armour.

    "Irritant," Conquest spat, grabbing Tyr by the neck and hurling him down to the ground.

    Tyr collided with the glass below, feeling it shatter under his weight. He weakly lifted himself up and looked up at the three. "Thor..."


    "Moebius Beak!"

    Ava's beak tore along the armour on Pyra's back. The dragon winced. While the black armour absorbed most of the impact, it still hit her with enough force to fly towards the ground. Pyra flapped her wings, but Ava slashed her claws across the Imperialdramon DM's left one, sending her into a spin.

    Pyra crashed into the charred ground, landing on her back. The Gryphonmon then landed on her exposed chest and her beak started to glow, readying the final strike.

    "Damn," Pyra thought to herself, wincing and attempting to pull herself up. She was not in an advantageous position, especially now that the Cambion had recieved nourishment. "I need more firepower now."

    "Imperial Evolution: Mode Change!" she yelled, her draconic body glowing white under the biomerge's talons. "Imperialdramon Fighter Mode!"

    Pyra's form became small enough to slip out from under Ava's claws. The humanoid dragon narrowed her eyes and pressed her wrist mounted cannon against Ava's throat. "Positron Laser," she spoke.

    Shimmering white positrons that seemed to leave the cannon in a helix pattern slammed into the Gryphonmon and sent her high into the air. Pyra sat upwards and flapped her red wings, taking her up into the sky. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode halted and looked over at Duo.

    "Duo, we should probably continue with the plan," she said, referring to the one he subtly suggested earlier. Pyra flapped her wings again and flew upwards after Ava.

    The Gryphonmon caught herself and looked back down at Pyra, glaring and feeling the pain from the dragon's last attack. "You b*tch," she thought to herself. "Supersonic Voice!"

    Pyra grimaced as the hypersonic waves of sound engulfed her and slowed her flight dramatically. She looked up and saw Ava follow with an aggressive attack, charging Pyra with her Moebius Beak.

    "Now's my chance," Pyra thought. Ava swooped down at her, but the Imperialdramon FM was ready. She ducked down and grabbed the chimera digimon by the neck. With a mighty throw, Pyra sent Ava crashing beak first into the ravaged ground. Pyra then lowered the cannon on her arm and aimed it at the Gryphonmon.

    "Positron Laser." A pillar of winding light tore out of Pyra's cannon and slammed down on Ava, crushing her into the ground. As she maintained the spiral beam, she looked over at her companion.



    Gunnar growled as he watched all his work wash away when Max rejuvenated himself. The Eaglemon turned and looked back at Gunnar and Justin.

    "Damn it. That's cheating!" Gunnar said as the golden bird charged them. He glanced over at Justin and grinned. "Okay, sidekick, don't wait up!"

    With that, the ShineGreymon charged the Eaglemon with his GeoGrey Sword ready to strike. "Okay, bird! Behind my awesomeness! Glorious Bur-"

    "Mystical Beak!" Max shouted first, sending a ray of light from his beak.

    Gunnar cried out as the bright light temporarily blinded him. In a kneejerk reaction, he sent the fourteen azure beam from his wings firing off blindly into the air. The only beam that hit its target was from the lens on his chest, which grazed Max's underbelly.

    "Kaiser Phoenix!" Max followed up. He rammed into Gunnar in a full-body tackle, winding the ShineGreymon and sending him flying backwards into Justin. Max then did a loop and retreated a short distance. He spun around and waited for the duo to make the next move again.

    "That lucky jerk!" Gunnar spat, looking down at his armour. He bristled upon seeing a scuff on the blue lens on his chest. He pushed himself away from Justin and flew forwards a little. He gripped the GeoGrey Sword slightly and looked around at the other Peacemakers who suddenly lost the upperhand with the appearance of War and Conquest.

    Looking over his shoulder, he cast a rivalrous look to Justin. "I didn't want to have to do this, but it looks like I have to now. Now watch closely, Shades! This is how real men make awesome entrances! I hope you brought a change of tights!"

    Shimmering particles erupted from the lens on Gunnar's wings and chest, sending a shower of sparkling light outwards. Each particle emanating from Gunnar then erupted in flames. The ShineGreymon became engulfed in the inferno and fire streamed out of his wings.

    "Behold my holy flames of light. This awesome force, my form ignites! With burning strength and shining might, I fly, burst through, and sweep the fight! Solar Burst Evolution! ShineGreymon Burst Mode!"

    Gunnar's wings became that solely of shimmering fire, flowing out from his back. His GeoGrey Sword became single edged blade of flames. A gigantic burning shield also appeared on his left arm. His white and red body rose into the sky and flaunted itself if an overwhelming blaze.

    The ShineGreymon Burst Mode turned around and looked at Justin with a cocky grin. He gave his friend/rival a thumbs up. "What was that you were saying about grand entrances?"


    Khep immediately scowled upon seeing War appear on the scene, but he did his very best to temper himself. "No. Don't hate him. It'll only make him stronger," he told himself. "Don't think about what he did yesterday or what he put you through."

    "I will defeat him. There's nothing he can use against me now," the GrandisKuwagamon thought. Kheprius beat his wings rapidly, zipping towards the Marsmon that he despised.

    Luckily for Khep, he had vented so much, his anger was minimal upon seeing War, though his sight still stirred up a few feelings. The insect called back to all the meditation he had done in the past when trying to both hone his skill and keep the X-Antibody at bay. He centered his mind and flew forwards, trying to keep as calm and concentrated as he could during the fight.

    And then he saw Samael jump in, slashing with his demonic claws.

    "Son of a b*tch," Khep swore, glaring at the Beelzemon as he flew down behind him.

    "Samael, you idiot! Don't fight him!" he called to the demon from behind. "One, he's my enemy! Two, he feeds off negative emotions! You're just making him stronger! He's going to toy with your head and push your buttons for the soul purpose of pissing you off. I can handle him now. There's no more he can do to me."

    Khep's Gran Killers shot out of his gauntlets and ripped across the glass ground towards the Marsmon. "Today's the day, War!" Khep shouted, more rivalrous than actually angry. "Get lost, Sammy; you'll only get in my way! Grandis Scissors!"
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    The sudden bombardment of conflagrating flames and thunderous lightning did an exceedingly significant number on a number of the Peacemakers. A few were able to escape injury, like young Shoon, who had tumbled off of Sha despite his effort from falling and had fortuitously landed in a crevice that merciless attacks had been unable to reach due to the Leviamon’s large body covering it.

    On the other hand, those that didn’t have the luck to be shielded by a giant reptile, like Scharlach, who had to suffer the full force of lightning running through his body and knocking him out like a candle fire blown away in the wind. It didn’t help that his metal weapon had acted as a conductor, amplifying the damage he taken. The ShadowWereGarurumon’s fur and clothes were singed black in different places, the only evidence that he was alive being the shallow rise and fall of his chest. His weapon lay harmlessly, and amazingly untouched, a few feet away, imbedded deeply into the ground.

    Aeria was one of those that had been able to find a middle ground between the two and had been able to avoid the brunt of the attack due to being on the farthest side of mountain, trying to find Pelleas under the rubble. Though she was almost struck dumb by the appearance of Conquest and War, she had quickly returned to what she had initially intended, albeit at a slower pace. And as unfamiliar as she was with Gunnar and Justin behind her, she trusted them enough to at least watch her back as she did what she had sought to do.

    The WarGreymon tried her best to ignore the sounds of battle behind her to keep herself from being worried about an oncoming attack. One rock after another, she pulled them off and threw them the side, growing weaker and weaker due to the damage and accumulated stress she had gained over the days.

    “Please still be alive,” she whispered as she pulled off one more rock, and she gasped once she spotted an unknown face. “O-oh! Sir Knight!” she called out with relief as she did her job with renewed vigor.

    So concentrated was she on getting Pelleas out of the rubble faster, she had not noticed Gunnar’s showy display of digivolution, and busy as he was, the newly Burst Mode Digimon didn’t see that she had found the Royal Knight that they were risking their behinds to save.

    But with eyesight worthy of the eagles that the Eaglemon’s namesake came from, Max had not, especially with the WarGreymon’s more erratic movement catching his attention. Taking advantage of Gunnar turning away, he quickly charged his attack.

    And before anyone could stop it, Aeria found herself experiencing severe and searing pain at her side caused by the full force of a Mystical Beak attack. Wincing hard, she gave out a yell when the agony was amplified when the attack caused her to slam into the hard ground, forcing her to roll across the stone floor until her back met with the steeper part of the mountain.

    Forcing herself to open her eyes despite her body telling her to keep her from doing so, she saw that the Eaglemon had resumed his battle with Gunnar and Justin. She tried to open her mouth, to move her arms, to tell them to get the Royal Knight out of the boulder pile before he got crushed to death, but not a single sound came from her voice nor a single motion came from her body. And as she closed her eyes, she thought, with all her mind, one thing.


    And as Aeria began to lose her consciousness to darkness, that thought was what another part of her heard as another part of Aeria woke up.

    Her body started to float in the air a few inches as light began to condense around her, coating her body and armor like a second skin. Flecks of light like tiny fireflies spun around her as her body rose to full height, spinning faster and faster. And then with a strong resounding cry, the light broke away. And like an explosion, the lights flew in all directions while her body flashed brightly. Then her body floated back to the floor, standing tall and resolutely, as the lack of light revealed her darker form that was BlackWarGreymon.

    She opened her eyes, looking around in silence as if taking in her surroundings for the first time. The air about her wasn’t like how it usual was. It felt heavy and serious, not like the light and soft that she usually had. Her eyes were sharper and more defiant, as if challenging anyone to try attacking her.

    She then closed her eyes and shook her head in a disbelieving motion. “What have you gotten yourself into again?” she asked, her voice full of incredulity. The BlackWarGreymon opened her eyes again and looked at the scene in front of her that was of an Eaglemon fighting against a Justimon and a ShineGreymon in Burst Mode.

    Must protect…’ she momentarily thought as she looked at them. She then took a step forward, but then she staggered, one eye wincing as she suddenly felt all the stress and injury done to her body. She growled lowly.

    “What have you been doing!?” she whispered harshly as she pulled herself back up. “How am I supposed to protect you if you don’t care of your body!?”

    She ignored the weariness and continued walking, only to stop and raise her arms in a fighting position when something crashed a few feet away from her, beyond the line that divided the thunder-struck ground from the flame-induced glass. She narrowed her eyes and stayed still, ready to attack at a single sign that she was up against a foe.

    Then what appeared from the crash site was a VictoryGreymon pulling himself up, his attention concentrated solely on the fighting right above.

    And the BlackWarGreymon narrowed her eyes, her priorities suddenly shifting. “You!” she called out as she approached Tyr with a determined and definitely angry stride.

    “I can’t believe it,” she said as she stood in front of him and grabbed him by one of the horn protrusions that formed the V on his head. She pulled him, bringing his surprised face to face hers own. “After all you big talk about making sure she stays safe, you allow her to participate in a fight when she’s already barely keeping herself from fainting! Do you know how many times in the last few days I almost had to take control!?”

    With a roll of her eyes, she dropped Tyr back ungraciously back on the ground. Without letting Tyr say anything to defend himself against the misunderstanding, she continued her heated words. “Didn’t you promise to me that you’d protect her from after all the crap she’s been through!? What happened to-“

    The BlachWarGreymon didn’t get to finish what she said due to a flash to her side catching her attention. She kicked Tyr away and turned to the source of the light. It was a stray Mystical Beak coming at her once more. She was about to evade, but remembered that her reflexes were shot, and then she decided to brace herself for impact.

    With a grunt, the beam slammed right into her arms, knocking her backwards. Instead of slamming into the ground, however, the BlackWarGreymon was somehow able to use the momentum of the attack to flip her upper body, which had taken most of the force, mid air and then land back on her feet, skidding as she put her hand in front of her to stabilize her balance.

    “At the very least, you’ve been keeping up your agility,” the BlackWarGreymon told someone that wasn’t visible. She then stood back up, her attention all on the Eaglemon that was busy battling with Gunnar and Justin. She sent him a glare before turning to Tyr, her gaze hard and scrutinizing.

    “Do a **** better job, Roman, or maybe I’ll decide to finish you off like I promised I would,” she told Tyr before charging at the Eaglemon.

    She dashed past Gunnar and Justin, her voice loud with a raged war cry that no doubt surprised the Eaglemon at the sudden difference in the opponent he had initially dealt with. He quickly shed his shock and was about to charge right back, only to find that within the time he had taken to regain his sense, the BlackWarGreymon was already in front of him.

    With a yell, the BlackWarGreymon sent her fist flying to meet with Max’s jaw. The Eaglemon quickly grabbed it before it could make connection, but as soon as he did so, his own wrist was being held by the dark dragon woman’s other hand.

    She quickly kicked his legs from under him as he was distracted with her upper body, and without missing a beat, she tilted her body and swung him over her and slammed him into the stony floor with a painful thud.

    “That’s for hurting this body!” she declared, glaring daggers at the grounded Eaglemon. “And this is for even thinking about it!”

    With a yell worthy of a dragon, she dragged him across the ground and then threw him towards the mountain wall. The moment she let go, she had already begun to gather energy into her palms. Within milliseconds, it began to blaze and ripple with raw energy, and then the BlackWarGreymon raised her arms in the air.

    Terra Destroyer!

    The following second, an enormous sphere of planetary energy was flying towards Max. Although he was able to right himself in the land second before he collided with granite, he couldn’t avoid getting struck by the attack, getting himself caught in the ensuing explosion in the process.

    Falling to one knee at the sudden weariness her body had gained due to the strenuous exertion, the BlackWarGreymon glared at where the Max had been before the blast. She thought that was it. All the other enemies she had fought before wouldn’t have been able to take the attack and still be alive to tell about it…or at least wouldn’t still be conscious.

    That was the very reason, coupled with her suddenly slower reflexes, why she had been unable to dodge or block the oncoming beam attack. While she was in midair and unable to get into a position to recover her stance, Max rushed through the explosion with a blindingly bright body.

    Kaiser Phoenix!” he called out as he slammed the BlackWarGreymon into a large rock outcrop.

    As Max retreated away, the BlackWarGreymon felt herself cough up blood. She glared back at the Eaglemon that did the same back, the only difference being that he was preparing an attack that would no doubt finish her off if it hit her at full force.

    Dammit, she thought as she tried to summon the energy that had enabled her to send the Cambion member flying. ‘Move! Move before you die!

    And yet even as she thought so, her eyesight was already beginning to blur and darken.

    I…must…protect…Aeria…at all…costs.


    “Finally! Freedom!”

    Out from inside a crevice that Sha’s large body had previously covered, a Mamemon X climbed out. His normally shiny body was dirtied all over, much to his chagrin. He then looked at Sha, trying to see if the gigantic reptilian fared well against the ambush attack.

    “Hey, Sha!” he shouted as he cupped his hands around his mouth. “Are you okay?”

    His voice, however, had also attracted him undue attention, and Shoon fell on his back when the ground suddenly began to tremble. “Wh-wha!?”

    “So you’re that annoying voice,” a loud voice rumbled behind him.

    Shoon blinked at the large JumboGamemon that towered over him. And then he screamed, causing the large turtle to frown. “You’re not even worth my time…but better safe than sorry.”

    Shoon quickly stood up and raised a finger in the air just as the JumboGamemon raised his foot to stomp the machine Digimon with. And for once saying the truth, Shoon yelled, “I did nothing!” Then he promptly started running for his life.
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    “Maybe there really is a method to his madness…or maybe he’s just plain insane."
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    Hira picked himself up, letting out a low growl. Pain shot through his body as he noticed that one of his wings was jutting out at an unnatural angle. He bared his teeth and his body began to glow.

    "Mihiramon DIGIVOLVE INTO SaberLeomon!"

    Now in his Mega form, Hira felt a little better, and a lot more angrier. He looked around, for something to take his anger out on. Spotting Lily, he smiled a little, the BanchoLeomon would be perfect.

    "Infinity Arrow!" he roared, pouncing at Lily.

    The hair from his mane burst out, the razor sharp needle-like hairs making their way towards the lion digimon. She turned towards the SaberLeomon and raised her arm.

    "Flash Bantyo Punch!"

    Quicker than Hira could see, she punched forwards, releasing a burst of energy as she did so. The attack decimated Hira's hairs and kept coming.

    "Nail Crusher!"

    Springing forward, the SaberLeomon brought his claw up, the nails glowing brightly, and slashed through Lily's attack.

    "It's not going to be that easy," growled Hira.

    The two Leomon's charged at each other, Hira raising his claws and Lily raising her sword. The pair slammed into each other, Hira raking the BanchoLeomon's chest with his claws, Lily cutting the side of his right front leg. Collapsing Hira let out a roar of pain, his leg starting to feel a little numb.

    "You'll pay for that," he growled, trying to get back on his feet, a feat easier said than done.

    Lily just smiled at him and lifted her sword, the SaberLeomon knowing what her intention was. Hira closed his eyes and waited, hoping that it would be a quick and painless experience. Instead nothing happened.

    "Why aren't I dead?" he question, daring to open his eyes, what he saw brought a smile to his feline face.

    Tia was hanging off the back of Lily, her claws trying to gouge out the larger cat's eyes. It took all she had to keep her grip on the Leomon, who was both thrashing about and a fair bit stronger than her.

    "Vampire Dance," hissed the Bastemon, opening her mouth to reveal her sharp teeth.

    Lily let out a roar as Tia sunk her teeth into her neck, the Bastemon feeling the energy flow into her. Feeling nice and re-energised, Tia kicked herself off Lily, slapping the BanchoLeomon in the face with her tails as she did so.

    "Well thanks for that," smirked Tia, "I needed the boost."


    Kole picked himself up and surveyed the field. He knew not to go anywhere near War, last time he had it had been a very big disaster.


    Kole ignored the voice, something that was getting harder and harder to do.

    Go after Conquest

    Reluctantly nodding his head, Kole closed his eyes and felt a familiar rush of energy. He wanted to digivolve into Ghoulmon, but he knew that it wasn't a strong enough form.

    I don't see why you are so opposed to becoming Apocalymon, I am a very strong digimon and isn't it nice to have so much power at your hands

    Kole took a deep breath and continued to ignore the voice, he didn't need it distracting him while he took on Conquest.

    "Total Annihilation!"

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    "Thank you," Pelleas gasped as Aeria hauled him from his earthy prison. But before he could regain his bearings, she was tackled away by one of the Cambion. He looked around. So much chaos. It truly seemed like the end of the world


    It was madness; Kole, Tyr, Percival, and Hector charged after Conquest, but the Horseman was one step ahead of them. He used their numbers to his advantage. Kole and Tyr were not well-coordinated; fighting together was not their strongest suit. Percival and Hector might have had more experience working as a team, but Conquest kept them stumbling over Kole and Tyr on their way to get to him.

    Lightning arced through the air, crackling around the four heroes and hurling them away. In the center of the maelstrom, Conquest let out a chuckle. He moved with blinding speed, backhanding Kole to the ground and grinding Tyr's face into hard stone with his foot. Lightning flashed again and sent the two Peacemakers tumbling down the mountainside.

