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    The Power of Two (Part I)

    Shipping: FireredShipping (AshxZoey)
    Rating: R

    The year is 2011, Ash is inside a blimp car. Looking at the clouds and the city underneath him. He remembers his days when he first set foot in Unova. Many things have happened since then. The wild girl, Iris, became fascinated with raising pokemon and began a breeding career. The fabulous boy, Dento, he shed a tear for him. The only thing he remembers is Team Rocket grabbing him and taking off his clothes, then branding him with the letter R on his back. He payed the price for something, but Ash never dared ask why. Now Dento has gone into hiding and told him to never talk to anyone named "Gio."

    Traveling to Latmehas City. It is the third performance of his old friend Dawn. After winning a singing competition she became an idol of international renown.

    Ash arrived at a theater. He says to Pikachu, "Aren't you excited to see Dawn and Piplup? It's been a while since we saw them in person."

    He notices a large poster with Dawn at the center. She is wearing a skin tight pink dress. He notices that she has obviously matured into a healthy young woman. He smirks and thinks to himself the reason she became famous was due to her looks, not her singing ability.

    The room 322, this is where Dawn's entourage is staying. They will tell him where he can see her. He knocks and a female with red hair appears. She is wearing a blue suit, it's Zoey.

    "Wow, It's really good to see you Zoey!", Ash remarked.

    "Of course, I didn't change much, did I?", Zoey said. After sharing some greetings and having some small talk, Zoey tells Ash to wait a while before Dawn comes back. She is rehearing in a studio nearby.

    Ash asked Zoey, "What has Dawn been saying about me?"

    "You know, it's not good for a friend to share their private things to others.", said the red haired girl. "But...I know she is not interested in you that way. So don't even bother. I think you know what I mean."

    Ash laughed, and Pikachu just looked confused. Not knowing what was really happening.

    Back in Sinnoh almost everyone knew Zoey was only interested in girls, not boys. He once observed Nando try to ask her on a date, but she just laughed at his face. The rumor was that Candice and Zoey went out, but Zoey also had eyes for Dawn. Now she is working for Dawn. "How very convenient", Ash thought.

    "So I've heard you still have a crush on Nando," Ash teased Zoey.

    Zoey said, "I am a better dresser and coordinator than him. He is just should I say?, not manly."

    Ash: "You think you are manly?"

    Zoey: "That's not what I am saying."

    Ash: "No prob. That secret is safe with me."

    Zoey: "Don't get any ideas."

    Then Zoey gave a push on Ash's shoulder. "Pika!" was heard from Pikachu as he tried to move to the other side of Ash.

    Something in Ash's head clicked and he became a little more aggresive. He grabbed Zoey's wrist and said, "Look Zoey, only Dawn could treat me like this." Zoey grabbed a pokeball from her bag and called out a strange snake pokemon from the region. "Baibaskalia, use Venom Spit!", Zoey said while pointing at Ash. As the snake readied to sling its venom at Ash, Pikachu countered with Iron Tail and hit the snake. The snake's head swung towards Zoey and it's fang jabbed into her stomach.

    Realizing the mistake she made, Zoey began to get teary eyed. "Ash, call for help!", she screamed. Ash knew that a direct sting from any poison type to a human's system could be fatal. From his previous knowledge, he knew he had to suck the poison out with his mouth within minutes. He was required to press her chest down while doing so.

    Zoey became weak and feared for her life, she felt like she was going to faint. After a minute of his procedure, Ash spit out the last of the purple substance. Zoey immediately felt better. Ash's mouth began to burn. She said, "I am so sorry, Ash. Please forgive me." He carried Zoey to a couch. And moved his head closer to ask her if she had water. Seeing that the residue of the poison started to bubble in his mouth she thought she would dilute it with her spit. So she grabbed Ash closer to her and put her lips on his. They were literally kissing, with Zoey moving deeper into his mouth with her tongue to produce more spit.

    Pikachu and Zoey's snake were staring in either horror or awe.

    After some time Ash started to enjoy the kissing. And he held Zoey closer to him and took liberty exploring her body.

    One hour later...

    Pikachu hid under a table, and Baibaskalia went into his pokeball. A distinct sound was heard, Zoey in a low voice was saying, "make me your woman".


    It was evening time. Dawn was late in meeting Zoey, but she finally got to see Ash and Pikachu. They all went to the stage to see Dawn perform.

