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Well, you have to consider that they only have Meowth and Koromori.. Koromori has nothing against Ground/Dark and Meowth isn't going to handle that many pokemon
Koromori has Air Slash, and it's not like the crocs could've attacked it well unless they just conviently knew rock moves.

Call it what you will but to me they chickened out just to avoid the pain.

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Cool ep, but to me the "cuteness" of Mijumaru confirms one thing for me: it will not evolve.
This isn't the best place to discuss this but I disagree, Ash has gotten pokemon before that seemed cute at first but still ended up evolving. Besides if it was as cute as Piplup or Torchic, they would've given it to Iris(do not use the "But she's a dragon trainer" excuse because Misty and Brock both caught pokemon that didn't follow thier primary types as well.) instead for the "girl with cute starter" factor and even May's Torchic evolved eventually.

I just really hope the croc at the end don't follow the group.