    "Leave, little ones," Conquest sneered as they fell away. He turned to the two Royal Knights. "I have bigger things to contend with." He launched himself at the knights, grabbing them both and tackling them through the air. With one hand he hurled Hector down and slashed his blade across Percival's armor. The cascade of energy cracked across him and sent him crashing to the ground.

    "Final Elysium!" Hector called out. Power screamed from the eye of the Aegis, streaking towards Conquest. But the White Sword let out a howl and cut a swath through the blast. Hector flared the Gram beam-lance and charged the Horseman, but Conquest just smirked and prepared to meet his charge, but something latched onto his back, locking him into a full-nelson hold.

    "Magna Explosion!" Percival cried out, engulfing Conquest in pure golden light. The power burned into the Horseman, and ripped a cry from his throat.

    "Royal Saber!" Hector shouted, rushing in to skewer the restrained Conquest as the blast faded.

    But Conquest proved a more powerful adversary than the two lone knights were expecting. Brimming with power, he sent a cascade of lightning shattering through him. It ripped into Percival and cut through his body like a white-hot blade. He was freed from the golden knight's hold just in time to turn his power back on Hector. A stroke of the empowered White Sword shattered both the Gram lance and the Aegis shield. With Hector unarmed, he offered a much reduced threat.

    Conquest grabbed the crimson-mantled knight by his throat and dropped from the sky, driving him into the side of the mountain. The dragon-headed chest piece on his armor opened and power pooled within its maw.

    "You wouldn't," Hector said, ever the tactician. "The blast would consume you as well."

    "Don't underestimate my power," Conquest said with a sneer. "Giga Crusher!" The blast slammed into Hector's chest and crushed him to the ground. The stone behind him began to crack and shatter under the pressure, and the blast (and Hector) plowed straight through the mountain and out the other side.

    Conquest chased after him as the blast continued to carry Hector on. The knight managed to push himself off the blast and drop away, but Conquest was already upon him, his sword drawn back for a killing blow.

    "Magna Punch!" A sudden blow slammed into Conquest's face and knocked him through the air. Percival, swathed in a golden glow, stood defiantly before him.

    "Good," Conquest sneered. "I was worried you'd make this too easy." He rushed Percival, and the Magnamon met his charge. "Omni Sword!"

    The two powers clashed, and for a moment they held even. Then the nightmare-fueled power of Conquest's attack rang out in full, and the desolation cascade ripped through Percival's otherwise-impenetrable field of miraculous light and sent the golden knight tumbling from the sky.

    "Looks like even miracles have their limits," Conquest chuckled. He felt a rush of power build behind him, and dashed to the side as a beam of crimson light flew past him. Hector raced towards him, clad in the Crimson Mode.

    "Miracles come in many forms," Hector declared as he readied both weapons and charged the Horseman.


    War laughed as Khep and Samael readied to attack. He caught Khep's pincers and hurled the insect to the ground. With his other hand he drove his fist into the Grandis's face, then grabbed him by his leg and swung him into Samael.

    "Oh look, you're trying to stay calm," War laughed, roaring his amusement to the carnage around him. "Valiant. Foolish, but valiant nonetheless. My power is not the emotion worn on one's sleeve; it is their deepest, darkest thoughts that give me strength. The thoughts you hide and force away...I can feel them, hear them raging within. And the two of you are darker than all the others." He turned to the fallen angel and the insect. "You scare them and they hate you, and that makes me even stronger."

    War charged, plowing into them with his fists and driving them through the air. He dropped Khep and continued on with Samael, pummeling the fallen angel with burning blows of red-hot power. A thunderous haymaker hurled Samael down the mountain and War turned back to his other foes. He glanced around; the Cambion were outmatched, that was for certain. That needed to be rectified.

    He charged forward with a roar on his lips, flashing fire and moving like a meteor straight from the pits of hell. The first he met was Vritra; he wrapped his massive hands around her face, plucked her from her battle, and dragged her along the ground towards his next target: Gunnar. War grabbed the Burst Mode by his face as well, and he dragged the two Mega-level Greymon across the stone, laughing as he drank in the power of their fury, their fear, and their fire.

    "I never dreamed of such power," he laughed, hurling them further down the mountain. "Your anger, yes; but to draw out and drain you of the very elemental force that gives you power? This vessel is magnificent!" War crushed Vritra to the ground, grinding his foot on her chest. "You have that same godly spark, don't you? I wonder...if I can drain that as well?"

    With one foot still holding her down, he bent over and grabbed Vritra's arms, pinning them to the ground. He held his head over her, drinking in her power. He sneered as she thrashed against him, fighting hopelessly against his greater strength and control. He laughed as she resisted him, as cries of defiance gave way to screams of agony and outrage. He reached out with his power--Svarog's power--to violate the singleness of her being. His essence lanced out, penetrating the walls of her meager godliness and defiling the sanctity of what it meant to be Vritra. Her entire being was open to him, and he recklessly tore through it, ripping it to pieces for his own amusement and selfish purpose to reach the thing he wanted most.

    War wrapped his mind's fingers around her godly spark--that fleeting, flittering, barely-born thing--and began to draw it from her. He ignored her cries of protest, long degenerated past the point of anger and lunacy. He could taste the power, taste her being. It was so close he could taste it, just as he could taste her fear and her fury, and all the wonder of her violation.

    But then Kheprius was upon him, dragging him from Vritra's prone form and pushing him back. The exhilaration of feeling Khep's indignation and anger was overwhelmed by the anger War felt of being denied his prize. He grabbed the Grandis and flipped him around, pinning him against the ground with his forearm. War dug his fingers into Khep's face, crushing past his hard carapace around his eye. He felt the soft ball resist, felt Khep thrash, trying to break free. But he would not be denied again.

    But again something grabbed him and hauled him from his prey. Clawed hands grasped at his face as Samael dragged him back.

    "Man, the sexual undertones of what you've been doing are out of this world!" Samael hissed. "I think it's time to get back to some good old-fashioned *ss-whopping."

    War couldn't agree more. He spun around, turning on Samael before the Fallen One could gain his bearings. He drove his fist into Samael's chest, smirking with satisfaction as he felt ribs crack and crunch. The next blow was a monstrous backhand to the fallen angel's face, and a broken jaw. Then with Samael grounded, War set him on fire.


    Michael kept his eyes closed, though the battle raged in front of him. He could not afford to be distracted by it, not when so much hinged on his being able to decipher the true machinations behind it. And then, as if a curtain was drawn back, Michael glimpsed his true foe.

    "Mephistopheles!" the archangel cried out, brandishing his sword and charging towards the shadow in his mind's eye. He slammed into something solid and drove Mephistopheles to the ground. One hand wrapped around the demon's neck, strangling his words and spells; holy power rippled from his fingers, burning into Mephisto's throat. "Your Cambion will not last! Your Horsemen will not stand against our combined power. And you will not hide from my judgment!"

    Mephistopheles struggled to hold back the Excalibur, struggled to gasp out words of power or dark spells to disband holy hearts. But Michael's grip was firm. Then the demon raised one hand and pointed to the sky.

    "There rides...the," Mephistopheles gasped out in strangled words. A strange smile graced his features.

    And then there was a roar. It ripped across the sky as a black meteor descended, tearing and crushing, growling with all the hunger of the world.

    The blackness struck Michael with a blow that seemed to make the world crack around him. Reality shimmered and heaved under its force, and Michael was hurled away. The flash continued, tearing into the Peacemakers, smashing through Bedivere, Gigas, Nocchi, Aeria, Shoon, Justin, Tia, and Hira before slamming into Duo and grinding him into the ground.

    "Hello there, boy," Famine snarled, crushing him into the hard stone. The Dynasmon X was a monster, larger than Caradoc or Galahad, with far more wicked intent. "You have something of mine. And I' hungry."

    "I looked and there before me was a black horse!" Mephistopeles laughed, free now of Michael's hold. "Its rider was holding a pair of scales, and he rode into the land of plenty. And great was this rider's hunger, for he was hunger."
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    Tyr groaned and propped himself up on his elbows after Conquest's brutal attack. His form burned with pain. He could feel bruises already forming on his orange scales. The VictoryGreymon coughed a bloody tooth onto the rocky ground.

    "I'm lucky that will grow back," he thought to himself, wincing.

    He got to a knee and looked up into the sky. Tyr once again attempted to keep from becoming star struck while watching Hector and Percival fight. The stars were wiped from his eyes when he saw Conquest plow Hector through the mountain high above. The feeling that replaced was dread.

    So fixated he was on the battle, Tyr hadn't noticed what was supposed to be Aeria approaching him until she angrily addressed him.

    "You!" a stern female voice growled.

    Tyr turned and blinked when he saw what was unmistakeably Aeria's form, however her scales and armour were black and her hair was blonde.

    "A-AeriAH!" he yelled in surprise when she suddenly grabbed his horn and lifted him to his feet, bringing his face towards hers which had such an expression that he hardly recognized her.

    At first he couldn't help but flush slightly, but that all went away when she began yelling at him.

    “I can’t believe it,” the BlackWarGreymon spoke. “After all your big talk about making sure she stays safe, you allow her to participate in a fight when she’s already barely keeping herself from fainting! Do you know how many times in the last few days I almost had to take control!?”

    "Wh-what?!" Tyr asked in utter shock and confusion, wondering if, in fact, this was Aeria at all. "Keep who safe? What's going on? Take control of what?" he stammered, unable to believe that this was the same timid WarGreymon he had met.

    "What in the bloody blazes is she talking about?" Tiwaz asked.

    “Didn’t you promise to me that you’d protect her from after all the crap she’s been through!? What happened to-“

    Before she could finish, a stray attack had flipped her into the air, but she managed to land back on her feet. Tyr rubbed his horn and blinked, looking behind himself when she suddenly started talking to someone. "A-Are you oka-"

    “Do a **** better job, Roman, or maybe I’ll decide to finish you off like I promised I would,” she told Tyr before charging at the Eaglemon.

    "Wh-what? Roman?" he asked, watching as she ran off. "I don't-... My name's-..."

    "...Tyr," he quietly finished, but she was long out of hearing distance.

    He scratched his head and looked around. He saw that Kole had been taken down along with him to the bottom of the mountain after their fight with Conquest. It was then that he saw what appeared to be a fiery comet hurling down the mountain. Tyr looked up and squinted, trying to make out what the descending fireball was.

    After a few seconds, a bright, shining piece of the flames seemed to break off and plummet towards the ground. As it grew nearer the mountain's base that Tyr's eyes widened. He recognized the shimmering fireball.

    "Gunnar!" he shouted, racing in the direction he was falling.

    Gunnar weakly raised his head and looked down from his headfirst drop. He attempted to spread the wings on his back but they were only fiery embers due to War's sapping of his power. He tried his best to extend his fiery wings, summoning forth small flames from the vents in his armour. He slowed his descent slightly but he was still unable to right himself.

    Tyr ran as fast as he could and lunged. He spun around in the air so that he faced the sky and outstretched his arms. Gunnar saw him and tilted upwards so that he wouldn't stab him with his horns. The ShineGreymon Burst Mode crashed into the VictoryGreymon, slamming them both down onto the ground.

    Tyr let out a frantic gasp as Gunnar's weight pressed into his body. The light dragon digimon grimaced and hit his helmetted head against the VictoryGreymon's chest armour. After a few seconds of absorbing the shock, they both groaned and stirred.

    "Y-You okay?" Tyr weakly asked, looking up at Gunnar.

    The ShineGreymon Burst Mode nodded and rolled off of him, onto his back. Gunnar's flames begun to flicker and grow anew. His Corona Blaze Sword and Shield both regained their shapes. He weakly gave his friend a thumbs up in response.

    "Thanks, Tyr..." he breathed.

    "What happened?" Tyr asked, groaning as he sat upwards and extended his hand towards Gunnar.

    "War... He leeched my Burst Mode's power..." he replied. Gunnar grabbed Tyr's hand and hoisted himself upwards.

    "You better not fight him then, if it makes him stronger," Tyr replied, standing to his feet.

    "No kidding..." Gunnar spoke. "It was my fire, more than anything else..."

    "Like what I do," Tiwaz said, knowing what a fire god is capable of.

    It was then that roar echoed throughout the battlefield. They looked up and saw a black object ripping through the sky. It crashed through the Peacemakers, finishing with Duo.

    "No way," Gunnar spoke. "Is that...?"

    "A horseman..." Tyr spoke, having been assured by Tiwaz.

    "Friggin' fantastic," the ShineGreymon spat.

    "I'm going back to help Sir Hector and Sir Percival," Tyr told him, jumping into the sky and trying to fly around the mountain that Hector was pushed through. "Come on, Kole! They need us!" he called over to his fellow Peacemaker.

    "Just don't get in their way, Tyr," Gunnar called after him. "Or let Tiwaz take over. I'm going after the new guy. He may not be a Cambion, but if I take him down, Twinkles will have to be my sidekick for a year!"

    The flames on his back grew and he flew, albeit much more sluggishly, towards Famine.

    "Hey!" Gunnar called out. "I don't know who you think you are, but nobody likes a party crasher! Final Shining Burst!"

    He blazed forwards, flames streaking behind him. An inferno erupted from his body and ripped into Famine, parting around the Dynasmon X. Gunnar landed on the ground and allowed two walls of fire to rip out from his sword and shield, circling around Famine.

    "I may be weakened right now, but know this: I can still torch your *ss with my hands tied behind my back because I'm just that awesome. You got that?" he boasted, flaunting his fiery disposition by brandishing his weapons and turning his fiery wings into overdrive. "So bring it on, newbie!"


    Kheprius howled and swore as War's fingers dug into his eye threatening to gouge the membranous organ. He lashed out with his Gran Killers when War was suddenly pulled off of him by Samael. He managed to graze the Horseman's chest, but nothing significant.

    The GrandisKuwagamon let out another string of profanity and clutched his hands to his eye. He blinked furiously but decided, aside from the intense pain and the profuse watering, his optic was still operating.

    Khep lunged to his feet and hissed, glaring at War through incredibly blurred vision. He saw War ignite Samael. With the Marsmon's attention diverted, Khep struck. He ripped his Gran Killers repeatedly through War's cape, tearing at the red flesh on the other side of the fabric.

    "Grandis Scissors!" he hissed.

    His pincers snapped shut around the Marsmon's Gabumon-like head, digging deep into his neck.

    As Khep attempted to decapitate him, he figured he'd savour the moment. "So this is the great embodiment of War..." he spoke sarcastically. "The mighty force driven by peoples' intense hatred and evil... You're so great that you have to steal other peoples' power! What's wrong? Do you have trouble getting it up without leeching off the fire and hatred of others' first? Fearsome indeed..."

    He squeezed harder, meanwhile attempting to drive his Gran Killers into War's biceps to prevent him from resisting.

    "Take one last look at my cold, black heart, War," he spoke coldly, beginning to feel the warmth of blood dripping down his pincers. "A lot of good your mindgames'll do ya without a head to speak from."


    Pyra watched in stunned horror as Famine took the stage, ripping through the ranks of the Peacemakers below.

    "No..." Pyra thought, glaring. "Who is that? And what sort of power does he have?"

    She considered moving to fight him, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ava on the attack again. Her claws met with Ava's talons and they both forced each other back. With Duo occupied with Famine, she would have to take the Gryphonmon alone.

    The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode blasted Ava back through the air with a well-placed Positron Laser to the face. In the time the chimera digimon was recovering, she glanced back down at Famine, who Gunnar suddenly challenged.

    "We're outmatched here," she decided. "Three horsemen, Mephistopheles and all of the Cambion. And who knows when they'll have reinforcements... Azur, Caradoc, Guinier, Barachiel... I hope you haven't given up on us. We need all the help we can get...
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    Duo was ready to jet down and deliver what he hoped would be a series of finishing combos to the stunned Gryphonmon, but something ended that before it even began.

    The first thing he noticed was the sudden flash of light. Turning he barely caught sight of the comet before impact. The massive shock-wave from the impact drove rocks, dust, and debris into the air, but that wasn't all. The form that had leveled the mountainside shot out from the impact crater like a bat out of hell, tearing through the surrounding Peacemakers before slamming into Duo so hard, that he swore he felt the air leave his lungs as he was smashed into the ground, one massive clawed hand pressing down on his chest with tremendous force, pushing him even further into the ground.

    "Hello there, boy," Famine snarled, crushing him into the hard stone. The Dynasmon X was a monster, larger than Caradoc or Galahad, with far more wicked intent. "You have something of mine. And I' hungry."
    That voice, it was familiar. He knew that voice, but he didn't know from where. However, when he looked into the beast's eyes, there was no mistaking that darkness, that black absence that he had seen so many times before. And suddenly, he knew who it was that he faced, and dread creped into his heart.

    "It can't be." he gasped out, "You're dead."

    The Dynasmon's response was to press Duo even harder into the ground, the stone cracking along with something in Duo's chest, probably a rib or two. The Gaiomon let out a suppressed cry of pain, and gritted his teeth. "Dead? No, not yet."

    The horseman looked as if he was going to say something more, but a sudden burst of flame stopped him. The flames circled around his back, and though they failed to strike Duo, he could still feel the heat against his face.

    "I may be weakened right now, but know this: I can still torch your *ss with my hands tied behind my back because I'm just that awesome. You got that?" he boasted, flaunting his fiery disposition by brandishing his weapons and turning his fiery wings into overdrive. "So bring it on, newbie!"
    The pressure on his chest lightened with Gunnar's assist, and Duo knew it was now or never. "Gaia Reactor!"

    The blast of energy detonated right under the Dynasmon X's chin, propelling him into the air and off of Duo. However, he was quick to right himself.

    "I don't know how you survived." Duo said, drawing his blades into a fighting stance. "But I'm going to send you back to hell personally."

    "You've got a lot of nerve boy." Famine said, holding back Gunnar's flames.

    "Do not call me boy. You are no longer my father." Duo said. "Gunnar, lets end this one here and now. Rinkageki!"

    "Dragon's Gust!"

    A massive blast of energy swept Duo off of his feet, and potentially Gunnar as well, though the Shinegreymon was out of Duo's sight.

    Duo grimaced. In order to stop this monster, this spectre from beyond the grave, he would have to use his own unholy power. He had promised Michael that he wouldn't use it if he tough it could escape, but in this situation, he had no other real choice. It was time to unleash the power that his father sought.

    Duo let out a mighty roar, a trait of his draconian heritage that he often neglected. Dark miasma began to circle around him rapidly, and suddenly his entire form was covered in darkness. A metal scythe burst from the dark sphere, and the weapons tore the darkness from his form. Now, Duo stood as a Reapermon, and faced his resurrected father, the Horseman Famine.

    "Now, where were we?" Duo rasped, his voice cold and metallic.