    The whole time Zoey was thinking of how one afternoon her whole life changed, and it was all because of Ash.

    That night, after the party and when everyone was heading to their hotel. Ash told Zoey, "Come with me to Kanto".

    To be continued...
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    Wow. unexpected plot twist, but a good fic...

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    The Power of Two (Part II)

    "No, what happened tonight...was a mistake," Zoey said "this is not who I am. Please forget about it, Ash."

    Ash saw tears forming in Zoey's eyes.

    Zoey: "I need to go back to Sinnoh with Dawn. Goodbye."

    Ash: "I am going there too....Zoey...."

    Zoey hurried back to the car to take an airplane flight to Sinnoh. Ash had made up his mind, he was heading to Sinnoh as well to clarify his new direction in life.

    Three days passed. Dawn and Zoey were inside a hotel in Sunyshore City. Zoey was free from work for a week because Dawn was going to relax in her hometown. Zoey wanted to visit Candice. Before departing Dawn with a smile asked Zoey, "Ever since we saw Ash at Latmehas City you seem different, Zoey. Did he impress you?"

    Zoey: "You don't...!", she sighed. "I missed being back home. Take care Dawn".

    To sort out her feelings Zoey went to the home of Candice, who at one point was her girlfriend. Although Zoey saw her as a friend, Candice had a strong desire for the red headed girl.

    Candice: "Did something happen Zozo?"

    Zoey: "I'm so confused right now. It involves Ash, the trainer from Kanto."

    Candice: "Don't worry about him. He will never be with Dawn."

    Zoey: "I've slept with him..."

    Candice: "What?!"

    Zoey: "He did everything to me. I was not in control of my body...but I didn't reject him either. What scared me the most is that I felt some kind of love towards him. I wanted him to..."

    Candice fell into a shock after hearing Zoey's account of that night. She began to cry in despair. She could never imagine Zoey say that kind of thing, and even mention the word love. This sent her over the edge, and barely being able to get a word out said:

    "Don't see him ever again! I don't know what I would do to him if..."

    Zoey: "He followed me to Sinnoh, but I did not tell him where I will stay. I beg you, Ms. Senior, help me move on from this. First I need some time to find myself."

    Both cried and hugged each other.

    Next morning, Candice called Kenny to her second apartment in Hearthome City. She was dead set on taking Ash down from Zoey's heart and mind, and she had a plan. Kenny would be the right person to help because he hated Ash and would do anything to destroy whatever feelings Dawn had for him. Candice was planning on framing Ash by recording him having relations with an unidentified female. Kenny then brings the evidence to Zoey, who would tell Dawn. When Ash is confronted by it and says he was with Candice everyone who knew her would think he is lying.

    Candice felt it was a necessary sacrifice to give her body, but also believed it would prove that no man could change the heart of a girl like Candice and Zoey even if they became intimate.

    Kenny was hiding inside a closet and controlled a camcorder centered on Candice's bed. Candice called Ash and gave him directions to her place. She wanted him to take care of a Snover pokemon egg.

    As Ash headed towards Hearthome City he wondered why here instead of Snowpoint, and why was Candice the first to contact him since he got to Sinnoh. She was Zoey's confidant, and perhaps her girlfriend.

    Candice: "Hello Ash. I know you are the right trainer to help me raise this pokemon."

    Her Abomasnow was holding an egg.

    Candice: "Abbie, please give Ash the egg you are holding." The Abomasnow refused and Ash said: "Maybe we shouldn't take it away from her." Candice said, "You are right, Ash. Come here I have something even better inside."

    Ash and Pikachu followed Candice into her room. "You have a cozy room here..huh?", Ash gasped when he saw Candice take of her shirt and embrace him. He tried to walk away from her and open the door but the Abomasnow sealed it with ice outside.

    She continued hugging him and moved him into her bed. Eventually Ash got on top of her. Pikachu leaped onto the floor and closed his eyes with his tail.

    Candice felt nervous and disgusted, but the idea that this was necessary to break whatever feelings Zoey had for Ash made her determined. She merely needed him to look like he was doing the act, but before she knew it Ash was already inside her. To Candice it felt like she was paralyzed and numb, with the only sensation coming from the meeting point between her and Ash.

    Kenny was watching and could not believe it. He wanted to come out of the closet and attack Ash when he heard Candice make loud noises. However, if he was found out to be part of a set-up Dawn might end up hating him forever. He closed his eyes but rage filled his mind as he waited for what seemed hours to him...

