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    Okay this is a specialshipping one-shot that I was dared to do. This is rated G.


    Yellow was walking up the road to Pallet Town. Red said he wanted to see her near Professor Oak's lab. She had been wondering why he wanted her to be there but he wouldn't let her know.

    She entered Pallet Town a few moments later. Yellow saw the sun shining brightly above her head. It looked like it was about to set in the small town in a few short hours. Then she looked everywhere around her to see everything as it was when she was last there. There were a few houses here and there and some were far from each other. She walked around before she realized that she hadn't been here in a while and she missed the small town that was very friendly with everyone that passed by it.

    After a few minutes of walking she was in sight of Professor Oak's lab. Yellow saw Red leaning against a tall, shady tree in the professor's front yard. His hat was tipped so that you couldn't see his face but Yellow knew it was him. Red heard her coming towards him and then stood up straight and jogged over to her.

    " Hey Yellow! I'm glad you could come." he said as a reached her and pulled her into a hug. Yellow blushed a deep scarlet but hugged him back anyways.

    " Hi Red! Of course I'd come. You are my best friend after all." she replied. Red grinned at that comment, obviously very happy to hear it.

    They started walking away from Professor Oak's lab and out of Pallet Town. She wondered where they were going to go but didn't pay attention much. to it.

    " So, why did you want me to come see you?" Yellow asked curiously and looked at him.

    " I just want to spend some time with you." He turned his head and smiled happily and she started smiling as well.

    Yellow turned her head forwards realizing how long they had been staring at each other and blushed . Then she noticed they were at a lake she had never seen before. It was cerulean blue and it glistened from the sun right above it. The sun looked like it was almost close to setting behind the trees that were at the other end of the small but beautiful lake.

    Red startled her by grabbing her hand that was by her side. He started running across the shore of the lake. Yellow was surprised by the sudden action but she started running too letting him lead her wherever he wanted to.

    He stopped all of a sudden when they reach a small dock on the edge of the lake. At the end of the dock were a couple of green canoes that were tied to a pole so they wouldn't float away. Red led her to a canoe that was just floating there and jumped in. Then he looked up at Yellow with a questioning look.

    " Well, aren't you coming?"

    Yellow smiled at him for a bit and then jumped into the canoe after her friend. She sat on the opposite side of where Red was sitting and then he started paddling with the ores on the side of the canoe to the center of the lake.

    When they got to the center they both heard a noise coming from the bottom of the canoe. They looked around to see two Luvdisc circling the it. Yellow petted the head of one of the two Luvdisc and said,"Wow. I didn't know there were Luvdisc here."

    "Me neither" Red said looking at the other Luvdisc, observing it. Then it squirted a water gun in his face and swam back to the other one. The two of them both started squirting water guns in the sky. That's when they noticed the sun was setting and the sky was turning a combination of colors. There was bright red that almost looked pink and blue with shades of purple here and there.

    Yellow was awe struck by the beauty." It's really beautiful isn't it."

    "Yeah," agreed Red. He got up from his seat and sat right next to Yellow to get a better view of the scenery. "I've never seen anything like it."

    Then Yellow turned her head to look at Red. He was also looking at her and she gazed into his dark red eyes. She found herself leaning closer towards him and he did the same. They were only a couple centimeters apart from each other when Red finally closed the gap between them. The kiss was short and sweet when Yellow pulled apart.

    She smiled a sweet innocent smile and he smiled back at her. Red wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him. They both stared at the sunset and the sky gazing at the beauty.
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    great story,dude

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