stealing this from another forum where a guy posted a summary:

For anyone who couldn't really understand it, here's the basic gist of what happened:

- Oak invites Ash and his mom to a Pokemon professor summit in Issue

- Ash is really taken in by seeing the new Pokemon

- Team Rocket use a new machine to try to catch Ash, Zeckrom appears and it shocks Pikachu, overloading it and causing it to lose its electric abilities.

- Giovani tells Team Rocket to leave their Pokemon behind (except for Mewoth) and catch new ones native to Issue so as to not call attention to themselves since it seems nothing but Isshu region Pokemon exist here.

- Ash meets his rival, Shooti, who is at Araragi's lab picking his starter Pokemon

- Shooti basically thinks Ash is a bit of a hick, he's not as much of a **** as Paul, but still just not nice outwardly

- Shooti picks a Smugleaf, if I could describe the starters in one emoticon, Pokabu is "XDDD", Mijimaru is "^^;" and Smugleaf is ";D". Pokabu had this "...son of a *****." look on his face that was hilarious when Shooti didn't pick him.

- Ash battles Shooti, finds out that Pikachu can't use electric attacks.

- Araragi manages to get Pikachu's abilities back

- Ash wants to travel around Isshu and sets off

- Iris has never seen a Pikachu (or any Kanto Pokemon) before in person and is spazzing over seeing one in person, Pikachu is all "***** please -__-" over it and shocks her when she hugs him too tightly.

- Iris sleeps in a tree that night while Ash in his sleeping bag, she's gone in the morning

- Ash catches a Mamepato, Iris watches the entire thing and says Ash is acting like a child being so happy about catching a new Pokemon (not in a rude way, more like a "Man you're as giddy as a kid" way)

- Team Rocket attacks, Iris is filled in as to who they are, Team Rocket snatch Iris's Pokemon whose name I forget and Pikachu

- Jessie has a new Pokemon, the furball thing with bat wings, easily beats Ash's since he just caught it

- Just as Team Rocket is getting away, the Mijumaru from Araragi's lab shows up and saves them

- The new Joy is introduced at the PokeCenter. She says she's never seen a Pikachu in person before either. Ash says he's from Pallet Town and that she looks different from all the other Joys he has met.

- The Mamepato that Ash caught is just a bit of a show boat.

- Iris says that Ash is a little strange, and still a bit of a child, but she's really thankful that he helped her get her Pokemon back.

- Ash wonders why Mijumaru saved them, Mijumaru is watching from outside with a curious look on her face.

The first two episodes were rather good and definitely gave Ash a bit more of a unique reason for going to Isshu and travelling around it than just collecting badges and junk. The series itself does basically scream "reboot", Ash is ten years old again, there's next to no mention of anything that happened before, Pikachu couldn't beat a young starter Pokemon even with an Iron Tail.

Should definitely be a good story, I think these episodes did a lot to make me like Mijumaru, at least the one here. It's definitely going to be the next Chikorita, a starter Pokemon that has a crush on Ash.