now i made a few deckllist's revolving around toxicroak and alakazam, anyways i did a bunch of re-editing mainly for counter's in and out of the deck and I came up with this, hade's, the reason why i named this deck hades because this deck in that vastness that is humanity is a hate crime and should be abolished, but for all those that challenge me, have fun.

pokemon (13)
2-2 toxicroak ARCEUS

2-0-1 alakazam expedition

1-1-1 shiftry DP (drawup power seedot)

3 smeargle SW

T/S/S (30)
4 celios
4 rossy's
3 great ball
1 quick ball
2 castaway
3 nm
1 sleep!
1 feildworker
1 super potion
1 gust of wind
2 TGW (team galactic's wager)
1 super removal
3 rare candy
3 rowan's

energy (18-17 is the general rule but i wanted the 3rd scramble for alakazam and shiftry)
2 special dark
1 dark
3 fighting
7 psychic
2 double rainbow
3 scramble

strategy: out speed and conquer, toxicroak use's the T/S/S engine to get out by t2 dealing a good 70 dmg a turn 80 by t3, shiftry as a nuke and general counter, alakazam as a reversal/nuke tech.

to be honest i've been running this deck for a few month's now and turned some heads in a mixed tournament in vancouver this past summer taking down a total of 2 luxchomp, a luxray rouge, a gyarados, and a luxluff which helpped make my way into th top 8 and finishing within second place losing to a very fast and ruthless electric deck running an army of hgss/lt. serge raichu being rotated around like a crazy game of musical chair's.