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Thread: Couple of Couples! (AshxMay, DawnxOC)

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    Default Couple of Couples! (AshxMay, DawnxOC)

    Hi! First I'm super excited, I took my original story off edited it, and this is much better! Please enjoy, rate and review!
    Ages of Characters
    Torez (intro'ed later)-14


    It was a beautiful, bright, sunny morning but the air had a chill to it.
    Ash, Dawn and Brock were walking down the road to Victory Road-the road that led to the Pokémon League!
    Ash's cell started ringing.
    "Hey Ash!"
    "The one and only! Ash I'm coming over to Sinnoh! I'll be docking at Victory Road in less than an hour!
    "Really?! Thats great! Thanks for coming May! See ya soon!"
    "Bye Ash!"
    "What was that all about?", Brock inquired.
    "May is coming! I'm heading down to the harbour. Can you and Dawn get a room?", said Ash.
    "Yeah sure!", Dawn said as her and Brock headed off to the Pokčmon Center.
    Ash was running towards the harbour, but heard a
    Pokčmon cry.
    "Pi-Pika!", said Pikachu, alerting his trainer.
    'That sounded like a Flygon!', thought Ash.
    He sprinted into the forest, towards where the cry came from.
    He got to a small clearing where he saw Drew battling a boy, about Ash's age that had glasses, a yellow and black shirt, and a black hoodie on.
    He was almost Brock's height, but skinny and lanky, with a muscular tone to his body.
    He also had a Riolu on his shoulder.
    The boy had a Glaceon out on the field.
    Drew returned his Flygon and said "Your a freak!"
    The trainer calmy replied "Beat it bush head!"
    Ash came out from the shadows as Drew ran the other way.
    "Hi I'm Ash, from Pallet Town!"
    "Hey I'm Brandon, from Sandgem Town, lived in Petalburg, Twinleaf and just moved to Pallet!"
    Ash and Brandon talked for a good hour about Pokčmon, and discovered that they had basically the same training methods!
    Ash learned Brandon had few Pokemon, but the few he had were really strong, some even in their final evolutions!
    Pikachu, Riolu and Glaceon were playing a game of tag, and were becoming really good friends, fast.
    (Like trainer like Pokčmon eh?)
    A loud horn jolted Ash and Brandon out of the conversation.
    "That must be May's boat!", exclaimed Ash!
    "Oh May Maple! She's the daughter of Norman from the Petalburg Gym! She travelled with me and this guy named Brock, who you'll meet later. She's so awesome to be around!", once Ash realized the last part he blushed.
    "Rio-Ri-Riolu!", exclaimed Riolu.
    "It's more obvious than Team Rocket, Riolu. Ash you like May don't you?"
    "W-what?! No way! Let's go get her.."
    Brandon smirked as he sprinted ahead of Ash.
    Ash caught up to him and all of a sudden, a Beautifly landed on Ash's head.
    "A-Ash..t-theres a Beautifly on your head.."
    "It's May's way of finding me.", Ash happily exclaimed.
    And then almost on cue, May came running to Ash.
    She was a little shorter than Ash, and had the same clothes as last time, minus the new, blue bandana with a white pokeball on it, that Ash bought her at the Wallace Cup.
    She gave Ash a big hug, and Pikachu jumped on her head.
    She than said "Ash who is this?"
    "This is Brandon! He beat Drew in a battle so now he's travelling with us!", he said while winking at Brandon.
    "Nice to meet you Brandon!", she said while giving him a small hug.
    "Am I travelling with you?", asked Brandon in a hushed tone.
    "If you want to" said Ash with a smile.
    May and Brandon got to know each other.
    May told him about herself, her coordinating career and her Pokčmon.
    Brandon showed her his Badges (Kanto, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto) and revealed he does contests as a side thing. He had all five ribbons from each region.
    "We have to train together! Even though you haven't competed in any Grand Festivals, you must have a lot of combinations!", exclaimed May.
    "Yeah sure May! I have an idea! Why don't we have a two on two battle!", exclaimed Brandon.
    "You and Ash against me and that Brock person!"
    "Sure!" exclaimed May and Ash, causing Ash to blush slightly.
    May noticed this and wondered 'Was he blushing? I wonder if..does he really feel the same way?'
    Riolu and Brandon could tell what she was thinking.
    Ash, May, Brandon, Pikachu and Riolu got to the Pokčmon Center.
    They went upstairs to the trainers rooms.
    Ash opened up the room door and May went to greet Brock.
    Ash came up to Brandon and said "Don't be shy! This is Brock.", he said, while pointing at the tall, well built boy.
    Brandon shook Brock's hand and the two quickly became friends, exchanging recipies, talking about life and pokemon.
    Dawn entered the room and saw Brandon.
    'This guy is cuuute!!', Dawn thought.
    Brandon noticed Dawn and excused himself from Brock.
    Ash noticed Brandon trying to get his attention.
    "Hey Brandon, this is Dawn!"
    "H-hey Dawn, p-pleasure to meet you.", Brandon sputtered, hoping no one would notice.
    May however noticed Brandon sputtering and blushing.
    "Hi Brandon, nice to meet you too!", said Dawn.
    And the two started talking happily.
    They shared contest experiences, talked about music, tv, and of course Pokčmon.
    May joined in on the conversation, which left Brock and Ash to talk.
    "I like Brandon, he's already almost like a brother to me!", Ash exclaimed.
    "Yeah me too", said Brock.
    May left Brandon and Dawn and joined Ash and Brock.
    "Wow, Brandon gave me so many awesome combinations to use! I can't wait for my next contest! He's so cool!", May gushed.
    "Thats awesome May! And don't forget, we get to train tomorrow, then we're off to the Pokčmon League!", Ash said, while doing a fist pump.
    Ash turned in for the night.
    "May, I need to ask you something.", Brandon said.
    "Do you like Ash? As more than a friend?"
    "W-what?! No?!", she said with a tinge of red on her face.
    "Oh OK.."
    "Wait! OK I admit it I do..I..I've been trying to drop hints.."
    "Not going to be enough May. I have a plan. Brock! Come here for a second please!", this left Dawn all alone so Brandon whispered something to Brock, and sat with Dawn.
    "Hey Dawn! Umm I was wondering if you w-want to um be my uhh partner tomorrow for my battle with May and Ash?"
    "Of course!", she said.
    "Thanks Dawn!"
    "No problem!"
    "Dawn you look cold..your shivering! Herevtake my sweater! Are you OK?"
    "Yeah and won't you be cold? I think that the A/C may be high."
    "You wear my sweater then. I don't want you to catch a cold! And I'll be fine!"
    "Thanks Brandon!", Dawn said with a smile.
    Brock went to his single bedroom.
    May was observing Dawn and Brandon.
    'Hmm they look cute together!', she thought.
    'Brandon did help me with Ash..I'll help him even if this doesn't work..he seems really nice!'

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    this is great. you got yourself a reader

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