    Justin pulled himself from the ground, dusting the rubble from his form and trying to figure out if his shoulder was dislocated or not. That dark blur had flattened him, tossing him aside like the action figure he wanted to have made of himself.

    "What in the world..." he said as he stretched his shoulder. His gaze traveled along the scattered forms of the Peacemakers before resting on the dark form that held Duo to the ground. The Dynasmon X was truly an ominous sight. However, Sparkles was quick to run to Duo's aid. He didn't want the ShineGreymon to out do him, but he also didn't want to try and take on the same target. Not when so many others seemed to have the same idea from the way they were looking. Instead, it would be better to take out the minions first, then focus on the big bads.

    And he would settle for the closest target first.

    "Trinity Arm: Critical Mode! Voltage Blade!"

    Justin's arm changed form again, sprouting a long blade, and he tore into Ava, slashing away at the Gryphonmon as she readied to strike back at Pyra. Ava managed to block one of his slashes with her claws, but a swift roundhouse kick to the side of her head knocked her down. "Lady Pyra, we need to take these Cambion out quickly." He parried another attack from Ava. "The horsemen are bad enough on their own."

    Ava clawed at him again, but he swung his arm blade wide, pushing her attack back. "Blitz Mode! Justice Blitz!" His arm became a cannon, and orbs of bright blue lightning shot forth into the Gryphonmon, forcing her back. I'm only going to need one good shot... Justin though to himself.
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    Vritra snarled, and strained. She raged, she screamed wrath, but War was incessant. She roared fire at him, but he did not react. He tore into her being, and her eyes widened, feeling him reach into her, embracing layers of coding and programming which formed the AI framework of a Digimon. She felt the coding buckle and twist, as her form began to blur slightly, loose data leaking from her pores in the wake of War's rampage through her body.

    Her Rudri Tarpana twisted and elongated, forming swords, but as she tried to desperately stab War, he stopped her by grasping onto her divine spark. Her frame trembled and shivered, feeling her inner spark quake. Fire screamed, lashed and writhed around her, but it could do...


    For eternal instants she was there, gazing helpless at War as the flames raged around her armored form. She glared at his merciless, hungry eyes, seeing the greed, seeing the gluttony. She howled wrath against his sins, and wrath faltered, fell short. She could do nothing.

    Then he was gone, the hand was gone, her spark was free. War was ripped away by Kheprius. Vritra collapsed, gasping in breaths. She trembled, not with fear, or with pain... but with anger. Her form seethed, and the flames seethed around her. She watched as Kheprius was crushed mercilessly, as Samael attacked, shouting his usual filthy bravado at War, and then as he too was crushed. And she said, 'no'.

    The fire goddess stood, and the flames around her form spread wings of burning light. Her claws blazed out, shining red and gold in the embrace of the fire. Her spark whispered from within, it came to the surface if only for but an instant, drawn out by the passage of War's assault. And Vritra let it burn. The ground around her caught light, the tongues of flame licking at the rock. The WarGreymon X fixed her gaze on War, and then she moved.

    Trailing fire, Vritra rocketed towards War as he drew back a fist to cripple Samael.

    "WAR!" she howled, drawing back one clawed gauntlet. "Atomic Inferno!" She hit out and her blow met War in a blazing explosion. The burning wind rushed past her from the impact, lashing over both her and her foe. She let the divine spark speak its song into the world, she let it show its power. And it consumed them in flame and fury and destruction...


    Bedivere saw Michael attack Mephistopheles, and he glared at the demon.

    "Finally," he whispered. "A reckoning."

    Something hit him, it hit him so hard it felt like a meteor. The blow crushed him into the rock, and with blurred vision he saw the thing rip its way across the other Peacemakers, crushing them with monstrous strength. And finally it landed before Duo, a colossus of black, draconic might. Dynasmon X.

    For a dazed moment Bedivere wondered, but he knew it was not Caradoc. That fool, for all his faults, would not fall to this. And this thing was too monstrous, too colossal, to possibly be Caradoc. Even in his most wrathful moments, Caradoc had never seemed this bestial, never appeared so simply destructive. And Mephistopheles' words taunted him in their mocking simplicity as they echoed into his stunned head.

    "I looked and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales, and he rode into the land of plenty. And great was this rider's hunger, for he was hunger."
    "Famine..." Bedivere snarled, standing and shaking his head to try and clear his vision. It worked, and the image of Duo taking his Reapermon form and facing off with the monstrous Horseman.

    "Dragonfire Crossbow!" A bolt of flame lanced up the mountainside, and struck the Slayerdramon. He howled as it exploded, knocking him reeling. Andrew came out of the embers, and a sweep of the Dragon Soul Sword impacted Bedivere, buckling his armor and tossing the knight like a leaf.

    "Damn you!" Bedivere snarled. "I don't have time for refuse like you, Cambion!" The EmperorGreymon's only reaction was to rush him again, raising his blade to cleave the dragon knight in twain...

    Bedivere neatly evaded the slash and leapt up, consuming by rays of coruscating blue and green which burned into red...

    "Exalted Evolution! Examon!"

    The Caledfwlch spread, and the dragonic form of his evolution tore into the sky, leveling the Ambrosius towards Andrew as his eyes narrowed. "Pendragon's Glory!" A flurry of lasers erupted from the lance and speared into Andrew in flashes of crimson, bursting against his armor and staggering him back, before shells howled from the weapon, detonating on the mountainside above.

    Andrew was puzzled as he recovered. "You missed? How could you...?" A rumbling interrupted him.

    "I hit exactly what I aimed at," Bedivere replied coldly. "Be buried, you relic." Andrew turned and glanced up the mountainside, seeing cracks running across the ridge of rock above and behind him, the impacts of Bedivere's explosives plain to see before the fractures met and the ridge crumbled, sending rock hurtling down at the Cambion Biomerge.

    Bedivere turned, spreading the Caledfwlch as Andrew roared. "Now to attend to Famine..."

    "Pyro Dragons!"

    He gazed back just in time to receive a face-full of flame drake which knocked him back before the Caledfwlch spread, stopping him. The wings snapped shut just in time to stop a blow from Andrew's Dragon Soul Sword from beheading him, and Bedivere understood, Andrew had used the attack to propel himself into the air, away from the rock-slide.

    The Cambion fell back, landing on the mountainside in the wake of the rock-slide. "Make time." He readied his Dragon Soul Sword as Bedivere turned and aimed the Ambrosius.

    "Your tenacity is remarkable," he commented. "But you're in my way." The Examon snarled. "I won't let that position stay for long..."

    "Avalon's Gate!"


    She raced across the clouded skies, a flash of blue on the black. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed and the rain battered her, but Guinier didn't care.

    The UlforceVeedramon descended through the storm, tearing to the ground among the mountains. She landed, falling to her knees as she took in deep breaths. She knelt there before the house built into the rock-face, and she forced herself to her feet, staggering to the door, exhausted by the effort of flying through the storm for so long. She wondered if Mephistopheles was responsible.

    Raising a fist, she knocked on the door as hard as she could to be heard over the thunder. Seconds later, the door opened to reveal a comfortable-looking hall, decorated with various ornaments. And stood there was a tall, stern, but kind-looking crimson-armored dragon knight, armor adorned by black and silver spikes and horns. Two black seals bearing crimson claw devices decorated the dragon-man's breast-plate, and he stared at Guinier with surprise mingling with joy. Then there was concern in the Dorbickmon's expression as he saw the sorrow and pain in his daughter's eyes.

    "Guinier?" Bedrawd Stormheart whispered, stunned. "What's wrong?" He was even more surprised when his daughter embraced him, her blue armor contrasting his crimson as she held him tightly. Unsure of how to react, the dragon-man wrapped an arm around his daughter, holding her there on the doorstep...

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    Vritra's rage-fueled fire flashed around War, but the Horseman laughed and turned it away with a flick of his wrist. It spiraled around him as he wrest it from Vritra's control and split it into two parts. The first flames he distilled, stripping them to their bare essence; removing fire and heat until all that remained was liquid light so bright and piercing that it could cut the air itself. The second flame he empowered with the stripped pieces of the first; it burned hot enough to set the air ablaze.

    War sent the light cutting into Vritra like ten thousand glittering spears, slicing through flesh and armor as if there was no difference between them. The flames he sent spiraling into Khep, a twisting cone of infernal power.

    "Little fool," he snarled to Vritra as she fell under his assault. "I have tasted the succulent flavor of your power; I have buried myself in you and ripped at your very being with my mind. I know you better than you know yourself. Make no mistake, Vritra Ahi, your power, your rage, your weakness, your fire: all of it--you--are mine. You belong to me now."

    War stalked towards her, bending fire to his will; two wings of flame formed from his back; around his head was a burning halo. Behind him fire collected into an astounding array of light, shifting and twisting into eight floating swords like those of Gunnar's Burst Mode, only appearing more solid and infinitely sharper. On his hands, the same solid-state flames took the form of Vritra's own Dramon-Destroyers fused with the heavy metal gauntlets of the Marsmon.

    Khep rose, still defiant, still remembering the atrocities War had committed against the people of Anatolia, still remembering the last words of Svarog: "kill me." But War would have none of him. Without even turning to face the Grandis, War lashed out, sending three of his floating blades spinning through the air and slicing across Khep's body. They moved of their own accord, skewering him over and over. But before they could strike the final blow they withdrew back to War's side, and the wheel of blades reformed.

    "You thought to taunt me with words," War laughed as he stood over Khep. He placed on foot on the bug's head and pressed down. "How foolish. I am War. Do you think me so petty as to be swayed by schoolyard arguments and insults?" He stomped down violently. "You will be ground to dust long before I begin my march across this world and destroy all you hold dear. And as I slaughter everything before me, I will make each and every being cry out before they die, 'Kheprius, why did you fail me?'"


    Gunnar and the newly-evolved Duo stood before Famine, but the hulking Horseman laughed his low and throaty laugh. He hungered...and they would feed him. He lurched forward, rushing Gunnar before he could react. He wrapped his massive hand around the ShineGreymon's face and dragged him along his flight. Famine moved with such crushing speed and intensity that Gunnar could scarcely thrash in the wind. Famine slammed into Duo next, knocking the reaper off his feet. He pressed his son to the ground.

    "That's mine," Famine snarled, scraping his claws against the Reapermon's metallic face, gouging with fingers that could break mountains and hearts and hopes. "You stole it from me! And I will take it back!" He opened his mouth and breathed deep, drawing something akin to churning grey smoke from Duo's mouth. His form shook and shuddered, revealing the Gaiomon within. All the while Gunnar continued to thrash unnoticed in his grip, struggling as his massive hand remained wrapped crushingly tight around his skull.

    Finally Gunnar's thrashing became more than Famine could ignore, and with an angry shout of "stop squirming!" he lifted the ShineGreymon up, spun around, and crushed his face into the side of the mountain. He turned and saw Duo rising up, and with a roar he stuck Duo across the face with a thunderous blow. The punch actually lifted the Reapermon off his feet in an entirely undignified manner and hurled him down the mountain like a ragdoll.

    "Such strength!" Famine sneered. He hadn't even had to delve into the power he was leeching from the others; it was all his own. "Rhaz Greyclaw, how you hungered so in life! Now we hunger together. I as you! You as I! We as one! As Famine! And we are hungry!"

    He roared into the sky, circling the mountain like a bat out of hell. The hunger of the Peacemakers fueled him on, and he dove towards one whose appetite would be enormous: Sha. The Leviamon still battled with the JumboGamemon below, but Famine would not be deterred by friend or foe. He landed with a crash and pushed Jake away. He then charged Sha, grabbing his top and bottom jaw in either hand. As Famine's powers began to seep out, Sha's thrashing became more frantic and agitated, but try as he might he could not dislodge Famine or break free from his grasp.

    "Your hunger is great," Famine snarled. "Give it to me! I'm so hungry. Feed me!" Sha seemed happy to oblige and fired a blast of his Thunder Breath point blank into the Horseman's face. But when the blast faded, Famine was still there; smoking, still standing, still holding Sha's jaws in place. "Again! Again!"

    And Sha was happy to oblige once more, but this time Famine swallowed the blast, and he kept at it, drinking in Sha's power, forcing him to continue with the attack far beyond its normal timeframe until finally the Leviamon could attack no more. Furious, Famine lifted Sha up by his jaws and slammed him into the ground.

    "Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!" He lashed out, driving his massive fists into the Leviamon's face over and over again, repeating those two words with each strike. The mountain shook with the force of his blows, but when Sha did not fight back, Famine only grew more enraged. Finally he stopped beating Sha's face, grabbed him by his tail, and hurled him into the air as if he weighed no more than a small stone.

    "Thunder Breath of Wyvern!" A bolt of power--Sha's attack mixed with his own--sparked from his mouth and slammed into the flying alligator. The blast ripped through him, hurling him out of his Leviamon form and straight back to Shawjamon. By the time Sha crashed to the ground far below, Famine had already forgotten about him. He turned his attention to the next-largest appetite and charged.

    He smashed head-first into Gigas, colliding with the beetle's horns with a thunderous clap of sound and fury. The blow shook the usually-unshakable Gigas off his feet and left him stunned, but Famine continued to press on. He grabbed his cracked middle horn and dragged him away. Then he turned around and glared at Gigas's stunned face.

    "Feed me," he rasped. He opened his mouth wide, and crunched down on the insect's face, cracking through the tough exoskeleton and ripping at the flesh beneath.


    Hector crashed to the ground, the Blutgang shattered in his hand. Gungnir remained, but against a beast such as Conquest he would need more than that. If only there was some way to break Thor free. Hector had no reservations about killing; he'd done enough of it in his life to realize when it was necessary, but his loyalties to the House of Uther Penragon--the House of Odin--urged him to find a way to save his son.

    He glanced down to the weapon in his hands; Gungnir, the spear of Odin. It had been thought lost centuries ago, and had only been found again when Hector attained the Crimson Mode in the battle with the Mikaboshi. Was that coincidence? Or was there some force out there that guided it to his hands? Some of Odin's will still left in the weapon? Hector knew; if he was to reach Thor and break him free of Conquest's hold, it must be through Gungnir.

    "Uther--no, Odin. Give me strength," Hector prayed, grasping he weapon tight with both hands. "Guide my hand and my power towards victory. Not for myself, or for glory, or honor. But for your son, for your family, your blood, and his freedom." As he glanced across the battlefield at the white-clad Horseman, he saw his comrade, Pelleas, move into position. They locked eyes, and nodded.

    Hector shot forward, the Gungnir drawn back. Conquest readied to meet his charge, and power built in the air between them. A cosmic howl echoed across the world as untold and unknown energies arced invisibly between Gungnir and the White Sword. Hector moved with deft precision, his angle of attack was clear. All he needed was the opening.

    "Pelleas, now!" he cried out. His fellow knight leapt into action, rushing Conquest with his sword drawn.

    "Yes, Pelleas, now," Conquest sneered, just as Hector was within Gungnir's reach.

    Pelleas suddenly swung around and hurled his sword with pinpoint accuracy. It skimmed past Conquest's cheek and lodged itself in Hector's right arm. Hector's shock barely had time to register before he glanced up and his eyes fell upon Conquest's raised sword.

    "Omni Sword!" Conquest laughed. Power split through Hector, ripping him out of the Crimson Mode and hurling him to the ground in a swath of fire and burning light. The earth beneath him vitrified. Conquest sneered at the fallen knight. "And so another seal breaks upon the final betrayal of the Lords of Order."

    Behind him knelt Pelleas, his head bowed in agony and shame as burning-red demonic scripture danced revealed across his body.


    "No!" Michael shouted as Hector fell. He struggled to his feet, still aching from the blow dealt to him by Famine. But rage fueled him on, and he wheeled about, searching out Mephistopheles.

    He must be stopped! Michael caught sight of the demon standing alone on a ridge where he could survey the entire battle. Coward, he thought. The demon refused to enter the battle unless he was absolutely certain he would not be attacked. Michael drew the Excalibur and rushed him. But a sudden swirl of darkness blocked his way.

    "Move aside, Tepes, or suffer my wrath," the archangel declared, brandishing his sword with a burst of light meant to cow the vampire lord into submission. But Dracula stood firm.

    "I am changed, Saint Michael," Dracula said with a bow and a sneer. "Baptized in the blood of one of your own! His blood was delicious. I wonder what yours will taste like." Whips of burning red energy lashed out, and Michael was forced to deal with them. Even as the fury welled within him, he wondered just what the demon's plan really was.

    Mephistopheles glanced to where Dracula engaged Michael. They were all so predictable without the guidance of the trickster. For the umpteenth time, Mephistopheles congratulated himself for his genius in removing that one pesky obstacle. Then he heard it, a cry of anguish and fury that echoed up past the muddled clash of battle. A golden light flared below and rushed him.

    "How predictable," he mused again, as Percival closed the gap between them with lightning-fast speed.

    "DEMON!" the Royal Knight roared in fury. He ripped towards Mephistopheles and wrapped his golden-swathed hands around his throat. "DIE! MAGNA EXPLOSION!" Golden light howled outward, consuming everything within a hundred meters. Michael and Dracula were forced back by the blast as it carved a hole in the mountainside.

    As the light faded, Percival stood revealed, still glowing, still bristling with rage, with Mephistopheles's throat still gripped tightly in his hand. The demon's body shook and quivered and began to dissolve, his face half-frozen between fear and elation.

    "Be dead and done with," Percival snarled as the body sizzled away.

    Then the knight lurched, arching backwards as a cry of pain ripped through him. Behind him Mephistopheles materialized from shadow and darkness, his hands embedded in the knight's back up to his wrists.

    "I must remember to thank Loki for revealing that kind of trick to me," the demon trickster sneered. "It took me a while to get it, but I knew it would be quite handy." He clenched his fingers and Percival let out another cry. Mephistopheles whispered low in Percival's ear. "Now, knight of miracles. Break."

    And Percival shattered.

    "Two seals for the price of one," Mephistopheles laughed. "Three, if Dracula is to be believed, right, Tepes?"

    "Yes, my Lord," Dracula bowed, dancing out of Michael's reach. "And as you expected, they were there to witness it."

    "Of course they were," Mephistopheles chuckled. "Caradoc was given power to find you, and we gave them ample time, did we not? Yes, these 'heroes' can always be counted on to plunge headlong into stupidity and their own demise if you give them the right motivation."

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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    Kole soared back up the mountain, he was starting to get a bit sick of these horsemen.

    Yes, go on. Make them pay.

    For once Kole agreed with the voice, he wanted to make them pay. The Apocalymon drew back one of his arms, the fist cracking with black sparks.

    "Total Annihilation!"

    He threw his arm forward, a surge of dark energy bursting from his palm. Throwing his other arm forward, more energy surged from the apocalyptic being. Aiming the attack at Conquest, Kole had never felt so alive.

    This is exactly what I was talking about! Yes Kole, yes!


    "Hurry up Hira!" yelled Tia from her position on Lily's back, not 100% able to dodge the BanchoLeomon's very sharp claws.

