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Thread: A Sandile Gusher of Change (662)

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    This was way better than the boring episode before it. Ash catches Oshawott and meets Sandile. Also Iris wasn't as annoying as usual here. She made herself useful at least.

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    Default "A Sandile Gusher of Change!"

    This episode picked up where the previous episode left off. It started out good, but got boring after a while. I liked how Ash and Iris were trying to walk faster than each other, but Iris randomly starting to follow him seemed odd to me.

    Anyway, it appears Iris wasn't the only one who followed Ash, that Oshawott from the previous episode did too. I didn't find Oshawott's shenanigas funny at all, he shouldn't have pushed Pikachu off of Ash's shoulder like that.

    Later they found out that the Osawott is the same Oshawott from Prof. Juniper's lab. After understanding the situation Prof. Juniper trasfered Oshawott's pokéball to Ash, and also told him about Oshawott's tendency to wander off. Before Ash could return Oshawott into its Pokéball, the otter Pokemon was already gone. Thus making Ash and Iris search for the Pokémon.

    The rest of the episode was dull, it was pretty much a "misunderstood Pokémon who's causin trouble for a reason" episode. It's weird how Sandile caught both Pikachu and Oshawott in its jaw, and they DIDN'T DO A THING! Geez, Pikachu could've easily escape by Iron Tail-ing that grumpy ground type Sandile, but No, Pikachu had to go with Sadile for the plot's sake. Iris and the others followed Sadile and found out their territory. Now Ash is gonna ..... run into Boiling hot water?? Ugh, the writers not only regressed Ash's skills, but his personality too. The Sandile making a bridge in order to help the wild Pokémon escape was cool, but it's weird how the Pidove were just sitting on the rock instead of flying away. Did they forget that they could fly? Oh well, at least Sandile started following Ash in this episode.

    Overall it was an OK episode. Aside from a few funny moments, most of the episode was dull. Even though this episode wasn't that good, the dub was great. I'm glad TPCI kept all of the original Japanese music in this episode too, they should do this more often for dubbing the recent episode. Too bad CN cut the "Who's That Pokémon" segment for their stupid commercials, I hope it won't happen again.
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    Not a super exciting episode. But still fair. The scene with Iris and Ash bickering and trying to out speed each other was funny. Oh and at least Ash finally caught that freaking Oshawott after it stalked him for like..a few days.
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    Ash can walk across a Sandile bridge without hurting them one bit. Cartoon logic FTW!

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    This was boring, the only good thing that came out of it was that Sandile started following Ash
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    It would be nice for the writers to show a bit more creativity instead of rehashing the same plots from previous episodes. This was another "let's stop Pokemon A from causing trouble! Nevermind it's doing that for a reason" episode. Also it would be nice to have an actual reason for Iris to follow Ash. Seriously, it was creepy the way she just followed him without saying anything and snapped at him when he commented on it. :|

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