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I wasn't involved in the Manaphy tests so I can't really say anything about how it plays. I guess I'll put it back on suspect.

I'll double check with the other mods but I'm sure we can get a vote up. We can either vote now, or dump the suspects into OU and ban things people complain about (Just like Smogon!).
I was very active on the suspect tests so I can vouch that it will be quite powerful. If TG were still +2 I would think it would be an easy OU this gen but +3 TG is pretty game changing, as is Politoed getting Drizzle for defensive sets. Skymin might also be broken but since very few people have had the opportunity to use it I say we at least give it a shot in the beginning to see if we can get any different opinions. Mew, Deo-S + N, Manaphy, and Wob should be the only suspects for now.