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Happy New Year folks, and congrats to the winners of the sppf competitive poll thingy.

Tier changes time!

I'm first gonna start off by reporting news that i've not reported yet: Hail is unbanned in every tier under OU. This in spite of forgetting that they originally banned it for blizzspam in the first place.

~None of these are surprises to me, they've been right on the 3% border for the majority of the BW2 meta.

~Hello NU team shift.

~And so continues stoutland's fall from grace. Remember when it and sawsbuck were both UU? Me neither. (J/k, Idk if anyone would remember that sawsbuck was UU until a year ago or so.)

Mk, and since the NU <-> PU list is chaotic, I'm not gonna post it
So far I've played the UU metagame with Chansey, and stall magically becomes much more viable now. Right now, Gligar + Chansey is probably by far the bulkiest defensive core out there atm. It walls a good 90% of the metagame and provides good heal synergy. The only problem is the existence of the tiers mixed fighters and Scrafty. DD Scrafty can easily 2HKO Gligar with Ice Punch and Chansey would be dumb as hell to switch in. Mixed Mienshao and Virizion can easily screw the core over. Plus, with Hail unbanned, residual damage is going to be extremely hard to deal with.

I don't know if Abomasnow is gonna catch on though. With Snow Cloak banned, the only reason to use hail is gone. BlizzSpam isn't as easy as it used to be and Ice Body stall is just silly.

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Yeah, Amoonguss and Emboar moving up was really dumb. They only got there because of another Pokemon spamming prank, seeing as how their most used items are DeepSeaScale and Sticky Barb, respectively. Not that I'm complaining that Amoonguss is gone, but it honestly shouldn't be.

As for the others, they were expected. I am a bit sad to see Hail gone from NU since it gave me one more team archetype to run through with Combusken, but we did get a new Spikes/Toxic Spikes user in Roselia.

Now we just need to wait for the Tornadus-T and Keldeo tests and see where they land!
Yeah that kind of ticked me off Amoonguss and Emboar are gone. On the up side, though, we can observe a completely new metagame unfold in NU. Tangela is definitely going to see a huge spike in usage to fill in Mushroom's niche down there.

I really think that instead of putting Torn and Kel on Suspect, they should suspect Excadrill to OU. As of right now, the metagame is extremely unbalanced in Rain's favor, and Sand right now has legitimately nothing on the table offensively. By dropping Excadrill, we would actually see a more balanced metagame, where rain setting isn't going to be all that easy.