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Thread: Memories Are Made Of Bliss! (659)

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    I still love this episode. It was a great way to end the DP series. The music really adds to the emotions in this episode. 10/10

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    This episode made me cry because i love the DP series

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    This episode was too good. Made me cry cause of Piplup.
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    I loved the DP series and most of its episodes, but as much as I have tries to enjoy the finale, I just couldn't seem to get the same vibe as others here seems to suggest - unlike the Master Quest finale or Chimecho and Cancea's departure where I truly was saddened and shed tears.

    Regardless, I still enjoyed the episode (don't get me wrong). Just not as much as the emotional episode I hoped for, like what was they have done in the past.
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    I sadly hated the DP series and most of its episodes, and this was unfortunately no exception. 17+ minutes of Piplup's incessant crying and throwing a temper tantrum to get Pikachu and the others' attention thereby feeling sorry for it, a final high five from Ash to Dawn prior to Ash and Brock boarding the boat, and finally a 47 second abysmal goodbye from Brock to Ash, was all this was to me, and nothing more. Ash ran off to Pallet Town...and guess what? He didn't even SEE his Mom or Professor Oak, period!

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    Now that I think about it, I kind of like how there's nothing in this episode that alludes to anything directly about the Black and White anime. Had I not known about BW before watching this episode, it would be mystery as to where Ash would be going from this point.

    Also, since the time I caught a chunk of episodes from the Black/White anime (the network I saw them on would occasionally skip an episode or quite a few episodes), I've been wanting for some time now to watch the BW anime right from the beginning with (hopefully) not skipping any episodes. Now that I watch the show online, I can now do just that.

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