    "I'm trying as hard as I can!" he yelled back, trying to find a clear shot at the Cambion that wouldn't end up hurting Tia.

    However, the decision was made for him. Lily grabbed onto Tia's arm and threw her over her shoulder, straight into Hira.

    "You alright?" asked the SaberLeomon, wincing a little at the pain.

    "Yeah I'm fine," she answered, "Though that ***** is going to pay!"

    She picked herself up and charged at Lily, ignoring Hira's yells of disapproval. The BanchoLeomon smiled at the Bastemon and drew her sword. She swung down, and Tia swiftly dodged it, lunching at the larger feline's face.

    "Vampire Dance," she whispered, before biting Lily's face.

    The BanchoLeomon screamed in pain as the Bastemon's fangs plunged into her cheek and started to suck the energy out of her body. Quite enjoying herself, Tia was suddenly pulled backwards and thrown into the ground by Lily.

    "Flash Bantyo Punch!" called out the lioness.

    Pain shot through the Bastemon's body as Lily's fist connected with it, the energy from the attack creating a crater around Tia.

    "Tia!" roared Hira, pouncing forward. "Nail Crusher!"

    His claws glowing white with energy, he brought them down at Lily, his eyes full of rage. Quick as lightning, the BanchoLeomon brought up her sword to block Hira's attack.

    "You can't beat me Peacemaker," sneered Lily, punching Hira in the stomach. "You will not win."

    "That's what you think," said Hira, "But funny things can happen when you are blessed by a Sovereign."

    His chest began to glow, and the orb that he had been given by Seiryu emerged. It exploded and the resulting energy swarmed around Hira.

    "SaberLeomon X-DIGIVOLVE INTO DinoTigermon!"

    Hira let out an almighty roar as he changed forms. Now in a more lithe form, and decked out int copper coloured armour Hira felt a lot stronger.

    "Ground Fang!"

    He lifted his head and stabbed the spikes on his helmet into the ground. Immediately the ground beneath Lily exploded, sending her flying.

    "This will teach you not to mess with one of the Devas!" roared Hira, charging at Lily.

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    "Caradoc was given power to find you, and we gave them ample time, did we not? Yes, these 'heroes' can always be counted on to plunge headlong into stupidity and their own demise if you give them the right motivation."
    “Yes, predictable bunch aren’t they?”

    Mephistopheles didn’t even have to look. He knew that the other demon was there, waiting for him to show up.


    The Mephistomon turned around and simply swung his hand to the side, causing Cresil’s homing bullets to swerve past him, imbedding themselves into the mountain where they did no harm.

    “Don’t tell me you don’t know any other tricks up your sleeve,” Mephistopheles told him with a bored expression on his face.

    The Astamon simply smiled. “Actually, yes, I do, and it’s all thanks to your world spell,” he replied, summoning the excess magic that he had absorbed since the last time they met. “For supposed magician who thinks himself so highly of his intelligence enough to engineer such fine plans, your spells tend to be sloppy,” Cresil said as malevolent energy started to contort around him.

    Without even chanting the words, Cresil shot his hand forward, sending a wave of black magic towards the goat man. Wordlessly, Mephistopheles unflinchingly looked on as the Astamon’s attacked charged towards him. But a foot away, the spell broke and dispersed like dust in the wind.

    “Using my own magical energy against me? I thought you were smarter than that,” Mephistopheles told him. He raised a hand, and the dispersed energy started to converge around it. “I do have to thank you for retrieving my magic, however. Now, for the rest.”

    The Mephistomon stretched a palm in front of him, a black sphere suddenly appearing in front of it. And before Cresil could even act, he fell to his knees, the energy he had so slowly absorbed from the atmosphere suddenly getting leeched from his body as black orbs extracted themselves from his skin and shot towards the sphere.

    A few seconds later, Cresil was left on one knee, panting heavily. “Bastard,” Cresil called out as he tried to summon the energy to stand on his legs. “Do you think- gragh!”

    Before he could finish his second, a stray bullet, one of his own that Mephistopheles had kept spinning in circles the air until the time he knew he could use it, struck him in the shoulder. It had been charged with enough magical energy to blast him straight towards the mountain wall, embedding deeply within the crust.

    “Now, where was I?” Mephistopheles said, turning away from the demon man.



    There was nothing but absolute darkness and the unending cold that it brought with it. It chilled him to the bones, not to mention the unease and fear that the dark instilled in him. He had never thought that darkness could make him scared. Were his eyes open? Were they closed? He couldn’t tell. Open or closed, he couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t feel anything except the cold all the way to his extremities…and the chains around his ankles and wrists, hidden from view by the darkness. Then there was the one around his neck, acting like a collar, making him feel like a slave. Weak. Pathetic.

    How long had he been trapped in this infinite world of shadows and chills? He had lost his sense of time minutes ago. Or was it hours? Or maybe even days? His hunger and thirst were still present, and whether he had been able to sleep or not, his body felt ragged with exhaustion.

    Then there was the silence. He relished the silence, at least. It calmed him down, allowing him to concentrate and meditate to the best of his ability in his current situation. It kept him sane.

    And then it came.

    “Missed me?” a voice asked. It was cold and steely, at the same time fiery and raspy.

    He tensed up, steeling himself. He didn’t speak.

    “Not talking? You were so chatty just an hour ago.”

    An hour ago. It hadn’t felt like an hour. An hour was too short. Then again, he wasn’t exactly counting the seconds.

    Then he felt a hand on his arm, causing him to flinch back and try to escape, yet the chains kept him from doing so. Unable to flee, he waited for what followed, but it didn’t come. Yet.

    “You don’t have to scared of me,” the voice said. “I only want to tell you what you know is true.”

    He grit his teeth. It hurt to speak. He had been shouting at the top of his lungs. His voice was weak and raw. He spoke anyway. “It’s not true,” he retorted.

    “Oh, yes it is…stop denying it.”

    It came. It started from where the hand was and started to spread like wildfire. The burning sensation that felt like his hand was being dipped in molten lava, the rest of his body being sucked in. He ground his teeth together. He would not yell or scream in pain. He would not give his torturer the pleasure.

    “N-no,” he started as he clenched his fists tightly. “I-I won’t believe it,” he told himself. He willed himself.

    “You can’t run away from the truth!”

    And then they came. The voices. The voices of the ones that he trusted the most – the ones that he loved the most. They were taunting and accusing, blaming him for the things he had long thought he suspected of himself but was always told otherwise. At least, until then.

    “You’re not worth it.”

    “Th-that’s not true…”

    “You’re useless and weak.”


    “I never loved you.”


    “I hate you!”

    “P-please, no!”

    I wish you had never been born!

    And then his vision was suddenly assaulted by images that repeated themselves over and over in a cycle of pain and agony. There were glares of hatred and contempt. There were images of jealousy and envy. And the worst was the image of the one he loved the most, dying in his hands, looking back at him with those hateful, accusing eyes. He opened his mouth.


    And then he screamed, the images growing faster and stronger, fuelling the pain that wracked his body and mind. He struggled against his constraints, undoubtedly causing more injuries from the constant chafing and friction that happened. He wanted it to stop. He wanted to give up. He wanted to give in to merciful unconsciousness. Every time it happened, he always did. But the hand kept him awake, gripping tightly.

    It felt like hours before the hand let go. The images disappeared, and the voices faded away. The burning sensation would disappear with time. His body slackened, exhausted. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

    “Very soon,” the voice started. He could practically see the grin as unconsciousness finally began to sink in. “Very soon, and you’ll be able to return to the ones you love…only…will you?”

    The voice received no reply. He had fallen back to unconsciousness, as he always did after the assault on his psyche.

    “Azur Schattenlicht…how fun it will be to finally break your mind!” the voice declared as its own gazed upon its victim.
    There are stories made from the imagination. There are stories born from experience.
    There are stories told because of a need to be filled. There are stories that simply need to be told.
    This is one of them.

    “Maybe there really is a method to his madness…or maybe he’s just plain insane."
    Chapter 3: Act III is out and posted!

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    Tyr raced towards Conquest and Sir Hector. Their duel raged in the flashing skies, the clouds above flickering with traces of power. The wind whipped through the VictoryGreymon's hair and cooled his body as it flowed down to ventilate his scales from his hot armour. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw another form speedily approaching the pair.

    The form he recognized was Sir Pelleas. A slight smile grew on Tyr's lips. He felt easier knowing that the Albiomon would be at their sides against Conquest. He grew nearer and began to ready the Tirfing and the Gleipnir. Unlike last time, he wouldn't let himself get in their way. He thought back to his training in the military to try and act as a team with them. The VictoryGreymon knew that they were simply out of his league, but he would at least try.

    Already he could see their teamwork in action. Tyr recognized the formation, smiling as he would be able to see its flawless execution in person. Sir Hector was charging Conquest, angling the Gungnir, and Pelleas approached from behind.

    But then Sir Pelleas appeared to have missed. The sword flew past Conquest's head.

    "That's strange," Tyr thought to himself. "Pelleas wouldn't just miss like--"

    His thoughts were cut off when he saw the Albiomon's sword dig itself into Sir Hector's arm. Tyr's eyes widened with terror and he rushed forwards. It was too late. A massive attack ripped from Conquest's blade and engulfed the Gallantmon X, sending him crashing to the earth.

    "Hector!" Tyr shouted out in horror.

    He looked up at Sir Pelleas, wondering why he wasn't acting.

    "And so another seal breaks upon the final betrayal of the Lords of Order," Conquest spoke.

    "What?" Tyr asked himself, blinking. It was then that he saw red scripture moving across Pelleas' body. His heart raced. "What's happening to Sir Pelleas, Tiwaz? What's going on?" he innocently questioned, genuinely unable to comprehend the situation.

    "No..." Tiwaz thought. "It's impossible..."

    "What is?!" Tyr questioned, his eyes wide. "What's going on?!"

    "Can't you see? Pelleas betrayed us!" Tiwaz snarled.

    Tyr shook his head. "No! That's impossible!" he shot back.

    "Tyr, it's like-"

    "It's not true!" Tyr denied fervantly, bring his hands to his head.

    The thunder of an explosion diverted Tyr's attention behind him. In fact, he welcomed it. He swung around and saw a remarkable detonation of golden energy. He braced himself for the resulting shockwave, and was blown back slightly. Tyr then looked in the fading light and saw Percival with his hands wrapped around disappearing data.

    But then a figure appeared behind him.

    "No!" Tyr shouted, seeing Mephistopheles materialize.

    It was too late... The demon dug his claws into Sir Percival's back. Tyr's whole body froze up. No more than moments later, the Magnamon was gone is a shroud of golden data particles.

    "PERCIVAL!" Tyr roared in agony.

    "No... It can't be," Tiwaz whispered, quaking with rage inside Tyr's mind.

    The VictoryGreymon's body trembled. His head was bowed forwards and his fists were clenched. His orange hair hung down in front of his face, partially concealing his eyes as tears formed in their corners. A flicker of a bright orange aura burst around his form.

    Tyr's jagged teeth clenched and his heart raced furiously. He slowly lifted his head and the wind blew his fiery hair back behind his head, revealing his eyes.

    His narrow, draconic eyes.

    Tyr's pupils shrunk and he glared at Mephistopheles, a fury in his reddened, baleful eyes. A dragon-like snarl never thought to escape Tyr's mouth suddenly whispered into the blowing wind.

    "I'm gonna..." he spoke.

    "Percival... Pelleas."

    "KILL YOU!"

    He exploded forth, charging Mephistopheles with pieces of the Dramon Breaker, Tirfing and Gleipnir, faithfully at his side.

    The form of a Doragoramon intercepted him, flying in front of him to halt his charge. Scott lifted his claws, aiming to strike Tyr, but the VictoryGreymon was having none of it. Tyr growled and grabbed him by the face. The next thing he did was drive it repeatedly into his knee.

    After the fourth impact, Tyr hurled Scott to the side, discarding him like a used kleenex. He turned his focus back to Mephistopheles and charged again.

    "Rrrrrr... Trident Gaia!" He raised his wrist-mounted blades in front of him and fired.


    "You thought to taunt me with words," War laughed as he stood over Khep. He placed on foot on the bug's head and pressed down. "How foolish. I am War. Do you think me so petty as to be swayed by schoolyard arguments and insults?" He stomped down violently. "You will be ground to dust long before I begin my march across this world and destroy all you hold dear. And as I slaughter everything before me, I will make each and every being cry out before they die, 'Kheprius, why did you fail me?'"

    Kheprius let out an agonized grunt as War's heel dug into the side of his head. His body smoked from the flames he took from Vritra and used back at them. His whole body burned with pain and he felt the deep wound on his side reopen.

    The insect digimon reached up and dug the jagged claws of his left Gran Killer into War's ankle. With a scathing hiss, he then twisted the three prongs.

    "That's... a wonderful story," Khep spat, pressing his right hand against his left Gran Killer to lift War's foot off of him. "Haven't you heard? I. Don't. Care."

    He slowly rolled out from under War, ripping his gauntlet from War's flesh messily. Khep got to a knee and looked up. "I don't care about anybody except myself. My own survival and well being is all that matters to me. Why do you think I'm so willing to kill Svarog? It don't care what happens to him; all I care about is that you're out of our way. Heh, you obviously don't know me as well as you think you do."

    "Well, fire god... or is that 'fire leech'? If you honestly think you can manipulate me, you're dead wrong," he said, standing to his feet. "'Dead' being the operative word."

    Though his body still smoked, Khep ran towards his hated foe. "I will kill you. I'll kill both of you. That's one promise I will keep."

    He looked to his side and saw his charred partner in crime. "Sam! Get off your skinny *ss and help me!"


    "Lady Pyra, we need to take these Cambion out quickly." Justin said as he parried another attack from Ava. "The horsemen are bad enough on their own."

    Pyra nodded and drew the cannon on her arm towards Ava. "I have to agree with you there... but call me 'Pyra', Justin; I get enough of that from Galic, already," she replied with a slight grin.

    She then became serious once again as Ava swooped towards them. "Moebius Bite!" the Gryphonmon shouted. Ava dove at Pyra, ready to bite her, but the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode acted quickly. She buffeted her red wings forward, sending a gust of wind at Ava while pushing herself downwards to avoid her glowing beak. The female Cambion human retaliated, lashing out with her talons.

    Pyra grimaced as the claws ripped across her bicep, though luckily, the belts of her arms absorbed most of the damage. The dragon then pulled her right arm back. "Positron..."

    She clenched her fist and poised her arm. The cannon brimmed with intense power. "Cannon!"

    Pyra's arm shot forwards. She punched Ava in the side using the cannon. As soon as the metal made contact with her fur, the muzzle exploded with bright blue power which scorched the Gryphonmon and sent her flying through the air.

    The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode looked over at Justin. "Surround her! Don't let her get in close and keep moving!"


    Gunnar groaned with pain as he clutched onto the side of the mountain. His flames flickered weakly and he slowly lifted his head up from where Famine threw him. While his facial armour prevented any devastating damage to his head, he still sustained a bad concussion and his head was spinning. Inside his helmet, he felt blood trickle from his nostrils and graze his lips.

    "Damnit..." he gasped. "I can't let this form break... As soon as I do, I'm screwed. After all this damage, I'd be surprised if reverting back didn't leave me unconscious..."

    The ShineGreymon Burst Mode flew into the air, faltering in his flight slightly before catching himself. He grasped the Corona Blaze Sword and the Corona Blaze Shield tightly and looked over towards Famine, who seemed to be trying to eat Gigas.

    "He's so strong... and what a frigging creep. You don't eat Gigas, Gigas eats you..." Gunnar said, at first he moved to try to help the HerculesKabuterimon, but then he stopped himself. "If I push myself too hard in this fight, I'll be useless later and we can't afford that. Maybe it would be better if I go for one of the weaker foes like the Cambion."

    Gunnar looked around the battlefield, looking for an opponent. At first he spotted Scott flying through the air, but then his blue eyes widened upon seeing Mephistopheles. And he was right behind Percival.

    "Sir Perci--" Gunnar tried to shout, but he was too late.

    The Magnamon broke apart and Gunnar was left without words. After a few moments of deathly silence, the ShineGreymon Burst Mode let out a roar.

    "DAMN PITSPAWN BASTARD!" he thundered.

    Gunnar's sparkling flames erupted from his back and seared the rocks behind him black. The Corona Blaze Sword and Shield both ignited with a passionate blaze. For a few seconds, the ShineGreymon's fire turned a baleful grey colour.

    The light dragon bristled and flew forwards, his orange flames overtaking him and leaving a trail in his wake. Unbeknownst to him, Tyr was doing the exact same thing.
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    "WAR!" Vritra howled. She rose, blood dripping from her wounds before hardening in the intense heat surrounding her body. The WarGreymon X started moving, raging towards War. Flame lapped at her form, tearing into the air. It crackled, then it roared as Vritra raged.

    Something hit her. It struck in a flash of lightning, and thunder boomed to accompany the impact. A plume of dust erupted up around Vritra as she was hammered into the ground, which burst out around her and depressed into a crater.

    Reeling, the goddess looked, and stared into the eyes of Conquest. The thunder god stood over her, still holding the Omni Sword in his hands as he glared down at her contemptuously.

    With a howl of fury, Vritra burst to her feet, reaching for that flickering spark in her soul, and she lashed out with burning claws. "Atomic Inferno!" Conquest answered, meeting her claws with the Omni Sword, and flame with an aura of raging lightning. The god held back the raging, frenzied god-mite with ease, and the runes upon the Omni Sword ignited with light.

    Power ripped from the blade, and Vritra was hurled flying in a thunderclap. She crashed to the mountainside, and Conquest was upon her. He snatched her up in one hand, hurled her into the air, and blasted her with a strike of his Positron Laser. As she crashed down, a Giga Crusher streaked through the air and exploded beside her, consuming her in dark, crackling force. She was hammered into the mountainside, crushed down as fragments of sundered rock-face clattered around her.

    Conquest advanced as she rose, snarling as the air around her wavered in a heat-haze. Flame roared from her hands and raged towards Conquest. "Terra Force ZERO!" Conquest's blade swung and a thunderclap boomed. A sonic burst tore up the mountain and ripped her attack asunder into embers. The white horseman raised his arm, and a Positron Laser leapt for Vritra like a lance. This time, the flame goddess evaded, letting the bolt hammer into the crater she left behind. As she did so, she fired her boosters and rocketed at Conquest...


    "Dragonfire Crossbow!" A fire-bolt streaked through the air, and Bedivere soared past it, diving towards Andrew with his Ambrosius readied.

    "Prepare to die!" he snarled. "Avalon's Gate!" The lance crashed down, but Andrew evaded neatly, twisting with a grace and agility which seemed contrary to his bulky, muscular form. As he did so, his blade swung, tearing across Bedivere's arm.

    The Examon howled, and his wings beat down. Bedivere exploded into the air, aiming his lance. "Pendragon's... Glory!" Shells howled from the weapon and perforated the mountainside around Andrew, detonating and fracturing the ground. The EmperorGreymon was sent reeling as the rock underfoot shifted and warped, and Bedivere swathed himself in power and flame.