    Ash and Candice, both emotionally conflicted but physically at ease told each other this was an adventure, but it would never repeat again. Candice said she felt great admiration for him and it went too far. He admitted his physical desires took him over but did not regret their time together.

    When Ash and his Pikachu left, Kenny emerged from the closet. Candice let out a big sigh, but Kenny screamed at her: "How could you let me endure this!"

    Candice: "You would never understand. But I found out something about myself..."

    Kenny: "Nevermind, I am going to take this to Zoey."

    Candice: "Don't Kenny! Mention it to Zoey and I will tell the whole world you were involved in this. Even your childhood crush, Dawn!"

    Kenny: "Then take your stupid video." He slammed the camcorder into the floor and left.


    Ash walking the streets of the busy city with his Pikachu on his shoulder, said: "Everything has been different ever since I went to Unova. Maybe I'm finally growing up. What do you think Pikachu?"

    Pikachu: "Pika!"


    Kenny, now full of uncontrollable fury was determined to confront Ash. He only needed a fake story but he knew he had to get rid of him as a competitor for Dawn's heart.


    In her room Zoey was staring into the night. Wondering to herself if she felt love for Ash. But a feeling of jealously targeted at Dawn was forming. In the meantime, Ash's seed was growing slowly inside her body.


    Miles away from Sinnoh, a large golden statue of a snake with wings. Under it a black pyramid. A tall, blonde haired woman dressed in black begins to laugh.

    To be continued...
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    The Power of Two (Part III)

    Cynthia looks at a statue of the large winged serpent. She repeats words from a foreign language and holographic images of a dragon swallowing the planet appears. A telepathic message goes to her and other men in the room, but the image soon becomes that of flames.

    Lance: "A desecration of our plan, the Cancer Ritual is no more."

    Cynthia: "I won't accept that...."

    Giovanni: "Please take a look at the hologram again. Our dove is no more, because her hawk has become a dove herself."

    N: "Why would this boy have done this to our hawk. I'm curious..."

    Wallace: "That little fool made me waste time. My Aqua Cup in Sinnoh was all for naught, to find the right puppets for the ritual. He needs to pay!"

    Bill: "It's why I don't get involved in these sort of matters. Humans are as dependable as they are feeble."

    Cynthia: "That's enough....My darling, help me..."

    Adeku: "Hmm...Naturally, my love. I will move hither and yon to please lady."

    As Cynthia and Adeku embrace each other. N, chuckles under his breath.

    N: "Your lady, Adeku. The only female in our group, regardless of Wallace's instance that he is one, was born a lad. Would you still love Cynthia so much if she was just a boy named Darius?"

    Adeku: "My Lords destined us to be together. That is all that matters to me. If I may ask, how are your lovers, the pokemon, treating you?"

    Giovanni: "Let's move on, gentlemen. What he does with pokemon are not the concern of this meeting."

    Mr. Stone: "You know, Gio. You sure are quick to defend our green haired comrade, you really do have a thing for green haired males."

    Giovanni: "...."

    Cynthia: "Comrades, as the lead priestess in the Cancer Ritual. I will delegate the proper active engagements. My first command is for Lance to find this boy from Kanto."

    Lance: "You already know him, he was in Sinnoh when you sabotaged Cyrus, the traitor."

    Cynthia: "He does look familiar...yes, I remember him. The miserable little cretin is called Ash Ketchum."

    A powerful and secretive group doing the bidding of their Lords. Unknown, vicious and genius reptilian beings from another dimension that feed daily on human energy and blood through special rituals. The Cancer Ritual was supposed to take place in an internationally broadcast performance with Dawn (dove) and Zoey (hawk) kissing passionately. It was supposed to be promoted to the millions of girls who are fans of Dawn. But with Zoey having a change of heart, the group has found a new target: Ash.

    In Sinnoh....Dawn is on the phone.

    Dawn: "Ash, come visit me in Twinleaf..... Its been a while.....No need to worry!....Okay...Bye."

    Ash was invited to Dawn's home for the next day. They spoke about old times. The conversation was light, both seemly holding back certain things, but then Ash asked her if she ever found a boyfriend.

    Dawn: "No, I think I'm the type of girl who doesn't need a boyfriend. As long as I have good friends...that's all that matters!"

