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    Name: Emily
    Starter Pokemon: Duskull (Archimedes), Male, Level 5
    Misc Info: Emily is a Ghost-Type fanatic who absolutely adores creepy places like Lavender Town. She recieved her starter, Archimedes, from a relative who went to visit Mount Pyre while on vacation.

    Proof of passing.


    Name: Archimedes
    Type: Ghost
    Obtained: Starter Pokemon
    Ability: Levitate
    Currently: On Roster

    Level-Up Moves: Leer, Night Shade, Feint Attack, Ominous Wind, Spite
    Move Tutor Moves: N/A
    TM's/HM's: Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Grudge

    Name: Caesar
    Type: Dark/Fire
    Obtained: Cable Club
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Currently: On Roster

    Level-Up Moves: Leer, Ember
    Move Tutor Moves: N/A
    TM's/HM's: Rock Smash

    Pokemon on PC



        Spoiler:- Key Items:

        Spoiler:- Pokeballs:

        Spoiler:- Battle Items:

        Spoiler:- Medicine:

        Spoiler:- Miscellaneous:

        Spoiler:- Pokeblocks/Gummis:
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