    "Dragonic Impact!"

    He plowed into the mountain like a meteor, crushing Andrew into the ground and hurling rock out around the impact zone. Light tore through the air, and flame lashed the mountainside. And the barbed shadow of the crimson dragon beat down his wings, ascending back into the heavens as Andrew stood, raising his Dragon Soul Sword.

    "Damn you!" Bedivere snarled. "Why won't you just stop?" Andrew fixed him with a glare.

    "You could never understand," he replied darkly, raising the blade, which transformed as flame glowed along its length. "Dragonfire..."

    "Pendragon's..." Bedivere began.

    "Crossbow!" "Glory!"

    As the fire-bolt ripped from Andrew's sword, Bedivere fired a shell from the Ambrosius. The attacks collided and the shell detonated with a flash of chill nitrogen, freezing the air. The two canceled each other out, but as they did so, Bedivere plummeted through the air, swathed in dragonic force, and plowed right into the EmperorGreymon even as Andrew lowered his blade.

    The attack crushed Andrew into the rock-face once again, and as Bedivere rose, the EmperorGreymon still strained to his feet, propping himself up with his blade.

    "Damn you! Just stop!" Bedivere snarled. "Digitalize of Soul!" Coruscating emerald lashed from his hand and bombarded Andrew, but still the Cambion rose. "Pendragon's Glory!" Lasers tore at the EmperorGreymon, and incendiary shells consumed the mountainside in flame, but still Andrew struggled to his feet. "Accept your defeat!"

    Andrew just looked at him. "No." The EmperorGreymon leapt, drawing back his blade to rip into Bedivere. The Examon shot a death glare at his opponent and his wings folded closed, the Dragon Soul Sword scraping from their surface as Andrew hit, then began to fall. Bedivere laughed as the wings opened...

    "Dragonfire Crossbow!" The laughter abruptly ended as a bolt of fire plowed straight into the dragon's chest, hurling him back through the air as Andrew landed neatly back on the fractured, ravaged mountainside...

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    Kole's attack coursed towards Conquest; screams of power, legion in number. A thousand black hands of furious intent ripped with claws towards the Horseman King, but Conquest raised his sword, brimming with power and light, and placed it between himself and the blast. Kole's attack fractured around the blade and was carried away like black wisps of smoke in the wind. Conquest turned about and summoned the positron cannon from his chest armor.

    "Giga Crusher!" A white-hot sphere of power ripped from his chest, howling with the fury of the unbridled storm, and slammed into Kole's massive body. The air cracked and power spilled into the world, hurling Kole from the clouds and slamming him to the ground. Conquest dropped down after him and pressed his foot against the Apocalymon's chest. "Be gone," he declared, his sword pointed towards Kole's face. A bolt of lightning split the sky and ripped down into Kole's form, leaving an unconscious Piedmon in its aftermath.

    Vritra was next to charge him, and he smirked as he cut through her attacks without breaking stride. She tore towards him in her typical, predictable, manner. Conquest knew what was coming next, a vicious strike with her beloved claws. And she would expect him to block with his blade, after which she would pretend to let the battle play out as it had before, with her locking her claws with his sword and him overpowering her. But this time she would feint away, blocking with just one set of claws and leaving the other free to slash at him. On a lesser being it might have worked. But Conquest was no lesser being.

    With just a twitch of thought, Conquest called down the sky, and lightning exploded. It caught Vritra in mid-flight and seized through her. Conquest moved forward with deft purpose, and skewered his blade through her chest. Another bolt exploded and Vritra was consumed from within.

    Conquest let Vritra slide off his blade as she reverted to her BurningGreymon form. He looked back and collected Hector from where he'd fallen. They still had a use for the Hazard's knight, one that would come later. He'd survive until then.


    "Keep it down, will ya, Kheppy?" Samael growled as he clawed his way to his feet. Each breath sent shards of agony ripping through his chest, crackling with the sounds of broken ribs. As he moved, the sound of his own charred flesh sloughing off his bones made him sick to his stomach. Every motion pained him, ripping tortuously through him. "I'm doin' the best I can."

    "Futile and foolish," War snarled as he drove his foot down onto Khep's face, stopping his comeback before it even began. "You're all so obtuse. You cannot kill us! We are the Horsemen! We are immortal and everlasting! We cannot die!"

    "Well in case you haven't noticed, we have a knack for killing things that can't be killed," Samael wheezed out. "And I'm the best killer in the bunch. So you can just-"

    "Enough of you," War growled, striking Samael across the face with a vicious blow and crushing him to the ground. He sent his fiery blades skewering into Samael, slicing through his heart and throat. A vicious twist lodged them in his bones. He grabbed the fallen angel by his head and hauled him up, his hands burned into Samael's face, searing and blistering the skin beneath his mask. "For all your boasting, your bravado, you are all but footnotes in the endlessness that is my existence, in the endlessness that is WAR!"

    War coursed his ever-burning fire through his hands and immolated the fallen angel. Samael let out a tortured, agonized scream before War's power became too much. His body fractured and shattered.

    "Goodbye, Fallen One," War laughed.


    Mephistopheles laughed as both Tyr and Gunnar charged him, both blind to the actions of the other. He had been waiting for an opportunity like this, to try a new trick. He waved his fingers almost imperceptibly, weaving a spell over them. Then he raised his hands and sent a flash of light flying from his body. The flash blinded the two Greymon, but only temporarily. When their vision returned, they glanced around frantically, finally catching sight of the demon. With twin roars, they charged.

    What they were unaware of, however, was that Mephistopheles was already gone; invisible to their senses. His spell had weaved a distortion around them, making Tyr see Gunnar as Mephistopheles, and Gunnar see Tyr as Mephistopheles. The two Greymon clashed in the sky, convinced that the other was their sworn demonic enemy.

    "Time to go," Mephistopheles announced, still imperceptible to the dueling dragons. "Entertaining as they are, we have more to do elsewhere. The time is nigh for the resurrection, and the Peacemakers still have a purpose to play in the grand scheme."

    Mephistopheles's eyes flashed black, and a sphere of darkness extended around him, sweeping over the mountain. It consumed everything and then imploded, taking with it the three Horsemen, Dracula, and the seven Cambion as well, and leaving the Peacemakers alone and stunned in its wake.
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    "Keep it down, will ya, Kheppy?" Samael growled as he clawed his way to his feet. Each breath sent shards of agony ripping through his chest, crackling with the sounds of broken ribs. As he moved, the sound of his own charred flesh sloughing off his bones made him sick to his stomach. Every motion pained him, ripping tortuously through him. "I'm doin' the best I can."
    "Yeah, well your best isn't good enou-- HRRK!" Khep spat out, interrupted by a swift blow from War that put a crack in Khep's heavily damaged carapace.

    He landed on his back and soon felt the might of War's foot crush his face. He let out a cry and, through blurred vision, watched Samael stagger forwards. War suddenly took his weight off of him and struck the Beelzemon, throwing him to the ground mercilessly.

    Khep tried to move, but the pain coursing through him was too much to overcome. He looked up and saw the blazing weapons of War slice through the demon digimon. War then grabbed Samael by his face and lifted him up. And then his fire surged from his arm and engulfed the Beelzemon completely.

    After a pained bellow that engraved itself in Kheprius, Samael's body broke apart and burned away.

    "SAMAEL!" Kheprius shouted in horror.

    "Goodbye, Fallen One," War laughed.

    "You..." Kheprius spoke, his voice low. His chest inhaled and exhaled deeply and rapidly. His crimson eye raged with hatred and a new fury revitalized his muscles. "You'll pay for that..."

    The GrandisKuwagamon seethed, his mind filled with a desire to rip War apart piece by piece. Even though he knew it only made the Marsmon stronger, he couldn't help it. Despite the blood gushing from his wounds, Kheprius rolled over and got to his knees, slowly dragging himself to his feet. With his Gran Killers extended, he spun around to face War, fixing him a baleful glare that would have made a weaker digimon cower. Only once before did Kheprius feel this type of primal hatred.

    "War," he hissed, his voice demonic and monstrous. "Before I kill you... I'll make you feel it. I'll show you what it's like to be on the receiving end of the world's combined hate... You'll be torn to pieces by the very darkness that you love to consume. And as you're lying there, with my claws through your guts, you're going to look into my eyes and you'll know what true pain feels like..."

    Before Khep could charge again, probably to his death, Mephistopheles' voice called out, ordering everyone to return. War turned his back to the GrandisKuwagamon and left.

    "Get back here, you son of a bitch!" Kheprius yelled, hobbling after him in a rage.

    The GrandisKuwagamon tried to beat his charred wings to take to the air but they failed him and he came crashing down on his chest, not far from the now-gathering Peacemakers. He let out a shout of absolute rage and started hacking away at the rocky ground with his Gran Killers.


    Tyr growled and he swung the Tirfing blade down on Gunnar, who he thought was Mephistopheles. The incensed ShineGreymon dodged the strike, only feeling the tip of the long blade strike his burning shield. Gunnar swung the blazing Corona Blaze Sword down at Tyr, appearing to him as the Mephistomon as well.

    The VictoryGreymon growled and caught the blade with in the bonds of the Gleipnir. He drove his foot into Gunnar's chest and sent him reeling backwards. The dragon of light growled and charged Tyr once again.

    Tyr swung his sword high and brought it down on Gunnar. The ShineGreymon saw this and deftly raised his burning sword, blocking his strike.

    "That's weird," Tiwaz thought. "Why did Mephistopheles block that like he had a sword... And how did he?"

    Gunnar bashed Tyr's hand aside with the Corona Blaze Shield and moved in swiftly. He poised his sword and and plunged it towards Tyr. The VictoryGreymon growled and tilted his head to the right so that the blade passed harmlessly by, only singing a few orange hairs on his head.

    "You'll pay!" Tyr shouted, driving his left arm towards. The two sides of the vice-like Gleipnir locked around Gunnar's throat and squeezed. The ShineGreymon Burst Mode grunted in pain but cut Tyr's fore arm with his sword, making his "foe" retract it. The VictoryGreymon swiftly brought the blunt side of the Gleipnir across Gunnar's face, knocking him aside.

    "I'll kill you, pitspawn!" Gunnar yelled, though at the back of his mind, he wondered how the seemingly frail Mephistopheles gave him such a painful blow.

    "'Pitspawn'?" Tyr wondered to himself. "But that's what Gunnar calls demon digimon..."

    "Something's not right here," Tiwaz mused.

    Pyra, who had since reverted to Paildramon in an effort to save energy once their foes left, looked up into the sky from the ground. She couldn't help but be stunned when she saw Tyr and Gunnar, who had one of the closest friendships on the team, fighting each other. The Paildramon watched for a moment as the two clashed, but quickly took to the skies.

    "Tyr! Gunnar!" she shouted. "What are you two doing?!"

    "I'm trying to kill Mephistopheles," Gunnar yelled in reply. "I could use a little help, too!"

    "I can't forgive him for what he did to Sir Percival!" Tyr responded, striking Gunnar's shield again, nearing the force it would take to break his arm.

    "What are you talking about?!" Pyra demanded. "You're fighting each other!"

    "Are you blind? It's that damn demon right in front of me!" Gunnar retaliated.

    "Yeah!" Tyr responded.

    "Where's Gunnar's voice coming from?" Tiwaz asked. "This is wrong..."

    Pyra growled and flew up to their level, hoping to break them up before they do serious damage to one another. "Cable Catcher!" she shouted. Five wires shot out of her right hand and swiftly wrapped themselves around Tyr, pinning his arms to his sides. Five cords from her left hand also shot out and bound Gunnar as well, restraining him.

    "Wh-hey! Pyra!?" Tyr called over to her, turning in her direction. "What are you doing? We're on the same side!"

    Gunnar sneered and tried to break free from his bonds before turning towards her as well. "What's the deal, Pyra?! You missed him and got me!"

    "First of all, no, I didn't," she answered firmly. "Second, both of you, take a good look back at who you're fighting."

    Tyr turned his head and looked at Gunnar, whose form was still that of a Mephistomon. However, the form flickered and he could start to see traces of a ShineGreymon. "Wh-... What the...?"

    Gunnar also stared at what appeared to be a bound Mephistomon, but on closer inspection, he saw Tyr's face through its goat-like features. "...Tyr?!"

    "Gunnar!?" Tyr responded in turn, his moist green eyes wide from realizing that he had been fighting his best friend. "I-I was fighting you?!"

    "But you were Mephistopheles!" Gunnar retorted in frantic confusion. "It wasn't you!"

    "You looked just like him!" Tyr responded. He wanted to bring his arms to his head, but Pyra's Cable Catcher attack prevented it. "I... I don't udnerstand!"

    "I don't know..." Pyra spoke. "If I were to guess, I would say Mephistopheles used some sort of magic to trick the two of you into fighting. Even in a rage, neither of you are so ill-trained to mistake your best friend for an enemy..."

    Tears entered the VictoryGreymon's eyes once again and he looked down. "Gunnar... I'm so sorry," he snivelled. "I was..."

    Gunnar grimaced and turned his head away. "I... I'm sorry too..." he said quietly. He then glanced at his own bound arms and looked over to Pyra. "Hey, Pyra, this is kinky and all, but do you mind let--"

    The ShineGreymon's Burst Mode form suddenly became engulfed in evolutionary light and from the flash revealed Gunnar's old ShineGreymon form.

    However, Pyra's hold on the cords on her left hand suddenly slackened for brief moment. Gunnar's suddenly unconscious form plummeted from the air and fell towards the ground.

    "Gunnar!" Tyr shouted in terror. He tried to go after him, but Pyra's cables prevented it.

    "No," she spoke in irritation. The Paildramon flew up as quickly as she could, making as much distance between herself and the bound ShineGreymon as she could. "Tyr! Fly up with me!" she ordered.

    Tyr nodded and did so, realizing that he would have to fly too in order to allow Pyra to fly higher. The Paildramon ascended and then stopped her flight. With her right hand, she held onto her left arm, which she readied in preparation.

    The falling dragon man was now just feet from the rocks below. The five cables were suddenly taut and Pyra's body jolt downwards. The Paildramon remained firm and flapped her wings. Gunnar's legs and tail shot down as the cables tightened around him, causing sparks to shoot out from the friction.

    The metal toes of his feet scraped against the ground, but he himself was saved from the fall. Both Pyra and Tyr sighed with relief. The Paildramon slowly lowered his body to the ground and then retracted her cords from around Tyr. The two dragons slowly descended and landed in front of Gunnar.

    "What happened to him?" she asked.

    "It's the side effects to using his Burst Mode," Tyr explained somberly, watching as Pyra retracted the crods from around Gunnar, allowing him to revert back to his RizeGreymon form. "It sometimes uses up all of his energy... and all of the injuries he gets during it come back twofold..."

    "I see..." she spoke, watching as Tyr sadly place a hand on his large flank. Pyra turned around and saw Kheprius on his knees not far off.

    "DAMNIT!" the GrandisKuwagamon roared, driving his claws into the rock a final time before stopping and doubling over on his knees. "Damnit, Sammy, you damn bastard! How could you do something so damn idiotic!? You stupid, three-eyed, leather-obsessed demon bastard! Samael..."

    He ripped off his Gran Killer claws and slammed them into the ground in frustration and loss. Pyra walked over to him, wondering what had Kheprius so distraught.

    "Kheprius...?" she asked, not going to allow something as petty as his recent kiss to stop her from approaching him when something was obviously very wrong. "What's wrong? What happened?"

    "He's dead..." Kheprius whispered, his voice dry and growly from shouting. Pyra watched as his bare fists clenched. He lowered his head and looked down.

    "Samael's dead."
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    The two foes collided, swathed in power and fury. The impact hurled them apart, and emerald speared from Bedivere's Ambrosius. "Digitalize of Soul!" The bolts struck Andrew and slammed the EmperorGreymon into the mountainside.

    "Just give up," Bedivere declared coldly. "You can't win, human." Andrew snarled as he stood, readying his blade.

    Darkness swept over the mountain, and Bedivere roared, shooting wildly at Andrew's position. When the darkness cleared, all that remained were the scorched impacts of his shells on the rock, the Horsemen, the Cambion, and Mephistopheles himself were gone.

    The Examon let out a bitter snarl, before turning and taking in the Peacemakers still standing. He frowned, counting one short - Samael. He counted again. And again.

    He fell to the mountainside, stunned, disbelieving. "No... no..." Ruby light consumed his form as the short, monosyllabic words of disbelief continued to pour from his lips. Finally, he stood as Slayerdramon, unarmed and still stunned. It couldn't be. Samael couldn't have been killed. It was... inconceivable. Utterly inconceivable. His fist clenched, and the dragon knight roared, a cry of absolute rage and pain and hate against the world. But most of all against Mephistopheles.

    "No..." he snarled...


    It roared, it boomed, it howled. The horn-call of Conquest, his triumph, his victory cry. The lightning flashed, the thunder boomed, and the skies were rent open and apart by the spears of the Horseman King. And beneath her feet, the world shattered. And the people screamed, they shouted and they begged.

    "Save us!"

    Vritra snapped awake, crimson eyes snapping open as the BurningGreymon stood. Pain hammered her form, the only constant in her existence as she forced herself to her feet. Her divine spark was gone, retreating behind shells of data to her very core, perhaps seeking escape and sanctuary from War.

    They both... both had overpowered her now. And War... he had...

    The flame goddess raised a fist, and with a howl it met the rock, flame bursting out like a corona around her body as her anger blossomed into burning life. How was she so utterly helpless? Why, every time she fought a Horseman, did they crush her as though she were so utterly insignificant? It had to change.

    "Tiwaz..." she whispered. "With your help... I'll make them tremble..."


    The dragon knight stared across them. He saw the despair in their eyes. He saw the anger, and the pain, and the sorrow. He knew it all. Because he too knew the loss.

    He glanced to the angel at his side. "Michael... they took Hector. Why? Is there another seal they need him for?" He glanced back over his comrades. "And what do we do now?" There was no time for Pride, nor for Envy. What was needed now was understanding and cooperation. And so he would swallow his Pride, drown his Envy, and help...


    The dark shadow and the shining star tore their paths across the sky, trailing the night in their wake. And the shadow knew only sorrow, numb sorrow.

    How had he done this? In one fell swoop he had torn Guinier's heart to shreds, damned himself, and now Azur was... gone. One more life snuffed out because he needed to heal himself. One more heart broken by his selfishness. Was he damned even before he let that demon kiss his life away? Had he always been fated for the Inferno?

    "How could I let this happen?" he whispered into the night, tears brimming in his eyes. And it came to him, what more was there? Guinier hated him. Barachiel shunned him, he could see the bitter betrayal in the TigerVespamon's eyes even now. The other Peacemakers too hated him, and they would undoubtedly even more so when they learned about what he had done. What more reason did he have to keep going? A year, that was all. One year of dread, counting the seconds until he was dragged into Hell... the punishment he deserved after all.