    Ash: "Haha, Dawn you never change, even with all your fame."

    Dawn: "But it gets "cold" sometimes. Hey, remember when we used to cuddle up together?"

    Ash: "Of course I remember. That was our secret."

    Ash grinned.

    Ash: "I felt sorry for old Brocko. Only his Croagunk kept him warm. But where are we going to cuddle without sleeping bags?"

    Dawn: "No need to worry, just come to my bedroom."

    Ash: "Is that okay?"

    Dawn: "Yea! Let's go Ash."

    The two friends had a platonic but very close relationship. One day while camping in Route 214, Dawn felt scared about the noises of the night and came to Ash. Ever since, they cuddled together inside Ash's sleeping when they had the opportunity.

    In a mansion in Unova....

    Adeku: "My darling...."

    Cynthia and Adeku are making love together. Cynthia makes soft squealing noises as Adeku moves more of himself inside her.

    Adeku: "Why have you chosen to lead the ritual. I need you more now than ever."

    In a moaning voice, Cynthia says: "Because I'm a "woman", nobody else is going to represent us. It has always been Wallace and his males, Giovanni and his males. Dove was chosen because if I was born again as a full-woman I would be like her, and hawk reminds me of a daughter I wish I could have with you."

    Adeku laughs.

    Back in Sinnoh....

    Zoey made a surprise visit to Dawn's home. Johanna greets her and tells her there is already another visitor. Johanna, concentrated on watching the latest contest results on television, tells Zoey to look for them by herself.

    Zoey calls out for Dawn. She does not find her in the first floor. She goes up to Dawn's room and hears giggles from Dawn.

    She quietly opens the door and sees Ash and Dawn with arms around each other, Ash stroking Dawn's hair and Dawn with her eyes closed. Zoey begins to scream...

    To be continued...
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    WHOA, a little Champion/Champion romance ya did there at the end. I c wha ya did there

    If you think that the Sinnoh saga was the worst saga yet, copy & paste this to your sig. (Started by Yankees4life)

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    The Power of Two (Part IV)

    "Dawn. Ash!!", Zoey yelled, shocked seeing the two friends cuddling with each other in bed.

    "Huh?! What's wrong Zoey?", said Dawn. Surprised at the sudden intrusion of her close female friend.

    Ash got tense when he heard Zoey's voice. That red headed girl he took in a night of passion, but has since escaped from him until now.

    "Nothing's happening, don't misunderstand this....we are playing a game we used to..." Ash said slyly.

    Zoey: "I don't want to hear it Ash! And Dawn, I'm so disappointed in you. It's too obvious both of you are having relations and keeping it hidden from everyone....But why?" Zoey tried to hide her combination sadness and anger. Her heart was aching and it was affecting the tone of her voice.

    Dawn: "That's not true at all! I don't know what you think, but we are only cuddling like friends....Zoey, are you crying?"

    Zoey's mind was conflicted, and her eyes became blurred with tears. The girl that she once had a crush on and the person who made love to her in a wild moment were right in front of her holding each other. She needed to know if they felt mutual love, or if there was seduction from Dawn.

    Zoey: "You two need to be honest from now on, okay?! Kiss, that should say how you really feel..."

    "That's not necessary." Dawn said while blushing.

    Ash: "Eh, I'm with Dawn on this one...Zoey"

    Zoey: "What are you afraid of Dawn, that you might actually be in love with Ash?"

    Dawn: "OK, fine. Look here!" Dawn kissed Ash on his lips. After continuing kissing for a few moments, Ash put his hand on Dawn's head and prolonged their making out.

    "Ash....", Dawn said, realizing they had both enjoyed Zoey's dare.

    The red haired girl was filled with jealously, and uttered, "Just make love to her, I don't care. This is just...!"

    "That's as far as it goes." Ash interjected. "We are friends and we could never..." He began to move away from Dawn, but she stopped him by holding his hands.

    Dawn: "No, Ash. Stay here with me."

    Some tears fells from Zoey's eyes. She saw Ash easing himself into Dawn and grabbing her rear.

    Zoey: "Go ahead.....". She collapsed on the floor.

    Dawn's body began to shake as Ash pulled her skirt completely off. He landed kisses on her and used his tongue on different parts of her body.

    Zoey became very aroused as she was about to witness the two friends begin to make love. She moved her hand and fingers towards her wetting area.

