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Thread: How much it takes to finally get good nature?

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    Default How much it takes to finally get good nature?

    I'm back to Pokemon after like 8 years (Fire Red/Emerald) and I just got my 3DSXL, I bought Soul Silver because G/S/C was my favorite in the series,

    I finished the Elite Foure easily and now I want to focus on EV training, EV training is easy from what I saw, the problem is, to get the Nature you need, it's pain in the ***.

    I had luck only with Cyndaquil so far, because I got him as Starter and he had Modest Nature, so I gave him Everstone and I got Modest Cyndaquil ready for EV training,

    but when I think about it, It will take me forever to get the best Nature for my Pokemon...

    Larvitar - Adamant
    Bagon - Adamant
    Heracross - Adamant
    Gastly - Modest
    Lapras - Modest

    it can take 2 months... there is some way to increase the chance of getting those Natures? or anything to do ? because it will take me forever... EV training is actually fun, but breed farming is pain and annoying...

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    Well I haven't done newer games, but generally back when I played Emerald if I took the time usually a night or two. I would just take the mach bike and Magcargo and ride back and fourth in the road in front of the day care and would just hatch egg after egg until one popped up. With this method you can also pass on moves via breeding (Like Dragon Dance Salamence).

    Not sure how much has changed since then though : /

    EDIT: Also this can help with IVs, although only slightly, make the two parents Pokemon with a high IV total and it will effect the child, if only slightly.
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    It can take a few hours for one good nature for one Pokemon, but you won't spend months of your life just trying to get one nature. Plus, sometimes you get lucky and get it quicker.

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