    Anatolia came into sight on the horizon, and the two rushed towards it. Caradoc looked at Barachiel, feeling only bitterness and self-loathing. After all he had done... what he had cost them all... how could he keep fighting?

    "I'm sorry..." he said. "I'm sorry, Barachiel..." But he knew, even as they descended towards the city, that no apology could ever be enough. Not to any of them. Not after what he had cost them.

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    "I... I can't believe it," Tyr spoke, his voice meek and incredulous. "Samael can't be dead... And they have Sir Hector... This can't be happening..."

    "Damn those b*stards," Tiwaz thought fierily. "...Right then, Tyr? I know you don't have a load of energy, but I'm taking over. I can sustain my form just fine. Besides, we need to carry your friend and even you're not strong enough to carry an entire RizeGreymon in your condition."

    Tyr nodded, albeit a bit reluctantly. As he whispered his chant to himself, he looked over at the unconscious RizeGreymon, watching his laboured breaths. He shut his eyes and felt Tiwaz's presence begin to overtake his. "Gunnar," he thought as his VictoryGreymon form became that of an AncientGreymon.

    Tiwaz lifted his foreleg up to his head, checking to make sure his goggles were adjusted, and then lowered it. He sighed and looked around at the bunch. "Another blazing disaster..." he growled. "Sir Percival's dead... Samael's dead, Sir Hector has been captured and Pelleas seems to have made the same deal as Constantine..." he said, purposefully leaving the titles off of the two technical traitors' names.

    He slammed his foot into the ground and his wings ignited. He turned towards the Peacemakers and fixed his eyes on them. "We need to go after Sir Hector immediately before that demon does what he needs with him. If I were to guess, I would say it has to do with Hector's digital hazard... or lack thereof. Perhaps even his Crimson Mode. Anybody who can should come, while those who are too weak from battle should stay behind."

    The wyrm turned towards Michael. "And now we need the help of Caradoc, Guinier, Barachiel, Azur and Fenrir more than ever; we've sustained too many losses." He turned to face him completely. "I don't care what you say. Not everybody needs to be a perfect little soldier who does everything you tell them to do; this isn't the Holy Host. I know first hand that all sorts of people, no matter how different they or their opinions are, can work together as a successful team, even if they have their own agendas. That was the Great Ten and we were a force to be reckoned with. Now we are the Peacemakers and we're facing the rising of the Demon Lords. Are you willing to risk that because those four didn't follow your orders and made a mistake? I follow my own sense of justice in my heart, Michael, and nobody else. They did the same thing and were wrong. Now we need them back," he spoke firmly.

    "At any rate, we need to go, but not many of us are in fighting shape. However, we can't afford to give Mephistopheles any breathing space. There can't be many seals left, either," Tiwaz said. "And I'm not about to let the last true member of the Royal Knights die."

    "I'm not sure that running in to take them on again is a good idea right now," Pyra countered. "Even if we leave the badly wounded behind, the rest of us aren't at our fullest. Not to mention they now have three Horsemen."

    "We're going to have to face those three Horsemen again at one time or another; it's inevitable. We all know what we need to do... If I were a betting dragon, I'd say that raising the final horseman would break a seal, if not something worse," Tiwaz responded. The AncientGreymon looked over at Duo. "So you stay away from Mephistopheles at all costs."

    "Even so," Pyra said. "We couldn't defeat them now, even with the help of two Royal Knights. Our best option would be to rest and hope that Caradoc, Azur, Guinier and Barachiel will rejoin us. Even if we can somehow bypass all of Mephistopheles' tricks and schemes, we still can't beat them without power."

    "I agree," Tiwaz said, "but we also can't afford to let him get any bloody futher ahead of us, especially now that he has both Sir Hector and Hadrael for who-knows-what seals? Damnit... I hate yellow-bellied cowards who don't play by the rules. If he were a real man, he'd face us without all this trickery!"

    "And how do we find them, exactly?" Pyra asked, frowning.

    Tiwaz scowled. "Well... Do any of you have any better ideas? I hardly think sitting around moping and brooding will help us find Mephistopheles. If we're out searching, at least we're doing something. Even then, there's still a chance we'll intercept them."

    "Sitting around, not giving Mephistopheles the attention he craves seemed to work the best," the Paildramon countered. "The fact of the matter is, we don't know where to look."

    "And look what that got us," Kheprius spat. "Sure, we, with Loki's help, managed to fight him to a stand still, but all the civilian casualties..."

    "We have a trump card," Tiwaz said. "Perun... If Fenrir was with us, he and I would be able to DNA digivolve into Perun. Then we'd at least have a fighting chance against the horsemen. With Thor and Svarog assimilated, he and I are the only experienced gods left. That's why we need those four back."

    "That means we'd have to go back to Anatolia, doesn't it?" Pyra asked.

    Kheprius finally stood to his feet, his body quaking with either rage or exhaustion. The GrandisKuwagamon collapsed to his knee and dedigivolved back to his Okuwamon X form. He sluggishly stood up on his four legs, supported by his arm. "...Whatever we do, let's do it fast. Their time left on this earth is limited... I'll see to that."


    Barachiel and Caradoc flew swiftly towards Anatolia. The only emotion permeating from their forms was that of guilt and sorrow. Not a single word passed between the two friends on the way. After all, what could be said?

    The lone survivor of Hadrael's mission flew ahead of the shadowy Valkyrimon. Barachiel had no desire to speak to Caradoc during that time. It wasn't out of any grudge or malice, the reason was that Barachiel knew that if he tried, there was a very good chance that he would simply break down again. It took all of his will power to merely keep his red eyes from watering. Even then, it didn't always work.

    The two broken Peacemakers closed in on Anatolia. They felt even more wretched than they did the last time they returned to the city; before, Barachiel didn't think that that was even possible. He wished it wasn't. The most important person in his life was dead and, because of his stubborness, now Azur had been captured or even killed.

    Barachiel looked upon the peaceful city. He knew he had no place there. The two places he called home were burned and those he called family were dead. He was lost.

    "I'm sorry..." he heard Caradoc say. "I'm sorry, Barachiel..."

    The TigerVespamon landed on the stone road and he heard the Valkyrimon land beside him. He sensed the overwhelming guilt in Caradoc's voice. He knew what the Valkyrimon was feeling.

    Barachiel clenched his fists and turned around. He felt the pang of tears in his eyes as a light breeze blew against them. The TigerVespamon raised his fist, up in front of Caradoc's face. He tightened his fingers against his palms as he took a step towards him. Barachiel then poised his arm, as if to strike.

    And then he placed his hand gently on Caradoc's shoulder.

    "I know..." he spoke, his celestial voice sorrowful yet gentle. It was free from any blame, bitterness or hatred towards him. "I already know; you don't have to say it, Caradoc... I do."

    The TigerVespamon, despite the pain that threatened to devour him and rip him apart, forced himself to look into Caradoc's eyes. "I'm sorry, Caradoc..." he said remorsefully. "The deal you made... I reacted unfairly. I said that the only reason you did it was for yourself, but... I didn't mean it. I wanted to believe it. I wanted to tell myself that was why you made that deal... because that would mean it wasn't my fault."

    Barachiel grimaced, trying to force the brimming tears back into his eyes. "I know that you made the deal to help me find Hadrael. If it wasn't for my inability to protect him, your need to help people wouldn't have driven you to take such drastic measures to help me. I'm so sorry, Caradoc, for all of it. Azur could be dead, Guinier's gone and you made that deal for nothing. After all that... I couldn't even save him," he spoke, not realizing that his extended arm was now shaking.

    "I don't know what I should do, Caradoc... We defeat Mephistopheles and then what? Hadrael's gone... There's nobody left and nowhere to go," he retracted his hand from Caradoc's shoulder. "But then again, it's the same for you..."

    He allowed his arm to drop to his side. "Your deal, Caradoc... there's a way to break it. All I need to do is hunt down the demon who you made the deal with and kill it. When the one who holds your deal is killed, the deal is negated and you'll be free," Barachiel explained. He fixed Caradoc with a resolute look. "You're my best friend, Caradoc, and the only person who I have left. I'll stand beside you, no matter what deal you made and no matter how many people scorn you for it. You did all this for me and Hadrael... what kind of person would I be if I didn't help you in your time of need. It's what Hadrael would have wanted from me. Even if it wasn't... I want to anyways."

    The golden insect tearfully turned away. "...I'll look for Michael and tell him of my failure. There's no reason you should feel his wrath as well," Barachiel said, beginning to walk down the street. "And I need to be alone; I need to say my final goodbye to Hadrael." A tear fell down his face and onto his scarf. He was happy Caradoc couldn't notice it from that angle. A surge of hatred at Dracula briefly coursed through his body, but it was quickly overwhelmed by sadness once again. He remembered that Hadrael would always try to temper his anger. Now, without him here, he would have to do that himself.

    "I need to thank him for everything."
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    "I agree," Tiwaz said, "but we also can't afford to let him get any bloody futher ahead of us, especially now that he has both Sir Hector and Hadrael for who-knows-what seals? Damnit... I hate yellow-bellied cowards who don't play by the rules. If he were a real man, he'd face us without all this trickery!"
    Nocchi stepped into their midst, his hammer resting against one shoulder. With a scowl, the Puppetmon said, "It does nothin' for us to whine about yellow bellies or trickery. This is how he plays the game, an' when we let him play his way, he wins."

    The puppet turned to look at each of the surrounding Digimon in turn. "It's simple strategy. Control how the game is played, and you win. But if we turn the tables an' play the game our way, then we win."

    "And what exactly is 'our way?'" Ivy spoke up, looking at Nocchi quizzically.

    The Puppetmon grinned in reply. "That's the beauty of our little group. We're not exactly consistent in the way we do things. So now we have a chance to decide how we want to play the game. And we've gotta choose whose game we're gonna play."

    Kheprius finally stood to his feet, his body quaking with either rage or exhaustion. The GrandisKuwagamon collapsed to his knee and dedigivolved back to his Okuwamon X form. He sluggishly stood up on his four legs, supported by his arm. "...Whatever we do, let's do it fast. Their time left on this earth is limited... I'll see to that."
    "As will I," Gigas rumbled, cracking his huge knuckles. His face was solemn and downcast, but in his voice one could feel the burning desire to end this battle against the darkness.

    Sha stood off on his own, away from the others. He was staring off into the distance in silent contemplation. His mind was still trying to wrap itself around the death of Samael. In his innocence, Sha didn't understand. Samael wasn't supposed to die.

    The Shawjamon hurled his fist to the ground, leaving a small dent in the earth and causing his knuckles to bleed. He stood there a moment longer, gazing down at his now-bloodied hand. The demon that had defeated him was dead. Gone now. And Sha didn't understand it.

    What did that mean for him? If the one who defeated him had been killed by one of those Horseman...would he too be killed? Could Sha even hope to stand up to them?

    A single tear rolled down his cheek. Clenching his fists, Sha fell to his knees and wept.

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    Samael's death had rang out in Michael's ears, piercing through the other sounds of battle and bloodshed; and now he was expected to simply move on to the next battle. Was Tiwaz serious? After he had just lost one who he considered like a brother? He was being asked to go crawling back to Caradoc and Barachiel, whose pigheaded stupidity had left their number weakened, and beg them to return? No, he remembered, he had ordered them to leave, because he could not trust them to follow his lead. His choice was the right one; they were fools blinded by idealism, as most self-proclaimed heroes were. And hero-leaders were the worst of all, leading the charge blindly and impetuously, headlong into oblivion. It was one thing to throw away one's own life, but when they threw away the lives of those who followed...

    "You exalt yourself, the Great Ten, and your deeds; but tell me, Tiwaz, where are they now?" Michael challenged, glaring defiantly up at the petulant wyrm. "Your blind heroics and feel-good speeches might do well to placate the ignorant masses, but I have a war to win; and while idiocy might win battles, it does not win wars. Your Great Ten were a disorganized rabble getting on by the sheer power you possessed. The moment you were faced with an adversary your vaunted power could not overcome you were slaughtered.

    "Why?" he challenged. "Because you were not united in ideals and purpose. Because you each had your own agendas. It took those with a single, defined purpose to bring down Milleniummon; those whose hearts and minds were as one. That is what we require to defeat this opponent, that is what was required to defeat the Royal Knights and the Mikaboshi." But he could tell the fire wyrm wouldn't care or listen. Tiwaz's views were from an era long gone, when idiocy worked. Milleniummon had changed that; tactics, coordination, strategy...after that, war became cerebral.

    But that was the problem; in war Michael would have no trouble routing and defeating Mephistopheles if their conflict were in the field of battle, but as of now they were playing a game of Mephistopheles's design, where he made new rules at the drop of a hat. They were always adapting, trying to play catch-up.

    "Play your heroics elsewhere if you wish," Michael acquiesced. "You might spend the next week scouring the countryside for Azur, Barachiel, Caradoc, and Guinier; I'd be hard-pressed to imagine that they followed my orders now to remain behind and not seek out Hadrael. Or you could spend the rest of Tyr's life searching for Mephistopheles's whereabouts with no luck."

    Michael held Tiwaz's gaze; he would not stand down, not this time. Tiwaz spoke of old glories, but old glory ended in blood and slaughter. His tales were of heroes who bravely faced their deaths, but no words were spoken of the horrors of war and bloodshed, of that brief agony that split through their entire being when their lives were snuffed out, or that brief fear that shuddered through them when they realized their time had come. Michael was a soldier and a general; he saw how lives were treated on the battlefield, and there was nothing heroic or glorious about it. There was no glory to be had in choking on your own blood while your innards lay strewn about you.

    "But you are correct in one regard," Michael continued. "These Peacemakers are not of the Holy Host; my power to lead them comes only because they choose to allow it. You may choose to lead those that would follow you; I have no control over that. But I will not stand beside you as you charge headlong with speeches and grandeur into the heroic sunset of oblivion." Michael raised himself into the air until Tiwaz was forced to look up at him. Then he turned to the others. "The choice is yours, Peacemakers. Let it be known that I will hold no ill will against you should you choose not to follow me, for I have ever been a true proponent of the doctrine of free will and self-determinism. For me to deny you this now does a great disservice to us all. But if you choose to follow me, I expect you to follow my orders and my command.

    "Tiwaz is right, however, in that our time is limited," Michael said. "So you must choose quickly."


    Samael was falling, faster and faster, until the burning darkness and molten air around him blurred to white. From that darkness the ghosts of all those he'd killed howled at him. 'Murderer!' they called him. 'Killer!' 'Rapist!' 'Heretic!' they screamed at him. 'Fratricide!' 'Genocide!' 'Deicide!'

    And he continued to fall, past the circles of Hell and the underworlds of the Pantheons into the sheer oblivion of death and final judgment. Then he came upon the Gates of Death, waiting for him below, full of all those he'd slain. The gates shuddered, quaking and heaving; they creaked open and a foul darkness reached through tearing through the binding power of nonexistence, clawing with massive hands at the fabric of oblivion. A flood of nauseating shadow and inconceivable dark power rolled through Samael, and he felt the entire cosmos shift and heave around him, retching from the presence of that foul thing. In the sight of his third eye he caught a glimpse of it, the monstrosity that made all creation sick.

    And he screamed.

    Choose your world. Choose your side.

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    "That's the beauty of our little group. We're not exactly consistent in the way we do things. So now we have a chance to decide how we want to play the game. And we've gotta choose whose game we're gonna play."
    "That's a vast understatement," Pyra murmured. At the same time, she couldn't help but be shaken by Samael's death. At one point, she had wanted nothing more to kill him.

    However... despite that, she understood him. She seemed to be one of the few people who Samael revealed just how much he wanted to be allowed back into Paradise, in a manner of speaking. Through his tough exterior, that one sad smile he gave her revealed it all.

    Pyra grimaced, angrily clenching her fist. She was detached from Michael's rebuking of Tiwaz. "I'm sorry it turned out this way, Samael... I truly am."

    She cast a glance in Sha's direction, who was on his knees, overcome with grief. For a few seconds, Pyra felt a stinging in her eyes. "...This needs to end."

    For a moment, Tiwaz's heart raged at Michael's blatant disrespect and disdain for his fallen friends. He ignored the internal, stifled weeps of Tyr at the news of Samael's death. The flames on his wings burned feverishly. His blue eyes seemed to take on a coating of ice as he glared holes into the MagnaAngemon.

    But then Tiwaz grinned. His flames died down, but that did nothing to keep his eyes from burning into Michael. "You think you know me, Ha'Yisrael... You, 'The Hand of God'... Does it make your heart beat faster to be called that?" he questioned, his voice icy. The smirk he bore disappeared. "You were there, weren't you? You and your glorious Holy Host also faced Millenniummon. I admit, my team was destroyed by that beast... You're right; it did take those with unified goals to kill it, but it wasn't the Holy Host, the army whose hearts ticked as one, that killed it. No. Your ranks were being ripped to shreds. And if you've forgotten, Perun joined the Royal Knights in helping to take Milleniummon down."

    "You did no better than we did," Tiwaz explained coldly. "So, explain, how does one's intent define the outcome of battlefield?!" the wyrm snapped. "Are you that dim, Michael? Our group's single purpose is what led us to victory over the Royal Knights and Mikaboshi? The last time I checked, none of us were unified. Some sought for redemption, some fought for glory, some fought for vengeance and others for freedom. All of the Peacemakers had different goals when we fought against the Royal Knights and Mikaboshi! The only thing we had in common was who our enemy was and do you know what? It's no different now!"

    His eyes narrowed in on the angel. "You peg me as a naive idealist who thinks only of the glories of heroism: like Caradoc or Tyr might be accused of. I may have been a hero once, but that status is not what drives me. I fight because the world deserves more than what you would ever offer it. When I say I fight for 'justice' and 'what's right', there's no self-important ignorance or knightly romance in my words; I do exactly that because my heart forces me to do so. I know what the grim world is like. I've fought on a battlefield under the command of 'generals' like yourself. Stoic, detached from your emotions so that you might win the battle, regardless of how many of your own you lose."

    Tiwaz spat with distaste. "That's why I left the military and travelled alone. ...The Great Ten. Those whose names you're so eager to besmirch. I've seen the blood-stained fields of battle and I see their dying faces in every other dream that I have. Well Michael, how many of your soldiers' faces do you remember? Any at all? No, they're all just rank and file who live to follow your orders and do the bidding of your new-age false god. Maybe you'll remember Samael... or did he mean anything to you?"

    He heated dragon surpressed a growl and bore his teeth. "Before you condescend to me and accuse me of pride, Michael, take a look at yourself. You talk about how superior the Holy Host is because of your lack of emotions driving you to do impulsive things and your cohesive, unified goal to serve your God. As a matter of fact, with the way you are, I think you'd get on great with your little brother Lucifer."