    Ash sucked Dawn's toes while stimulating her spot at the same time. Then he moved his mouth up her legs, towards her breast and suckled on her. This went on for 9 minutes. Zoey was witnessing every second, crying and whimpering.

    Dawn was gasping for air. Both friends felt intoxicated with one another. Ash raised himself and Dawn instinctively spread her legs apart for him. However at this moment Ash stopped.

    Ash: " We can't, Dawn. We are friends and this can never happen between us. True friends cant..."

    Dawn: "Ash, I know. No....I feel confused." Dawn sobbed, and the two friends embraced each other again.

    Feeling exhausted, Zoey came to the bed and said sorry to Ash but looked at Dawn with envy. She stood up and left the room quickly. Dawn put her skirt back on. It was evident from her eyes that there was a change in her; she looked happier than ever. Dawn kissed Ash on his cheek and then she left.


    Meanwhile Johanna was listening to all that was occurring and had some idea of what happened to Dawn. At dinner everyone acted normally. However, Johanna had asked the visitors to stay overnight.

    As Ash was heading to the guest room he felt Johanna's hand on his shoulder.

    Johanna: "Ash, I want to talk to you about Dawn."

    Ash: "Huh?"

    Johanna: "Come to the living room."

    Ash: "Okay Johanna. Well Pikachu, just go into the room without me. I'll be there soon."

    Pikachu: "Pika!"

    Ash and Johanna spoke in the living room, the lights were dimmed and everyone else were already in their beds.

    Johanna: "I know what is going on between you and my daughter. But that has to stop now. Dawn cannot be held down by a boy at this stage of her life. She has a bright future ahead of her."

    Ash: "I get what you are saying, Johanna, but me and Dawn are only friends. That's all, so there's no need to..."

    Johanna: "Even are too close with her. I know what guys your age think like. Don't do anything to her, and let her be."

    Ash: "I haven't seen her for a while but we are still close, I can't ignore her..."

    Johanna: "You are a good boy Ash. Listen to me, you don't need Dawn for that."

    As Johanna spoke, she undid her robe and revealed a white nightgown. Ash became amazed instantly and just as soon realized what was Johanna's intentions.

    Johanna went down on Ash and satisfied him. Then they went into Johanna's bedroom and made love for a long time. It was years since she was with a man and her urges took control of her. They were on the same bed where Dawn was conceived.

    In a sleepy haze Dawn woke up hearing the sounds of her mother, she walked until getting near the door of Johanna's bedroom. Her mind imagined Ash and her own mother in a heated moment, but she was not sure. She did not want to think about it any further and tried to change her idea to something else. Maybe her mom was having a vivid dream. She went back to sleep not wanting to know what was really happening at 2 am in the night.


    In Sanyou City, Unova. A commercial plane crashed into a row of houses. Some of the passengers included journalist/reporter Kurt, Pokemon League International whistleblower Cheren, and undercover agent Morimoto.

    When the emergency crew and firefighters came to the scene they were told by eyewitnesses of a blue light that passed the sky before the plane came down. The three men were supposed to be heading to a Huin City court to provide evidence of a mind altering substance coated into many trainer objects, including TMs and pokeballs.

    The gym leaders Arti, Aloe, and Yacon were near the crash inside a car. Their eyes glinting, until Yacon got a call from a man named Gilma...their new objective: stalk Ash Ketchum in Sinnoh, and finally destroy him by any means necessary.

    To be continued...

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    The Power of Two (Part V)

    Nighttime in Sinnoh...

    Zoey could not sleep, rocking and forth in the bed of the guest room. Her thoughts focused on the moment Ash and Dawn shared intimacy. Her anger and jealously towards Dawn, and her hopelessness towards Ash made her feel worthless. She no longer cared about the friendship she had with Dawn. But what could she do, "is Ash worth it to give him another chance?", she thought.

    Dawn dreamed about grey roses around her. She was dressed in white. Strange men were going to take her to their silver car. Their eyes looked like large, black cat eyes and it frightened her. Their hands felt cold and rough. Then two fiery Tauros pulling a chariot swooped from the sky, burninh the strange men. Dawn felt so relieved. Her nightmare ended.

    Daytime in Unova. On a high security skyscraper in Hiun City...

    Arti: "What could this be about?"

    Yacon: "I have the report file on the computer, take a look. They want us to deliver an ummamandach boy to the anunach."

