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Thread: A Combee/Vespiquen Variant.

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    Default A Combee/Vespiquen Variant.

    Pokemon 20
    4 Combee (UD 44)
    2 Vespiquen (UD 23)
    2 Vespiquen (SF 31)
    2 Shaymin (UL 8)
    1 Shaymin LV.X (PL 126) (Landform)
    4 Sableye (SF 48)
    2 Uxie (LA 43)
    2 Unown P (MD 33)
    1 Unown Q (MD 49)

    Trainers/Supporters/Stadium 26
    4 Memory Berry (PL 110)
    2 Expert Belt (AA 87)
    1 Luxury Ball (SF 86)
    3 Department Store Girl (AA 85)
    2 Judge (UL 78)
    3 Cyrus's Conspiracy (PL 105)
    4 Warp Point (MD 88)
    2 Broken Time-Space (PL 104)
    2 Professor Oak's New Theory (HGSS 101)
    2 Bebe's Search (MT 109)
    2 Pokemon Communication (HGSS 98)

    8 Grass Energy (HGSS 115)
    4 Special darkness Energy (UD 121)
    2 Rainbow

    simple, get a damaged vespiquen on the bench(Damaged by Unown P/Rainbow Energy) and another vespiquen with a memory berry attached as my active and attack with combees "enraged assault"

    Enraged Assault
    いかりのとっこう 20+
    If Vespiquen is on your Bench and has any damage counters on it, this attack does 20 damage plus 60 more damage and the Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.

    Sableye (SF 48)
    Best possible start, for no energy you can search for a Supporter for a great set-up and for one energy you can get a possible 1 turn donk.

    Uxie (LA 43)
    obvious tech is obvious

    Shaymin LV.X (PL 126) (Landform)
    adds 40HP to all grass pokemon (excluding Shaymins) so vespiqen will now have a huge 140hp and Combee will have 70hp

    Unown P (MD 33)
    used to damage the benched Vespiquen

    thanks guys

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    for the record, most of us know these tech's by heart and if we don't then were not heavy competitive player's.

    As a suggestion, donphan prime. All you would need to do is rare candy a donphan with 2 combee on the bench, get out your vespiqueens out by next turn and pow your dealing enraged assault by t2, donphan is a great deck tech and has a great advantage as a secondary attacker in this way. Right now there's ton's of special energy curb stomper deck's and this give's an advantage against that.
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    Was just making sure that everybody knows what they are used for

    and i never thought of Donphan i'll check it out
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