    "I'm finished with you, Ha'Yisrael," Tiwaz spoke curtly. "You've proven no more beneficial to defeating Mephistopheles than any of us have." Tiwaz turned to the other Peacemakers. "However, for once I agree with him. I, too, will not force any of you to go with me. I'm going back to Anatolia with the severely wounded so they can get medical attention. Hopefully there, we'll be able to team up with Caradoc, Guinier, Barachiel, Azur and Fenrir again. They may be idiots, but they're strong, resourceful idiots. I'll also see if Lucia wants to get back into the action or not... When the wounded recover, I'll let them decide whether to stay with me or to go and search for Michael's team."

    The dragon lowered his head and slung Gunnar's large, unconscious form over his back and walked past Michael in the direction of Anatolia, not giving him the benefit of so much as a glance. "If none of you wish to join me, I'll go alone if I have to, but if any of you do, you have my thanks. I can't work with, let alone under, a being so callous and holier-than-thou. We're departing in a few minutes; I'll take anybody else who's unconscious or unfit to walk." Tiwaz closed his eyes for a moment. After a moment of silence, he reopened them. "...And Michael? Don't ever talk about my closest friends like you know something about them. Especially when you don't."

    Kheprius walked over to Michael's side. "I won't promise I'll follow your every order, helmet-head, but Mephistopheles seems to have a thing for you, so I think I'll stay. Better chances of me seeing War again..." he scathed.

    Pyra grimaced and looked towards Tiwaz. "I'm not thrilled about the idea of splitting our forces right now, but if I have to choose... I'm going with Tiwaz," she decided after a few moments of contemplation. She looked towards Michael. "It's nothing against you or your leadership, Michael; I just agree with Tiwaz that we need the help of Caradoc and the others."

    Tiwaz gave her a short nod as she walked over.

    "I'm with you too, Tiwaz," Tyr spoke meekly inside Tiwaz's mind. "I know I sort of have to since we're, you know, in the same body, but... I agree."

    Tiwaz offered a barely visible grin. "Well... That's two more votes of confidence than I expected," he replied to the VictoryGreymon.
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    There was a moment of silence as Caradoc let Barachiel's words sink in, absorbing them and considering them.

    "But... I did make that deal," he murmured. "I chose to sneak away and summon a demon..." He turned to his friend, his voice beginning to crack. For the first time, Caradoc could only let the despair really show. Now he knew. Now he saw how hopeless he was. And he saw truly what his deal had cost. "I'm just as responsible for Hadrael's death as you are... I had the power to attack Dracula... if I'd just struck before he killed Hadrael..." He paused, the sorrow evident, the despair clear. "I'm sorry, Barachiel... I'm truly sorry..." The two were silent, Caradoc still thinking.

    "I can't let you, Barachiel," he finally said. "I can't let you try and kill the demon." He paused. "She told me that if I tried to break the deal then Guinier..." his voice cracked as he remembered, "then Guinier, and our children, would be forfeit. I won't let her suffer. Not any more. If you were to fail, that demon would just assume I asked you to kill her and consider my terms breached." He stared at the ground. "I've hurt Guinier enough. I won't let her suffer for my mistakes any longer... I'll leave her in peace." The words stabbed into the deepest part of him, but he knew they had to be spoken. Otherwise, Barachiel could never understand. He could never realize why Caradoc threw aside salvation.

    "You don't have to take the blame," he said. "I'm not proud of what I did, but if Michael damns me, so be it. I accepted this fate... I'll live with what I did. I know I've done the wrong thing... all I can do is make what I have left worth it." He smiled sadly. "I haven't had a friend for a long time, I don't think. Not really. Guinier was..." he stopped, and the sorrow and pain in his voice was clear, "more, and Bedivere was... not quite a friend. Not really." He stopped, and there was something else, something unspoken, but which he needed to say.

    And then the Valkyrimon looked at his friend sorrowfully, and filled with despair at the inevitability of his fate, he spoke. "Barachiel... when I'm taken in a year's time... if we've succeeded and the Inferno stays sealed..." he was aware he was waffling, trying to stave off what he felt he had to ask.

    "When I return... stop me," he whispered. "Please... I don't want any more people damned because of me. So if you ever find me... when I return from the Inferno as a demon... and you have the chance... don't hesitate, please. Just kill me."


    "You're a fool, Tiwaz," Vritra seethed, glaring at him. "The four of them are probably dead by now, or wandering lost and blind... like you." The flame goddess seethed, she had no time for this nonsense. "Go and kill yourself if you want. Go hunting phantoms. But have the decency to not drag down the ones who can actually do something of worth." Her eyes flashed with a flicker of flame, a hint of the true Vritra, the one whose drought had gripped the world. A proud, merciless deity rearing its vicious, burning head.

    "Why do you insist, Tiwaz?" Bedivere snapped. "Was the Chess Kingdom not enough? How many more kingdoms do you want to watch die?" He shook his head. "Mephistopheles even said it. Heroes are too predictable. Michael is right. You and your ilk lived because of power, and once you lost that edge, you died, snuffed out like candles." He stopped, just looking at the god with disbelief and anger. "Vritra's right. You're an ignorant fool wallowing in his own past glory. By all means, go and waste your life, but don't dare drag the others down with you, Tiwaz..."

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    Duo stood firm. His legs were weak, his arm was throbbing, his back ached from his hard landing, but he still found a way to stand firmly on his feet. Another of their number had just been lost, now was not the time to worry over petty injuries.

    As peer the usual routine, some of the others began to argue amongst themselves. Their bickering was predictable by this point, but at the very least it was productive. Still, Duo couldn't help but wonder why Tiwaz was so quick to jump to planning. The simple fact was, Samael was gone. Now wasn't the time for heroics or hastily made plans, now was the time to look back at just what had gone so horribly wrong for another Peacemaker to have fallen in battle so that it wouldn't happen the next time they encountered the enemy.

    "Tiwaz is right, however, in that our time is limited," Michael said. "So you must choose quickly."
    Duo considered the words of his comrades for a moment. "I believe Nocchi is right. Its clear at this point that simply reacting is not going to work. If we chase off after them now, its likely to only end in another tragedy, another death. We need a new strategy or we're just going to keep repeating this cycle of chase and defeat."

    "So you just want to leave Hector to his captives?" Justin asked.

    The Gaiomon shook his head. I'm not saying we just leave him, but I am saying we shouldn't rush in without a plan. We've done that time and time again, and it hasn't worked so far. If we want to have any chance at all at saving Hector, we can't just rush in there. We need to try to figure out what Mephistopheles has planned, figure out what he thinks we're going to do, and work from there."

    Justin looked down, a dark expression on his face. He smashed his arm into the ground, letting his anger out. "Darn it, you're right." The Justimon said. "And believe me, its hard for me to admit it. But... we can't keep chasing that foul demon's lures."

    Duo nodded and placed a hand on Justin's shoulder. "Its alright. If I can, I'll do everything in my power to save Hector. But rushing in just isn't the right answer."

    The others seemed to be picking sides. Tiwaz... he was too hotheaded for his own good. And the worst part was, he seemed to be dead set on taking at least a few others down his ill-fated path. Surely he had to know that his plan wasn't going to work?

    "I think tempers are starting to flare a bit too high." Duo said. "I know that things keep getting worse, but getting angry and running off isn't going to solve anything. What we need now is a calm, level-headed approach. I'm with Michael on this one."

    Justin paused for a moment, but he too stepped over with Duo. "I... have to agree. Believe me, I want nothing more than to go off right now and beat that demon's skull in, but... he's expecting us to do just that. Michael's right."
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    Tiwaz sneered and looked towards Bedivere and Vritra. "Michael was the one who drew the line in the sand; I don't expect anybody to come with me."

    His cold blue eyes rested on Bedivere. "You really are thick, aren’t you, eh? If they want to come with me, then that’s their choice; I’m not making them. You really can’t tell me what to do, boy, nor can you tell any of them what to do. You’re not their leader anymore and even if you were, they have minds of their own. You accuse me of holding onto past glories? Look who’s talking, Bedivere, former leader of the Peacemakers. You’re half the leader Michael is... Any respect I might have had for you has long gone. You’re no more than a shell of armour and wrath, Bedivere Stormheart. The Empty Lord of the Empty Seat."

    "And Michael isn't right. Bedivere, you know nothing of me and my 'ilk'. Your grandfather's great grandfather wasn't even close to being alive when we were. You both think we replied solely on power... where's your proof? You and Michael should both take your heads out of your *sses and step off your high horses before making such arrogant claims. Yes, we were from a time ages ago, but you don't even know my friends' names, let alone who they were, you b*stards. I relied on power and instinct; they didn't. They devised some of the most cunning plans out there. You can insult me all you like, but don't start slandering those who aren't even alive or around to defend themselves, you ignorant cowards," Tiwaz spoke, regarding them with utter disgust.

    He looked over to Vritra. "Good luck unlocking your godly spark. The way you are, you’re going to need it... and we’ve just lost our last miracle."

    As the many of the Peacemakers' opinions rang out, Tiwaz shook his head. "Then I'll take the wounded back and go alone," he replied. "I'm sure they'll be able to find you again when they wake up."

    The dinosaur-clad AncientGreymon took a step before looking back at Pyra. "You should stay here too. I appreciate your support, but I don't need your pity."

    The Paildramon frowned and shook her head. "No. I'm not doing this out of pity. While I don't like your leap-before-you-look way of doing things, I honestly believe that we need the other four. I'm coming too," she said firmly.

    "I won't stop you then," he replied, walking in the direction of Anatolia.

    Without waiting for anybody else, he strode forwards with Pyra behind him. The Paildramon looked behind herself. "Good luck," she said before taking flight.
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    Michael didn't rebuff Tiwaz's arguments or stop Tiwaz and his group from leaving. He didn't have the time or patience to deal with a petulant child-god, not when they were so pressed for time as things stood. Truth be told, there was some legitimacy to Tiwaz's words; all who lived were vulnerable to the seven failings. The greatest and mightiest were most vulnerable to pride; Michael had spent each and every day tempering pride with humility, with duty and obedience. But the past several days had made things harder; his emotions were not in check. Driven by the fear of Lucifer rising, he acted rashly and allowed darker and less-pure aspects to show themselves.

    And with Samael's death, he found himself--for the first time in ages--feeling true sorrow. And rage. This is what it must have been like for the others when Mephistopheles took from them what they loved and cherished. Was that why he had War destroy Samael, to rile him? To make the stoic, zen-like perfection of Michael's war-arts falter?

    He couldn't allow that. So with a heavy heart, Michael forced down the grief, sorrow, and fury in his soul and steeled his heart and mind for what was to come. He whispered a silent prayer to God for Samael's soul, hoping for it to be finally at peace. He prayed for forgiveness, and whispered his silent goodbye.

    "Vritra, a campfire, if you would," he said tiredly. His bones and body ached, and he suspected the others felt much the same. "We'll make camp, but no more than," he struggled to think; he was dirt-tired and his mind was cloudy, "three hours--four at the most; just until we can recover our strength and figure out our next course of action."

    Michael knew he needed to adjust his thinking; this wasn't a war, wasn't the field of battle. This wasn't a game of chess, with rules and limitations. This was a game without rules; chess played in four-dimensional space, along a specific path and storyboard. Mephistopheles's power stemmed from the story itself, because he could move beyond the confines of reality and see the path spread out before him. That was what tricksters did. So there was a story to Mephistopheles's actions, stemming from prophecy and dynamic events and angles. Michael needed to see the story as well. To follow the illogical logic of Mephistopheles that only revealed itself when the entire picture was finally seen.

    Mephistopheles had broken many seals with the Peacemakers to bear witness, and just as many out of sight...but why? It would have been easier to break all the seals out of sight without the threat of the Peacemakers stopping him hanging in the air. Michael thought to the broken seals they had faced and those they hadn't. It seemed the ones Mephistopheles confronted them with were only those that affected their morale and that Mephistopheles could break without a doubt. He was most certainly breaking more seals behind the scenes, likely those that required a more drawn-out approach, ones that couldn't survive the intrusion of the Peacemakers. But with so many seals available, there was no way to know for sure where he would be.

    Michael shook his head and grit his teeth. He was still foggy, still tired. He needed sleep; just a few rest his mind...just close his eyes...just for a moment...

    Two-and-a-half hours later...

    There was screaming, so tortuous and loud that it woke Michael from his deep slumber and shot him to his feet. The Excalibur exploded into being with a flash of light and he stood at the ready, even as his mind struggled to clear itself from the haze of sleep. The screams tore through the air, legion in number. The flames of Vritra's campfire shook with the sound of it, and it was only then, on closer inspection, that Michael realized the screams were coming from within the fire itself.

    And then something stirred; truly terrible, and so horrifying that Michael was stunned to silence.

    A skeletal arm emerged from the fires; bleached-white bone and long, razor-sharp claws. A second arm followed, and they clawed their way from the flames, dragging behind them an entire skeleton. Teeth gnashed against each other and its jaw threw itself open in a silent scream. The skeleton writhed as veins and arteries grew alongside the bones. Organs took shape, and a savage scream of agony erupted as its lungs formed. Muscle fibers stitched together and wrapped themselves around the bones. Then skin, pale but alive, slowly worked its way over the bare flesh. The thing was naked for but a moment before data particles coalesced around it, forming clothes and all of its usual accoutrements.

    And Samael dropped to his knees, his eyes wide, his body quivering, wracked with the aftermath of his painfully violent rebirth and reformation. He let out a strangled breath, half-screaming as air filled his lungs.

    "Michael!" he gasped, crying out painfully.

    The archangel moved with sudden purpose and grabbed the fallen angel. He held his brother close as his body finished stitching itself back together and the last screams of pain ebbed away.

    "Get off me, would ya?" Samael sobbed, though there was no malice or harshness in his voice. Michael pulled back and gripped Samael's shoulders firmly.

    "Samael, how? What happened?" Michael asked.

    "I dunno," Samael answered, his eyes still wide and his voice hoarse from screaming. "I was falling; falling forever. And then...I saw its hands. And everything stopped. And rolled around and shook and broke apart." Samael looked down at his hands. "I was dead, Mikey, I was good and dead and done with. And then I saw its face, and heard its voice. And death broke. And everything got all...twisted. I tried to run away from it and I found myself clawing"

    "What was it?" Michael asked. "What did you see?"

    "A monster," Samael answered, his eyes full of fear. "It was..." he could scarcely bring himself to think the word, it was so terrible. It made even his ice-cold heart tremble with fear, something not even the Demon Lords could accomplish.



    The spell echoed across the world, darker than black, darker than darkness; louder than the screams of the fearful dead. Mephstipheles stood before the monolith, his eyes closed, deep in concentration. He felt his body flux and shake and shift between being and not-being as the spell cracked through him, such was its power. The spell had been whispered to him: bit by bit, word by word, every night over the course of four years, by a darkness and evil whose name even Mephistopheles did not know. But it was an ever-present voice, urging him to this one act.

    And Mephistopheles understood, because he knew what this was. This was a delicate moment, it could not be interrupted; his magic would keep his actions hidden from the Peacemakers until the beast lurched back through the gates of oblivion and back into this world. Their intervention could fracture his spell and break his control. Unchaining this monstrosity was a dangerous move; even he knew that much. It might loose itself from his control and destroy the world before he could even release Lord Lucifer. It needed to be controlled, harnessed to his bidding. And he knew just how to do it.

    Into the greatest nightmare the world had even known, he would summon the last of the Horsemen.

    Death would ride. And Hell would follow close behind.
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    “Hope ya don’t mind me hitchin’ a ride, dragon guy,” Scharlach said on Tiwaz’s back, an unconscious Shoon under his arm. He had woken up some time and grabbed the Mamemon X before the fight. Before he had time to think, Tiwaz had already taken off, so he had to grab the dragon by the tail and jump on.

    “I mean, ya took off without a warnin’ so I had to take the chance. I had to improvise since I don’t have wings,” Scar finished. The ShadowWereGarurumon then took his time to look at who else were on the AncientGreymon’s back.

    “Course, considering you have a lot of deadweight here, too, I don’t think you’d mind that much,” he noted, seeing that those that couldn’t fly themselves, either by natural form or by unconsciousness, were also on his back. Aeria, Shoon and Gunnar constituted the latter, all three still unconscious. He lay the Mamemon X down, making sure that the ball-like Digimon wouldn’t roll over. That would not look pretty.

    “So, we’re off to find my cousin and his exile buddies, yeah?” Scharlach asked as he headed to get closer to Tiwaz’s head. “The only reason I jumped on board was cuz of him, yanno. Choosin’ to go with ya and this whole mess, I mean. Us descendants of Fenrir gotta stick together,” he said, leaning against Tiwaz’s helmet, closing his eyes and letting the wind blow against his face.

    “No, that ain’t right,” he then said, amending his previous statement with a light chuckle. “I wanted to do this cause he’s the closest thing I got to family left. After losin’ one of my sis to some freak family curse or something, the word ‘family’ just hadn’t seemed the same. Mom and dad were already gone by then. And when I find out I actually still had living relatives left, I suddenly thought, ‘I’m not alone anymore’. Weird, huh?” Scar said, a light and relieved feeling flowing from his words.

    He then laughed loudly. “Man, what am I doin’ telling you this? You prolly don’t care about my god awful past, relation with Fenrir or not,” he said, opening his eyes and looking down at the dragon’s eyes.

    “So what is your relationship with my something greats grandfather, anyway?” he asked with a grin. “We’re you two best buddies? Rivals? Enemies that became allies because of a common enemy? The ‘rents stories of Fenrir were mostly about the adventures and whatnot and not a lot about our ancestor himself.”


    “Well, look what we have here,” Cresil’s voice sounded from behind Michael, within the shadows. “Welcome back, dear Cain,” he said, his voice polite, as he exited the realm of shades. Despite the beating he had taken from Mephistopheles, the Astamon didn’t look that much worse for wear.

    “So, how was your short vacation in the afterlife?” he asked rhetorically, sitting on a large piece of rock that could handle his weight. “You do look a tad pale. How strange. I thought death would be more peaceful.”

    He stood up and looked at Michael. “Something tells me this was no coincidence, saint. Milleniummon has been dead for quite a long time now. For his name to be uttered now of all times…well, consider the luck that we seem to be having,” he told him. He then turned to the others that had been woken up by Samael’s reappearance. He studied their reactions towards the demon’s resurrection as well as his words. He then turned back to the MagnaAngemon. “After all…if good ole’ Cain here can crawl his way back into the living…why can’t it?” he asked nonchalantly.

    “Milleniummon…I have to wonder if even Mephistopheles can control that monster,” he wondered out loud. “We don’t even have the help of the gods, let alone Odin Allfather or his predecessor Thor Odinson, anymore if it were to be sent into frenzy.”

    A slight semblance of a smile appeared on his face before it disappeared. “This is going to be quite interesting,” he said, more to himself than anyone else but not bothering to hide his words.
    There are stories made from the imagination. There are stories born from experience.
    There are stories told because of a need to be filled. There are stories that simply need to be told.
    This is one of them.

    “Maybe there really is a method to his madness…or maybe he’s just plain insane."
    Chapter 3: Act III is out and posted!