    Arti: "Uhhh! A boy? Let me see! Oh, eww, he is totally not a what I had in mind...Ash Ketchum, he looks like a crass fellow."

    Yacon: "This is not one of our trafficking operations. We are not delivering boys to gentlemen. I said we are delivering him to the judges of Hell."

    Arti: "This is so not my specialty. And where is Aloe?"

    Yacon: "I hear her screaming, she is near."

    Aloe: "Damn, the nerve of some people. I couldn't enter the darn building because they try to be checking all up on me. I told them I forgot my ID at the hotel. They should know, they paid for it!"

    Arti: "Pardon?"

    Yacon: "We have strict security measures because of the recent events in the region. You shouldn't be surprised considering we were involved in them."

    Aloe: "Who's that?"

    Yacon: "That's the boy they want us to do our wet work on."

    Aloe: "Ah yeah. I know how to bring in the pain to them menfolk."

    Yacon: "Not so fast. Before disposing of him we need to gather information."

    Aloe: "And who be that cutie over there?"

    Arti: "You mean the shifty looking redhead? Her name is Misty Waterflower, from the Kanto region."

    Yacon: "According to the classified reports she is Ash Ketchum's closest friend, and had a previous amorous relation that lasted for several years. She should know almost everything about him."

    Aloe: "Let me get to her. I'll show her the twisted life, for sure."

    Arti: "If you insist..."


    Johanna was laying on her bed and felt like she was about to pass out. Ash was savoring every bit of her core. Worshiping it with his tongue and mouth. At this moment, it was like the temple of all life to him. He said to himself, "I can't believe it, this is were Dawn came from!".

    Johanna: "No more...Ash. I I won't be myself if you continue."

    Ash: "Just a little more...Huh?" He sensed the strong contractions, which surprised him somewhat. "I guess I should take that as a hint", Ash said sheepishly.

    Johanna: "Thank you, Ash." She kissed Ash and he fell on top of her. "I want you to stay with me, but not if there's a chance my Dawn could see us. You will have to get back to your room soon."

    As Ash was heading to his bed, he stopped in Dawn's room. He opened the door quietly and looked at his friend. He said to himself, "Dawn looks so beautiful, even in the darkness she glows. Is this...?"

    Ash noticed that from his hand appeared a blue light. "Is this Aura?", he thought. A voice was heard from inside his mind.

    {The world is in danger. Stop now!}

    Ash stepped off from Dawn's room and felt a bit scared at the thing he just heard.

    {There is not enough time left. You need to come with us.}

    The dark night was made bright by what appeared to be a large disc shaped object in the sky. From a window he saw a figure inside the flying object, it continued speaking to him and transferred information to his mind. He saw fires burning forests, volcanoes exploding, people falling from buildings.

    {In the future there will be no women, no love. Men will reproduce themselves in laboratories. If you don't find a boyfriend you won't survive.}

    Ash tried to speak back, "You can't trick me. I am not scared of you. You...!" The anger Ash felt turned into fury, and just as quickly the flying object disappeared in an instant.

    He heard the cries of Zoey and Pikachu and went to them.

    Zoey: "Ash, I'm so scared! I saw those awful things jumping up and down outside the house, they looked evil."

    Pikachu: "Pika pika pikachu pika!!"

    Ash: "You saw that thing too? I don't know what they were, but I get the feeling we are not dealing with humans, or pokemon for that matter."

    They hugged each other, with Ash comforting Zoey. Apparently both Johanna and Dawn were oblivious to the strange event.


    Yacon, Aloe, and Arti arrive via blimp to Cerulean city. A black unmarked car escorts them to the city's gym. They step out and see a young man exiting from the main door.

    Arti: "Excuse me, we are looking for Misty Waterflower, do you know if she is here?

    Tracey: "Yeah, Misty is training inside, but she is not taking any challengers now. It's a holiday here in Cerulean."

    Aloe: "Well we ain't here to battle! We just want to speak to her about something."

    Tracey: "Oh, I'm sorry. But may I ask what it is about. I'm kind of..."

    Aloe grabbed and pulled Tracey from his t-shirt, almost throwing him into the ground. The documents he was carrying fell from his hands.

    Aloe: "Did I say that something is about you! And whats this. You late paying water bills."

    Tracey: "Umm...we have a water gym and all, and you know tough times and uh..."

    Arti becoming annoyed, called up Yacon, who was busy talking on his cell phone.