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    "Barachiel... when I'm taken in a year's time... if we've succeeded and the Inferno stays sealed..." he was aware he was waffling, trying to stave off what he felt he had to ask.

    "When I return... stop me," he whispered. "Please... I don't want any more people damned because of me. So if you ever find me... when I return from the Inferno as a demon... and you have the chance... don't hesitate, please. Just kill me."
    Stopping in his tracks, the TigerVespamon spun around to face Caradoc. "...What?" he asked, half-gasping as he stared into the Valkrimon's violet-coloured eyes. "You can't be seriousness..."

    The grim look on Caradoc's face was all that he needed to prove to Barachiel that he wasn't joking. "...Why me? How can you ask me to do that?" he whispered. He looked down at the ground. "Don't I have enough guilt weighing on my soul already? Now you want me to be the one who kills you? You selfish..." The broken down, golden insect trailed off and averted his gaze so that Caradoc was completely out of his view.

    After about thirty seconds of deathly silence, Barachiel looked up at Caradoc. "...Very well," he spoke with a heavy heart, his voice reflecting that. "God forbid that would ever happen, but... if it does... I will k-... kill you..." Barachiel said, struggling to even say the words.

    "You can't ask me not to hesitate. I will hesitate to kill my closest and only friend... but I'll do it," he said lowly, turning back around. "I suppose this is my divine punishment. I was the indirect cause of all their deaths, so I guess it's only proper that I'm the direct cause of yours. ...Now, please excuse me." With that, Barachiel trudged away.

    The insect placed his hand on his forehead and borderline staggered down the street with none of the grace he was known to have. He removed his hand from his head and looked at it. His palm was still encrusted with blood. Hadrael's blood.

    He angrily clenched the open hand and allowed it to drop to his side. "It's only been a few hours since Hadrael's death... I haven't even given him his final prayer yet. Azur could be dead or in the midst of torture now for all I know. And now I'm expected to kill Caradoc if I can't get him out of his deal and he rises again? How am I supposed to explain all this to Michael? Or to Pyra? How am I supposed to save Caradoc if trying to do so would cause Guinier to be damned as well?!" he asked, overcome with emotions and frustration. "Hadrael... what do I do? Without you, I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

    Before he knew it, he found himself walking through the front courtyard of the Anatolian Council's hall. Barachiel looked forwards with a vacant expression. He hardly registered where he was even going. So many thoughts and emotions were running through his head that he was too absorbed in them to acknowledge much of what was going on around him.

    "...Terrak Aeolus?" a decidedly female voice called out to him.

    Barachiel stopped dead in his tracks, immediately snapped out of his reverie. He swung around in the direction the voice called out from. He saw nothing. The TigerVespamon quickly looked around, scanning every inch of the area. Nothing...

    "Who's there?" he called out, confused and shocked that somebody knew his true name. "Who are you?! How do you know me?"

    The only response he received was the lonely blowing of the wind across the courtyard. "Was it... just my imagination?" he asked. "My mind must be playing tricks on me. It was this horrible, God-awful day..."

    He sighed and began walking. "I'm not positive there's a chapel in Anatolia..." he thought. His head bowed slightly. "Hadrael, I promise I'll give you a proper burial when this is all done... You deserve at least that much."

    "Yo! Excuse me!" a different, younger male voice called out from above.

    Barachiel halted and immediately looked up in the hope that it was the same person as before. He saw the sapphire and white form of an ExVeemon gradually descending towards him. The dragon digimon grinned and did a backwards aerial flip before landing in front of Barachiel and informally giving him a 'V' sign with his fingers.

    The TigerVespamon merely stared at him. The ExVeemon seemed to be an older teenager by the look of it. Seventeen or so, Barachiel would have guessed. Definately not one that's seen combat either. "...Can I help you? Was it you who called my name earlier?"

    The ExVeemon's grin vanished, taking on a pensive look. "Nope. I don't think so; I don't think I know your name."

    "Then what is it you want?" he asked, slightly irritable. The insect digimon then grimaced. "I'm sorry. It's been a difficult day." Perhaps the mother of all understatements.

    "'S'no prob. Anyways, I was- Woah!" The ExVeemon's crimson eyes widened as he noticed all of the dried blood on Barachiel. "Dude! There's so much blood on you! Are you okay?!" he asked fearfully, his face blanching at the sight of it.

    Barachiel looked down at himself and cringed. "I'm fine..." he spoke quietly. "It's not mine."

    "Oh, so I guess you tore some guy a new one, huh?" the ExVeemon asked innocently. "Nice. I hope it was one of the guy's who attacked our city? Why do I always end up living in places that get attacked?"

    The TigerVespamon didn't reply. "...I'm sorry, but can I help you?" he asked.

    The blue digimon blinked and grinned. "Oh yeah! You're one of the new Peacemakers, right? I'm looking for my big sis."

    "...Your sister?" he asked. "Do you mean...?"

    "Yeah. Pyra Torren!" he replied, grinning proudly and putting his hands on his hips. "I'm Max. So do you know where she is?"

    "Err... I'm afraid not; I'm sort of looking for her myself," he replied grimly.

    "Well..." Maximus said, frowning. "If you see her, tell her that Dad wants to talk to her."

    "I will, but... all due respect, but we are trying to stop the Demon Lords from rising," Barachiel said. "Are you sure it can't wait?"

    The ExVeemon shook his head. "He said it was really important."

    The TigerVespamon paused and then nodded. "I'll tell her then," he replied. "Though if she'll even care after I tell her about Azur... I'm not sure."

    Maximus smiled. "Great! Also, tell her that her cool little brother thinks that she kicks *ss, okay?"

    Barachiel offered him a very slight smile and nodded. "Of course..."

    With that, he turned and began walking out of the courtyard. "Hey!" Max called over. Barachiel turned around. "One more thing! Is it true that Pyra hooked up with some WereGarurumon named 'Azure' or something? There's a rumour and Dad is absolutely livid about it! It's pretty funny," he said chuckling. "I think it'd be cool if she did, personally."

    The former acolyte stopped for a moment, but didn't turn around. "Yes... but don't get your hopes up."

    Maximus scratched his head and watched as Barachiel continued walking. He turned and disappeared around the courtyard's perimeter, disappearing out of his sight.


    Tiwaz flew through the air with much effort. On his back were the landborne and the unconscious, consisting of the following: Nocchi, Tia, Shoon, Aeria, Scharlach and Gunnar, the latter of which was extremely heavy and was strewn in such a way that it screwed up the AncientGreymon's balance. He looked around him and saw Pyra flying beside him.

    The large dragon cleared his throat. "I... appreciate that you all decided to come with me. It wasn't necessary, but... it's appreciated," he spoke, somewhat uncomfortably. "I know many of you think I'm a hotheaded, stubborn, moron, but I assure you that I know what it takes to be a leader. I'm sure you're all tired, but we can rest when we get back to Anatolia; I'm not sure how grave Shoon, Gunnar and Aeria's injuries are."

    Tiwaz flapped his wings and flew out of the mountain range, now flying over level grassland. Tyr had since taken control of his emotions and was calm again, if not a bit somber.

    "Hey, Tiwaz...?" Tyr asked, hoping to converse to take his mind off of it.

    "What's hopping, Tyr?" Tiwaz asked in response.

    "Uhh... Well, this has always been bugging me, but I kept forgetting to ask you... Where did you get your goggles from? Did you find them? Are they from somebody or what?" the VictoryGreymon asked.

    Tiwaz nearly stopped his flight in his air trails. "My... goggles?" he asked, glancing upwards to his head.

    "Yeah... They seem important to you, so-"

    "Look, I am not about to go off and start talking about my feelings to anyone, got it?"

    "Y-yeah! I know... I was just curious, Tiwaz..."

    Tiwaz sighed. "...They were given to me."

    "Given to you? By who?" Tyr asked.

    A cold chill crept down Tiwaz's warm body. His icy blue eyes softened for just a moment. "...Somebody very important to me," he spoke with finality, leaving the discussion at that. Tyr mentally nodded and knew not to press him. Tiwaz spoke with a voice that let him know it was one of those things that the AncientGreymon didn't want to talk about. It was one the things that he bottled away, hidden even from Tyr. The only time Tyr was ever able to get even a glimpse of them were in Tiwaz's dreams... and nightmares.

    It wasn't much later that Tiwaz began to feel shuffling going on around his back. He glanced behind him and saw that the perpetrator was Scar. "Enough moving around, for Perun's sakes; I'm having enough trouble keeping balanced as it is," he said, piping in when the ShadowWereGarurumon was between sentences.

    “So, we’re off to find my cousin and his exile buddies, yeah?”
    "Yeah, we are," Tiwaz responded, looking forward. "It shouldn't be that hard, if they're back in Anatolia, that is. I just hope they learned from last time." The AncientGreymon's brows furrowed underneath his helmet as Scar propped himself against the back of his head. "...Don't mess up my hair and especially not my goggles."

    He then listened as Scar began to talk about his family.

    “I wanted to do this cause he’s the closest thing I got to family left. After losin’ one of my sis to some freak family curse or something, the word ‘family’ just hadn’t seemed the same. Mom and dad were already gone by then. And when I find out I actually still had living relatives left, I suddenly thought, ‘I’m not alone anymore’. Weird, huh?” Scar said, a light and relieved feeling flowing from his words.

    He then laughed loudly. “Man, what am I doin’ telling you this? You prolly don’t care about my god awful past, relation with Fenrir or not,” he said, opening his eyes and looking down at the dragon’s eyes.
    "Family curse?" he thought. "He must mean some sickness..."

    "Actually..." Tiwaz spoke. "I sort of understand what you mean. I have descendants, but..." The dragon sneered, shaking his head dismissively, forgetting the fact that Scar was leaning against it. "Nevermind... Not important. At any rate, I don't envy you."

    “So what is your relationship with my something greats grandfather, anyway?” Scharlach asked with a grin. “Were you two best buddies? Rivals? Enemies that became allies because of a common enemy? The ‘rents stories of Fenrir were mostly about the adventures and whatnot and not a lot about our ancestor himself.”

    A small smirk appeared out of the corners of Tiwaz's mouth. "...All of the above, I guess you could say," he replied fondly. "We met eons ago and hated each other... That hasn't changed much. Fen was a cold, condescending, selfish, runt-of-the-litter mutt who never took any chances and always kept to himself and maybe one or two others. He may have changed, but no matter which way you cut it, he's still that same mutt."

    Tiwaz's grin slowly disappeared. "Something definately changed in him though... and I know what it is," he said morosely. Tiwaz subconsciously raised his fore leg to readjust his goggles. "Even the best friendships can die," he whispered more to himself than anybody else.

    The wyrm closed his eyes and flew steadily on toward Anatolia. "Anyways, onwards and upwards," he spoke with a confident tone of voice.

    "Who dares, wins..."


    Barachiel kneeled in at the altar of a small, humble chapel. It was the only one in Anatolia, as most of the worshippers of the Holy Host's religion resided in Paradise, but it was enough for him. The unassuming nature of the place of worship very much reminded him of the place he once called home. Now all that remained there was a tree.

    The TigerVespamon whispered to his god and Hadrael, praying that his mentor and father figure would rest in peace and forever reap the benefits of having lived as a good, fair and loving digimon.

    "Amen," he whispered, finishing the prayer's proper. "I'm sorry this happened, Hadrael..."

    Barachiel's head bowed further and a tear trickled down his face. "And... thank you. Thank you for everything, Hadrael. If you didn't find me and take me in, I don't know how I would have ended up. But... you took me in. Ever since, you cared for me... you raised me as your own. You were a father to me. You never treated me as anything less than your own son. You raised me and taught me everything you know. It's because of you that I'm the digimon I am today... If it weren't for you... I might have become like Kheprius."

    Two streams of tears met at the tip of Barachiel's chin and dripped to the floor below. "For raising me so lovingly, teaching me and for showing me hope... I thank you... and I'll never forget you, Hadrael... Father..."

    Barachiel unclasped his trembling hands and placed them on the floor. He sniffed and stood up, wiping the tears from his face with his arm.

    "I am sorry, Barachiel," a voice said from behind him. The TigerVespamon turned around and saw a robed Piddomon standing in the aisle behind him. "Father Hadrael was like a brother to me. I could see how close you two were whenever I visited your mission."

    "Thank you, Father Sauriel," Barachiel answered, bowing his head. "I'm sorry too..."

    Sauriel shook his head. "Don't be. Hadrael wouldn't want you to shoulder the blame. The only one to blame is Mephistopheles and those who side with him," he answered. "Come on, Barachiel. Go take a shower and clean yourself off. Then I'll tend to those burns on your wings and you can go on your way."

    Barachiel nodded and walked. "Thank you."


    Roughly two hours later

    Now back in Anatolia, Tiwaz landed in the middle of the road, leading to where the aid tents were set up. The tremors he caused with his landing caused several cries and unamused utterings from the passersby. The AncientGreymon bent his legs, relaxed his wings and put his stomach against the ground.

    "What happened to the rest of the Peacemakers?"

    "Are they all that's left?"

    "Half of them can't all be dead, can they?"

    Tiwaz heard the gossiping around him and answered with a growl. With that, his passengers took the wounded and jumped off, excluding Gunnar, who was simply too heavy. They took Shoon and Aeria across the grass towards the medical tents and Tiwaz followed them with Gunnar still on his back. As soon as they grew near, Tiwaz allowed the RizeGreymon to slide off and slump across the ground.

    "About time," Tiwaz grumbled, cracking his neck. "Did his cannon really need to be made of chrome digizoid?"

    Pyra helped Aeria inside one of the tents and handed her off to a Buraimon doctor and a Lilamon nurse. She watched as they laid Aeria down on the bed across from Lucia. The Paildramon had no idea how Lucia was feeling at that moment. She felt guilty even asking, but it would be better if she did than Tiwaz the tactless.

    Tiwaz poked his head through the tent flap. "Is she going to be okay?" he asked.

    Pyra shushed him, as there were others sleeping in the aid tent, and walked out to meet him, closing the tent behind her. "Right..." he said uncomfortably. "I get sort of impatient when I'm like this."

    "I think she'll be fine," Pyra answered.

    Tiwaz glanced at the others and then back to the Paildramon. "I'm surprised this many came with me... I know most of you don't respect me, be it as a leader or otherwise. Maybe it's because I've only recently been resurrected in this time, whereas I died hundreds of years ago. Maybe it's because I'm hotheaded and, apparently, seem to take on the appearance of a hero. I'm glad you held true to your beliefs though..." he said, grunting and looking down at her.

    Pyra smiled. "Tiwaz, you may be a thick-headed, impulsive idiot... but I do respect you."

    Tiwaz grinned and laughed. "Hah! Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence," he chuckled. "Speaking of thick-headed, impulsive idiots, I'll go looking for your boyfriend soon. We all should take a rest to recover our energy." Tiwaz settled down and nestled into his place in the grass. His eyes closed and he opened his mouth again. "All of you should have a quick sleep. We haven't had much rest lately and a groggy fighter is a dead fighter, eh? If you need me, I'm resting my eyes."

    Pyra nodded. She would have a quick nap... but after she talked to Lucia. The Paildramon walked back into the tent and approached her, greeting her with a slight smile and a nod.

    "Hello, Lucia. Are you feeling any better?" she asked, despite knowing that, after what the demon made her do, the true answer was probably no.

    "Anyways, I thought I'd keep you updated on the situation..." Pyra said, taking a deep breath. At first, she was quiet. She wasn't exactly sure how to start. Her tongue kept stumbling over itself, trying to explain. There was no good place to begin. "So basically... we encountered Mephistopheles, the Cambion and the two Horsemen. We were unable to stop them from killing Percival. Also, Sir Pelleas seems to have had made a deal with Mephistopheles, like Constantine, and is now against us. It was because of that that Sir Hector was captured..." Pyra paused, grimacing at how awful this was sounding. And it would only get worse. "Three seals were broken and... and War killed Samael..."

    Pyra sneered and closed her eyes. "Afterwards, Tiwaz and Michael had an argument. Michael wanted to look for Mephistopheles and Tiwaz wanted to come back here with the wounded to reenlist Azur, Caradoc, Guinier and Barachiel. As it stands now, our group consists of Tiwaz, Nocchi, Tia, Scar, probably the four I mentioned, possibly Aeria and Shoon and myself. The rest have stayed with Michael. We were also wondering how you were doing, Lucia," she explained.

    Pyra opened her eyes again and looked at Lucia. "I know it's selfish of us to ask this of you, but... are you willing to take up arms against Mephistopheles again? I can't fully imagine how you must be feeling now, but... I had to ask. If you're not up to the task, I completely understand, but with Samael gone, I realize that we need everybody we can get. If you want time to think it over... take as much time as you like. If you do decide you're able and willing, you're not obligated to stay with us; you could look for Duo and the others if you want. Anyways, there it is..."


    All was quiet...

    After having regained enough energy to digivolve back into GrandisKuwagamon, Kheprius slept on his back with his hands behind his head. His two Gran Killer gauntlets were close beside him. His body was in such rough shape, it was a miracle he could even fall asleep, but he was that exhausted.

    And then the screaming started.

    Kheprius shot upwards, for a second thinking that he was having that nightmare again. The nightmare of that day. But no, he was wide awake and the screaming continued. The GrandisKuwagamon staggered to his feet and reached down to grab the Gran Killers.

    He then stopped. There was something distinctly familiar about the scream. He felt as though he had been the cause of it once. For a split second, he glanced at the fire. It was in that moment that he saw two skeletal arms reach from out of the ground. And then its body followed. It was so mortifying, even Khep recoiled in shock and felt his insides freeze up and churn.

    "What in the damn, frigging, holy, flipping hell is that?!" he shouted over the screaming, his eye wide.

    He then watched in sheer disbelief as the being began to recompose its muscles and organs. It was enough to give Kheprius flashbacks to when he and his two buddies from the Black Pincer Company found their village's attackers.

    The thing, as it could only be called that at that point, began to take a humanoid shape and it actually started looking like something again. Kheprius gasped as it began to look more and more familiar, like adding the last few pieces to a jigsaw puzzle.

    "No..." he breathed, stunned. "Impossible... S-..."

    "Samael?!" he exclaimed as the Beelzemon was whole again.

    The black insect watched in disbelief as the living Samael was embraced by Michael and the two began talking. "Milleniummon?" Khep registered the name. He remembered Tiwaz talking about it.

    It was soon after that Kheprius stepped towards him.

    "You stupid bastard!"

    Kheprius drilled his obsidian knuckles across Samael's face, throwing him to the ground. The GrandisKuwagamon scowled and followed him, standing over the demon. "How could you do something so idiotic as dying at the hands of that guy?! If you ever do that again, I'll dig my way to hell and kill you for good, myself!" Khep chastised.

    He then smiled and outstretched his hand, offering to help him up. "Nice to see you again, Sammy. It would've been pretty boring without you. ...But damn, you look terrible. Okay, you don't look as bad as you did with your guts and junk reforming and all that, but still, cripes..."
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