    Yacon: "Ludlul belu nemki mushabit mushi uchkimach usheri rabatoh."

    Arti: "Come on, this is taking long...."

    Yacon: "I'm making some negotiations with a business partner. The banks will continue to squeeze lending. When people lose their homes, that's when I raise my bottom line."

    Arti: "Oh boy. Eh, listen here chap. We are investors from overseas. We can help the gym pay all its bills. You will have to excuse my friend. She is a community representative and she is always fighting to help people in need."

    Tracey: "Okay....Well, I want to thank you guys for your help and...."

    Aloe: "What did you say...?"

    Yacon: "Let's go you two. You may now be on your way, young man."

    The trio went inside the gym and spoke to Misty. They told her they will provide her with several thousands of dollars in grants if she agreed to a free swimming pool program for disadvantaged youths on the weekends. They take her into their black car and go to an undisclosed location.

    As they walk, Arti grabs Misty and takes her to an interrogation room.

    Yacon: "Answer everything we ask of you. If you comply things will go well for you. If you don't we won't react kindly."

    Aloe: "Let me have at her first. Come out Miruhog! Use Leer on this cutie pie, now!"

    Misty: "What?!"

    Aloe: "Huh, it ain't working."

    Arti: "Don't you mean Hypnosis? Leer will only make her nervous..."

    Aloe: "I know what I am doing! Mind your own darn business. Use Crunch...if this sweetie doesn't answer this question!"

    Arti: "Oh boy..."

    Aloe: "What is Ash Ketchump doing in Sinnoh? And what is the deal with him and Coordinators?"

    Misty: "I haven't talked to Ash in ages...why are you doing this?!"

    Aloe kicked Misty several times, but Yacon intervened.

    Yacon: "She does not know anything, I can tell from her expression. The report was probably inaccurate. And I just received a message from headquarters. This operation has gone deep dark, our team will need to wait for further orders."

    Arti: "Deep dark? You mean those little snakemen will be crawling everywhere we go to?"

    Yacon: "Our last operation was also deep dark. But those snakemen as you call them are far away from us."

    Aloe: "I don't know what you two talking about, but can I take her with me?"

    Yacon: "Not possible. Arti give her the forget pill. We are taking her back to her gym, and if anyone asks tell them she tripped on herself."

    Arti: "Aye aye, captain!"


    It is a bright morning. Johanna, Ash, Dawn and Zoey are having breakfast. Ash kept thinking about the the events of the previous night.

    Zoey: "Thanks a lot, Johanna. Your meal was very delicious."

    Johanna: "Don't mention it. Today I feel so happy, like a new me. Aren't you glad to see your mom look so rejuvenated, Dawn?"

    Dawn: "Yeah, mom. Whenever Ash is here I feel the same way."

    Johanna: "Ahem, well Dawn, don't get too used to Ash. You have a lot of performances to do in these coming days."

    Dawn: "Not anymore. I have decided to continue doing contests. And I want to join Ash in his journeys again. This will make Piplup so happy too!"

    Piplup: "Pip Piplup!!"

    Ash: "Well...."

    Dawn, her mom, and Zoey were looking at Ash for his answer.

    Ash: "That depends, I might have a tournament in Unova coming up. But I'm staying in Sinnoh for the meantime..."

    Johanna: "Don't worry Ash, just think of this as your second home."

    Dawn: "Right Ash, no need to worry!"

    Ash was on his room preparing to head out with Pikachu. Then Dawn entered his room.

    Dawn: "Hey Ash, before you go I want you to see my performance."

    Ash: "Sure!"

    Dawn got on all fours and started to act like a cat.

    Ash: "I know, you are a Glameow."

    She moved her body close to Ash and started to rub herself on him, purring while doing so. Ash sat on the floor, and Dawn took that opportunity to kiss him. His hands were once again on her body. He realized both the daughter and mother shared a similar scent and taste.

    Ash: "Alright Dawn, it seems you really want to travel with me again." He grinned.


    Renbu and Cynthia were dinning in a Hiun City restuarant. Adeku looks at them from a one-way window. Cursing at Cynthia for an apparent betrayal. He steps out and rushes towards Renbu, choking him with his arms.

    Adeku: "That's it!"

    Renbu managed to get out and calls out Dageki. Both are ready to begin a battle to the death. But suddenly there appears a tall figure that towers above all of them. Her name is Caitlin...

    To be continued...
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